For My Sister

There is another kind of pain,
The pain of not protecting.
You see that was my dear little sister,
My brothers were molesting.
We shared a room,  
Both she and I,
Two little girls,  
I was ten and she was five.
They took her innocence -
They blew her trust,
They did enough,
To put most in the dust.
I never knew what they were doing,  
When out of everyone's sight.
Or I would have tried to stop it,
With all of my young might.
I have walked beside her,
Yet couldn't save her then.
Cannot take the pain away,
Like their admittance can.
They talk about HER forgiving,
Yet that is what she'd done.
She still loved them dearly,
While living on the run.
She thought that SHE was the bad one -
Like her mummy said,
"You dirty little girl",
Going round inside her head.
I've spoken to my brothers,
And cannot get the WHY??? 
And make my sister cry?
WHY can you not admit it -
The little she remembers?
Way better than any counseling,
To clean up all the embers.
Why weren't you around?
Why do you feel no remorse,
But only push her down?
Lying for her abusers,
There IS NO EXCUSE for you!
And you Dad - no wonder -
You only tried it, too.
She was your little girl -  
So loving, cute and sweet,
With blonde curls and dimpled cheeks,
So light upon her feet.
I have so many memories,
Of her in those tender years,
Never knowing she was ACTING,  
While hiding all her tears.
She told me when they left home,
Finally not so afraid,
Of threatened repercussions,
That one of them had made.
Huddled on the floor,
Her story all poured forth,
Shaking as she told me,
Of the things suffered through force.
I totally believed her,
Without any sort of doubt,
Wanted to tell our mother,
But we couldn't let it out.
You see I was only fifteen,
She eleven or ten.
Our mother had proved she'd blame her,
As she had ‘back then’.
But Kaye is so much stronger,  
Than those two men by far!
And she has risen from their damage -
While their heads they continue to mar.
She always bounces back,
But has cried so many tears.
Smiling and laughing with me,
So loving through the years.  
She is a WONDERFUL sister,
Mother, and true friend.
With Brett her loving soul mate,
Who now beside her stands.
They travel on together,
As she works her way through pain.
Rising from the ashes,
To really live again.
Free of the tragic burden,
Of brothers of deceit.
Criminal acts of darkness,
That mostly cause defeat.
So, everyone – “YAY” (cheering) - to my sister Kaye – the victor!!

Written by: Jill





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