Poems by Survivors



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Most of the poetry within these pages are written by survivors, who I am growing to know and I care for very deeply.  These poems are not to be copied or used for any reason, without their permission, as I have also received.  Most of them can be found on the Happiness and Healing message board through Bearing Through It, which you will find links to throughout this site.  If I come to learn that any of these poems are being copied or used from this site, without permission, I will be force to shut this site down.  I will not have these wonderful souls feeling disrespected, used or betrayed by this site.  With that being said and understood, I hope you enjoy these wonderful and heart touching poems as I do.






Many of these poems may be triggering, so please be cautious when reading.  Your well-being and safety is most important.  These poems are added to help reassure survivors that you are not alone, not to upset or hurt anyone.


I have placed each poem under the name of it's Author

(Some names are as shown in Bearing Through It)


Robin Matanah


Where Have I Been 

Broken Heart

My Inner Child 

Ask Me

How Could You


Silent Rage

If I Could






Lily Jill

Who Was I


For My Sister


Ginabella MaleSurvivor

In Me






You Can't Give In

Have You Ever Had A Day

Jumbled Thoughts

Welcome To My Mind







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