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Sandra Weidner, the youngest of five for her parents, was born just before the outbreak of WWII in 1941 in a small town in Michigan, USA. She saw her first television when she was ten years old. Her parents, both good working class people, each had an 8th grade education. Some of the papers on this site represent interests sponsored by that background.

Graduating college with a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry, she attended medical school for one year. Then graduate school for one and one-half years in anthropology. Then law school for one week. Then, a spiritual discipline for the next 25 years. It was in that context that she was first introduced to astrology in 1973. After ten years of working with the traditional astrology of the West, Sandra found the method used here while playing around with numbers in a relaxed, inquisitive state of mind. She has been developing it through research (and some readings, always) ever since. Since links to papers on the Home Page are presented in reverse chronological order of their publication, viewing their spread quickly discloses that this form of astrology has involved a long learning process. It has never ceased being utterly fascinating.

Sandra is open to comments, suggestions, research proposals, and requests.

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