Have You Ever



Had A Day




Have you ever had a day...
Have you ever had a day?
To just sit and watch the sky?
To watch the birds cavorting
As they play up in the sky
To see the freedom
That they have, and wonder
Why can't I?
It's a question that  
We all must answer
Alone and to ourselves
Because of what
We've all gone through
We've put our freedom
On back shelves
 "Others needs are more important"
 "They deserve it more than I"

"My feelings only get in the way" 

"I can't let them see me cry"

"I'm only here to make them happy" 

"I'm only here to serve"

If you have ever thought these phrases
There's more that you deserve
We deserve the freedom
To be ourselves
To sometimes take a stand
To sometimes be a little weak
And accept a helping hand
But most of all
We deserve the freedom
To grow, and just to be
To look at someone
Straight in the eye
And tell them
This is me...



Written by: Warrior_Redbird





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