Jumbled Thoughts



Jumbled thoughts reign supreme
lost in the nothingness in between
Who am I supposed to be?
What do people want from me?
    How do I know who I am?
When the cracks are appearing in the dam
Scared of who I'm going to find
cowering, hiding, dying inside my mind
    Forever reaching, clinging to faith
Lying, breathing, becoming a wraith
Meld with the shadows, no light left
Screaming in silence at the theft
  Thief...thief.. where did you go?
Why did I reap what you sow?
Punish me, hurt me, make me your slave
I'll fight dancing your tune till I go to my gave
Winner, loser, who's to say?
Confusion reigns to this day
I want to be more...so much more
I want to be free, to win, to soar..
Jumbled thoughts reign supreme
Lost in the nothingness in between
Whom am I supposed to be??
What do you really want from me?


Written by: Warrior_Redbird





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