Welcome To



My Mind



Welcome to my mind
Its secrets and its shame
Within it lies the answers
To the questions without a name

Be careful of all of the filth
Its built up rather high
I've tried to clean it up
But there's always more I find

Watch out for all the scars
Not always clear to see
But just a gentle bump  
And again they're bleeding free

Be sure to block your ears
The noise is deafening here
Sometimes it stops that's true
But there's always more to fear

Be careful to tread lightly
No sudden movement make
For in the darkness here  
Monsters lurk and shake

Be sure to bring a light
It's awful dark in this place
But please don't shine it too brightly
The truth is hard to face

I wouldn't go in alone

Which is what I always do
Can anyone out there help me
Do you deal with this insanity too


Written by: Warrior_Redbird





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