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  • Idiot of the Moment: DJ Creppel
    A guy who taunted in fantasy football. Dear God.
  • Idiot of the Moment: emarslim
    Someone who really doesn't understand the concept of Genres.
  • GameFAQs Issues Vol. 1
    Why Nintendo isn't better off without Rare, and why EA doesn't suck.
  • Why Zelda isn't a RPG
    A lengthy and in-depth explanation why Zelda is NOT a RPG.
  • USN Oscars 2003 Coverage
    Coverage pertaining to the 2003 Oscars, and specifically, Best Animated Picture.
  • Idiot of the Moment: XBOX RULES
    Ah, words cannot begin to describe this RETARD. Basically, he's a highly succesful person who makes $50,000 a year and has a flat-panel TV; and spends all his free time calling GameCube owners pedofiles who deserve to be shot. Not for the faint of heart.
  • Idiot of the Moment: DarkPsycho77
    In retrospect, he's not that bad. He was never a troll like XBOX RULES. Just stupid and annoying. He still periodically unblocks me, and then immediatly reblocks me when he sees I'm on-line.
  • Final Fantasy MY ASS!
    A rant about the unrelatedness between FF: TSW and the FF game series. Gets a little into the non-gamer perspective of gamers. I've since seen FF: TSW, it's great. And in its own way, it has a lot to do with the games. Still, it doesn't help the games much.
  • Got Tree Huggers?
    Ah, about the PETA 'Got Beer' anti-milk campaign designed to encourage college students to drink beer instead of milk. HA HA! God, I hate PETA. For sooooo many reasons. That'll be the subject of a future editorial.
  • Why BattleDome isn't that good anymore.
    Well, it wasn't. That's why it's cancelled, ha! Short rant, can be found reprinted at my BattleDome page (see branches).
  • Rants
    Rants about 'gaming-inspired' violence and Spam.
  • Sweet Mongoose
    Mike's brother was a staffer a while ago, come see his great contribution to the site.

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