Random quotes from Gas Huffer

Random quotes from Gas Huffer

Yes it sounds like a silly idea, but I like it!

No Queremos Taco Bell Quote of the weekend, from Gas Huffer guitarist Tom Price, after his band was pelted with leftovers from the Incredibly Strange Wrestling matches that preceded Gas Huffer’s set last Saturday at the Transmission Theater: "If I get hit in the face with one more tortilla, this show is over." (Heather Wisner)

Tom: No one ever remebers Psycho Pop man.
Joe: We could make a long list if you want to talk about all Tom's bands.
Tom: Psycho Pop was a good band, we were a good band man.

Tom: Don was in uhh Butt Sweat and they played at one skate contest.
Don: (interupting)You were in it too Tom don't leave it out.
Tom: (continuing)And he was in the Kings of Rock.
Don: And So was Jim Tillman ex-of Love Battery.
Tom: Jim Tillman wasn't in Butt Sweat.
Don: Yeah he was he played rythem guitar.
Tom: Was he?
Matt: Remember kids this is only a movie your free to leave the theature at any time.

Joe: I would love to in about 20 years from now be in some super loungry soul band with a horn section.
Tom: We'll probably all be playing in some sould band in Pioneer Square.
Matt: Probably the same R+B band on Pioneer Square

Ok, so for it to be funny you would have to be watching it, but I wanted to put it on her anyways.

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