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Arms Against the Dragon
Do you need something to introduce Dr. Yin Wu to your player characters? This adventure will do this, and it's an appropriately long and involved story (as befits a Chinese master villain like him). The story also has options for involvement by DEMON and VIPER.

A Fine Place to Die
Little has been done in published Champions products with Los Asesinos, the supervillain group shown in the Fourth Edition Rulebook. The adventure given here features this group of monsters. Its theme is an attempted assassination for hire against one (or more) of the player-characters.

A Frame of Many Colors
Even though only a couple of extended adventure seeds are given in Champions Presents (which introduces them), the villain group Spectrum have many ways in which they can attack your PCs. One of their most insidious plots yet is described in this adventure. (This is also a good way to help your PCs buy off some of those nasty Berserks, Enrageds, and hostile Psych Limits!)

Invasion of the Gweenies
Look at the last page of your Champions rulebook. You know those guys -- the Gweenies? (Well, obviously not personally, but...) Ever wonder what it would be like if they decided to invade? You can explore that question (and many others probably better off left unanswered) in this scenario with its rather esoteric title! (NOTE: you have been warned.)

Power Dreams
Most of the other adventures on this Index will require some thought and role-playing on the part of the players. This one will not. It features Power Crusher and his gang. Enough said.

Snake Wars
Among the most infamous feuds within the Champions Universe is that between COIL and VIPER. In this scenario, that feud doesn't quite come to a head, but it does get pretty hairy (or is that scaly?) for a while after the local VIPER Nest Leader leads a murderous raid on a COIL mobile base.

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