My Inner Child



There are times when I have my
good days and times I have my bad.
Today is a day I spend time with my
inner child, because she's feeling so sad.
I take her into my arms and I
hold her oh so tight.
I reassure her that she is safe now
and that everything will be alright.
As the tears begin to fall from her
face in a steady stream,
She looks me in the eyes and say
"Nothing is what it seems".
She proceeds to explain, "On the outside
I try so hard to be happy and full of smiles.
But on the inside I am so scared and
the hurt goes on for miles."
She says "Daddy is hurting me over  
and over, time and time again.
He's too big for me to fight off, I don't
think he really understands."
"I need a safe place to hide, somewhere
that I can never be found,
But, I know Daddy will find me because
we are always on Daddy's grounds."
"You see? We have to play by his rules and
we can never beg or plead.
If you do, you will surely have regret,
for Daddy will make you bleed."
A tear runs down and falls from my
face as I take her little hand into mine.
I tell her that from now on, I will always  
be here for her at anytime.
I tell her that within my arms I will always
protect her and she can always feel safe.
For the next time we see her daddy, we will
then spit upon his face.


Written by: Robin Ingram





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