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  • The Official Unofficial Battledome Page
    A small site dedicated to that greatest of athletic competitions, BattleDome. Ironically, It's the only BattleDome fan site out there that I know of.
  • Die, Howdy, Die
    A site dedicated to the unadulterated evil that is Howdy of the Ham-Ham Gang.
  • Ulan Shad's MIDIs
    My original (remixes of others MIDIs) MIDIs. Features the UBERMIX, 45 minutes of piano game melodies. This is now hosted on /sd/ulanshad.
  • SquiggleCo. Games
    A collection of fake game boxes I've made. NES, Game Boy Advance, and N64. Classics like Cuban Tennis, Capt'n Ducky, and the classic Gary Coleman 64 2: What You Talkin' 'bout Now?
  • Final Fantasy 3
    Another small site, this one dedicated to one of my favorite games (not favorite enough to get a map archive a la EB and Terra). I have a couple lits and stuff. It says there'll be a walkthrough, HA!
  • Ulan Shad's Pokémon Page
    Ah, memories. This is my first site, begun a month or so after the original's US release on November 15th, 1999. You see, I did it back before it was popular. Like you care, stop laughing! Moved to /sd/ulanshad and restored to its original design on July 4th, 2002.
  • Mega 4 Ever
    This lame little colloberation Mike and I did 2 summers ago. Led to us getting in a very uncomfortable situation with the 'real' Will Mega. It' gone now.

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