You Can't Give In


(For Mandi)



I've got so much to say but no-one's listening  
at least the ones who listen aren't those that need to hear  
The lessons I have learned aren't there just for the taking  
not through all the stony walls that we have built of pride and fear
You've got to try to keep your head above the water  
though sometimes it would be easier to let it go, to drown  
You've got to find a way to stop the inner slaughter  
when it seems there isn't anywhere a safe way to be found  
 For tomorrow will come  
 And your life won't come undone  
     There is more to life than this  
     Love can show you all there is  
     If you just let truth in  
     Then the healing can begin!  
The voices deep inside you tell your stories  
until you want to run away and find a quiet place to hide  
We all wish that we could sing honest songs of glory  
but the truth is small and sad, and the song becomes a cry  
There is hope to be had but it takes courage  
To see yourself in honesty and learn from your mistakes  
If you want to bring your soul into a new age  
Look at your shattered heart and find the pattern in the breaks 

    And then tomorrow will come
    and your life won't come undone
     love can show you all there is
     if you'll just let truth come in
 then the healing can begin......

Written by: Warrior_Redbird





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