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Gas Huffer's Concert Chronology

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2/10/90 The Showbox in Seattle w/ Mudhoney, Coffin Break, Common Language, Dickless, and Adrian's Childhood
(NOTE: Northwest AID benefit show and the last at the Showbox before it reopened)
?/?/90 The Central Taven in Seattle with The Walkabouts
9/18/91 Traxx in Charlottsville, VA w/ Mudhoney
9/21/91 Opera House in Toronto Canada w/ Mudhoney
9/24/91 Channel in Boston w/ Mudhoney
9/29/91 Club Clearview in Dallas TX w/ Mudhoney
6/9/93 The Crocidle in Seattle with Smugglers, Red Ants and Bum
9/10/93 Blind Pig Co. in Seattle w/ The Fumes
11/?/93 Milestone Club in Charlotte NC with Meices
NOTE: It is said this show spanned the song "Carolina Hot Foot"
5/6/94 The Weathered Wall in Seattle with 7 Year Bitch and Cat Food
8/26/94 Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco with Tilt and Couradroy
3/3/95 Ourhouse in Costa Mesa w/ Jigsaw and Steel Wool
5/18/95 dolce vita , Lausanne ?????
6/17/95 Melkweg w/ Chrome Cranks and Muffs
6/24/95 Rockherk w/ Girls Against Boys and others
12/2/95 The Bottleneck in Lawrence, KS w/ the Cramps
12/?/95 Spaceland in LA w/ Odd Numbers
4/?/96 At the Lizzard and Snake in Chapel Hill NC with Liquor Bike
5/1/96 Boston's Tempe w/ The Drags and Zero Kings
5/?/96 The Dingo Bar in Albuquerque NM w/ The Drags and ?
5/4/96 The Wiskey with Clawhammer and The Drags
6/16/96 Le Tambour in Valence, France with Pansy Division
7/?/96 Meany Middle School Gym in Seattle w/ Sicko and The Inspectors
8/31/96 Bumbershoot Festival in Seattle w/ Supersuckers
SET NOTES: You Are Not Your Job (opener)
In both this show and 7/?/96, Tom opened the show by tremelo picking an open E cord while sliding it up one octave, and then launching straight into the song.
9/13/96 Redmond Fire House w/ the New Bomb Turks
10/2/96 RKCNDY in Seattle w/ Down By Law
10/22/96 Satyricon in Portland w/ Asteroid B-612 with Screaming Furies
11/8/96 The Starfish Room in Vancover w/ Trickbabies
12/21/96 at La Luna in Portland w/ Mary Lou Lord, Stuntman and Heavy Johnson Trio
3/4/97 at Canterbury University in Christchurch, New Zeland w/ Loves Ugly Children and Future Stupid
3/5/97 at Waikato University in Hamilton, New Zeland
3/6/97 at The Fat Dog in Rotorua, New Zeland w/ SHAFT and A Bit Off
3/7/97 at Squid R20 in Auckland, New Zeland w/ SHAFT and the Source
3/8/97 at Squid All in Auckland, New Zeland w/ Nothing At All! Balance & The Snitches
3/9/97 at 1 View Road in Auckland, New Zeland (backyard party with the Del Lagunas)
3/11/97 at Auckland University in Auckland, New Zeland
3/12/97 at Cafe Pasifika in Palmerston North, New Zeland w/ The Snitches
3/13/97 at Bodega in Wellington, New Zeland w/ The Snitches
3/14/97 at State Of It in Napier, New Zeland with The Snitches
3/15/97 at No 9 in Gisborne, New Zeland w/ The Snitches and A Bit Off
4/25/97 at the Crocidle in Seattle w/ The Makers, Kent 3 and Root Group
5/17/97 at EJ's in Portland w/ The Jimmies and Screamin' Furries
7/?/97 Pain the Grass in Seattle w/ The Fastbacks, and Hai Karate.
7/25/97 at EJ's in Portland w/ Powerfailures and Naked Violence
8/30/97 Bummershoot in Seattle w/ Hater and many others.
9/2/97 at the Roxy, Epitaph Summer Nationals in New York w/ all the other bands on epitaph at the time.
11/2/97 "Assorted Shock" at the Showbox in Seattle w/ The Crown Royals, Delta 72 and The Quadrets
2/20/98 at the Crocidile in SEattle w/ Bent Scepters and guests
3/27/98 at Zoot Suit in Portland w/ Satan's Pilgurms, Juno and The Odd Numbers
4/24/98 The Breakroom in Seattle w/ the Woggles and The Neckbones
spring/98 Increadibly Strange Wrestling at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco.
NOTE: where tom's quote in the random quotes section came from
5/1/98 RKCNDY in Seattle with Portrait of Povery and Zeke, at Zeke's and Gas Huffer's CD Release Party.
6/22/98 The Point in Altanta w/ Creeper Lagoon
6/24/98 Chapel Hill, NC w/ Lizard and Snake
7/8/98 The Black Cat in Washington DC w/ ?
SET: Rotten Egg, You are Not Your Job, Is that for me?, Firebug, Uncle, 14th and Jeff., Crooked Bird, Beware of the Viking, Hacked, Sudbuster, Suergons, Dont Panic, Cut the Check, Smile No Mo', Hotcakes, Shoe Factory, Plant You Now. Also included was Going to Las Vegas. You can view the setlist here thanks to Karl.
8/21/98 Pain in the Grass in Seattle with 10 min warning and Combover
9/6/98 Bumbershoot festival in Seattle
10/10/98 The Breakroom in Seattle w/ Tad and RC5
12/11/98 The Old Firehouse in Seattle with The Fastbacks and Subminute:Radio
12/19/98 The Breakroom in Seattle with The Ya Yas, Clone and Little Death
2/20/99 The Crystal Ballroom in Portland w/ Satan's Pilgrums
4/24/99 Sit N Spin in Seattle w/ ???
5/15/99 EJ's in Portland w/ RC5 and 440 Six Pack
5/21/99 The Crocidle in Seattle w/ Link Wray and the Manatees
6/5/99 Ok Hotel in Seattle with the Catheters and RC5 for GH's 10th anniversary
7/3/99 At the Breakroom in Seattle w/ These Mean Reds and the Come-Ons
7/9/99 The Old Firehouse in Redmone w/ Fireballs of Freedom, The Catheters, New Town Animals, and the Back Stabbers
9/24/99 The Breakroom in Seattle w/ Steel Wool and Asthma
9/25/99 In seattle w/ the Catheters and Blood Brothers
10/1/99 Some Snowboarding thing in Bolder Colorado
11/26/99 The Sit N' Spin in Seattle with RC5 and Speedball Racer
12/25/99 (?) Liveroom Radio show
SET LIST: Rotten Egg You Are Not Your Job, Smile No More, Photographed, Is That for Me?, Clay Pidgeon, Old Man Winter, Hacked, Crooked Bird, Interview, The Surgeons, Don't Panic, Cut the Check, Bridge to the 21st Century, Mr. Sudbuster, Firebug, Hotcakes, Going to Las Vegas, Shoe Factory

2/26/2000 The High Score Arcade in Seattle with The Dirty Looks
SET LIST: all that guff, beware of the viking, hacked, hotcakes, walla walla bang bang, al dedly blues, lizard hunt, is that for me?, 14th and jefferson, more of everything, rotten egg, buck naked, firebug, bomb squad, mouthful
4/15/2000 At the Sit n' Spin in Seattle w/ The Fastbacks and The Catheters
The band played a new song called "The Rest Of Us".

9/30/2000 Elysian Brewing Company in Seattle at the The Gitsrecord release party
SET LIST: All Dedly, Hotcakes, Bombsquad, Is that for me?, Sudbuster, Walla Walla, Ink Dries, Going to Las Vegas, Beware of the Viking, Hacked, Baby pleese go!, Rotten egg, Firebug, Rest of us, Crooked Bird, Mouthful
11/?/00 EMP Sky Church in Seattle,with The Fastbacks and The Supersuckers
3/24/01 at the Sunset Tavern in Seattle with The Cripples

shows w/ stuff missing
8/22/? Seattle
?/26/98 Middle East in ???? with Brat face, Razorwire, and Cyclone
12/31/? LA Luna in Portland with Satan's Pilgrims and Jr. High
?/?/? Pheonix with Generiks
4/26/? Jabber Jaw with Thirty Youth Six
?/?/93 Lou's records in San Diego and later that nite at the Casbah
?/?/94 Phoenix w/ Supersuckers and Meices
?/?/96 Phoenix w/ L7 and Steel Wool
4 or 5/?/97 Japanese Tour
?/?/? Soul Kitched in El Cajone, California
12/2/? The Bottleneck in Lawrence w/ The Cramps
SET: Crooked Bird (opener)

Thanks Chris, John, Karl, Bryce and others that ive already left out.

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