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Big Sites that link to me:

  • Starmen.net
  • Cherubae's Terranigma Info Page

PGC Trivia Wins:

Other Achievments:

  • My Contributer page at GameFAQs: HERE
  • Here's me at the PGC Planet Trivia Stats Page 2002 (31 points, 1 win): HERE.
  • Here I am as a member of this obscure GameFAQs 100k Club (1st 100000 users): HERE.

Contest Achievements:

Me Gettin' Props, yo:

  • From the Starmen.net mailbag: Yes, there are a whole bunch of people participating in the walkthrough. The one person I really feel the need to mention is [Ulan Shad]. For those of you who don't know, [Ulan Shad] is the man. He has sent me like four maps over the past week, and is definitely going in the Mega Big happy lucky kareoke thank you section when the walkthrough is complete. (Bracket changes to fix incorrect spelling (written as Ulanshad)~diospadre
  • Here's my name mentioned at GameSpot.com: HERE.

The History of USN

USN began as Ulan Shad's Pokļæ½mon Page on November 25th, 1998. The following January the network aspect began, with new sites like Ulan Shad's Final Fantasy Page (/sd/fantshad/), Ulan Shad's MIDI Page (/sd/midishad/), Ulan Shad's South Park Page (/sd/parkshad/), and Ulan Shad's Entertainment Network (/sd/ulanshad) as the 'one ring to rule them all'. The following summer (1999) I launched Ulan Shad's EarthBound Page, which was a general EarthBound site, explaining all the general content over there. The BattleDome page began sometime in the summer of 99. I started my Terranigma page (a maps site from the get-go) in the summer of 2000. Ulan Shad Networks was born and redone in the second design over Christmas break 2000. Also during this time '/sd/fantshad/' and '/sd/parkshad/' were closed. That spring, '/sd/ethbshad/' was reborn as the EarthBound Map Archive. Redesigns came to the whole network in the summer of 2001. After a network-wide hibernation, we're back in this new design, mosty brough about because by the old design (the links were in every page), old articles and such would become VERY out-dated, and it was all over messy.

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