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Last Updated: December 29, 2003

This page is here for the purpose of bringing new products to Neon owners
as well as a collection of information for Neon enthusiasts.
Enjoy !

*Coming Soon:*
Kaster/Kamber Plates -- Full adjustability, allows you to lower your 1st Gen Neon 1.125" w/o compressing the strut -- *How-To*
Solid Strut Mounts -- Same as Kaster/Kamber plates, but w/o the adjustability

Strut/Spring Installation
Slip-On Coilovers
Using your reverse back-up lights as turn signals -- Under Contruction --
Faster blinking turn signals -- Under Construction --
Dodge Ram Airdam Installation
Make a Custom Exhaust Heat Shield
Tips for Passing California Smog Tests
Installing a Fuba Antenna
Painting Your Mirrors and Handles
Installing Aftermarket Pedals, Shift & E-brake Boot & E-brake Handle
Swapping a 2nd Gen Console into a 1st Gen Neon
Wiring up a Lighted Rearview Mirror
Building a Custom Air/Fuel Gauge -- Under Construction --
Installing Prothane Suspension Bushings
Installing a Rear Sway Bar
Recharging your A/C
Modifying your door locks & removing the inside door handle
Porting, Polishing & Modifying the DOHC Intake Manifold -- Under Construction --
Making a Catch Can - Oil/Air Separator
Walbro 255 lph Fuel Pump Replacement - Slightly Modified


My Product Reviews:

Neon Vendors:
Modern Performance -- Anything and everything
Howell Automotive -- Little bit of everything
Deyeme Racing -- Motor mounts and other custom stuff
Vitor's House of Neon Goodies -- EGR block off, airdams and more
Tenafly Dealership -- Dodge Parts at Wholesale - 30% off
Forum Dodge -- Wholesale Dodge Dealer
Jeff's Webpage -- Home of the Booger Shifter Bushings and Booger Mount

Neon Links: -- Answers to all your Neon questions
Tim's ACR -- Very detailed How-to's (lots of pics)
GuaNu's Website -- DIY heaven
Allpar -- Specs on common Mopars
Brent's Webpage -- Lots of How-to's
S-AFC Install -- Specs for installing Apexi S-AFC on a 1st Gen Neon
Fast Automatics -- Mookie's tips for faster ATX's
DIY Air/Fuel Meter -- Make your own A/F meter
Dennis' Webpage -- Deep Technical Info - Mainly Turbos
Neon Rick -- Some Unique How-To's
2nd Gen Console Swap -- How to swap a 2nd Gen console into the 1st Gen Neon
Mustang Fuel Door -- How-To for putting a Billet Mustang Fuel Door on your Neon
2nd Mustang Fuel Door -- Different how-to but same principal
Eddy Fierro's Website -- Good Technical Info
DIY WB O2 Sensor -- Make your own wide-band O2 sensor reader

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