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The Pancreas in Its Natural Setting
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The Pancreas: Astrology for Type I Diabetes in Children (Three Examples) with
Examples of Adult Type II Diabetes (12 Examples) and Adult Pancreatic Cancer (Five Examples)
by Sandra Weidner

This paper comes about as a result of a “seed paper” written in November, 2000 about the potential of identifying astrological significators for the endocrine glands. Here is the link to that paper: Astrology and the Endocrine Glands: The Pancreas and Pituitary--Sarah. Sarah had had a non-cancerous pancreatic tumor and also a serious back condition which resulted, among other things, with a markedly low level of indicators for human growth hormone. These two conditions are associated with mal- or under-function of the pancreas and anterior pituitary, respectively.

This astrological method shows that planets “on Angles” are more powerful than any other condition in an astrological nativity. The meaning(s) they symbolize must express in the individual’s life and they may have differing but consistent interpretations at different stages of life. Since the discussion of exactly what is meant by “on an Angle” with this method is complex, I have put the material in footnote 1 at the bottom of the page. Footnote 2 refers to another individual’s research defining what is on an Angle.

For the purpose of reading this paper, it is necessary only to know that “an Angle” is a general term for Midheaven (MC) and Ascendant (Asc), roughly the noon and sunrise points on each chart of 360°. So noon is at twelve o'clock midday and sunrise at 9:00 a.m. And a planet is “on an Angle” when it is conjunction, square, or opposition those points. Acceptable variation from exact—called an orb—is usually ±2°. For purposes of this research, it has been extended to ±3°.

Sarah had been born with moon and saturn on Angles in her pre-progressed chart, with the moon 1° 17’ before a square to C MC, and saturn being 7’ after the opposition. And, since both were non-harmonic, they were on those same Angles in all twelve charts used in this method. And they expressed strongly throughout her life as is the case for every one's planets on Angles, that is, especially within less than 1° of an Angle.

I am not sure of other models correlating the endocrines with planets, but at the time of writing that paper I had long been aware of the model presented by Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi in The Anatomy of Fate: Astrology and Kabbalah (cited below). I don’t think it originated with him and do not have the book to know who he cited for it.

In that model the pancreas was associated with the moon; the anterior pituitary, saturn. So it was interesting that Sarah had those planets on Angles.

Halevi's model is created by putting the planets in nearly astronomical order inside a diagram of the body. It starts with the sun = thymus’ ruler, then moon = pancreas’ ruler, and so on, forming a clockwise spiral in the body which culminates at the pineal body and neptune. It looks like this:

It takes going only one additional step to join these two concepts together. That is, that planets associated with endocrines through Halevi’s model when on Angles identify the endocrine gland(s) which might show disease or dysfunction in that individual’s life time. The “might” part of that statement needs the qualification that there have to be other astrological indicators symbolizing pathology in order for the disease or dysfunction to occur.

Combining these two concepts especially appeals to me because with this method it has already been found that planets on Angles act as powerful "directors" for and against other conditions in the chart. They divert the flow of the river of life one way or another radically determining the course of our lives. Some of the papers which show them directing "toward" a condition are those for diabetes, homosexuality, and lesbianism, though the diabetes one is still tentative. We might call them "pro-significators" for those life experiences. When acting as "anti-significators" they direct away from the condition. Some of the papers which show that are the paper on pedophilia which shows several such anti-pedophile significator which direct away from the expression of pedophilia; the second Alzheimer's paper, which shows the power of jupiter on Angles to reduce the severity of a condition, and the paper on the death of Bruce Lee, which shows the power of suns on Angles to mask an underlying allergic pathology. When he had progressions which matched the original allergic condition, these in turn overwhelmed his suns. Links to all are available on the Home Page.

I have written a number of papers on health problems. Here are their links ::
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Many readers of these papers on medical, psychological and sexual conditions read only about that condition, or perhaps one other. They thus have no idea how well this very different astrological method works. To get some idea of that, read some of the sixteen papers on twins on this site. In traditional astrology, twins are hard to differentiate. This astrology demonstrates the differences in astrology which account for their life differences. Here is a link to one of the twin papers:The Silent Twins. Links to the other twin papers are found in each paper.

The First Part of the Significator for Pancreatic Dysfunction
In the discussion below we need to know the definition of two terms.

First, what is a "set" as used with this method? A set is a combination of Angles and planets in relation to each other of a square, conjunction, or opposition within acceptable orbs (defined below under Method).

Next, what is a significator? It is the combination in one to several sets summed together--they are not actually added together, it is just acknowledged that both are effective in the subject area--which astrologically define a given condition or event.

So, the first part of the significator for all types of Diabetes is moon on an Angle. It (or planets in its set) does not, as typically occurs in health conditions, have to influence the 6th house (general health). Without being either negative or positive with reference to health, by itself it simply identifies the location of a potential "something" as in the pancreas.

In all of the examples below, including known type I and type II diabetes as well as individuals who died from pancreatic cancer, following the model of Halevi discussed above, the first significator used to identify the chart indicating the disease is, then, moon on an Angle. With this method, moon can occur on an Angle in two different ways:

There are a number of quite reasonable potential FAQs with regard to using this Angle/moon part of the significator. They are too numerous to put in the body of this paper. I have put the ones I know in an appendix. Here is the link: Appendix A—FAQs .

Defining Diabetes
The medical and genetic conditions presented by both Type I and Type II diabetes are complex. This paper is not the place to present all of them. Here is an excellent Internet site which compares the two: Type 1 Diabetes vs. Type 2 Diabetes.

In this paper we are just interested in the fundamentals of diabetes. According to that website, factors which cause Type I diabetes can be genetic, environmental and auto-immune. Type I diabetes usually occurs in children or young people and such a diagnosis often has severe implications with regard to the their well-being and longevity. Astrologically, its occurrence in children means its significators are clear and strong, and therefore are there at birth. It is therefore diagnosable at birth.

We know that Type I diabetes occurs when beta cells in the pancreas are attacked and functionally destroyed by the body’s immune system. They lose their ability to produce insulin. Insulin is used by the body to take the sugar (called glucose) in the blood stream—produced by digestion or other processes—into the cells, where it is used as energy for life processes. Low or no insulin results in erratic levels of glucose in the blood. Too much or too little can cause diabetic coma. Over time, high levels may damage the eyes, kidneys, nerves, or heart.

Type II, diabetes, they state, may have several causes: Genetic, obesity, physical inactivity, high/low birth weight, GDM [?], poor placental growth, metabolic syndrome. Type II diabetes usually occurs among people 40 years or older it. But it shows up increasingly in young adults and children. The United States has the shameless distinction of heavily promoting the consumption of high-sugar foods. Wwith its multi-national corporations, the problem is becoming a world-wide one. It occurs when long-term dietary stress on insulin production (eating too many carbohydrates which uses insulin too much and too often) results in the receptor cells becoming less sensitive to the insulin, called insulin resistance. Similar to Type I diabetes, it results in too high a blood sugar level, or mixed sugar levels (too high and too low), and all the problems associated with same.. But with type II the pancreas is still producing insulin. It is just not used efficiently any more.

Put more bluntly, according to the above site, Type II diabetes appears to be related to aging, sedentary life-style, some genetic influence (though that is debatable), but “mostly obesity.” Over-eating and poor diet—usually too high in simple carbohydrates—lead to obesity and type II diabetes.

Unlike with type I diabetes in which the insulin-producing cells of the pancreas are destroyed, people with type II diabetes have been known to show improvement by improving their diet, eating more complex carbohydrates as well as proteins, weight loss, and through reasonable, guided fasting practices.

From our perspective, the important word in the paragraph above about type I diabetes is the word “immune.” With this method there are always two planets involved in representing various forms of auto-immunity or immune dysfunction. They are mars and neptune.

So we want to know more about what those two planets sponsor astrologically.

The Second Part of the Significator For Pancreatic Dysfunction—Mars and Neptune, The Planets Involved in Immune Dysfunction and Other “Crazy” Human Conditions
Mars symbolizes initiative, aggression, strife, cuts, tears, friction, injuries, and chemicals (the burning or corrosive aspect), among other things. Negatively, on a physical level it tends to represent some kind of attack against or injury of the body. (Like all the planets, it also can have positive expressions. Mars is connected with doing and action, is a major significator in the marital arts, and, in general, without its mode we would be unable to act.

Neptune (combining negative and postive implications) symbolizes confusion, fantasy, creativity, openness, porosity, and also fumes and gases. Neptune symbolizes porosity because it has a tendency to “dissolve” planets it is in contact with, making them more sensitive and porous than is their wont.

Neptune combined with mars produces an over-sensitivity resulting in noxious, confused, or highly charged reactions. Or, it places the individual in noxious conditions. Or, it renders their behavior at odds relative to normal behavior, as can be seen with paranoid schizophrenia, with neptune alone representing non-paranoid schizophrenia. Mars/neptune describes “crazy” or “highly emotional” or “charged” conditions astrologically. So, for instance, when involved with the sexual planets venus and mars in a man’s or woman’s chart, whether heterosexual or homosexual, it deepens and sensitizes sexuality, putting a high charge on it, compelling involvement.

When saturn joins mars and neptune as an influence, it increases their other-than-normal results. Forefront (i.e., on an Angle) in any chart mars/saturn/neptune represents siege conditions. Saturn does not produce, for instance, immune dysfunction. Mars and neptune do. But with saturn added, it aggravates any condition, making it life threatening, highly inflamed, or potently toxic. Saturn has a depressive effect on vitality.

So, for instance, mars and neptune forefront occur in the 3rd chart (of mind) with schizophrenia. When saturn joins them, as happened with John Nash, the individual is no longer capable of “managing” his schizophrenia and is hospitalized.

The siege conditions produced by forefront mars/saturn/neptune depend on two things: (1) the chart they are in, and (2) even more so, the path they take, that is, the houses they influence.

Here are some papers showing the effects of forefront mars/neptune in charts:
Paper on Asthma
Paper on Homosexuality Showing AIDS Occurring in Some Individuals
Paper on Death of Bruce Lee of Brain Swelling
Paper on Dr. Tom Dooley’s Death from Melanoma
Paper on John Nash’s Schizophrenia
Paper on Simpson’s Financial Siege Conditions When He Hired the Dream Team
and Paper on Guru Osho Including His Allergic Susceptibility.

Drug and severe alcohol conditions involve mars and neptune. I don’t have a paper showing it, but the 4th house, end-of-life astrology of a man who died homeless of alcoholism showed forefront mars/saturn/neptune. I have never forgotten the misery implied by that astrology.

Houses Influenced By the Significator
Type I diabetes, usually occurring in youth, is a disease caused by an auto-immune reaction. It has a very strong presence in the life of the individual who suffers from it. Strong presence of any condition implies its strong astrology. So, a type I diabetic should be almost if not actually born with a forefront influence of mars and neptune describing a path that includes an Angle (either being “on an Angle” as discussed above, or ruling one through a planet in the set).

And, whether we like it or not--it would be nice and orderly to have a completely different significator for diabetes type II relative to type I, and especially for pancreatic cancer relative to diabetes I--these first examples of diabetes type I occurring in childhood show us the way to the astrology for Type II diabetes as well as death from pancreatic cancer. (The difference is more in typical ages they occur, which in turn makes a difference in the way they affect the pancreas and its sites). The literature does not state that type II diabetes results from immune dysfunction. Nonetheless, it occurs when the pancreas and its "intended" sites of influence, the cells, fail to work normally. One could say the whole system was confused, or at least no longer efficient. Also, with cancer, whether or not it involves immune dysfunction or its weakness, the cells involved relative to the whole body and normal function are "confused." They have moved outside the parameters of normal function into "crazy" function. Confused and "crazy" are also the results produced by mars and neptune.

The mars and neptune in all sets describing pancreatic dysfunction plus whatever planets they are with should also influence at least two other houses.

They should influence the 6th house to show that the issue is one of health. The 6th house is the typical house describing health, though other houses may describe it.
If the individual’s dies, or has his life seriously threatened by the disorder, then the mar/neptune should influence his 4th house. In horary astrology (astrology done to answer a question for the time the question comes up), the 4th house represents “the end of the matter in question.” With this method, the 4th house also gives us considerable information on the last years of the individual’s life. Its involvement in any set can imply that set is operative at the end of life, including conditions causing death.
Since I saw it so many times in the examples below, I have tentatively included the 8th house as part of the path. The 8th house is normally associated with shared assets of all kinds and the transformations occurring either by being a part of something larger than just one’s self or by changing states, such as going from life to death. Transformations are also involved in conditions which take us from one place to another, often situations of radical learning. In this paper, the 8th house has been shown to occur almost always as part of the path for the conditions of diabetes and death from pancreatic cancer.

A shorthand way of expressing all of the above—as it turned out, for diabetes I and diabetes II as well as death from pancreatic cancer at the time of death—as a significator is Angle/mars/neptune/(saturn)/(4th)/6th/(8th). Items in parentheses are either optional. tentative, or depend on special circumstances. Written this way, of course, it does not discriminate whether the planets are actually on Angles or only influencing them through a ruler in the set.

Charts Involved
Thirty years research with this method has shown that significators most often occur in “typical charts.” For instance, a typical chart for a health question would be either the 6th chart (of health) or the 1st chart (of childhood health conditions), or the 6th house of the 7th chart—a chart impressive in showing much about any individual’s life, and the 12th chart of karma and hidden conditions.

But, significators can and do occur in atypical charts. An atypical chart for a health problem can be any of the remaining charts not so far mentioned., that is, not the 1st, 6th, or 7th charts. There are several examples below that show that an atypical chart containing a pancreatic significator was a “center of gravity chart” of the individual. That is, his consciousness was primarily (but not exclusively) located in that chart, so his illness and his death showed up there, too. Whenever possible, astrology for diagnosis and death were done for atypical charts demonstrating how operative they were in the event.

I believe I first discussed center of gravity chart in the paper on homosexuality. Here is a link to that paper: Charts of Fifty Homosexual Males .

Whether occurring in a typical or an atypical chart, the significator and its path are always the same.

The biggest difference between diabetes type I, diabetes type II, and death from pancreatic cancer is the strength of the very same significator from the time of birth:

Examples in this paper, with some variation from the ideal, have been presented from those showing the most severe significator (type I diabetes), to those showing lesser ones (type II diabetes), to those coming together only several years or even several months before death(death from pancreatic cancer).

A Brief Comment on Research Problems
In the examples given below, as for all astrological research, we often are less sure than would be preferred that the time of birth—so crucial to good research—is exact. Life happens, and exact time of birth is not always the priority of people at the birth scene. Date of diagnosis is often lacking. And date of diagnosis does not necessarily mean that is when the disease started. Date of death occurs more often, but not all the time. Often data states only that an individual had diabetes, not whether it was Type I or II. Place of diagnosis and death is also helpful but often lacking. Biographical comments on the basic personality of the individual are often sketchy. Having all of this information would help to arrive at better research results.

Since this astrological method is so different from traditional Western astrology, below I have included a number of comments about the way it works.

Astrological Method
This method is not traditional. It uses a birth and conception planets and their harmonics and houses, all of which share the same axis. :

This astrology uses the sidereal positions of the planets based on the Fagan-Bradley’s SVP. My view of the practical differences between the tropical (Western) and the sidereal (Eastern) zodiacs can be found at Tropical vs. Sidereal Zodiac.
Harmonics are taken from the sidereal position of the planets. The Egyptian harmonic, discussed in the paper “About This Method” (link just below), is used.
”Lights” include suns, moons, and moons nodes. When mercury rules one or two Angles, it also acts like a light and has the same orb as the other lights. The MC or Asc also acts like a light, but one with only a 2° orb, because when a set is on an Angle it does not need a light to be active.
This method uses only conjunctions, applying and separating squares, and oppositions. Orbs for static planets with lights is 5°; without lights, about 2.5°. Orb for MC/planet or Asc/planet is 2°. Planets so related to each other are referred to as in the same “set.” A set, then, is two or more planets (or an Angle) connected to each other through conjunction, square, and opposition within the defined orbs. Sets without Angles are more active when they contain a light, and less active without one. Learning to look in terms of “crosses” can be helpful in rapidly finding planets that are in the same set.
Because this approach uses both a birth and conception chart and they share the same axis, birth houses usually overlap different houses of the conception chart. These are called “house overlaps.” As it turned out in this paper, house overlaps were not significant. They can be for some other conditions. Throughout this paper I use the convention when writing about house overlaps of putting the birth house first, then the conception house. So, for instance, a “5th/1st” overlap refers to an overlap of birth 5th house with conception 1st house in that order.
Birth planets (including their harmonics) rule only birth houses. Conception planets (including their harmonics) rule only conception houses.
For a more thorough explanation of this astrological approach, refer to the following papers:

About This Method
Empirically-Derived Chart Reading Rules

In the partial charts shown below, birth planets and their harmonics are inside the circle. Conception planets and their harmonics are outside the circle. Conception sidereal planets are red; conception harmonic ones, black. Birth sidereal planets are blue; birth harmonic ones, green. Occasionally, because of space limitations, I have had to violate this inside/outside arrangement, but the color coding remains constant.
Abbreviations used are b = birth, c = conception, and t = transiting. Even though the harmonic used for each chart is always two more than the chart’s number, in these papers—for ease of reading—I write the harmonic number the same as the chart number. For example, the 5th chart uses the 7th harmonic, but I have established the convention of writing harmonic planets for the 5th chart as, e.g., c5 mars, which reads, “the harmonic for the 5th chart for conception mars.” Pc3 mars stands for the harmonic for the 3rd chart of its progressed conception mars. T5 pluto represents transiting (at the time of the event) pluto for the 5th chart.

We are now ready for the examples.

Material below in brown print and smaller type is either biographical (usually from Astrodatabank) or other quoted material.

Medical: Diabetes 14683
Canadian diabetic female diagnosed as a child with diabetes late December 1983.

Therefore, this child was six years old when her diabetes was discovered.

Her Angle/ moon occurs in the following set:

Set (1) C Asc16 Sagittarius 56
c moon17 Gemini 03ruler of c 8th house

Since that moon is on the same Angle in all 12 charts, any one of them could contain the significator for her diabetes. This one, however, rules an 8th house. So first we are going to check her 8th chart for diabetic significators.

Medical: Diabetes 14683
Partial Harmonic Chart for the 8th House (aka 8th Chart)

Placidian House Cusps: c11—4 Sco, c12—25Sco, c2—28Cap, c3—8Pis b11—19Sag, b12—14Cap, b2—5Ari, b3—5Tau

Set (1) above shows her Angle/moon from the perspective of the 8th chart. C venus in the set rules c 6th house. Note that harmonic node conjunct the Angle. It identifies this chart as having special significance.

Set (2) above shows us B Asc in the same set with two moons, mars, and b neptune. C8 moon at 20 Leo 33 brings b8 moon, ruler of b 6th house, into the set. B mars rules B MC in c 12th house. This is the set that shows an Angular and 6th house lighted mars/neptune influence. It is very powerful, with it planets on Angles additionally lighted by two moons and lacking only a 4th influence. The more lights, the stronger the set. Since 4th houses are ruled by birth venus and conception mars, which progress rather rapidly, the 4th influence can easily enter the set.

The set involving C MC shows us an example of an individual who has both moon and mercury (both non-harmonic) on Angles, and who got diabetes. There was no report of thyroid problems in the biographical notes.

It helps to confirm the correct chart representing the disease by doing progressions either for date of diagnosis or death. In both instances, there are usually progressed and/or return Angle/mars and Angle/neptune, and often enough, Angle/saturn.

Diagnosed in December, 1983, I used 12-15-1983 for progressions. Here are some of them:

That last set—node to Angle/neptune—seems innocent enough, but it isn’t. Nodes pack a lot of significance into sets. This child was born with her b NN at 29 Virgo 54. It did pass through Set (2) once before her diagnosis when it hit 21 Leo 24 (thereabouts), which occurred in April and May of 1979, when she was two years old. To my knowledge very few children are diagnosed with diabetes at age 2. But the next time this transiting node passed through Set (2) was December, 1983, the time of her diagnosis. By passing through the set it is highlighting her Angle/neptune, which in her astrology is connected to her diabetes.

Medical: Diabetes 10587
American diabetic female who contracted diabetes at the young age of seven and became totally blind by age 24.

Her Angle/ moon occurs in the following set:

Set (3) C MC28 Aquarius 18
c uranus27 Taurus 25
c moon 29 Leo 02ruler of c 2nd house

Since the moon in Set (3) above is on the same Angle in all 12 charts, but rules the 2nd house, it seems to be referring us to her 2nd chart. So we are first going to check it for her diabetic significators.

C uranus, ruler of c 9th house, is also in Set (3), and on the same Angle. Maybe we should check her 9th chart for significators?

In fact her 9th chart contains diabetic significators in its 9th chart equivalent of Set (4) in her 2nd chart, shown below. Her 9th chart has the as the added attraction that one year nine months (purely an arbitrary choice from “several years before diagnosis”), progressed pb9, that is harmonic, saturn was in Cancer approaching opposition to her B Asc at 10 Capricorn 43. Progressed pc9 saturn was at 18 Gemini 54 conjoining her C Asc. These two progressed Angle/saturn sets could certainly have been the stressors to turn her incipient diabetes in factual diabetes. During that same period, progressed b9 NN, which started at 4 Leo 13 in wide orb to B MC at 2 Scorpio 43, had moved to 2 Leo 33, in a close set with it. As mentioned above, harmonic nodes, because peculiar to each harmonic chart, seem to have a strong connection bringing the implications of that chart to manifestation.

So, more than one chart may contain the significators for any condition. I did a count for occurrences of, for example, of homosexual significators in the various charts in the paper including fifty homosexual men. [Here is the link: Homosexual Significators for 50 Homosexual Men. ] In that case, the typical charts indicating sexual indicators were, as would be expected, the 5th (sexuality) and 7th (important others), and they contained more significators than did other charts. But atypical charts existed. In some cases, we had enough biographical information on the individual to be able to see why their significators occurred in the atypical chart. Other atypical charts for significators have also some times included relevant biographical information making sense of the this phenomenon, the significator in an atypical chart.

But with this study we do not have enough biographical material, enough examples of diabetes, enough differentiation between type I and type II diabetes, or enough dates, at least, of diagnosis, (but preferably date of onset) to give any explanation for why the significator occurs in an atypical chart. Often, all we have is that the individual is/was diabetic, more often with date of death (which isn’t so helpful for diagnosis). But we do have enough results on atypical charts to believe they are valid.

With Diabetic 10587, the decision to go with the 2nd chart is arbitrary. Either the 2nd or the 9th would have worked.

It could be asked, how can a 2nd chart, which is generally about money and personal possessions, contain information about health? For one, every single harmonic chart contains information relevant to all usual house meanings. For another, one can answer, “Why not?” Some individuals are focused on money and/or possessions, or sensual experience—all correlated with the 2nd house and its natural ruler, Taurus--so the 2nd chart could be their COG chart.

But even if it was not their COG chart, we are starting out with the premise that that all-charts moon on an Angle implies that one of its meaning, that as “ruler” of the pancreas, is important in that life. If one of those charts also contains a moon/mars/neptune set with influence at least to an Angle and 6th house—which we have already established has significance autoimmune dysfunction—then those charts are potential charts showing diabetes type I.

But let’s get to the example.

Medical: Diabetes 10587
Partial Harmonic Chart for the 2nd House (aka 2nd Chart)

Placidian House Cusps: c11—4Ari, c12—14Tau, c2—9Can, c3—1Leo b11—24Sco, b12—15Sag, b2—28Aqu, b3—6Ari

Set (3) above shows her Angle/moon from the perspective of her 2nd chart. C moon rules c 2nd house. She picked up two harmonic planets, but they are no different than the ones already on Angles.

Set (4) above shows her autoimmune potential. It includes sun/moon/mercury/venus/mars/2neptune/pluto. B mercury rules b 6th and co-rules (3o of 38°) b 8th. B moon co-rules (11 of 26°) b 6th house. B2 mars rules B MC. It is not as powerful as the previous individual’s because it is not on an Angle, but it influences one and includes everything but a 4th influence. Again, fast-moving b venus and c sun rule 4th houses, it would not be difficult for this set to pick up a 4th influence.

Note her charts are already quite stressed because her two non-harmonic saturns, at 9 Cancer 12 and 11 Cancer 17 are in the same set with her B Asc at 10 Capricorn 43. C saturn rules c 8th house. B saturn rules B Asc in c 8th house.

On October 5, 1952, one year nine months before her diagnosis (at “age 7”), her pC MC was at 4 Pisces 12 in the same set with her b2 SN at 4 Sagittarius 16. Her progressed c2 mars was at 27 Scorpio 47 approaching her C Asc at 28 Aquarius 18 (giving her both Angle/mars and her given Angle/saturn). Her pc2 mercury, ruler of b 6th house, was at 22 Taurus 25 conjunction pc NN at 22 Taurus 25. And her pc mercury, ruler of C Asc in b 6th house.

Medical: Diabetes 9582
Canadian diabetic female contracting diabetes from the young age of nine with partial blinding starting at age 24.

This individual has two non-harmonic Angle/moons, shown in Sets (5) and (6) below:

Set (5) B Asc27 Cancer 25
c moon28 Libra 01ruler of C MC in b 12th house


Set (6) b moon14 Aries 29
B MC15 Aries 30ruler of B Asc in c 10th house

Following the principle that the diabetic chart is indicated by the house the Angular moon rules, we could have tried either the 1st (Asc), 10th (MC), 12th (C MC in a 12th house), or, again, a 10th (B Asc in a 10th house) charts. Through the harmonic development of Set (6) above, the diabetic chart turns out to be the 10th.

Medical: Diabetes 9582
Partial Harmonic Chart for the 10th House (aka 10th Chart)

Placidian House Cusps: c11—9Leo, c12—6Vir, c2—25Lib, c3—27Sco b11—24Tau, b12—29Gem, b2—17Leo, b3—13Vir

Without the moon in the set, we could not consider any but the moon and pluto in the set. Moon increases acceptable orb to an Angle. Set (6) contains B MC with 2 nodes and moon/venus/mars/neptune/pluto. Since it is on an Angle, none of the planets need rule one. But two do. B mars rules B MC, which we have already counted. But b moon rules B Asc, adding a second influence to an Angle for this set. C10 venus co-rules (27 of 32°). C10 neptune rules c 6th house. Being on an Angle with three lights (moon and two nodes), and influence to all the significator houses, it is very powerful.

Rather than having saturn on or to Angles as an additional stressor, this chart contains a sun/mars/saturn set with influence to an Angle, 6th, and 8th houses. Sun/saturn represents a depression of vitality, while sun/mars represents an attack on it. So sun/mars/saturn often represents physical suffering, though it does not have to be for a long time. Here is the set:

Set (7) c10 mars24 Aries 57ruler of c 8th house
b10 sun25 Scorpio 40
c10 mercury26 Aquarius 30ruler of C Asc and a light
b saturn26 Taurus 05Rco-ruler (27 of 28°) of b 6th house

Some interesting progressions for a date two years (again, an arbitrary choice falling within “several years before diagnosis”) her diagnosis, she had progressed C Asc at 3 Libra 36 in the same set with her b10 South Node at 3 Aries 52. Progressed C MC was at 11 Cancer 48 aspecting her node/venus/neptune in Set (6) above. Progressed c sun, which started out at 7 Aries 08, was at 14 Aries 43, highlighting her BMC/moon/mars in Set (6) above. I did not find a timer for the sun/mars/saturn set other than progressed b saturn, at 25 Taurus 52, had moved closer to the set as a whole.

Medical: Diabetes 13280
Diabetic male who was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 21 almost precisely on his birthday.

His type of diabetes is not mentioned. For the purpose of doing regressions from his date of diagnosis, I have assumed Type I. The astrology shown below, aggressively diabetic, also points to type I.

This gentleman, our first grown up with diabetes, is also the first so far in this paper who does not have an Angle in a set with a sidereal moon (all charts). Neither does any one else—all adults—from here to the end of the paper. Since it is not disclosed, we cannot be sure they were not diagnosed diabetic in childhood, but none were declared so, we tentatively assume they were not. childhood diabetics.

Since this man did not have the all-charts moon/Angle, it was necessary to check each chart to see which included a harmonic moon on an Angle. were checked for those with Angle/moon. Then each was checked for the forefront light/mars/neptune of problems with immunity. For this man, his 7th chart, the very fist one calculated, was the most “diabetic.”

His Angle/moon is shown in Set (8) below:

Set (8) B MC11 Leo 10
c7 moon13 Leo 55weak (7 of 25°) influence to c 6th house

From this section on we have to look for the significator in all the harmonic charts which contain an Angle/moon.

Medical: Diabetes 13280
Partial Harmonic Chart for the 7th House (aka 7th Chart)

Placidian House Cusps: c11—22Sco, c12—13Sag, c2—24Aqu, c3—2Ari b11—13Vir, b12—8Lib, b2—30Sco, b3—5Cap

Set (8) is now fully developed for the 7th chart. C7 moon is over 2° from the Angle. But the rest of the chart is so proto-diabetic it looks like this moon/Angle is acceptable, though wide (with birth time likely correct at 9:54 p.m.,), but I wouldn’t make a habit of accepting such a large orb. Set (8), containing MC/moon/mercury/mars/saturn, is not the diabetic set, but its harshness, confirmed by progressions (below) plays in as a stressor to the precipitation of the diabetic diagnosis.

Set (8) influences b 8th house through mercury, co-ruler (30 of 35°) of b 8th house. It also influences a 2nd Angle, C Asc through its ruler, c saturn, here at 14 Scorpio 22. It is a serious or depressive set.

Set (9) is the diabetic one. It shows C Asc in the same set with node(a light)/mars/neptune. With mars and neptune on Angles, it is more powerful than when only influencing Angles through a ruler, but the whole set only influences a 4th house

The mars/neptune influence to (most) 6th and 8th houses is in other sets. Note that the mars of set (9) is lighted (by the node) and in b 6th house. That gives the light/mars/6th influence.

And b7 neptune at 24 Aries 44 is also conjunct a node in b 6th house. That produces the light/neptune/6th influence. It is also a part of Set (10) which shows a second light/mars/neptune. That has a second 6th influence through b7 mars, ruler of b 6th house, but it does not influence an Angle. Since he already has an Angle/node/mars/neptune, he doesn’t need any more to produce his health-destructive immune reaction.

Astrology for this man’s diabetes, though only accomplished by “summing” several sets, is still quite powerful. The Angular, lighted mars/neptune of Set (9) makes it possible for the other sets to function destructively without any further progressions.

Set (11) shows two more Angles in the same set with mars. B Asc is with C MC and in the same set with b mars, ruler of b 6th house, at 29 Capricorn 13. While saturn depresses vitality and stresses it, mars usually works through stress, though it is perfectly likely he also used this lovely mars in Capricorn for skill in sports and other activities involving control.

”Summing” all Angle influences, this man has three Angles are with mars, and one with double saturn. One with neptune. Mars/saturn/neptune produces all kinds of siege conditions—here, diabetes.

If we go back two years before his diagnosis to see what might have started his immune response, we can find them. But they are so interesting I decided to put them, plus the next year, plus the year of diagnosis into table form. Again, the date of diagnosis was very close to his 21st birthday, so 4-17-19790. In looking at the data below, keep in mind that c10 moon is at 13 Leo 55. Even with progressions it increases acceptable or for planet-to-Angle. Here is the data:

4-17-197713 Scorpio 2113 Scorpio 4013 Aquarius 12
4-17-197814 Scorpio 0514 Scorpio 2213 Aquarius 56
4-17-197914 Scorpio 4814 Scorpio 2214 Aquarius 40

He has been through almost 3 full years of progressed Angle/moon/mars/saturn—very, very stressful. By the date of diagnosis, he was coming out of the progressed Angle/saturn, but not the progressed Angle/mars. He had a new progressed Angle/saturn:

4-17-19791 Virgo 351 Sagittarius 231 Sagittarius 24

And a new, shorter term, faster moving Angle/mars, with pc7 mars at 10 Leo 36 approaching his B MC at 11 Leo 10.

His return, cast for his place of birth (we don’t know where he was at the time) had MC at 5 Gemini 28 and Ascendant at 5 Virgo 29 in the same set with c7 SN at 5 Pisces 46. Return mars was at 12 Aquarius 47, which with the larger orb allowed for return sets, falls into set (8) above.

For this man his diabetic indicators were in place at birth. They appeared just waiting for a sufficient stressor to develop into full-blown diabetes. Three years plus of progressed Angle/mars/saturn in addition to the Angles afflicted by birth in this chart certainly constituted considerable and ongoing stress. Exactly how that manifested we do not know. Was it external? Internal? Was he aware he was stressed or did it all play out unconsciously through the aggressive (mars) dysfunction (neptune) of his immune system toward his pancreatic beta cells?

Nurse 7248
American nurse (female) who married once and had one child; the child died on January 22, 1979 of unknown causes. She was an alcoholic and had severe diabetes.[italics mine]

So, we lack diabetic type and date of diagnosis. It isn’t going to make any difference in picking out the most diabetic chart. It does make a difference in terms of convincing us that going from type I diabetes, usually occurring in childhood, to type II, which used to primarily occur in adulthood, is going from an astrology more strongly diabetic to one less so. So, it would have been good to know exactly, in each case, the type of diabetes involved.

Her Angle/moon is shown below in Set (12):

Set (12) C Asc5 Aries 59
c6 moon6 Aries 00

Nurse 7249
Partial Harmonic Chart for the 6th House (aka 6th Chart)

Placidian House Cusps: c11—19Cap, c12—21Aqu, c2—8Tau, c3—2Gem b11—19Gem, b12—20Can, b2—13Vir, b3—13Lib

Set (12) is now fully developed for the 6th chart. Showing a doubly-lighted (therefore stronger) Angle/saturn, it influences the 6th house through c6 mercury, co-ruler (30 of 45°) of c 6thhouse. It also rules c 4th house. It depresses vitality. Jupiter/Angle usually acts as an anti-significator (ameliorating a medical condition), but here it is much less strong because it occurs only in this chart. To see instances of the power of sun and jupiter on Angles to act as anti-significators refer to the following two papers: Alzheimer’s Disease, Part II: Seven Cases of Alzheimer’s Disease, One of Creutzfeldt-Jacob Disease, One of Meningo-encephalitis, Three of Dementia Pugilistica, and One NOT Alzheimer's and Death of Bruce Lee—Murder or Allergic Reaction? .

Set (13) primarily shows us he has neptune on an Angle (B Asc), increasing his Angle/neptune influences, especially since the set also rules B MC, a second Angle, through b6 venus.

His set showing his immune problems was so large I decided to show it in table form below. It contains three lights (moon and two nodes), so acceptable orb is a little larger than normal.

Set (14) c mercury8 Leo 06 ruler of c 4th and co-ruler (30 of 45°) c 6th houses
b SN10 Leo 37
b6 pluto11 Leo 40(does not rule a sign in this method)
b mars11 Leo 45ruler of b 4th, co-ruler (13 of 30°) b 8th houses
c neptune12 Leo 45 co-ruler of c 12th house
c6 neptune 13 Leo 18
c6 NN 9 Scorpio 24
b6 mercury 10 Scorpio 37
b6 moon 12 Scorpio 10ruler of b 12th house
c6 mars10 Aquarius 57ruler c 8th house and ruler of C Asc in b 8th house

Set (14) contains plenty of references to 4th, 6th, and 8th houses, suggesting the individual—short of innovative therapeutic intervention—would die (4th house) of this disease (6th house) and go through many transformations (trials and tribulations—8th house) because of it. She was born in 1933 and would be 80 years old if still alive, unlikely for some one with “severe diabetes” (until a better treatment is found).

As a “diabetic set” it is as powerful as it can get short of also having its planets on Angles.

Alcoholic 7060
American alcoholic a severe diabetic as well as alcoholism, she died of heart failure 1/22/1979 (born 5/11 1932, age 46) in the early morning, Houston, Texas

This individual may have been duplicate data with error. Compare her data to that of Nurse 7248 in Data Acknowledgments at the bottom of this page. Both were born in Lenora, OK, both were alcoholic and severely diabetic, data for both were contributed by Dona Shaw (though one states from the birth certificate and the other given in Modern Horoscopes April, 1984). The month and day were the same, but the year and time differed.

At any rate, I did not find significators for immune dysfunction in any of the charts for this individual.

Medical Amputee 7347
American amputee; a diabetic. Her first leg was surgically removed 6/16/1975 [age 41] and the second on 10/15/1975 in Washington, DC. Died 1/28/1978 [age 44].

Again, we lack diabetic type and date of diagnosis. But from her early short medical history, death at a young age, and from her astrology shown below, she certainly qualifies as a severe diabetic, and most likely Type I (more on that below).

Her Angle/moon is shown below in Set (15):

Set (15) B Asc7 Aries 53
c4 moon7 Cancer 06co-ruler (30 of 38°) of c 8th house

Medical: Amputee 7347
Partial Harmonic Chart for the 4th House (aka 4th Chart)

Placidian House Cusps: c11—6Lib, c12—29Lib, c2—23Sag c3—1Aqu b11—19Cap, b12—22Aqu, b2—10Tau, b3—3Gem

Set (15) is shown above fully developed for the 4th chart. Again, that jupiter conjunct Asc doesn’t help as much as it could because it occurs only in this chart and it rules the 2nd house, not a 6th or another Angle.

Set (16) is one of two immune dysfunction sets. Containing mercury/mars/neptune, it is lighted because mercury rules C MC and when mercury rules an Angle, it also acts like a light (and only then). Not only does it rule C MC, but C MC falls in b 6th house. It influences a second Angle, B MC. through the b4 mars, which rules it and b 8th house. It lacks a 4th influence, but can pick one up relatively easily through progressing b mercury, ruler of b 4th house.

Set (17) is so harsh. It shows lighted mars/saturn/neptune in a close set on an Angle, C Asc. Normally sun conjunct the Asc speaks of vitality, but here it is also acting as the second light (the first is through the Asc itself which has an orb of only two degrees) for this harsh set representing lifelong siege conditions. B sun rules b 6th house. C mars rules c 6th house and C Asc in b 8th house. It lacks a 4th influence.

I originally found this 4th chart as the diabetic chart by “thumbing” through the harmonics. When I saw that the non-harmonic Angle/sun/mars/neptune acquired a close saturn in the 6th harmonic (for the 4th chart), I could look no further.

Set (17) show influence to two Angles and both 6th houses. Moreover, Set (16), seemingly so innocent and simple, also demonstrates a lighted mars/neptune influence to two Angles and b 6th house. The 4th house part of the significator only indicates the individual will likely have the condition at the end of life, and perhaps die of it. It is not really necessary in the diabetic significator, as so far defined, except when toward the end of the individual’s life. Here, through progressed mercury, it can move into the set much more quickly than, for instance, would occur if b 4th house were rules by the outer planets saturn, uranus, and neptune. They progress much more slowly, and depending on where they start out, may never enter these sets.

With one significator on an Angle and the other influencing it, with both only lacking 4th influence, this woman astrology is very powerful for diabetes.

For removal of her first (I wish it had stated left or right—“first” makes it seem like she has a series of legs which could be removed, not just two bilaterally symmetric ones) on June 16, 1975 her progressions showed more Angle/mars and Angle/neptune:

Her death several years later on January 28, 1978, Washington, D.C. was simpler astrologically. It occurred under one of the two Angle-to-uranus progressions which can sometimes substitute for the more complicated and typical Angle/mars/saturn/(pluto)/4th that usually accompany death, and which is a necessary but not necessarily sufficient significator. The two are uranus in Scorpio and Uranus in Pisces, with the former occurring more often. She had strong Pisces, showing considerable bleakness and a sense of complete loss of control of her life:

We do not know the exact cause of her death. It was not as if she were not expecting her death. She was.

We have come to the end of the individuals with apparent exact times of birth which I found through a search for “diabetes” at I first started working on diabetic charts by searching for “famous people with diabetes” on the Internet, then going to Astrodatabank to see if they had their birth data. Below is the astrology for some of these individuals. Two of them died by the age of 40 of complications from diabetes. Their biographies were much longer and have been reduced to better fit the subject of this paper.

Ruth Steinbrecher Connors
American noted family, diabetic, sister of astrologer/author Ed Steinbrecher, mother of astrologer Stephen Connors, …5 children. Death 1972/09/14, 3:30 a.m. MDT. Cause of death, complications of diabetes.

Mrs. Connors was 39 years old when she died. Her memorial site stated she died in Santa Fe, NM.

A possible Angle/moon is her shown below, but the harmonic chart containing her diabetes has a closer harmonic Angle/moon. Here is the non-harmonic one:

Set (18) C MC2 Cancer 29
c moon5 Cancer 03(this is a little over 2.5 degrees)

Ruth Steinbrecher Connors
Partial Harmonic Chart for the 12th House (aka 12th Chart)

Placidian House Cusps: c11—28Cap, c12—4Pis, c2—20Tau c3—13Gem b11—13Aqu, b12—23Pis, b2—3Gem, b3—23Gem

Set (18), shown above, also contains b mercury, which rules b 6th house and puts health issues forefront in her life. And according to what we know of the Halevi model so far, should bring thyroid problems. If none of her charts were afflicted, then it would indicate interest in health, health foods, health practices, and so on. But Connors’ 12th chart is very afflicted.

Set (19) shows us light/mars/neptune on B Asc. C12 moon rules c 4th house. It does not influence a 6th house, so although it provides the Angle/4th influence, it doesn’t provides the all-important 6th.

Set (20) contains moon/mercury/venus/mars/jupiter/neptune. C mars rules C Asc in b 12th and c 8th house. C12 venus co-rules (23of 48°) c 6th house. B12 moon rules b 4th house. B12 mercury rules b 6th house.

Set (19) provides the astrological environment (mars and neptune on Angles) for Set (20) to function against her pancreatic health, She is born with these sets, so although comprised of the sum of two sets, her astrology for diabetes is nonetheless quite powerful.

Since Set (20) also contains light/venus/jupiter/neptune, it also indicates states of joy, religious or mystical experiences.

Unnumbered sets above include C Asc in the same set with c12 saturn, ruler of C MC (so the set influences two Angles). And B MC is in the same set with b saturn and c12 neptune, with saturn progressing toward B MC. Assuming correct time of birth (given to the apparent nearest minute), it hit it when she was about 17 years old. But since it moves so slowly, it was influencing B MC for many years. Here are its places for a 6 year period of her life:

Table III
14 Capricorn 48
15 years old
15 Capricorn 02
17 years old
15 Capricorn 16
19 years old

Without a date of diagnosis, it is not possible to say that this time period is the one in which her diabetes became active. It could have been. It did not have to have been.

”Summed,” Connors’ Angles in her 12th chart show considerable influence of mars, saturn, and neptune, indicating lifelong or close to lifelong siege conditions.

Her return planets for the date of her death at age 39 contributed mightily to Set (19) above. They included:

Two degrees are okay for return planets to non-return Angles. So, although Set (19) did not start out with a 6th influence, at the time of her death it had acquired one plus several more lights. More lights means more intensity.

Nell Carter
picture from tributes. com

Nell Carter
American actress, 4' 11" and portly. She started out as a singer in jazz-blues shouter-tradition. She sang in New York cabarets and off-Broadway reviews in the early '70s, scoring her first major success in the hit Broadway musical "Ain't Misbehavin'." The show, based on the music of Fats Waller, won a Tony award, 1978.

Carter started her TV career with appearances on "Today" and on guest shots before landing a role in the daytime soap "Ryan's Hope," 1979. She moved into prime time with the comedy "Lobo," 1980 and the following year took the role of the boisterous black housekeeper in "Gimme a Break," where she hit the jackpot of stardom.

On January 23, 2003, at age 54, she collapsed and died in her Beverly Hills home and was found by one of her adopted sons, age 13. She suffered from diabetes and had had two brain aneurysms in 1992.

According to (6/30/13) Carter suffered from Type II diabetes and died of heart disease complicated by diabetes.

She has a sidereal and two harmonic Angle/moons in her 10th chart, the one showing her diabetes. Below is the sidereal one:

Set (21) C MC4 Libra 00
b moon3 Capricorn 11(ruler of b 11th house)

Nell Carter
Partial Harmonic Chart for the 10th House (aka 10th Chart)

Placidian House Cusps: c11—0Sco, c12—22Sco, c2—22Cap c3—1Pis b11—10Can, b12—10Leo, b2—5Lib, b3—5Sco

Carter’s diabetes comes from summing influences to Angles and 6th houses from her Sets (21) and (22).

Set (21), shown above contains 2moon/mercury/mars/saturn and yields the Angle/light/mars/6th/8th part of the influence for diabetes. Since mercury rules B MC and B Asc, it acts like a light, so this set contains three lights. B10 mercury rules B Asc, and B MC in c 6th house. C10 moon rules c 8th house. It influences three Angles.

Since the 10th chart also contains information on our relationship to our mothers as well as our social image and career, Set (21) is the set that explains the “hurtful comments” from her mother that her brother helped protect her against when she gave birth to a child of rape but felt too young to raise that child (which was raised by a sister). Mercury/saturn also represents gossip. (Her career benefic is a golden one—sun/venus/jupiter influencing C MC.)

Set (22) provides the Angle/light/neptune part of the diabetic influence. It contains B MC and B Asc in the same set with moon/venus/uranus/neptune. Birth uranus rules b 6th house. C venus rules C MC and c 6th house, so this set influences three Angles and both 6th houses. It starts out lacking 4th and 8th influence.

Carter’s two summed Sets (21) and (22) sponsor her diabetes. They are powerful, but less powerful than significators seen so far because her mars/neptune set is not on an Angle, mars and neptune are not even in the same set, and it took two sets for her astrology of diabetes.

Her Set (22) simultaneously shows her career in movies/TV/(or creative something) with the Angle/neptune the female domestic partner she was living with at the time of her death. In the latter case, the significator is Angle/light/venus/neptune/5th plus an Angular venus with 5th influence.

Sun/mars/saturn with influence to an Angle is at play in instances of heart attack. (It can stand for any life-threatening situation because the sun represents vitality and mars and saturn with it an attack on same, but it does not, for instance, represent death from diabetic coma. The latter appears to come about through an increase of mars and neptune influence to Angles and 6th houses. As well, there must be an Angular saturn.

Carter’s return for death occurred on 1-11-2003 at Beverly Hills, CA. Her sun/mars/saturn for heart complications is shown by the following set:

Set (23)pc sun12 Capricorn 43co-ruler (30 of 39°) c 8th house
n NN 12 Aries 01
return moon12 Aries 22
c10 saturn 13 Aries 59co-ruler of c 1st house
pb10 uranus 13 Cancer 39ruler of b 6th house
b mars 12 Libra 36

Normally that mars would not be considered in the same progressed set with that saturn. It is, however, because there are two lights involved increasing acceptable orb. Set (23) does not contain influence to an Angle. I am not sure it had to be in this set. Her Angle/mars and Angle/saturn came in the following set:

Set (24)C Asc14 Sagittarius 47
pc10 saturn 14 Pisces 39R
pc10 moon 13 Gemini 16
pc10 mars 14 Virgoruler of c 4th house

Jayj Jacobs
picture from staric. com

Jayj Jacobs
American second generation astrologer, raised by Donald "Moby Dick" Jacobs who started his training when he was 15. Jayj began his professional practice in '72 when he moved from Hawaii to San Francisco.

…He developed "Experience Astrology" with his dad in 1975. An equal house advocate and innovator of graphics and flow charts, he became known for his expertise on Astrology and the Bible and Astrology's influence on culture. ..

A Type II diabetic, diagnosed 10/1995, he had a heart attack on 2/21/1997, 2:18 AM leading to triple by-pass surgery 2/25/1997, 11:05 AM, Green Brae, CA. In 1998, he broke his ribs on April 4 and had a car accident on June 18, bouncing off the road and back, resulting in what appeared to be painful whiplash (before X-rays) but was a crushed (L-1) vertebrae, and aggravated a spinal (L-4-5) injury from a an old motorcycle accident (after dark, September 1970 in Kailua, HI).

He died on July 3, 2011 [age 62].

From I found other, interesting information about Jacobs. JAYJ JACOBS PASSED AWAY on July 3, 2011 shortly after 5:00 PM in Oakland, CA surrounded by his family. A fierce champion for the legal rights of astrologers; for professionalism, clear thinking, and collegiality; and a founder of AFAN, Jayj was always a fighter. He had been struggling for years against heart disease and diabetes. After some strokes that left him mute and paralyzed while alert and attentive, he chose to leave the body that had become a prison. [italic emphasis mine]

I had concluded his 9th chart was the one which contained his significators for diabetes before I found out he had a strong interest in legal rights. The 9th chart, like the 9th house is correlated with Sagittarius which in turn is correlated with law, philosophy, and religion. Jacobs’ took the form of interest in law. [Which interest does not have to be in the 9th chart. It could have been in his 3rd chart of mind, 7th chart of significant others, and 10th chart of career. But finding that he had such an interest was confirming for the significators.]

Jacobs Angle/moon is shown below in Set (23a) :

Set (23a) C MC20 Sagittarius 43
c9 moon 21 Virgo 27co-ruler (15 of 24°) of c 4th house

Jayj Jacobs
Partial Harmonic Chart for the 9th House (aka 9th Chart)

Placidian House Cusps: c11—15Cap, c12—17Aqu, c2—5Tau c3—29Tau b11—14Lib, b12—7Sco, b2—3Cap, b3—11Aqu

Set (23a) shown in the drawing shows us one of Jacobs’ “union cards from the universe” for being an astrologer. Angle/moon/jupiter/neptune is rather psychic and shows success and good fortune (jupiter) gaining information from unseen (neptune) sources and is also mystical of religious.

However, that node in set (23b) is instrumental in setting up his astrology for active diabetes. By progressing into the set and providing the second light it strengthens the sun/mars/neptune. He was diagnosed with diabetes in October, 1995. The following table shows the position of the important, progressing c9 South Node then and in the several years before his diagnosis:

5 Cancer 38
1 Year After
6 Cancer 34
Date of Diagnosis
7 Cancer 22
1 Year Before
7 Cancer 56
2 Years Before
8 Cancer 15
3 Years Before
8 Cancer 18
4 Years Before
8 Cancer 08
5 Years Before

I didn’t go any further back than 1990. The midpoint between mars and neptune is 6 Cancer 40. So he was diagnosed when that pc9 SN was very close to that midpoint. Moreover, it had moved very fast into and out of it relative to how slowly it had been moving before that. He was likely developing the diabetes even by 1990.

Jacobs diabetes wasn’t diagnosed until he was age 46. His diabetic set, Set (23b) is rendered less potent by the fact that the planets in it are in a wide orb to each other—mars is 1° 45 minutes from neptune and the set contains only one light until progressing c9 SN enters the set and makes it much more potent. This is especially true because progressing nodes appear to have a great deal to do with activating a previously inactive set. Some would say, setting off a karmic condition, that is, one slated for this life time.

Note that his diabetes did not end when the pc9 SN moved below the set. It just sets off the condition. It does not let us know when, if ever, it will pass.

Two of Jacobs’ significant progressions for diagnosis other than the one above were:

Set (23c)pC Asc14 Capricorn 38
pb9 saturn 14 Aries 24R
pb9 pluto 14 Libra 42R

Set (23c) is a set of withdrawal. What it actually shows is the sense of separation from the rest of humanity we all tend to feel when confronted with a serious or fatal diagnosis.

Set (23d)return14 Capricorn 38
pb9 saturn 14 Aries 24R
pb9 pluto 14 Libra 42R

Progressed C MC was at 6 Aquarius 32 in the same set with pb saturn at 6 Leo 46R, and pc9 mars, ruler of C Asc, was at 19 Cancer 52 with his c NN at 20 Aries 02. We usually have progressed mars and saturns to Angles for our really hard times.

Jacobs died “voluntarily” on July 3, 2011 in Oakland, California. If it shows a lot in his 9th chart astrology, then that helps confirm that it was the chart showing his diabetes. (Death almost always shows in the 7th chart as well.) Here is some of his 8th chart astrology for it:

  • progressed b mars at 16 Pisces 45 in the same set with B MC at 16 Virgo 32 and lighted by it. Mars is in b 4th and co-rules it (14 of 27°).
  • pb mercury at 11 Pisces 57. Since mercury rules B MC, it acts as a light, and this one-planet set is both a light and influences an Angle. It shows his sensitivity and perhaps sorrow at the time.
  • pb9 mercury at 11 Scorpio 25—same thing, a light and a ruler. It shows thoughts of death.
  • pb9 mars, 4th co-ruler, at 4 Capricorn 14, b NN at 4 Aries 39, and pb9 saturn at 4 Aries 45 show the influence of lighted mars and saturn to a 4th house.
  • progressed B Asc is at 7 Aquarius 10 in the same set with pc9 moon at 7 Aquarius 22 and pb9 neptune at 7 Leo 18. It shows a form of being open.
  • progressed C Asc at 11 Gemini 02 is in the same set with pc9 saturn at 10 Sagittarius 58. Return pluto was at 11 Sagittarius 53.
  • progressed c sun at 8 Gemini 59 with pc mercury at 8 Gemini 10 and pc venus, ruler of c 3rd (mind) and 7th (significant others) houses was at 8 Gemini 51. These showed that even though he could not speak, he was in active communication with loved ones.
  • return (occurred on 6-2-2011) MC was at 28 Cancer 24 in the same set with c mars at 27 Cancer 13, b mars at 27 Capricorn 48, and c9 saturn at 29 Libra 55.
  • return mars was at 22 Aries 45 conjunct his b9 mercury, ruler of B MC in c 6th house, at 22 Aries 49.

Of interest in his manner of death was his pb sun, ruler of b 9th house of religion, at 20 Pisces 41 conjunct his harmonic b9 sun at 20 Pisces 15, both in b 4th and c 12th houses. His birth sun had “come home” to his 9th harmonic sun. He had c moon at 23 Virgo 46. All these together were lighting up his c9 uranus at 22 Pisces 10, giving him a lighted uranus in Pisces in 4th/12th. They suggest a sudden, sorrowful end (4th), or more likely, sorrowful conditions at the end of his life and a sudden, willed end to them. (For moon conjunct pluto in Pisces in a 4th for permanent insanity see the charts of Friedrich Nietzsche and Vaslav Nijinsky in the Woolf paper. Here is the link: Paper on Insanity and Schizophrenia for Woolf, Van Gogh, Nijinsky, and Nietzsche

Nat Adderley
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Nathaniel (Nat) Adderley
American jazz musician, brother of Cannonball and indicted into the Jazz Hall of Fame. He played cornet, trumpet, mellophone and French horn. Their dad played a jazz coronet and it was a musical family; as a kid he was a singer. During service in the U.S. army 1951-53, he played with the army band. He played with Lionel Hampton, with his brother's combo, with J.J. Johnson and with Woody Herman, many successful gigs with top talent. When his brother died in 1975 he reformed the Adderly quintet, Spring 1976. Still hot into the '80s.

Adderley died 1/02/2000 at age 68. [Under the subheading “Events” in ADB it states Adderley died of complications of diabetes.]

Adderley has a harmonic Angle/moon, shown below, in his 6th chart, the chart showing his diabetes:

Set (25) C MC0 Taurus 37
b6 moon 0 Leo 54(ruler of b 9th, co-ruler (30 of 36°) b 8th houses

Nat Adderley
Partial Harmonic Chart for the 6th House (aka 6th Chart)

Placidian House Cusps: c11—3Gem, c12—4Can, c2—29Leo c3—28Vir b11—4Lib, b12—30Lib, b2—24Sag, b3—29Cap

Adderley’s diabetes comes from two sets in his 6th chart.

With mars and neptune on B Ascendant, Set (25) shows the Angle/mars/neptune with influence to an Angle, 4th, and 6th houses. B6 mars rules b 6th house and B Asc in c 4th house. With this influence already on an Angle, I would think his diabetes showed up fairly early in life. We have no date of diagnosis.

Set (26), which is formed around C MC (but not C Asc) likely acted as a second diabetic influence when progressed b6 node moved over it. Containing C MC with moon/mars/saturn/neptune, it starts out lacking that all-important 6th influence. Nonetheless, it gives a lighted mars/saturn/neptune (siege conditions) influence to an Angle and 4th and 8th houses. B6 moon co-rules (29 of 35°) b 8th house. C sun rules C Asc. C6 mars rules c 4th house and c6 neptune co-rules (28 of 29°) c 8th house.

Since Set (26) has such a wide orb over-all (3° 12’), the progressing node passing through them is going to separate the set into individual influences. Moon and mars with the node would go together. Sun, saturn, and neptune, with the progressing node, would also fall together. Pb6 NN was at 27 Capricorn 40 on the day of his death, uniting that sun/saturn/neptune with its influence to an Angle and 8th house. Still no influence to a 6th house, just some stress over-all.

Set (26) did acquire influence to a 6th for a while when progressing c6 saturn, ruler of c 6th house, passed through it. Here are some of the positions which show it:

Set (27)Datepc6 saturnYears Before His Death Age
(1)1-2-194529 Cancer 01
13 yrs. old
(2)1-2-194629 Cancer 46
14 yrs. old
(3)1-2-19470 Leo 30
15 yrs. old
(4)1-2-19481 Leo 14
16 yrs. old

(1) and (2) above likely gave him an Angle/sun/saturn/neptune/6th/8th influence while it lasted—several years, perhaps, of depressed vitality. (3) and (4) would have given him a moon/mars/saturn/4th/6th/8th influence, again for nearly two years, with several years of distressed health.

Adderley’s two, summed significators for diabetes are powerful. He doesn’t even need the second one, Set (26), for diabetes. But it made his likelihood of it much greater when it acquired a 6th influence—in his teens, adding to his already powerful Angle/mars/neptune/4th/6th/8th. It may have played into his diagnosis for diabetes. Certainly Set (25) looks like a set that belongs to Type I diabetes. Dying at age 68 seems old for some one with Type I, but Adderley lived into the decades when care for Type I diabetes improved greatly, increasing life expectancy..

His “complications of diabetes” set, that is, his sun/mars/saturn set showed up as this:

Set (28)pb sun17 Capricorn 47in c 6th house
pb mars 17 Capricorn 42ruler of b 6th house and B Asc in c 4th, in c 6th
return saturn 17 Aries 27
c6 sun 18 Aries 08ruler of C Asc
b6 jupiter 18 Aries 10
pbc6 saturn 17 Cancer 58ruler of c 6th house

The jupiter in set (28) was not enough to offset its destructive, catabolic qualities.

Adderley died in Lakeland, Florida. His return for that even occurred on November 25, 1999. Its C MC was at 10 Aquarius 19 in the same set with c neptune at 10 Leo 58. Return Asc was at 26 Taurus 06 in the same set with b mars at 26 Scorpio 19 and c moon at 26 Scorpio 13, with pc6 saturn at 25 Leo 08, yielding an Angle/moon/mars/saturn. Progressed C Asc was at 7 Libra 07, pc sun at 7 Aries 00, b6 sun at 8 Cancer 08, c mars at 7 Cancer 33, and return neptune at 7 Capricorn 22, yielding an Angle/2sun/mars/neputne. As can be seen, his astrology was loaded with forefront malefic--that is, destructive to life--influences at the time of his death.


Eric Dolphy
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Eric Dolphy
American jazz musician, he played saxophone, clarinet and flute. He first came to national attention as a band member with Chico Hamilton but began playing solo shortly afterward in late 1959…

At the height of his career, he died on June 29, 1964, not even 40 years old, from complication of undiagnosed diabetes in Berlin, Germany. [italic emphasis mine]

How can an individual have diabetes so severe it can kill him in an instant and not even know he has the diabetes?

We are going to look at two of his charts in our attempt to answer that question.

Dolphy’s Angle/moon is non-harmonic so it occurs in all charts. It is shown below as Set (28a):

Set (28a) B MC15 Cancer 43
b moon 17 Cancer 13(ruler of B MC

Dolphy’s 10th chart contains the complete significator for diabetes so we want to look at it first.

Eric Dolphy
Partial Harmonic Chart for the 10th House (aka 10th Chart)

Placidian House Cusps: c11—26Sag, c12—23Cap, c2—11Ari c3—10Tau b11—18Leo, b12—17Vir, b2—10Sco, b3—12Sag

Set (29) just shows us C Asc in the same set with c10 moon, ruler of c 6th house, at 1 Sagittarius 15 and b10 venus, ruler of B Asc and b 8th house, at 1 Gemini 48. Angle/moon/venus—that is some one with the soft, seductive qualities. He attracts, charms. So Set (29) is charismatic. It also influences both an Angle and a 6th house, so it contributes benefic influence to his health (c 6th) house.

Set (30) is also at least partly benefic. It contains B Asc in the same set with b10 uranus, c10 jupiter, b jupiter, and b10 saturn. Being within 2° of B Asc at 11 Libra 19, b jupiter is acceptable as “in the set.” Jupiter/Angle, at least in other some of the other diseases studied, is an anti-significator relative to disease. That is, it promotes health and mitigates against specific disease conditions.

Remember, this is also the chart (10th) that shows career and social status. Set (29) plus Set (30) give Dolphy Angle/venus plus Angle/jupiter—the condition we look for in popularity and career success.

So far, Dolphy 10th chart is more benefic than malefic with regard to planets on Angles and 6th houses.

Set (31) is a diabetic set. It includes c10 sun in the same set with b sun/2 mercury/mars/jupiter/uranus/neptune—all the planets clustering around 7° of that set. It does not include C MC. C10 sun co-rules (30 of 38°) c 6th house. C jupiter rules C MC. B10 neptune rules b 6th house. C mercury rules c 4th. It lacks an 8th influence. Set (31) does include lighted mars/neptune with influence to an Angle and both 6th houses, indicating allergic or immune problems.

Planets in Set (31) are close together and there are two lights, so why didn’t Dolphy know he had diabetes?

Another set which influences an Angle and a 6th house is Set (32)—a conjunction of sun/venus/jupiter in Leo in the same set with b10 moon in Scorpio. It influences B MC through b10 moon. It co-rules (30 of 38°) c 6th house. This is interesting. With this method, sun/venus/jupiter with influence to an Angle is called a golden benefic and has a powerful benefic influence on the life. Astrologically, it is almost the opposite of sun/mars/saturn, which as we saw above, is associated with death due to “diabetic complications” like a heart attack.

Not only that, the sun/venus/jupiter in Leo part of Set (32) is in c 6th house. So it appears its considerable beneficence challenges Dolphy’s tendency to diabetes represented by his Set (31). That is, Set (32) appears to be a powerful anti-significator, and one of the astrological conditions which hid Dolphy’s liability diabetes.

On the date of his death Dolphy had a progressed stressor in the form of pB Asc at 8 Scorpio 40 in the same set with c saturn, ruler of c 12th house, at 8 Scorpio 28. Return mars was at 8 Taurus 24, and b10 NN at 8 Scorpio 05. We expect to see progressed Angle/mars/saturn with hard times, including death. They are even more powerful when occurring in one set, as here.

On the date of his return (6-21-64) return10 saturn did not fit into his 10th chart. But on the day of his death he had the following set (with transits for 7 p.m. MET summer time, but they would have been essentially the same much of that day):

Set (33)c10 sun6 Pisces 52co-ruler (30 of 38°) of c 6th house
t NN7 Gemini 49
b10 neptune8 Gemini 12ruler of b 6th house
t10 saturn7 Virgo 38R
c mars7 Virgo 54

Set (33) shows us node/sun/mars/saturn/neptune with regard to health, the 6th house. It does not influence an Angle, but that is okay because as shown above, he had a progressed Angle/mars/saturn (shown above, around 8 Scorpio.) These are enough to offset his anti-significators (as happened with Bruce Lee) and precipitate his diabetes at the same time they formed that potentially fatal sun/mars/saturn associated with heart attacks and other life-threatening conditions.

He did not, however, have mars and neptune on Angles. At least not in this chart. They showed up in his 6th chart, the chart typically associated with health. But they weren’t there until the time of his death. That is, he had a partial significator for diabetes prior to that time, but it only matured into a full one at the time of his death, around the time when he should have been starting to get the symptoms of diabetes. Here is the chart.

Eric Dolphy
Partial Harmonic Chart for the 6th House (aka 6th Chart)

Placidian House Cusps: c11—26Sag, c12—23Cap, c2—11Ari c3—10Tau b11—18Leo, b12—17Vir, b2—10Sco, b3—12Sag

Because of the two Angles and two lights (sun, node) in Set (34), we can say all of it falls into one set. It is just that it is a weak one because there is such a spread between the lowest planet, c6 neptune at 0 Gemini 48, and the highest one, c6 uranus at 5 Pisces 35. Angles progressed to the set will separate planets in it from each other, bringing only some of them forefront at the time any one time.

Note that although the set contains lighted mars and neptune, the whole set completely lacks influence to the 6th house. So, originally, this set had nothing to do with Dolphy’s diabetes.

B6 NN at 5 Virgo 23, while in the set, doesn’t act as a timer for precipitating the condition because it is to high up in the set. It progressed through the set, hitting, for instance,

6-20-1941134 Virgo 16
6-20-1942143 Virgo 35
6-20-1943152 Virgo 50
6-20-1944162 Virgo 06

Even if we say this set is having its strongest influence when 1 ° before C MC and 1° after (I believe it less than 1° after, more like ½°), it was maximally energizing the set and expressing “karmically” between his ages 14+ and 15+. And at that time the set still had no 6th influence, so it was not affecting his health.

There are, however, two important progressions to the set which change Set (34) into one that influences a 6th house. B6 neptune, which rules b 6th house, starts out at 25 Taurus 28. By age 16 (referring to table above) it is still only at 28 Taurus 47, no where near being considered part of Set (34). Eventually, however, it progresses into it around the same time as pn6 NN (which starts out at 29 Sagittarius 47—no where near Set (34), does. Here are their values :

4 Sagittarius 322 Gemini 48
4 Sagittarius 383 Gemini 04
4 Sagittarius 403 Gemini 20
4 Sagittarius 33 Gemini 37
4 Sagittarius 043 Gemini 53

Progressed b6 neptune, at 3 Gemini 53, neptune is starting to move out of the set around the date of his death. And pc6 NN has diddled around approaching the set and finally just barely entered it at 4 Sagittarius 04, with C MC also acting as a light, but with only a 2° orb, effectively increasing orb not 5 + 2°, but a little over the 1° before and 1° after the Angle we wanted for a progression.

What they show on the date of his death is this set, partly from Set (34):

Set (35) C MC 3 Sagittarius 01
6 mars 3 Pisces 12co-ruler (11 of 29°) of c 8th house
b venus 2 Gemini 39ruler of B Asc in c 8th house
pb6 neptune 3 Gemini 53ruler of b 6th house
pc6 NN 4 Sagittarius 04

With Set (35) Dolphy has a relatively ersatz, or at least late arriving, Angle/light/mars/neptune set in his 6th chart which influences both 6th and 8th houses—surely a set to finally express his diabetes. Transiting6 NN was at 2 Pisces 31.

Since his 10th chart progressed set did not influence any mars or neptune on Angle, only influences through rulers, had it been all he had likely he would have experienced the “diabetic complication” symbolized by his progressed sun/mars/saturn, of a heart attack (or whatever his was), but lived, receiving the help he needed to survive. But the addition of the forefront, on Angles, light/mars/neptune set in his 6th chart greatly increased the diabetic influence and lead as a stressor to his “complication” and therefore to his death.

Could he survived had medical authorities known his condition? My guess, which is only a guess, is that he could have. Knowing what is going on is a powerful thing. And, although long-term severe diabetes goes continually out of control, Dolphy’s extra emphasis was not long-term, and amenable to crisis help followed by more informed living, just as a serious heart condition in 2013 in this country no longer implies the individual must die.

Of course, in 1964 such surgery had not yet been perfected.

Summing up for Dolphy, he had a powerful diabetic significator in his 10th chart but it was offset by another set (sun/venus/jupiter/6th) which contributed to his good health. It was only when he completed another powerful significator for diabetes, in another chart altogether, that he not only became acutely diabetic but died from complications of same, which just happened to have been formed at the same time.

We are going to cover the astrology for one more diabetic individual, followed by the astrology for four individuals with pancreatic cancer. Why include the latter? Because their problem started through their pancreas, the same organ which diabetes works through. We are moving from the clear astrology of Type I diabetes diagnosed in childhood to the less clear, death due to complications of diabetes after age 70--probably involving Type I diabetes. So we want to see what we can see.

Bobby Limb
Australian TV entertainer of the 1960s and 1970s he won several awards for his work on Australian television. He promoted younger stars and founded "The Showman Limited" to showcase young talent in on-the-road tours.

[he was] a saxophonist, …

He and his wife Dawn had one daughter. In 1967 he was diagnosed with cancer. In the late 1970s, he and his wife separated for 14 months after 20 years of marriage in what he called one of the most difficult periods of his life. In 1983 he suffered financial losses from entertainment ventures like the development of the Sydney Harbor Showboat. Shortly thereafter he had a religious experience that deepened his faith and enriched his life.

He died September 11, 1999 of complications from diabetes [at age 74].

It was hard to find Limb’s “diabetic chart.” In fact, I dare say it is likely he didn’t have one until he got much older and developed what i guess is type II diabetes.

His 1st chart carries the astrology of his death from complications of diabetes. Once I found that, I found the harmonic moon/Angle which is over orb, but may be part of what happens when some only develops diabetes later in life. Here is the set

Set (36) C MC14 Taurus 17
b1 moon 17 Aquarius 10(ruler of b 8th, house

Bobby Limb
Partial Harmonic Chart for the 1st House (aka 1st Chart)

Placidian House Cusps: c11—6Gem, c12—30Gem, c2—14Vir c3—18Lib b11—25Vir, b12—4Sco, b2—1Cap, b3—24Cap

There isn’t much to show. Set (36) is our moon/Angle set which has acquired a conjunction to mars in this harmonic chart.

Sets (37) and (38) both show a lighted neptune (node/neptune) in c 6th house. C1 neptune rules c 8th house. B1 neptune co-rules (25 of34°) b 4th house. This is a light/neptune/4th/6th/8th influence.

This chart does not resemble anything we have seen so far for showing diabetes. There are neptune/6th influences, but none for Angles, and no mars influence either way.

Yet, on the date of his death it looked much more diabetic.

First, let’s establish his sun/mars/neptune for “diabetic complications.” Here is the set for the date of his death on September 11, 1999:

Set (39)c1 jupiter29 Sagittarius 0255
pc mars29 Sagittarius 25ruler of c 4th house
pc sun29 Pisces 11ruler of C Asc
pb1 saturn29 Virgo 39

Now let’s look at his progressed mars and neptune for his death and several years before.

Table VIIIDateYears Before Death PB1 Mars PB1 Neptune
20 Capricorn 54 24 Capricorn 10
22 Capricorn 49 24 Capricorn 06
24 Capricorn 4324 Capricorn 01

For (1) above pc sun, ruler of C Asc, is at 21 Capricorn 40 in a late conjunction to pb1 mars. This gives him an Angle/mars and light/mars/6th influence at the same time that he still has the light/neptune/6th influence.

For (2) above pc1 sun has moved to 24 Capricorn 36. With b SN and pb1 neptune at 24 Capricorn 06 this shows an Asc/light/neptune influence but no longer contains the mars (pb1 mars is only at 22 Capricorn 49).

With (3) above, his date of death, pb1 mars is at 24 Capricorn 43 conjunct pb1 neptune at 24 Capricorn 01, co-ruler of b 4th, when they are combined with b SN at 25 Capricorn 01. These all fall in c 6th house. So for his death, he has a light/mars/neptune/4th/6th influence.

He picks up his mars and neptune to Angles through pc1 sun, ruler of C Asc, at 27 Capricorn 32, in the same set with pc1 mars, ruler of c 4th, at 28 Aries 16, pb1 mars at 28 Capricorn 14, and pb neptune, co-ruler of b 4th house, at 28 Cancer.

So, Limb does have the influence of Angle/light/mars/neptune/4th/6th at the time of his death along with the Angle/sun/mars/saturn/4th for “complications.”

Limb, who died at age 74 of complications of diabetes, can not even be said to have weak astrology for diabetes. Until a couple of years before his death—and even then not powerfully—it was non-existent. Did he get diagnosed with it prior to that?? We have no date of diagnosis. I would assume that in order to qualify for the statement “death due to complications of diabetes” an individual would have had to have been diabetic for at least several years.

He had light/mars plus light/neptune influence in c 6th house (but not to Angles) at least two years before his death. He picked a light/mars/6th influence five years before his death when pc1 mars was at 15 Capricorn 42, in Set (38). If we combine the typical weaker immune system of age with the likelihood he was obese or at least over-ate with just those mars/neptune/6th influences, was that enough to start his diabetes?

Next comes some examples of pancreatic cancer. We start with the individual among several who died youngest from it, then proceed upward in age. Steve Jobs was the youngest. He died at age 56. But he actually lived an unusual 7 years after his first diagnosis and treatment. So he was diagnosed at a very young age for some one with this disease—age 49, much younger than the usual age range for diagnosis of 60 to 80.

Since Jobs was diagnosed so young, we would expect his significators to be strong--either the most explicit, or at least one of the most explicit in this group.

Defining Pancreatic Cancer
According to (6-23-13) the possibility an individual will get pancreatic cancer increases with age. Most cases are diagnosed between the ages of 60 to 80 years of age. Since there are few symptoms in the early stages, it is often not diagnosed until it is too late to cure. further state that pancreatic cancer usually occurs in the exocrine cells of the pancreas—the cells which produce our digestive juices, rather than in the endocrine cells, the cells which produce our hormones. So, diabetes occurs in the endocrine cells, and pancreatic cancer in the exocrine cells. Different cells, same organ.

There are apparently a number of different forms of cancer, the details of which are not a suitable subject for this paper. Instead, here is a link to one website which discusses pancreatic cancer: Pancreatic Cancer Explained by Web MD .

For our purposes for this paper we just need to state that the same planets are involved in cancer as are involved in diseases of immune dysfunction including diabetes—mars and neptune.

Reasonably, at least 4th (end of life) and 6th (health) houses must be in the path for pancreatic cancer. Those cancers which occur in children or young adults would be most likely to contain the strongest significators. One example, of course, was the melanoma of Dr. Dooley (link above) who had a very strong significator. When saturn also enters the picture the threat to health is more virulent.

Mars with neptune always describe either toxic states, or excited states, or confused states. With regard to the body and illness, those states include what happens—so far, at least—all auto-immune diseases.

So we are still looking for the same significator.

But, if that is the case, then what are the significators for late or senile diabetes? Good question. How do we differentiate it astrologically from late-occurring diabetes? Right now I do not know. One thing is apparent because we have the proof below. The significator for adult (60-80 years of age) pancreatic cancer hardly exist at all until not too long (in months or years) before its appearance as a disease.

I would think that the same would be true of “senile” diabetes—the significator develops late in life. Right now we just have to accept that we cannot differentiate them because I do not have birth data for individuals who developed senile diabetes. Right now we are only showing that both conditions occur through the pancreas, and at least for pancreatic cancer, don’t develop significators until late in life. As is, and as a sequence in time going from childhood diabetes to death from pancreatic cancer they are interesting enough—an excellent start.

Steve Jobs
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Steve Jobs
American entrepreneur, one of the originators of the computer revolution, co-founder of Apple Computer Corporation and Pixar Animation Studios.

Adopted as an infant, Jobs was into electronics by the time he was 10….He dropped out of college and landed a job at Atari, a maker of video games… In 1976, Jobs and his pal Steve Wozniak made a circuit board in their garage that they called The Apple. At Steve’s urging, Woz designed a computer that was small enough and useful enough for businesses and consumers alike. Woz, the engineering genius, and Jobs, the charismatic visionary, successfully parlayed their perfect combination of skills and talents into a business. By the time he was 24, Job's Apple Corporation was worth $10 million. A year later, its value had grown to $100 million…

As the Apple empire grew, …hard feelings arose and power struggles with other executives ensued. Jobs resigned on September 17, 1985. The following year, 1986, he co-founded NeXt…he also bought a company which he renamed Pixar Animation Studios.

In January 2006 Disney entered into an acquisition agreement with Pixar, leaving Jobs with a very large share of Disney stock and a seat on the Board of Directors.

…he convinced Apple to buy NeXt and was invited back to Apple in 1997 as interim CEO. In 2000, he was made permanent CEO…In 2001 the company introduced the iPod and ITunes.

…The Apple Computer Company founder underwent surgery to remove a cancerous pancreatic tumor on July 31, 2004…Toward the end of June [2009], it was announced that he had undergone a liver transplant in Tennessee two months earlier…He returned to his post [CEO of Apple} but on August 24, 2011 he announced that he was resigning from the CEO's position, effective immediately..

On October 5, 2011 at 3:00 PM, Jobs died of metastasized pancreatic cancer and respiratory arrest [age 56] at his home in Palo Alto, CA.

He has two moons on the same Angle for his Angle/ moon, shown below in Set (40):

Set (40) c7 moon2 Virgo 53co-ruler c 8th house
C MC4 Virgo 24
b7 moon 2 Pisces 39(ruler of b 11th house)

Steve Jobs
Partial Harmonic Chart for the 7th House (aka 7th Chart)

Placidian House Cusps: c11—4 Lib, c12—27Lib, c2—21Sag, c3—28Cap b11—0Can, b12—1Leo, b2—24Vir, b3—24Lib

Set (40) is shown again above, this time with all the planets in the set. I have included c7 mars because there are two lights in the set which increase orb. Nonetheless, it is wide of the whole set with both lights below it, so this is a weak set. An Angle progressing to it would only hit mars all by itself, not as a set.

The whole set contains C MC/2moon/mars/neptune. C7 moon co-rules (28 of 37°) c 8th house. B7 neptune rules b 8th house. C7 mars rules c 6th house and C Asc, and co-rules (18 of 21°) c 12th house. The set lacks a 4th ruler which it acquires at the time of his death.

That jupiter in Gemini in Set (40) is an anti-significator for illness because it is such close set with C MC (exactly 90°). It should have helped him beat or delay his death from cancer. It likely helped him live those seven years after his initial diagnosis and surgery, though he later (2009) had to have a liver transplant. But as can be seen below, his Angular significators for cancer formed a close and long-lasting set which took him too long to outlive (if that is possible). Seven years is a lot. The average life expectancy for metastatic pancreatic cancer is 3 to 6 months post-diagnosis.

We want to take a look at those significant changes that occurred to Set (40) over the years. They were eventually joined by 4th ruler. Note we are looking at progressed c mars, which is moving retrograde and is ruler of c 6th house and C Asc, not its harmonic, though that is the one initially included in the (wide) set.

Set (40) had a wider orb than normal because of its two moons on Angles. When retrograde progressing c mars move into the set along with pb NN and its harmonic, Set (40) turned lethal. (The nodes—I only use True Nodes—are also moving retrograde.) Here are the details of that long-lasting transition:

10-5-20044 Sag 55R4 Sag 269 Virgo 52Year of His Pancreatic Surgery
10-5-20054 Sag 38R4 Sag 259 Virgo 42
10-5-20064 Sag 23R4 Sag 229 Virgo 14
10-5-20074 Sag 07R4 Sag 168 Virgo 26
10-5-20083 Sag 52R4 Sag 097 Virgo 19
10-5-20093 Sag 38R4 Sag 006 Virgo 01
10-5-20103 Sag 25R3 Sag 514 Virgo 39
10-5-20113 Sag 12R3 Sag 434 Virgo 39Date of Death

Return MC for death was at 2 Virgo 05, fitting roughly into the updated Set (40) and giving him the only Angle/neptune at the time. Progressed b7 mars, ruler of b 4th house, was at also in the set at 4 Virgo 23 on the date of his death. Progressed B MC was at 23 Cancer 16 in the same set with c moon, co-ruler of c 8th house, at 23 Libra 39. Pc7 mars, Asc and 6 ruler, was at 28 Leo 45 in late conjunction to his B Asc at 28 Leo 10, with return7 moon at 29 Scorpio 24. Progressed C Asc at 8 Capricorn 39 was in the same set with pc saturn at 8 Libra 34 and pc7 moon at 8 Cancer 18. He did not have a progressed Angle/neptune. With his two harmonic moons in Set (4)

I doubt Set (40) as it occurred at his birth would have sponsored his cancer. The mars is too far away. So, his astrology for pancreatic cancer actually did not occur until some seven years before his death, though except for the mars and the 4th influence, much of it was in existence from birth. As a birth set, it could be considered either weak or non-existent, depending on progressions to become complete. Then it was the length of time the progressed set stayed strong that created his ongoing health problem.

It would be fair to ask why the set did not represent the onset of diabetes II when he was 49 instead pancreatic cancer. Maybe it had something to do with the relative strength of his immune system at the time. But more than that is clearly involved, perhaps even astrologically.

Jack Schwartzman
picture from

Jacob Schwartzman American noted family, lawyer and film producer. Second husband of actress/director Talia Shire, father of actor Jason Schwartzman. Eye color: blue; right-handed, married twice, four children.

Died of pancreatic cancer in Los Angeles at 2:53 pm PDT on 15 June 1994. [age 61]

Schwartzman’s Angle/moon is shown below in Set (41) :

Set (41) C MC8 Virgo 46
b moon6 Virgo 21 ruler of B Asc in c 4th house

We have arrived among the subjects for whom we have to piece together—summing several—significators for their disease. They can be difficult to find, and may not even really form until months before the individual’s death. This makes some sense particularly for pancreatic cancer because it is usually only a matter of months between diagnosis and death. (I did not find anything telling how long it took for the disease to build up before diagnosis. And am not sure any one knows.)

There is nothing obvious about cancer in any of Schwartzman’s harmonic charts. So why did he die at the very beginning of the age group that is most susceptible to pancreatic cancer?

Jacob (Jack) Schwartzman
Partial Harmonic Chart for the 8th House (aka 8th Chart)

Placidian House Cusps: c11—7Lib, c12—30Lib, c2—23Sag, c3—3Aqu b11—30Ari, b12—7Gem, b2—28Can, b3—22Leo

Set (42) shows us a set containing just moon and mars, but it affects two Angles and 6th and 8th houses. B moon rules B Asc in c 8th house. C8 mars rules c 6th house and C Asc. That means lighted mars influences all of these areas.

Set (43) does not even influence an Angle. But it contains the planets that are going to build up to represent Schwartzman’s cancer.

?Set (42) contains node/moon/neptune. C8 moon co-rules (30 of 40°) c 8th house and c8 neptune rules c 4th, giving lighted neptune influence to 4th and 8th houses.

Note that Schwartzman’s B Asc is in close opposition to saturn. As well, his birth Midheaven (B MC) is in close square to c saturn. These are instrumental in his earlier death, not his cancer significators. They represent two close Angle/saturn sets. It is not all that common for an individual to have two. Since saturn is always on an Angle when we die, some one born with two on Angles has, so to speak, an astrology which is already part way there.

Here is what Set (43) looked like on the day of Schwartzman’s death:

Set (43a)pc mars10 Sagittarius 10ruler of c 6th house
return MC10 Sagittarius 23(occurred on 6-11-94 for 40 days)
pc8 saturn10 Sagittarius 54
return8 neptune11 Sagittarius 19
pc mercury11 Sagittarius 30ruler of C MC and is a light
pc8 mars 11 Gemini 43ruler of c 6th house
pb8 mars11 Pisces 01(a lighted mars in c 4th house)
c8 moon11 Pisces 23co-ruler (30 of 40°) c 8th house
c NN 11 Pisces 35
c8 neptune12 Pisces 50ruler of c 4th house

Set (43a) contains three lights (c8 moon, c NN, and c mercury) and the whole set hangs together around return MC. But it would function without return MC because c mercury rules C MC.

In addition to Set (43a), Mr. Schwartzman had progressed b mars at 7 Cancer 06 fitting into his B Asc conjunction sun opposition saturn, giving him an Angle/sun/mars/saturn at the time. Progressed c venus, co-ruler (19 of 20°) of c 6th house had entered into the set with C MC at 23 Pisces 18 and c saturn at 23 Sagittarius 15. This gave him an Angle/saturn/6th influence. Pc8 neptune at 21 Pisces 56, in c 4th house and its ruler was in the same set with pb8 NN at 22 Sagittarius 12. This probably has something to do with pain killers since neptune is also associated with drugs.

Significators for Schwartzman’s pancreatic were non-existent and birth and only became powerful around the time of his death.

Bonnie Franklin
picture from

Bonnie Franklin American actress who is perhaps best known to American TV audiences for her portrayal of a divorced mother on the hit show "One Day at a Time." The series, mostly comedy, sometimes more serious, lasted from 1975-1984.

She has been married twice, first to playwright Ronald Sossi from 1967 to 1970. On August 31, 1980 she married film producer Marvin Minoff, the marriage lasting 19 years until he died on 11 November 2009

She died of pancreatic cancer in Los Angeles, California on 1 March 2013 [age 69].

Franklin’s Angle/moon in her 6th chart is shown below in Set (44)

Set (44) C MC0 Gemini 23
C Asc0 Virgo 51
c6 moon1 Virgo 33

There was also nothing obvious at the time she was born about cancer in any of Franklin’s charts. She had some lighted mars/neptune in some charts, but it hardly ever influenced a 6th house. Neither did it for the chart chosen to represent her pancreatic cancer, her 6th. The significator has to be put together by bits and pieces for the time of her death. Nonetheless, her progressions for death are stunning.

Bonnie Franklin
Partial Harmonic Chart for the 6th House (aka 6th Chart)

Placidian House Cusps: c11—3Can, c12—3Leo, c2—28Vir, c3—29Lib b11—3Pis, b12—12Ari, b2—14Gem, b3—6Can

Not much to see in the drawing above, is there?

S(45) shows us B Asc in the same set with saturn and neptune. C6 neptune rules c 6th house. The significance of this set is that it shows us a lighted neptune influencing both an 8th and a 6th (it is a 6th) house.

Set 46) is the one that is going to develop into an astrological comment on her illness. It contains sun/saturn/neptune. And none of them rule a 4th, 6th, or 8th house.

The following two sets were significant for her death on March 1, 2013:

Set (47)pb sun 1 Pisces 26 10ruler of b 4th house
pb mars0 Gemini 05co-ruler (21 of 37°) b 6th house
C MC 0 Gemini 23
return6 moon0 Virgo 33
C Asc0 Virgo 51
c6 moon 1 Virgo 33
pb6 saturn0 Sagittarius 19
pb6 NN 1 Sagittarius 30

B6 saturn turned out after all to be significant, but it was its retrograde progression to two Angles that made that difference. B sun is a little late to be considered in the same set with C MC and C Asc, but Set (47) includes 4 lights. Set (47) shows us 2Angle/sun/mars/saturn with influence to 4th and 6th houses. Set (45) above already gave us a lighted/neptune/6th influence to an Angle. Now all we need is the mars/6th. Here it is.

Set (48)b mars10 Taurus 58
b uranus 11 Taurus 26ruler of B MC
b moon 11 Taurus 26
pc uranus 11 Taurus 15ruler of c 6th house

Set (48) is a lighted mars/6th house influence that just developed over the past several years before her death. If we could add pc6 neptune, at 12 Aquarius 45R on the date of her death to it, we would have mars/neptune/6th. At least the pc uranus added a light/mars/6th influence several years before her death. Then she had a summed light/mars and light/neptune to 6th houses.

Her big stressor was progressing c saturn to a conjunction of B Asc at 21 Taurus 19. It started out at 13 Taurus 46. It was at 21 Taurus 43 when she died, even getting ready to stop influencing it. Slow secondary saturn to an Angle is such a huge stressor, introducing darkness, breakdowns, low self esteem. Things always work less well—a period of so-called “bad luck”—so some heavy duty depression is also possible.

I doubt she would have died without it.

The set that looks so powerful but lacks 6th influence (unless…) is this one:

Set (49) return uranus 11 Pisces 18
pb6 NN 11 Pisces 18ruler of b 12th house
c sun 11 Pisces 33ruler of b 12th house
pc mars 12 Pisces 25co-ruler (28 of 30°) of c 8th house
pb6 neptune 13 Pisces 03R
pc6 moon 12 Gemini 33
pb6 pluto 11 Sagittarius 33

Uranus rules h c 6th house. Does the close transit of shown above have a kind of sympathetic 6th house influence? One year before her death it was at 11 Pisces 35. Along with pc mars, which was at 11 Pisces 40, they were in close conjunct to her Pisces sun at 11 Pisces 23. Is it one of the things that initiated her pancreatic problem?

Another interesting thing about Set (49) above is how fast pc6 NN passes through it. One year before her death it was at 12 Pisces 28, above her sun. One year after her death it was at 10 Pisces 27, below her c sun. During the year of her death it moved over that sun and was what I would call a fast-moving node. They often move very slowly, and can even stay in the same place for years.

It took a lot of astrology to show Franklin’s death. Much more than with death from Diabetes I.

Coming up is the last example of death from pancreatic cancer, then the addendum on Linda Goodman.

John Ottina American business executive and civil servant, he was the 20th United States Commissioner of Education and Assistant Secretary of Administration and Management in the US Department of Health, Education and Welfare. Appointed by President Nixon in 1973, he had previously served as Deputy Commissioner beginning in 1970. With a B.A. in math, he also held a Ph.D. from the University of California in educational psychology. He began his career as a math teacher and then became a systems analyst, rising to become Chairman of Worldwide Information Systems until he left for Washington, DC in 1970 to take on his first government position. . In 1977 he left government service to work for American Management Systems. In 1990 he retired and turned to his hobby of working with his hand to create home furnishings.

He served in the military in the early 1950s during the Korean War.

Married twice and divorced once, he had three sons from his first wife.

He died at his Marshall, VA home on September 30, 2008 of pancreatic cancer [age 76].

Ottina’s Angle/moon is shown below in Set (50) :

Set (50) B Asc19 Cancer 35
b4 moon20 Aries 09ruler of B Asc in c 4th house

As can be seen from the partial chart below, Ottina’s 4th chart originally gives no clue it will play into his astrology for pancreatic cancer. I only found it the chart for his disease by doing his progressions for death.

John Renaldo Ottina
Partial Harmonic Chart for the 4th House (aka 4th Chart)

Placidian House Cusps: c11—16Aqu, c12—24Pis, c2—1Gem, c3—24Gem b11—17Tau, b12—20Gem, b2—13Leo, b3—10Vir

Again, there’s not much to see in the partial chart shown above.

Sun in the same set with B Asc usually acts as an anti-significator, but sun in the 6th houses in traditional astrology suggests health problems.

Ottina had two progressed Angle/pluto sets. One with harmonic mars. And return Angle was with saturn. But these seem weak relative to what is usually observed.

The set which was active at death was the following:

Set (51)pc sun 26 Pisces 54co-ruler (16 of 29°) of c 4th house
b4 saturn 27 Pisces 07co-ruler (20 of 37°) of b 6th house
pb4 mars 26 Gemini 57ruler of B MC; co-ruler (17 of 34°) b 4th
pc4 mars 27 Gemini 29ruler of c 12th house
pc4 neptune 27 Sagittarius 02 ruler of c 12th house

Set (51) does not have an 8th influence, otherwise it is potent in its negative implications. Mars/saturn/neptune to the sun suggest the vitality is experiencing siege conditions.

We want to take a look at how Set (51) formed over the months before Ottina’s death, which occurred on 9-30-2008.

3 months after
27 Gemini 5827 Pisces 0927 Sagittarius 01R28 Gemini 08
Date of Death
27 Gemini 2926 Pisces 5427 Sagittarius 02R26 Gemini 57
3 months before
27 Gemini 0126 Pisces 3927 Sagittarius 0425 Gemini 46
6 months before
26 Gemini 3326 Pisces 2527 Sagittarius 05R24 Gemini 35
9 months before
26 Gemini 0526 Pisces 1027 Sagittarius 07R NA
12 months before
25 Gemini 3725 Pisces 5527 Sagittarius 08NA

His progressed sun/mars/neptune is valid for 3 and 6 months before his death, questionable at 9 months (the neptune is too far away from the sun). Sun and mars are still good for 9 and 12 months before his death. Sun/mars/saturn/neptune was valid for date of death. But 3 months after his death only sun and neptune were—pc4 mars is beginning to move out of the set, with questionable validity in it. Pb6 mars has also moved too far away from the light, his pc sun. It forms a set with pc4 mars, but they have no light.

In the three months before his death to the three months after, pb4 mars, the only planet which gave this set 6th house influence, moved very quickly through the set, covering a total of 2° 24 during that 6-month period. It certainly suggests something in the body is ripe for pancreatic cancer such that it not only manifested during that 6 month period but took his life, too.

September, 2013. Here is the astrology on Linda Goodman's diabetes. I found out she died from complications of same after I wrote this paper.

Linda Goodman
picture from

Linda Goodman (Mary Alice Kemery) :American astrologer who wrote a top selling book, "Sun Signs," 1968, which sold over five million copies, bringing astrology into the everyday market. The paperback rights for her second book, "Love Signs," sold for a record $2.25 million in 1978.

She began her career as a newspaper writer locally, and married her first husband, writer William Snyder. They had five kids, three of whom died in infancy. With a divorce, she took a job as a radio announcer in Pittsburgh where she took the name Linda and married her second husband, radio announcer Sam Goodman.

Her interest in astrology blossomed when she moved to New York City in 1963 and she totally immersed herself in the study to the exclusion of everything else. Determined and intense, with an explosive temper, she was also generous, often giving gifts to friends of cars or jewelry, a habit that led to bankruptcy in the late '80s.

Goodman moved to the remote mining town of Cripple Creek, CO in 1970 to a 10,000 square foot home, where she could write with less distraction. She had an affair with Robert Brewer, a 26-year-old marine biologist who left her in 1972. In 1973, her 21-year-old daughter Sally committed suicide. She was an aspiring actress who had overdosed on Demerol in New York. Goodman refused to believe that she was dead and said it was a government conspiracy, a cover-up, and spent a half million dollars searching for her daughter. Eventually she claimed that Marilyn Monroe, Howard Hughes and Elvis Presley were alive and in hiding.

Diagnosed diabetic in the mid-80s, she distrusted traditional medicine and sometimes refused to take medication or treatment. She had a toe removed and then part of her leg amputated. She became a virtual recluse. Her former husband, Sam Goodman, died in 1983. Goodman continued to write and completed her "Linda Goodman's Love Signs Relationship Report" to go on the Internet. She died from complications from diabetes on 10/21/1995, Cripple Creek, CO.

Goodman’s Angle/moon is shown below in Set (52) :

Set (50) B Asc28 Pisces 48
b moon29 Virgo 24

Her astrology for diabetes is interesting because she starts out with a severe affliction in her 6th chart. Accordingly, her diabetes should have shown up when she was much younger. Instead, she was somewhere around 60 years of age (“mid 1980s”) when diagnosed diabetic. Why didn’t it express earlier? Her astrology (for all 12 charts) contains at least two powerful diabetic (or any illness) anti-significators. They considerably ameliorated the severity of her “diabetic astrology.”

Linda Goodman
Partial Harmonic Chart for the 6th House (aka 6th Chart)

Placidian House Cusps: c11—7Cap, c12—6Aqu, c2—28Ari, c3—23Tau b11—12Cap, b12—13Aqu, b2—3Tau, b3—27Tau

Note that her Angle/moon, discussed above as Set (52), is actually an Angle/moon/jupiter. That Angle/jupiter mitigates against diabetic expression.

Unnumbered but shown above, she also has b venus in Pisces conjunct C Asc at 20 Pisces 57. This is a second Angle/benefic, but I do not know if Angle/venus works against expression of a disease. I do know that combined with her Angle/moon/jupiter it shows she has a “summed,” all-charts, golden benefic, something that only happens in highly fortunate lives. It would be hard to have a “golden life” if it started out with early expression of type I diabetes and all the problems that creates, so it appears to help in her fight against diabetes. It is discussed more below when her actual one-set golden benefic is shown.

Set (54) is a severe affliction because it shows sun/mars/saturn—life and health threatening--already on an Angle (C MC at 14 Sagittarius 17). With c sun ruling c 6th house, the set provides light/mars/saturn with influence to an Angle and a 6th house, with sun increasing acceptable orb. B6 mars rules b 8th house. The presence of the sun in the set makes the malefic more powerful.

But the same set—Set (54)—also contains a second Angle/venus plus her Angle/sun, known to mitigate against expression of disease.

Note she also has both harmonic neptune on Angles. So, this chart, in addition to a summed golden benefic, shows a summed total of light/mars/saturn/neptune on Angles—the planets of siege conditions.

We still have not see a lighted neptune/6th influence. That is shown in Set (54) above. B6 sun rules b 6th house, while c neptune rules C Asc.

A date of diagnosis expressed as “mid-1980s” is highly unsatisfactory for research, but it is all we have. On July 1, 1985, her pb8 saturns was at 28 Sagittarius 19R, afflicting her B Asc at 28 Pisces 48, and apparently tipping the balance of this chart from more benefic to more malefic.

Movement of that progressing birth harmonic for several years is shown below in Table XI:

7-1-198428 Sagittarius 44 16 Cancer 11
7-1-198528 Sagittarius 19R 21 Cancer 14
7-1-198627 Sagittarius 58R 26 Cancer 17
7-1-198727 Sagittarius 33R 1 Leo 20

Since b moon, a light, is also in the set with progressed b6 saturn (shown above) and B Asc at 28 Pisces 48, we probably correctly infer that progressing saturn was influencing B Asc for longer than it would have without the light—perhaps from 1983 through 1987. That’s five years. So its health-depressing, negative influence was far greater than it would have been without the light..

I included the mars in the above table because in July, 1985 it was just beginning to enter Set (54) [shown in the drawing above], changing the Angle/light/neptune/6th influence to an (shorter duration) Angle/light/mars/neptune/6th influence—the planets and path necessary for diabetic expression.

According to sources other than Astrodatabank, Linda Goodman died “unexpectedly” on October 21, 1995. One of them even stated that her outlook at the time was quite optimistic and she was looking forward to more writing.

Accordingly, she had almost no progressed sets which suggested her death. Instead, her return (and transits on the actual date of her death), highlighted her original Angle/sun/mars/saturn set shown as Set (53) above. Here is what the whole thing looks like on the day of her death at 7 a.m. MS. Transits are bolded:

Set (55) C MC14 Sagittarius 17
c sun15 Gemini 23ruler of c 6th house
c venus15 Gemini 51ruler of c 8th house
t6 mars 16 Gemini 35
t6 NN 14 Virgo 39
b6 mars 14 Virgo 53ruler of b 8th house
t6 uranus 15 Virgo 29
c6 saturn 15 Virgo 31

Return harmonic node and uranus were close to the values shown for the transits for date of death. I would not normally consider some one’s death astrologically valid who had almost no progressions showing it. However, Goodman’s 6th chart already contained that sun/mars/saturn/6th on an Angle. Angle/light/mars/saturn is also called a “dark malefic” because it is a potent malefic. Emphasized by transiting node and uranus, it set up a “momentary” highly-stressed Angular dark malefic which “unexpectedly” took her life. I didn’t see any actual diagnosis in any biography, all of which were sketchy. Was it a heart attack? Perhaps a diabetic coma? Sun/mars/saturn doesn’t tell us how her life was threatened, only that it was. I have certainly seen sun/mars/saturn in death from heart attack, but that is not all it can represent. Whatever it was, the implication was that had she miimediate, proper medical attention she could have lived.

Goodman’s 10th chart of career, social image, and social success shows benefic influence in addition to her all-charts summed golden benefic of Angle/venus plus Angle/jupiter. Her b10jupiter at 28 Pisces 17 joins her B Asc at 28 Pisces 48, her b moon at 29 Virgo 24, and her b jupiter at 27 Sagittarius 21.

And her conjunction of b venus at 21 Pisces 37 to her C Asc at 20 Pisces 57 picks up c10 moon at 21 Gemini 02. The addition of the light increases the beneficence of the Angle/venus. Note that with her c10 moon in Gemini, she has three lights in Gemini in her 10th chart. Her all-charts c moon is a 4 Gemini 15 (in b 3rd house) and her c sun is at 15 Gemini 23. These are highly suitable lights for some one who is a writer and has worked as a reporter. Her b10 neptune is at 14 Pisces 44 in the same set with her C MC at 14 Sagittarius 17. Summed, her Angles yield Angle/sun/venus plus Angle/moon/venus plus Angle/moon/jupiter/jupiter plus Angle/neptune. These are highly suitable sets to express her unprecedented success as an author (Gemini lights/3rd/Angle) of the most highly sold astrology (jupiter/neptune) books in the world.

It might not have been so easy to see the difference between strength of mars/neptune significators from one example to the next, but the difference between those at the beginning and those near the end are marked. The pancreatic cancer significators are almost non-existent until near the time of diagnosis and death.

The inclusion of Angle/moon as the first part of the significator is tentative as an exploration of the Halevi model. It is open to being disproved, improved, or displaced.

This is my first time working with diabetes. I have seen many more than these examples of cancer and immune dysfunction, so for me there is no doubt about the second part of the significator expressed as Angle/light/mars/neptune/path. The difficulty lies in undisputedly identifying in which organ or system the disease first occurs. And, considering more than one planet can be on Angles (if that is part of the significator), which takes precedence in determining site of occurrence?

Angle/light/mars/neptune/path also occurs in the 3rd chart with paranoid schizophrenia. Right now I cannot state that moon on an Angle never occurs with schizophrenia. So how would we know which is diabetes/cancer and which is schizophrenia?

One thing we know—for schizophrenia, the path must include the 3rd house while for physical illnesses it must include the 6th house. But what if they both occur in the same set in a 3rd chart? Does one take precedence over the other? Or does the individual show symptoms of schizophrenia but is really involved in an allergic or immune response?

So many questions! To be done better--to have the possibility of answering more questions--studies such as this need completely dependable birth times, excellent biographies (not just the socially-recognized highlights), and thorough medical histories.

However, there is enough good astrology here that it ought to intrigue any one, especially an astrologer, who claims a burning passion for discovering more about what causes—or occurs with—diabetes. According to contemporary science it is only a matter of genetics and/or environment. Is that the full truth?

When it comes to gravity, ignorance of the law is no excuse. Step off a tall building and you are likely going to die. When it comes to disease, ignorance of all the laws involved has its own price.

Creeping Bellflower (cropped)
From Wildflowers of Michigan Field Guide, by Stan Tekiela

Footnote 1. This astrological method shows that planets “on Angles” are more powerful than any other condition in an astrological nativity. They must express in the individual’s life. Planets are defined as “on Angles” when they are within several degrees of a conjunction, square, or opposition of the Midheaven (“noon point”) or Ascendant (“sunrise point”) of each individual’s astrology chart. Roughly speaking, a chart is a circle representing a 24-hour day (with noon at the top, and sunrise to the left) showing where the planets were in the skies relative to an individual’s time of birth. So, a birth at 6 p.m. has the sun is in the process of setting, but the noon point for that moment in time is approximately 6 hours earlier. That is where the Midheaven is for that moment in time in that place on Earth. Again, approximately, then a sun at 6 Gemini at 6 p.m. has a Midheaven in early Pisces and its Ascendant would be in early Sagittarius.

Astrological research is presently less than perfect because we often do not have confidence time of birth is absolutely correct. Hopefully, and perhaps usually, it is only off by about 4-6 minutes. In order to correctly find the planets on Angles in such a nativity slightly larger differences from exact Angle points have to be used. Rather than requiring that a planet be exactly conjunct an Angle to “be on an Angle,” we could define it that any planet within ±3° of that Angle is considered “conjunct it.” That acceptable variation from exactness is called an “orb” of 3°.

Normally with this method acceptable orb is two degrees for planets to be on "Angles" (Midheaven and Ascendant and their opposition points). But for all timed events thereafter, called progressions, a process through which we artificially move the Angles to see which planets they hit when, the orb is one degree. But birth data used here was collected under tremendously varying circumstances. So the former acceptable orb is increased to three degrees for nativities and kept at one degree for progressions. (One degree for progressions is—usually—already too large an orb.)

In actuality, the closer the planet to a conjunction, square, or opposition the Angle, the more potent its expression. Two degrees either doesn’t express, or does so weakly.(for classical research on orbs to Angles and influence of the planets within those orbs, see footnote 1 at bottom of page.)

Footnote 2. Research by one astrologer, now deceased, named Michel Gauquelin, established that there is a difference in relevance between planets approaching conjunction an Angle (a few degrees before it) and those leaving it (a few degrees after it. What he found was that planets before the Angle expressed much more strongly in individual’s lives. Their influence drops off rapidly shortly after passing the conjunction to the Angle. I have never actually read his work though understand traditional Western astrology endorses its validity. Gauquelin was working only with the birth chart and also not using harmonics. I have to wonder what kind of results he would have gotten with this method. Would the statistical significance be even greater?

Here we stick to the acceptable orb of 3°. Anything more is likely to destroy the results through indiscriminate practices. Anything less might mean we miss planets on Angles that really are on Angles. There will be error either way.

Bibliography: The Anatomy of Fate: Astrology and Kabbalah, by Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi. London: The Penguin Group, 1978, page 38.

Data Acknowledgment
The letters following each individual’s name indicates the Rodden rating for reliability of birth time. “AA” represents it came from the birth record—very reliable. The full Rodden Rating identification letters can be found at: Rodden Ratings.

Medical: Diabetes 14683 (A)
Birth:4/06/1977, 4:35 a.m. EST, 38N54, 77W02. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. Marguerite Day quotes the grandmother’s records.
Conception:6/27/1976, 7:52:26 p.m. EST, 38N54, 77W02.

Medical: Diabetes 10587 (A)
Birth:6/05/1947, 4:31 p.m. MST, Salt Lake City, UT. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. Erin Sullivan quotes case in MH Ext 10/1980.
Conception:8/28/1946, 1:35:14 a.m. MST, Salt Lake City, UT,.

Medical: Diabetes 9582 (A)
Birth:1/31/1944, 7:00 p.m. PWT, Vancouver, BC. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. Erin Sullivan quotes case in MH 10/1980.
Conception:4/21/1943, 7:12:28 p.m. PWT, Vancouver, B.C..

Medical: Diabetes 13280 (A)
Birth:4/17/1958, 9:54 p.m. EDT, 38N54, 77W02. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. Given by his mother in Dell 9/1984.
Conception:7/09/1957, 9:23:41 p.m. EDT, 38N54, 77W02.

Nurse 7248 (AA)
Birth:5/11/1933, 1:50 p.m. CST, Lenora, OK. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. Dona Shaw quotes B.C.
Conception:8/02/1932, 11:07:03 p.m. CST, Lenora, OK.

Alcoholic 7060 (A)
Birth:5/11/1932, 11:15 a.m. CST, Lenora, OK. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. Dona Shaw in MH April 1954.
Conception:8/03/1931, 8:37:20 p.m. CST, Lenora, OK.

Medical: Amputee 7347 (A)
Birth:12/05/1933, 2:30 p.m. EST, Washington, D.C.. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. Mary Perdue (her friend) 10/1985.
Conception:2/22/1933, 2:05:05 a.m. EST, Washington, D.C.

Ruth Steinbrecher Connors (AA)
Birth:1/24/1933, 12:21 p.m. CST, Chicago, IL. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. Steinbrecher collection: Steinbrecher has birth certificate in hand.
Conception:4/14/1932, 6:13:55 a.m. CST, Chicago, IL.

Nell Carter (AA)
Birth:9/13/1948, 6:24 a.m. CST, Birmingham, AL. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. Astrologer Gay Nelson quotes her B.C. (phone to LMR 7/1997). Carter is open about her use of astrological advice.
Conception:12/03/1947, 8:44:55 a.m. CST, Birmingham, AL.

Jayj Jacobs (AA)
Birth:2/01/1949, 3:54 a.m. CST, Poplar Bluff, MO. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. LMR quotes him in 1980, B.C.
Conception:4/22/1948 5:02:45 a.m. CST, Poplar Bluff, MO.

Nathaniel Adderley (AA)
Birth:11/25/1931, 8:08 a.m. EST, Tampa, FL. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. Contemporary American Horoscopes.
Conception:2/11/1931, 6:33:43 p.m. EST, Tampa, FL.

Eric Dolphy (AA)
Birth:6/20/1928, 2:45 p.m. PST, Los Angeles, CA. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. Nick Dagan Best quotes Alan Saul (Dolphy’s chief archivist) for birth certificate time and Vladimir Simosko and Barry Tepperman’s biography (Eric Dolphy: A Musical Biography and Discography) for birth date. [This was one of those instances when some one at Astrodatabank apparently made a type. They had his birth date as occurring on June 28, while every one else on the Internet had June 20. I wrote Dolphy via email and he replied with a confirmation of June 20.]
Conception:9/12/1927, 6:14:28 p.m. PST, Los Angeles, CA.

Bobby Limb (B)
Birth:11/10/1924, 8:05 a.m. ASST (SAST), Adelaide, Australia. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. Sy Scholfield quotes from Judy Judd’s book, “Life and Limb” (Sydney: Horwitz, Grahame, 1987), p.1.
Conception:1/28/1924, 8:14:38 p.m. SAST, Adelaide, Australia.

Steve Jobs (AA)
Birth:2/24/1955, 7:15 p.m. PST, San Francisco, CA. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. Pat Taglilatelo quotes birth certificate.
Conception:5/16/1954, 8:26:51 p.m. PST, San Francisco, CA.

Jack (Jacob) Schwartzman (AA)
Birth:7/22/1932, 5:59 a.m. EDT, Brooklyn, NY. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. Steinbrecher quotes him as client/birth certificate; slightly rectified from 8 a.m.
Conception:10/13/1931, 11:40:09 a.m. EDT, Brooklyn, NY.

Bonnie Franklin (AA)
Birth:1/06/1944, 3:43 p.m. PWT, Santa Monica, CA. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. Gauquelin Book of American Charts.
Conception:3/26/1943, 6:17:15 p.m. PWT, Santa Monica, CA.

John Renaldo Ottina (AA)
Birth:11/05/1931, 11:11 p.m. PST, Los Angeles, CA. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. Steinbrecher Collection: Gauquelin Book of American Charts.
Conception:1/23/1931, 12:37:41 p.m. PST, Los Angeles, CA.

Linda Goodman (Mary Alice Kemery) (AA)
Birth:4/09/1925, 6:05 a.m. EST, Morgantown, W VA. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough LMR quotes Kathleen Johnson for the date, from Goodman; confirmed by Frank C. Clifford by phone from the records bureau. Time deduced by LMR from her statement that she had Neptune right on the ASC. For the most part she concealed her own data, only dropping hints and clues to her colleagues.
According to Wikipedia, the magazine 'Today's Astrologer' writes on February 6, 2008, p. 11: According to her birth certificate, on file at the American Federation of Astrologers in Tempe, Arizona, she was born on April 9, 1925 at 6:05 a.m. EST in Morgantown, West Virginia

Conception:7/01/1924, 12:18:32 a.m. EST, Morgantown, W VA.

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