June 2009
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The Astrology of Asthma
Ten Individuals
by Sandra Weidner

Note: This astrology uses the sidereal zodiac. Please be sure to read the section entitled "Astrological Method," below.

For this paper I eliminated charts of several individuals just before starting to write up my results. That is, I eliminated those few charts in which the significators for asthma did not appear as clearly as in the ones presented below. Sometimes significators appear less clearly because they are, indeed, less clear. That is, as a set they have to be cobbled together (but can be), whereas in some charts the significators of a condition are concise, straightforward, and clear—“efficient.” The following, using the data for asthmatic individuals, discusses some additional reasons significators for a condition can be less clear:

Only one of the charts—that of JF—was a rectified chart. Correct time of birth is crucial for obtaining dependable results in astrological research. Most of the charts in a database are not rectified. They are not even always recorded in the right standard time. Some birth time errors occur as p.m. when they should be a.m., or the day is incorrect, or, they are even fabricated entirely, for instance, years ago to make a birth appear it occurred a full nine months after marriage. So, birth time errors of 1 minute to 15 minutes are not unusual.
Angles to mars, saturn, and neptune are important in identifying asthma. For every four minutes birth time is incorrect, approximately a whole degree difference occurs in the Midheaven. Orb in this method for planet-to-Angle is 2°, or, about 8 minutes of time. Birth times off by 8 minutes or more can make it appear Angle/planet sets do not exist when, in fact, they do. So, some unknown quantity—we never know how much since we do not know which birth times are off by how much—of astrological research done with un-rectified charts is always partly invalid.
Fortunately, influence to Angles occurs in two ways: (1) through planets actually on (that is, conjunct, square, or opposition) the Angle, as discussed in the paragraph above, and (2) through planets that rule the Angle. With the latter, the ruling planet can be anywhere in the chart. As long as the set it is in contains the significators for the condition (and is lighted), the whole set operates as a forefront influence, i.e., the next best thing to those planets actually being on Angles. These latter influences to Angles are not dependent on an absolutely accurate birth time. In this study with asthmatics, they made research feasible rather than impossible.
Data for groups of individuals with one condition often include only the fact of the condition, not when it started, stopped, or was worst. If I had known, for instance, date of onset in the few charts I threw out, I could have examined them to see whether or not at some point in time they acquired significators for asthma even though they did not start out with them (at least not efficiently).
Two cases in point: two individuals included here did not suffer from asthma until they were adults. We have the actual year on one, while the other stated that her problems with asthma started “after age 32.” For the sake of progressions, I presumed her asthma started halfway through her 32nd year. Both their progressions for the year their asthma started proved intriguing. Their results additionally supported my assumption that some of the individuals lacking clear asthma significators got them later in life, that is, those astrological condition “matured.”
Fortunately, this paper includes two individuals—LA and Allergy 7160—identified as child asthmatics, one of them including date of diagnosis. Their astrology is valuable because it shows us individuals who, essentially, started life with asthma. Significators for asthma occur in the 1st chart of early childhood and its somatic consequences. Progressions of harmonics are the fastest of all the progressions in any chart. So they have more opportunity to form new relationships to each other. Because the 1st chart is formed by use of the lowest harmonic, which is 3 times whatever change occurred for each "asthmatic" planet's secondary progression, even they do not change enough in childhood to go from “no significators” (or even “unclear significators) for the condition at birth to the “full set of significators” for it. Those for sun, moon, mercury and venus are greatest, but none of these planets specifically defines the significator. So, starting with planets at birth not showing asthma, they don't change enough in a few years for an asthmatic episode to occur. Thus we are expecting child asthmatics to have strong indications of asthma at birth. LA’s significators are interesting because they are extremely efficient. Those for Allergy 7160 are strong and, in Set (2), also very efficient.
Unfortunately, some of the individuals in this paper may have started out with asthma as children, but since their biographical data did not state that, I was unable to use their charts for better understanding of the condition.
Another piece of information would have been valuable. Some people who have asthma as children apparently outgrow it. It would have been truly helpful if the data had included or identified those individuals. As it was, none of the individuals in this study was identified that way. Therefore, I could not even begin to establish what, astrologically, “outgrowing asthma” looks like. Compared to the astrology of those who start out with asthma and those who die from it, those who outgrow it would have served as a third leg, greatly improving our grasp of the astrology of asthma.
Similarly, without better data on conditions followed by thorough research, it is impossible to tell whether changes we make actually improve a condition. For instance, with asthma, did a change in diet, change in degree of exposure to allergens, or change in climate reduce incidence of attack? Or, did their astrological significators for asthma weaken? Or could it be a combination of these?
This paper also includes two individuals—both astrologers, one with a rectified chart—who gave dates as well as locations for four of their serious asthma attacks. Their astrology—including workups for dates of each attack—proved interesting. They also served as validation for the significators for asthma found in the charts of the others. Unfortunately, their biographical data did not include whether or not either of them had asthma as a child.

With all the variables discussed above, I nonetheless felt that in this paper I could do a reasonable job of presenting the significators for asthma. But I also felt they would be less confusing if I threw out the few charts which were not immediately identified as asthmatic and which also provided no dates of onset, attacks, disappearance, or other valuable information that would have been helpful in identifying correct time of birth.

Having acquainted the reader with some of the difficulties of doing astrological research on a medical condition, we can now go on to take a look at the significators found for asthma.

Many readers of these papers on medical, psychological, and sexual conditions read only about that condition, or perhaps one other. They thus have no idea how well this very different astrological method works. To get some idea of that, read some of the sixteen papers on twins on this site. In traditional astrology, twins are hard to differentiate. This astrology demonstrates the differences in astrology which account for their different life conditions. Here is a link to one of the twin papers:The Silent Twins. Links to the other twin papers are found in each paper.

Astrological Significators for Asthma
When I started this study I already had an idea of which chart to look in because accidentally, years ago, while doing readings, I had stumbled into it. I had identified the planets in the 1st chart that sponsored asthma and environmental sensitivity. At that time, however, I had not yet realized that planets in sets describe a path which is as crucial to an astrological signature as are the planets themselves. Below I discuss the signature for asthma—the chart usually involved, the planets involved, and their path:

(1) The chart involved in demonstrating asthma is usually (see footnote 1, at bottom of page) the harmonic chart for the 1st house—also known as the “1st chart.” The 1st chart describes the identity we form as a result of our childhood. It contains information about who we are independent of the who we share with others. As well, it describes the somatic consequences of that identity. It also contains some purely physical information.

But, just because significators for a condition usually occur in one chart—the 1st chart for asthma—it does not mean they cannot occur in a different one. One of the individuals in this study, SE, Sr. (now age 81) has his asthma described best by his 3rd chart, i.e., his harmonic chart for his 3rd house. That chart contains information about our ordinary mind and its proclivities, our relations with siblings, and interactions in our familiar environment. The 3rd house is part of the path that asthma describes in the 1st chart. So it is not entirely unreasonable that the 3rd chart can also contain the significators for asthma as long as the same planets are involved, and as long as most of the same path is described. For SE, Sr. the same set described his panic attacks and his asthma. When the (I presume astrological) emphasis was on the 3rd house part of the path, the result was more on having a panic attack. When it was on the 6th house part of the path, the result was more on having an asthma attack. That is, in particular his panic attacks and his asthma were intimately linked. (SE, Sr. also had a second astrological set which, when stimulated, would have contributed to his panic attacks, but not necessarily his asthma attacks.)

But occurrence of significators of a condition can go beyond just occurring in an atypical chart that was nonetheless one of the houses on the path in the typical condition. In the 7th and 9th charts of gurus, the path described by the planets light/venus/jupiter is almost always 4th/5th/9th (and can include 2nd, 8th, 10th—as can be seen in the paper: Paper on Eastern Gurus. But, for Rajneesh (Osho), Chariji, and Nikola Tesla (also some one with a highly developed higher mind), the same planets describing the same path occur in the 3rd chart. All of those individuals had or have golden benefics in their 3rd charts which include the 9th house as part of their path. Somewhat like individuals with 3rd/9th house overlaps, these three individuals used their 3rd charts to shoot right out of lower mind into higher mind. But, contrary to the case with SE Sr., the 3rd house was not always part of the path in the typical 9th chart significators for gurus. That is, not all gurus have well developed “lower minds.” And a few individuals have such a highly developed lower mind that it ends up being a full-blown higher one.

As a further atypical example, author Carlos Castaneda, apprentice to the nagual Don Juan Matus, had his significators for his adventures with higher mind occur in his 10th chart (it most often occurs in the 9th of higher mind). His birth and conception 9th houses overlapped. In his 10th chart he had a conjunction of NN/moon/venus/jupiter in Sagittarius. By sign as well as house placement, this set describes the 9th house part of his spiritual experiences. With jupiter in Sagittarius ruling his C MC, he was sure to become famous. His books describing his journeys, popular all over the world, were printed in many languages. Hence his astrology for spirituality occurring in his 10th chart of social image and career was reasonable.

So, if significators for a condition occur occasionally in an atypical chart, they nonetheless usually make sense.

Returning to significators for asthma:

(2) The planets involved are mars, and neptune, and often saturn.. Stated briefly:

Mars symbolizes initiative, aggression, strife, cuts, tears, friction, injuries, and chemicals (the burning or corrosive aspect), among other things. Negatively, on a physical level it tends to represent some kind of attack against or injury of the body.

Neptune symbolizes confusion, fantasy, creativity, openness, porosity, and also fumes and gases. Neptune symbolizes porosity because it has a tendency to “dissolve” planets it is in contact with, making them more sensitive and porous than is their wont. Combined with mars, it produces an over-sensitivity resulting in noxious reactions. Or, it places the individual in noxious conditions. Or, it renders their behavior noxious relative to normal behavior.

Saturn is astrologically associated with rigidity, lack, narrowness, insufficiency, darkness, death, and, because of its lack of fluff, essentiality. On the Tree of Life it represents the first place coming down the Tree into incarnation at which an individual being is broken off of greater Being. Here is the link to the paper discussing the correlation between planets and positions on the Tree: Paper on Autism (search for Tree--it is an actual diagram). An “individual” at that level has lost all contact with his greater Being, but has not yet acquired the planets of personality necessary for being at the level of personality. Therefore, the darkness and severe limitation that occur when an individual's mind is being influenced by an excess of saturn makes sense as a diagnosis of "depression." This is discussed and illustrated by timing in the paper showing William Styron's clinical depression. Here is that link: Paper on Styron. Practically speaking, when saturn is forefront (and not counterbalanced by strong benefic sets)—i.e., on an Angle or brought into a set with sun, moon, or mercury ruling an Angle—the individual’s life is stressed by failures, obstacles, delays, breakdowns, darkness, depression, lack of fluidity, etc. It makes the individual more serious, more self-conscious, and less successful than “average.”

So mars and neptune are the planets representing the sensitivity or susceptibility that occurs with asthma. When saturn is included (either in the set or Angular) the vulnerability is greater and the reaction stronger. Saturn exacerbates. It was exactly the same in a different chart for an individual with paranoid schizophrenia:

Neptune forefront and influencing certain houses in the 3rd chart represents schizophrenia. Adding mars to the set, we get paranoid schizophrenia. But as it turns out, at least some individuals can function reasonably well (see footnote 2 at bottom of page) with schizophrenia until saturn either enters the set or otherwise comes forefront in the 3rd chart. This is demonstrated in the paper on John Forbes Nash: Paper on Nash's Schizophrenia with Progressions for Major Episode. Although saturn really was not creating his schizophrenia, its slow secondary progression to his Ascendant (a hard time for all of us) with the constriction, darkness, and heaviness it sponsors tipped the balance of bearable abnormal states into unbearable ones. That is when he was hospitalized. Vincent Van Gogh was another who managed to live with his schizophrenia but killed himself when saturn came forefront in his chart, that is, when he experienced severe depression. His astrology is discussed here: Paper on Woolf, Nietzsche, Nijinksky, and Van Gogh

Mars/saturn/neptune represent siege conditions. The kind of siege they produce depends on two things: (1) the chart they are in, and (2) the path they take. So, when saturn is in or enters the 1st chart mars/neptune set (or Angle) of an asthmatic individual, we have an indication the individual suffers from severe asthmatic (or some kind of severe allergic) reactions.

To see how mars/saturn/neptune forefront works in a very different kind of matter, see the paper on O.J. Simpson’s hemorrhaging of finances as reflected through his 2nd chart during his trial for the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson. Here is the link: Paper on O.J.'s Financial Distress During and Following His Trial.

Returning to the significators for asthma…

(3) The path involved is Angle/3rd/6th/and sometimes 8th houses. Sometimes mercury or Gemini substitute for the 3rd house influence. (I have not noticed that Virgo substituted for the 6th house part, but perhaps just missed it.)

(4) It is possible that the 1st and 7th charts have to work together for an individual to die during an asthma attack. That is, both must show significators for dying in order for the attack to result in death. That was the case with the only individual in this study who died during an attack. He was born with a 1st chart with all the significators for his death already in place. But, his 7th chart was okay. He lived to age 43 at which time the significators in his 1st chart were stimulated and those in his 7th formed the full set for death. Therefore, I did workups for 1st and 7th houses for the two individuals whose biographical information included dates for four asthma attacks. I wanted to see if information in their 7th chart contributed to information in their 1st chart to precipitate the attack. And, since they lived through their attacks, to establish that their 7th charts did not contain significators for dying.

A tentative but also reasonable conclusion can be made with regard to asthma when its significators are formed in the 1st chart after birth. Since progressed significators in a 1st chart move very slowly, the disease would likely manifest when the planets/path move into place. However, since the significators for the disease are temporary (if but for a number of years), the individual will likely experience remission of symptoms when the significators pass out of existence.

There is an example of a longer-term, temporary significator (for Parkinson's disease) in the paper about Robin Williams. Unfortunately, he did not live long enough for the remission to occur. Here is the link: Williams paper

Armed now with the description of the tentative significators for asthma, we can proceed to examination of individual charts. Before that, however, I want to say something about this astrological method.

Astrological Method
This method is not traditional. It uses a birth and conception planets and their harmonics and houses, all of which share the same axis. Conception is based on a formula discussed in the following paper: How to Find Conception

This astrology uses the sidereal positions of the planets based on the Fagan-Bradley’s SVP. My view of the practical differences between the tropical (Western) and the sidereal (Eastern) zodiacs can be found at Tropical vs. Sidereal Zodiac.
Harmonics are taken from the sidereal position of the planets. The Egyptian harmonic, discussed in the paper “About This Method” (link just below), is used Results over the past 30 years suggest it is the correct harmonic for best and realistic results..
”Lights” include suns, moons, and moons nodes. When mercury rules an Angle, it also acts like a light and has the same orb as the other lights. The MC or Asc also acts like a light, but one with only a 2° orb (at most), because when a set is on an Angle it does not need a light to be active.
This method uses only conjunctions, applying and separating squares, and oppositions. (There is a table in the paper on chartrules which shows which traditional aspects--e.g., semi-square, trine, quincunx, etc.--in the sidereal are converted to conjunctions, squares, and oppositions in the harmonics and which charts they occur in, link below.) Orbs for static planets with lights is at most 5°; without lights, 2°. Orb for MC/planet or Asc/planet is 2°. Planets so related to each other are referred to as in the same “set.” A set, then, is two or more planets (or an Angle) connected to each other through conjunction, square, and opposition within the defined orbs. Sets without Angles are more active when they contain a light, and less active without one. Learning to look in terms of “crosses” can be helpful in rapidly finding planets that are in the same set.
Acceptable orb for planets to return Angles is 2°; for progressed Angles, 1° (hopefully less, but these are unrectified charts). It is important that the two not be confused. 2° is an absolutely unacceptable orb for progressed planets to Angles or progressed Angles to planets.
Because this approach uses both a birth and conception chart and they share the same axis, birth houses usually overlap different houses of the conception chart. These are called “house overlaps.” Throughout all papers I use the convention when writing about house overlaps of putting the birth house first, then the conception house. So, for instance, a “5th/1st” overlap refers to an overlap of birth 5th house with conception 1st house in that order.
Birth planets (including their harmonics) rule only birth houses. Conception planets (including their harmonics) rule only conception houses.
For a more thorough explanation of this astrological approach, refer to the following papers:

About This Method
Empirically-Derived Rules for Reading These Charts
In the partial charts shown below, birth planets and their harmonics are inside the circle. Conception planets and their harmonics are outside the circle. Conception sidereal planets are red; conception harmonic ones, black. Birth sidereal planets are blue; birth harmonic ones, green. Occasionally, because of space limitations, I have had to violate this inside/outside arrangement, but the color coding remains constant.
Abbreviations used are b = birth, c = conception, and t = transiting. MC = Midheaven, Asc = Ascendant, and "Angles" is a generic terms for both. Even though the harmonic used for each chart is always two more than the chart’s number, in these papers—for ease of reading—I write the harmonic number the same as the chart number. For example, the 5th chart uses the 7th harmonic, but I have established the convention of writing harmonic planets for the 5th chart as, e.g., c5 mars, which reads, “the harmonic for the 5th chart for conception mars.” Pc3 mars stands for the harmonic for the 3rd chart of its progressed conception mars. T5 pluto represents transiting (at the time of the event) pluto for the 5th chart.

Please note that any planet shown below which is not harmonic—whether there at birth or occurring through progression—occurs in all twelve charts. Harmonic planets occur only in the chart for which they are derived. They are always shown with a number, e.g., b3 sun is the harmonic of the birth sun for the 3rd chart.

Technical Point: planets and Angles are the same for all twelve harmonic charts. Their differing harmonics create the twelve different charts. Likewise, progressed planets and Angles for birth and conception are exactly the same for all twelve charts. Their progressed harmonics differ from chart to chart, and, in effect, create the twelve different progressed charts. From the point of view of their effectiveness, harmonic planets are just as "real" as the non-harmonic planets from which they are derived.

Now we can look at some of their astrology.

LA, Female, Child Asthmatic
From the data source we have, Australian asthmatic, diagnosed 8/31/99, age two. LA was the first born and her mom had a long hard labor: she was finally delivered C-section.

We are going to use that date of diagnosis to see if its progressions help us understand the signature for asthma.

Partial Harmonic Chart for the 1st House

Placidus: c11—25Cap, c12—25Aqu, c2—18Ari, c3—19Tau b11—6Leo, b12—14Vir, b2—25Sco, b3—17Sag

Set (1) is complete and deceptively simple. It involves the conjunction of mercury/mars/neptune in Taurus. Its path is described by the houses they rule: c1 neptune rules C Asc (which is in b 6th house), c mars co-rules (19 of 31°) c 8th house, and c mercury co-rules c 6th (20 of 25°) as well as c 3rd (22 of 33°) house. This set, with influence to an Angle, 3rd, 6th, and 8th houses, completely matches the tentative signature set.

On the date of her diagnosis, LA had the following progressions:

Set (2)pb mercury27 Pisces 53co-ruler (17 of 22°) of b 8th house. In 6th/1st houses
pc1 NN27 Gemini 42
b1 jupiter27 Gemini 41ruler of b 3rd house

In the set above, mercury was coming from its birth position at 23 Pisces 29 (still in 6th/1st houses, potentially identifying a health problem [6th house] which occurs in childhood [1st house] and causes suffering [Pisces} through mercurial matters [lungs? environment?]). The node was coming from 29 Gemini 42. T1 NN on the date of diagnosis was at 24 Sagittarius 03 in the same set with her b mercury in 6th/1st houses at 23 Pisces 29.

Jupiter may be playing some sort of benevolent role in Set (2), but for sure it is adding a 3rd house to the path.

Progressed C Asc is at 22 Pisces 46, in an early conjunction with b mercury at 23 Pisces 29 in 6th/1st houses. I would normally not consider this a viable conjunction, but, as is shown in the drawing above, that Pisces mercury was already in a set (unnumbered in the drawing) with b moon in Virgo at 23 Virgo 56 and C MC at 22 Sagittarius 02. Each acts as a “light” which increases orb for planets entering the set.

Yet another mercury/node progression occurred through pc mercury (coming from 7 Taurus 25) at 11 Taurus 42 in early conjunction with b1 NN at 12 Taurus 07, and with pc1 moon at 12 Scorpio 18. Again, mercury co-rules c 3rd and 6th houses, while the moon/SN conjunction in Scorpio identifies 8th house/transformation and life/death concerns. She starts with that SN conjunction birth pluto at 10 Scorpio 49 (in 1st/8th houses) suggesting she will undergo some extreme (pluto) life-or-death concerns (Scorpio/8th) in childhood (1st house, 1st chart).

Below I combine her return (r) for that period with transits (t) and their harmonics (t1) for 3 p.m. (a guess) on date of diagnosis (8/31/99). :

Set (3)B MC8 Cancer 57
c uranus9 Capricorn 20ruler of c 12th house
r moon8 Capricorn 25
r mercury7 Cancer 19
r neptune 8 Capricorn 12
t1 saturn7 Aries 22R

When she was born neptune was at 4 Capricorn 53, so her diagnosis occurred on her first neptune transit to an Angle.

T1 neptune was at 22 Taurus 04R conjunct the harmonic version [shown in drawing above as Set (2)] of her original conjunction of mercury and mars in Taurus [shown as Set (1)] with influence to 3rd, 6th, and 8th. Set (2) started out without neptune influence, but acquired it by transit on the date of her diagnosis.

LA’s progressions, return and transits to her chart for her diagnosis show additional emphases of mercury/mars/neptune and 3rd/6th/8th houses. Saturn did not play much part in the above astrology, but then this was a diagnosis, not, to my knowledge, a life-threatening attack.

SE, Sr., Male, Asthmatic
From Astrodatabank: American molecular biologist and nutritionist, ahead of his time with effective methods to treat patients with environmental sensitivities and food allergies. He cured himself of panic attacks and terrible asthma using a chemical free environment.

Unfortunately, we are not told when SE’s asthma started nor dates of any attacks. We do not know if he had asthma as a child.

Let’s take a look at his 1st chart to see what it shows:

SE, Sr.
Partial Harmonic Chart for the 1st House

Placidus: c11—14Leo, c12—11Vir, c2—1Sco, c3—4Sag b11—3Sag, b12—24Sag, b2—14Pis, b3—19Ari

Set (1) includes moon/mercury/mars/jupiter/2uranus. It shows a lighted mars in Pisces in 1st/6th houses. Mars in Pisces involves mars in the sign ruled by neptune, therefore it is a kind of “mars/neptune.” This one rules B MC. Mercury is part of the set, so it implies the 3rd house influence, but c jupiter also rules c 3rd house. Therefore, this set shows mars/neptune influence to an Angle, 3rd, and 6th houses. It lacks an 8th influence.

I cannot rule Set (1) in the 1st chart out as the indicator of SE, Sr.’s asthma, but without dates of attacks, I cannot rule it in, either.

Set (2) is comprised entirely of c moon in Pisces, which also represents a habitual (moon) sense of vulnerability (Pisces). It is in c 6th house while it rules C MC in b 6th house, so it has it has forefront influence (ruler of an Angle) and influences both 6th houses, implying suffering (moon in Pisces) through health matters (6th houses).

We already know from the biographical information that SE, Sr. is subject to panic attacks. Panic attacks are associated with mental susceptibility and the 3rd house. Since the 3rd house is on the path for asthma, we should look at his 3rd chart to see if it shows us anything about his panic attacks. And, while we are at it, does it suggest anything about his asthma? This is what I found:

SE, Sr.
Partial Harmonic Chart for the 3rd House

Placidus: c11—14Leo, c12—11Vir, c2—1Sco, c3—4Sag b11—3Sag, b12—24Sag, b2—14Pis, b3—19Ari

Set (1), including B MC, b SN, and mars/jupiter/uranus/2neptune, has influence to an Angle, 3rd and 6th houses. C3 neptune rules c 6th house and c3 jupiter rules c 3rd house.

The 8th house is not on the path, but, B MC in Scorpio with its conjunction to b SN in Scorpio has an unpleasant (SN) 8th house (Scorpio) implication.

Set (1) represents a tendency to paranoid schizophrenia. Mars/neptune influencing an Angle and 3rd house in the 3rd chart is the 3rd chart part of the significators for paranoid schizophrenia (There are also 1st chart significators which he lacks.) SE’s set influences the 3rd house.

But Set (1) also influences his 6th house through c neptune, ruler of c 6th. So, Set (1) may be simultaneously describing SE, Sr.’s panic attacks (through his schizoid tendencies) and his asthma (6th house part of the path). Possibly the 1st and 3rd chart combine to produce his asthma attacks.

If this chart represents his asthma, then progression of his b3 saturn, ruler of his B Asc, to B MC—that is, joining Set (1)—would have represented severe asthma attacks (and panic attacks). That saturn started out retrograde at 25 Aquarius 28. At age 30, pb3 saturn was at 14 Aquarius 33R, starting to enter the Set (1). At age 37, it was at 12 Aquarius 13, just leaving the set. So, between ages 30 to 37 he would have experienced considerable trouble with asthma.

As mentioned in his 1st chart, SE, Sr.’s second set, above—his moon in Pisces which influences both 6th houses, also contributes to the connection between his mental states and his health problems. By itself it does not imply asthmatic health problems. It does symbolize a consciousness that is diffuse, open to suggestion, and lacking a sense of control. In other words, at times he feels very undefended.

SE has a 3rd set not shown above. B mercury, in c 8th house and ruling b 6th and 8th houses, at 29 Taurus 16, is in the same set with b3 mars at 29 Leo 14. B3 mars rules B MC and b3 house, so the whole set, which already includes mercury, influences an Angle, 3rd, 6th, and 8th houses. It lacks neptune influence. Throughout his life progressed harmonic neptunes do not come near the set. But it would acquire neptune influence through transits and returns (as happened above with LA and in some of the charts below) which likely added to his susceptibility to asthma.

JF, Female, Astrologer, Asthmatic
Excerpting from the Astrodatabank bio the information germane to this study :

American astrologer…also a novelist…JF was the fifth of five children born to a Federal employee and a homemaker. Her brother died in Viet Nam on 8/10/1970. In May 1982, she completed her M.A. in French and Spanish literature at UNC-Chapel Hill in NC, where she graduated Phi Beta Kappa and with highest honors in French in May 1979. She has worked as a foreign language teacher and volunteered as a progressive rock DJ.

JF taught herself to read before she began kindergarten. She started studying astrology at age eight and never stopped. She lived in France on a scholarship from 1979-1980. On 12/16/1981, she met SF who was practicing astrology full time. She joined his practice full time in June 1983. Her father died on 5/09/1990. She published her first novel in Nov 1995, her second in Nov 1996 and her third in Nov 1998…

JF married SF on 1/07/1984. They have no children. JF has allergies and asthma. On 10/12/1978, she almost died from a severe asthma attack. Other severe attacks occurred in late May 1997, 5/16/2001, and Feb. 2002. Acupuncture, exercise and a dry climate all afford some relief from the asthma/allergies.

We have the exact date for two of her attacks, and the month and year for two more. We are going to take a look at the astrology for all of them. First, let’s look at the significators for asthma in her 1st chart. She has four discussable sets, so I have broken them up into two different drawings.

Partial Harmonic Chart for the 1st House, Part I

Placidus: c11—3Lib, c12—26Lib, c2—20Sag, c3—28Cap b11—24Pis, b12—5Tau, b2—1Can, b3—23Can

Set (1) identifies an Angle/mars/neptune with nodes that are going to progress into it. C mars rules c 6th house as well as C Asc in b 6th house. Set (1) tells us she has some kind of sensitivity (likely physical) or toxic condition (mars/neptune) and that it will affect her health (6th house influences). It does not tell us it will turn into asthma.

Set (2) again identifies potential health problems. It shows a conjunction of the North Node with mars and saturn in Scorpio in b 6th house. Mars rules b 6th and saturn rules b 8th houses. Planet(s)/node in any chart, regardless of their impact for “good” or “bad,” indicate must happen conditions. Not only is the whole set in the 6th house, but b mars rules b 6th house. It still does not indicate her health problem will take the form of asthma, but she clearly has mars and neptune influencing both 6th houses and saturn influencing b 6th, and mars/saturn influencing an 8th house.

With Set (1) plus Set (2) we have light/mars/saturn/neptune influence to 6th houses (with mars/neptune influencing Angles), indicating health “sieges.”

Partial Harmonic Chart for the 1st House, Part II

Placidus: c11—3Lib, c12—26Lib, c2—20Sag, c3—28Cap b11—24Pis, b12—5Tau, b2—1Can, b3—23Can

Set (3), shows C Asc conjunction b1 uranus in Scorpio within b 6th house. Uranus rules B MC in c 3rd house. So this set has an implied path involving 3rd, 6th, and 8th houses—the 8th because Scorpio is naturally associated with the 8th house and uranus conjunct Asc in Scorpio is a powerful indicator of 8th house experiences. Set (3) turns JF’s health problems from general sensitivity to asthma because it adds the 3rd house to her health path (6th) and suggests sudden (uranus), near-death experiences (8th).

If our significators for asthma are correct, however, JF has additional indicators which show up in Set (4). It includes mercury/mars/uranus/neptune. Mercury rules C MC and c 8th house (and when mercury rules an Angle, it acts like a light as well as a ruler, so this set is “lighted” and has the allowable orb of a lighted set). B mars rules b 6th house. And B uranus rules B MC in c 3rd house. This gives her lighted mars/neptune influence to 3rd, 6th, and 8th houses. This set, however, should play a lesser role than (1) and (2) because in this set both uranus, and especially, neptune are progressing away from the light (mercury), making the set less intense with time.

Summed, all the above sets describe an individual who will have severe asthmatic reactions which include near death experiences but not death (the mars/saturn set influences only 6th and 8th house but not an Angle or 4th house. Although I have seen uranus in Scorpio (with 4th influence) act as shorthand for the usual mars/saturn significators for death, usually death requires the Angular and 4th influence of mars and saturn. Of course, those significators can progress into the set, but that depends on how fast they move. For instance, SF’s c 4th house is influenced by c neptune, which starts out retrograde at 2 Libra 25. On 4/21/09 (her age 53) it was at 1 Libra 24, still retrograde. Its harmonic started at 7 Leo 14R, and on 4/21/09 was at 4 Leo 11R. That is, they are not anywhere near joining her asthmatic sets that, had they had a 4th house influence, might take her life.

If these are the significators for JF’s problems with asthma, then progressions for the dates of her attacks should show additional, similar significators and/or re-emphasis of the present ones. Since progressions, returns, and transits for different dates take a lot of room, I have put the astrology for all four attacks in Appendix 1. All the progressions for asthma attacks I had dates on yielded a clearer picture of the significators for asthma.

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JF is also a fellow astrologer. I have included a few things from her 7th chart in an additional appendix that show her interest in astrology and writing.

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JR, Female, Astrologer, Asthmatic
Excerpted from Astrodatabank biographical information, we have:
American astrologer, not practicing but a student since March 1985 and fascinated by research studies.

…JR became seriously ill and was diagnosed with asthma in 1980 (age 38), Dennison, OH. She had a number of occasions when she had to go to the E.R. because she could not breathe. It began a long period of medications that in turn affected her immune system, leeched calcium from her bones, and depleted her functional capacities. …She was hospitalized for asthma for ten days and nearly died October 11, 1987, Vero Beach, FL, and was hospitalized for asthma for two weeks critically December 26, 1988, Vero Beach. She had two more critical hospitalizations for asthma, 2/06 to 2/21/1994, Rockport, TX and from 1/30 to 2/10/1995, Rockport, TX.

…convinced of the efficacy of natural healing methods, she began studying alternative medicine and converted her health care away from chemicals to natural herbs, vitamins, etc. Slowly and surely, since 1995 she gained a better health position than ever in her life.>

We will be looking in her 1st chart for indications of asthma (1) at birth, (2) at age 38 when she was diagnosed with it, and (3) on the four dates of her severe attacks.

Her chart is especially interesting because she was not diagnosed with asthma until well into adulthood, so whatever symptoms she had before then were not severe enough to bring about a diagnosis. That implies her astrology for asthma was weak to start out with and got stronger over time.

Partial Harmonic Chart for the 1st House

Placidus: c11—16Sco, c12—6Sag, c2—16Aqu, c3—26Pis b11—15Lib, b12—6Sco, b2—2Cap, b3—13Aqu

Set (1) shows sun/node/venus/mars/2neptune with influence to both 3rd houses (through each of their neptunes), to C MC (through c venus), to B Asc (through b1 mars), and to b 8th house (b sun co-rules [13 of 41°]--actually a little short of the required 1/3 of the house).

So, Set (1) shows a lighted mars/neptune influence to two Angles, 3rd, and ?8th houses. It lacks 6th house influence, that is, it is lacking the influence that shows it to be a health (6th) matter.

Set (2) is comprised of moon/venus/mars with Node/neptune falling on the upper end of it and uranus/uranus on its lower end. It definitely contains a lighted mars/neptune. What is its influence? The (lighted) mars/neptune is in b 6th house. Through rulers Set (2) also influences C MC (through venus) and b 3rd house (through uranus).

”Summing” Set (1) and (2) JR’s 1st chart shows lighted mars/neptune influence to Angles, 3rd, and 6th houses.

I did not show them in the drawing above, (assuming her birth time correct), she also starts out with an Angle/saturn, an Angle/mars (albeit with both benefics), and an Angle/pluto:

Did the venus/jupiter/6th set (with C Asc, above) really help protect her from asthma, or were her mars and neptune in Set (1) too far apart (2° 39”) to sponsor attacks?

Perhaps her progressions for date of diagnosis will help answer that question. Unfortunately, we cannot use transit or return planets because we are working only with a given year for her diagnosis. Presumably at that time she experienced enough asthmatic symptoms to get that diagnosis.

Progressions for her diagnosis are for September 16, 1980, when she was 38 years, 6 months old:

One of her lesser progressions involved pc sun to 28 Gemini 36, fitting into her Angle/node/venus/jupiter noted above, further lighting it. But it also represents a highlighted Angle/mars.

Her pC MC was at 2 Sagittarius 13. Progressed c neptune at 1 Virgo 24 and pb neptune at 3 Virgo 41R have a midpoint of 2 Virgo 32, giving her a progressed Angle/neptune. Progressed C-Loc MC was at 3 Sagittarius 36 in the same set with pb neptune. Without a rectified chart we cannot be absolutely sure. We do know that she had been having a progressed Angle fall in the vicinity of her two non-harmonic neptunes and their progressions.

The situation in her 6th house became very interesting:

Set (3)pb1 neptune11 Taurus 02co-ruler (19 of 32°) of b 3rd house
b mars11 Taurus 22ruler of B Asc and b 12th house
pb1 saturn12 Taurus 37
c1 venus11 Leo 30ruler of C MC
c1 moon11 Leo 40

Set (3) is a refined, closer Set (2). Mars and neptune have come together, and saturn has joined them. Pb1 neptune was coming from 14 Taurus 01R and pb1 saturn started out at 0 Taurus 19.

Set (3) shows a lighted mars/saturn/neptune in b 6th house with influence to two Angles and a 3rd house—the main significators for asthma. The set lacked 3rd house influence.

Her biographical data states that [through natural herbs and good health practices] slowly and surely since 1995 she gained a better health position than ever in her life.

On July 1, 1995 (i.e., about halfway through that year) her pb1 neptune (ruler of b 4th and co-ruler of b 3rd) was at 10 Taurus 13R [fits into Set (3) above]. During the whole period from 1980 (date of diagnosis) to 1995 (getting better)—that is, fifteen years—her pb1 neptune moved only 49’. It moved from 20’ below the conjunction to b mars to 1° 9’ below the conjunction to b mars. It suggests the influence of progressing neptune to that mars was slow in being realized, but active thereafter until it moved a degree away 15 years later, at which time she started getting better.

Continuing with her progressions for her diagnosis of asthma…

Pc1 NN was at 2 Taurus 37 conjunct c1 neptune (ruler of c 3rd house) at 2 Taurus 28.

Pb1 pluto was at 28 Scorpio 34, pc1 pluto at 28 Scorpio 55, and pB Asc at 28 Aquarius 19. B-Loc Asc (for Dennison, OH) was at 28 Scorpio 28.

Neptune had been transiting her B Asc at 25 Scorpio 01. On July 15, 1980 transiting neptune was retrograde at 25 Scorpio 59. It turned stationary direct on September 1, 1980 at 25 Scorpio 26. On the date of our hypothetical date of attack, September 16, 1980, it was at 25 Scorpio 31.

In conclusion, progressions and transits involving mars, saturn, and neptune influencing 1st house sets clearly further developed JR’s original significators for asthma.

The astrology for her four asthmatic attacks can be found in Appendix 2.

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I have also created a small appendix to show her interest in astrology:

Go to Appendix 2a, JR’s 7th Chart Indicators of an Interest in Astrology

AST, Female, Astrologer, Asthmatic
Astrodatabank informs us that AST started studying astrology in 1962, and cabalism in 1971-72, also studying Tarot and metaphysics. She was struck with asthma after age 32.

We are going to examine her 1st chart for indications of asthma, then see what we get when it is progressed to age 32 years, 6 months.

AST, Part I
Partial Harmonic Chart for the 1st House, Part I

Placidus: c11—14Tau, c12—20Gem, c2—10Leo, c3—5Vir b11—8Tau, b12—14Gem, b2—5Leo, b3—29Leo

AST’s “asthma significators” have to be cobbled together, and they still fall short.

Set (1) shows B MC in the same set with mercury/venus/mars/jupiter/saturn with influence to two Angles, 3rd and 6th houses. B1 saturn co-rules (15 of 31°) of b 6th, b1 jupiter rules b 6th, b mercury co-rules (30 of 32°) b 3rd house, and c mars rules C MC. It lacks an neptune and 8th influence.

Note that AST’s Set (1) in her 1st chart includes Angle/venus/jupiter as well as Angle/mars/saturn. The same kind of set existed in JR’s 1st chart, who also was not diagnosed with asthma until in her late 30s.

Set (2) above gives us our Angle/neptune/6th influence. C moon rules C Asc, b moon rules B Asc, and c jupiter rules c 6th house. C jupiter is a little over 4° from c moon, but less than 3° from b1 moon, and it is retrograde, so by progression it is moving toward them. It turned stationary direct at 4 Pisces 59 on the date of her diagnosis, age 32-1/2. Of course, at that point it is moving very slowly, staying in that vicinity for many years, making it conceivable that Set (2) provides the Angle/light/neptune/6th influence.

Sets (1) and (2) “summed” give us influence of light/mars/saturn/neptune to Angles and 6th houses, with everything but neptune influence to a 3rd, and with 8th influence entirely absent.

I need another drawing in order to show Set (3):

AST, Part II
Partial Harmonic Chart for the 1st House, Part II

Placidus: c11—14Tau, c12—20Gem, c2—10Leo, c3—5Vir b11—8Tau, b12—14Gem, b2—5Leo, b3—29Leo

Set (3) is a second set showing mars/saturn and venus/jupiter in the same set with each other. Its influence is to C Asc (which is part of the set) as well as C MC (ruled by c mars). C1 mercury rules c 3rd house, b1 mars rules B MC, b jupiter rules b 6th, and b saturn co-rules (15 of 31°) b 6th. This set has something Set (1) does not have—it contains c1 uranus, ruler of c 8th house.<>/p>

So, of the asthma significators we are interested in, Set (3) contains lighted (by C Asc) 2mars/saturn with influence to 3rd, 6th, and 8th houses. It lacks neptune. [Her Angle/neptune/6th influence was shown above in Set (2)].

With all three sets summed she still has lighted mars/saturn/neptune influence to Angles and 6th houses, and mars/saturn influence to 3rd and 8th houses.

Let’s take a look at her chart for half-way through her 32nd year, the year “after which” her asthma started. I have used February 3, 1973 when she was 32 years, 6 months old:

Set (a)pB MC2 Taurus 14
b uranus1 Taurus 54ruler of b 8th house
pb1 neptune2 Taurus 32

Set (a) shows us a new, progressed Angle/neptune with influence to an 8th house.

Set (b)pC MC10 Taurus 58
c1 saturn10 Aquarius 57co-ruler (19 of 29°) b 6th house
pc mars11 Aquarius 06ruler of C MC
pc sun10 Scorpio 26

Set (b) contains a new Angle/light(sun)/mars/saturn also with influence to the original C MC and 6th and 8th houses. C1 saturn co-rules (19 of 29°) c 6th house, and the lighted mars/saturn conjunction in Aquarius is in both 8th houses.

Set (c)pb1 mars19 Pisces 21ruler of B MC
b SN19 Pisces 02

Since mars in Pisces is in the sign ruled by neptune, Set (c) is an Angle/mars/neptune influence.

Set (d)pc1 mars3 Virgo 19ruler of C MC
b1 moon3 Sagittarius 50ruler of B Asc
c moon2 Pisces 22ruler of C Asc
pc jupiter 4 Pisces 59SDruler of c 6th house

As noted above, even though pc jupiter—the key to making this light/mars/neptune into a 6th influence—is stationary direct at a little over 2-1/2 above the closest moon, there is a good possibility it has “entered” the set. Since it is moving very slowly, it entered the set several years earlier, and will not leave it until several years later.

Set (d) represents a new lighted mars influence to three Angles and a 6th house.

Still in reference to Set (d) above, even progressing harmonic mars can move very slowly in the 1st chart. On August 3, 1972 (her 32nd birthday) it was at 2 Virgo 20, very much in the set. Above it represents mars placement on February 3, 1973. On August 3, 1973 it was at 4 Virgo 17, just starting to leave the set.

Progressing c saturn, which started out at 3 Aries 39R, has moved to 1 Aries 21R. It goes into Set (1) above. Moving retrograde it was then at 25’ above B MC and moving toward it. This gave her two saturns to her B MC—the original one, b1 saturn, co-ruler of b 6th house, and this new one, pc saturn, co-ruler of c 6th house. Slow moving, and therefore long-acting, pc saturn’s increasing conjunction to B MC was likely a major player in the astrological development of her asthma.

All that above looks interesting. Maybe it suffices for her significators for asthma, but let’s take a quick look at her 7th chart. I am not even going to present a drawing since I did not initially see that many significators for asthma in this chart. Here, however, is what one set looked like on February, 3, 1973, the date used above for progressions for the approximate date of onset of asthma:

Set (i)c7 mars7 Scorpio 39ruler of C MC
b7 mercury7 Scorpio 50ruler of b 12th house, co-ruler (30 of 32°) b 3rd
pb7 saturn7 Aquarius 13Rco-ruler (15 of 30°) of b 6th house
pb7 neptune 7 Taurus 37

Set (i) started out a mercury/mars conjunction with influence to an Angle and 3rd house. Progressed, it shows a close set involving mercury/mars/saturn/neptune with influence to an Angle, 3rd, and 6th house—the main significators for asthma. Progressed B Asc (an un-rectified chart) was at 8 Leo 09. It might, in fact be somewhat less, and fit into Set (i).

Set (i) also lacked a light, but we are looking at progressions for the midpoint of a year. Pc7 sun was at 3 Aquarius 52, and at the end of her 32nd year, on August 3, 1973, was at 8 Aquarius 23. Progressed harmonic moons would reach the set even more easily.

Set (i) lacked 8th influence, but that can happen. Depends, apparently, on the severity of the attack. AST, however, did have a powerful 8th set that year:

Set (ii)c7 NN18 Pisces 36
b SN19 Pisces 02
pc7 uranus19 Pisces 10Rruler of b 8th house

There it is again—activated, lighted, uranus in Scorpio, or Pisces with 8th influence, suggesting the frightening, life-and-death struggle associated with severe asthma attacks.

We cannot meaningfully look at a return or transits for a period covering a whole year, especially since we have no idea where she was at the time. Since we also do not have any dates of attacks following her awareness she had asthma, this is all we can do with AST’s 1st and 7th charts. Dates of attacks would have helped us isolate which was her major chart for asthma.

I want to show one of the sets in her 7th chart that shows her interest in astrology. It is in Appendix 3:

Go to Appendix 3, Astrology for some comments on AST’s Interest in Astrology

EW, Female, Asthmatic
From the biography attached to her data we have: EW was a Member of Parliament in Britain. She was well-known and liked, and known to have read a book a day. She was an insomniac. She also suffered from asthma and took medication for it. [We have no dates of attacks nor information whether or not she had asthma in childhood.]

She died February 6, 1947, at age 55, of an accidental drug overdose.

We will be looking at her 1st and 6th charts.

Partial Harmonic Chart for the 1st House

Placidus: c11—5Aqu, c12—17Pis, c2—7Gem, c3—23Gem b11—18Vir, b12—9Lib, b2—26Sco, b3—7Cap

Sets (1) and (2) show mars and saturn, each lighted and brought forefront by an Angle, in b 6th house. If we do not accept that mars is still in the 6th house, then we can use the fact that mars rules b 6th house. In Set (1) saturn rules C MC in b 3rd house, so Set (1) has an Angle/saturn/3rd/6th influence, while Set (2) shows Angle/mars/6th.

In Set (3), I put c1 mars in the set, but I do not really feel it is part of it. Technically it can be included because the set has two lights, increasing acceptable orb. But it is weak. Accepting it for the time being, Set (3) influences 3rd (two c moons co-rule c 3rd) and 6th (mars co-rules c 6th) houses, but not an Angle. Thus the influence is lighted mars/neptune/3rd/6th.

I was more interested, in Set (3), in the conjunction of moon/neptune/pluto in Gemini being in b 8th house, while c moons rules c 4th house and b1 neptune co-rules b 4th. Giving her a lighted neptune/pluto/4th/8th set.

Neptune and pluto together were strong in the 1st charts of two individuals who died of anaphylactic shock (link to paper on Home Page). I saw them as symbolizing the profound (pluto) flooding (pluto) of the body as a reaction to “drugs” (neptune). I can also see neptune conjunct pluto with 4th influence as profound (pluto) transformations (pluto) taking place as a result of chemicals (neptune), i.e., death by a drug over-dose. So I read Set (3) indicating a possibility of death (4th house) through too much (pluto) of chemicals (neptune), or even compulsive (pluto) taking of medications (neptune). And finally, even an unconscious wish (pluto) to expand (neptune) her life beyond its material confines.

EW’s biographical information about her asthma does not provide us with dates of onset or attacks. If it had, we could explore her 1st chart more to see if she was one of the individual’s whose significators for asthma matured after birth. As it is, it does not do a very good job of representing her susceptibility to asthma.

We can do her progressions for death to see what they look like in this chart, but she did not die from an asthma attack. So if this chart showed her death, it would be showing death from a drug overdoes, not asthma.

At the time of her death, February 6, 1947, Set (3) was interesting—below presented anew as Set (3a). Transits are for 7:00 p.m. GMT:

Set (3a)c moon15 Gemini 31ruler of c 4th house, co-ruler (10 of 17°) of c 3rd
b1 pluto16 Gemini 26R
b1 neptune16 Gemini 58
t1 mars16 Gemini 56
t1 NN15 Gemini 36
c1 moon16 Virgo 34ruler of c 4th house, co-ruler (10 of 17°) of c 3rd
t neptune16 Virgo 38

Set (3a) shows 2light/mars/neptune/pluto influence to 3rd and 4th houses, but does not influence any Angles.

She had two new progressed Angle/saturn sets. Still, EW’s progressed 1st chart was not strong enough for her death. Her 6th and 7th charts were.

Her 6th chart also does a better job of showing her susceptibility to asthma. It shows mars/saturn/neptune influence to at least one Angle and with a path involving 3rd, 6th, and 8th houses. Let’s take a look at that.

Partial Harmonic Chart for the 6th House

Placidus: c11—5Aqu, c12—17Pis, c2—7Gem, c3—23Gem b11—18Vir, b12—9Lib, b2—26Sco, b3—7Cap

Set (1) shows unlighted mars/saturn/neptune/venus/jupiter/pluto. C venus rules C Asc and co-rules (30 of 60°) c 6th house. C jupiter rules c 8th house. And c saturn rules C MC in b 3rd house. This unlighted set influences two Angles (C Asc and C MC), 3rd, 6th, and 8th houses. Since we do not know when she was diagnosed with asthma, we cannot view this as the third chart showing delayed development of asthma because of the presence of venus and jupiter among the asthma significators.

Set (1) becomes lighted, for one example, every time a progressed moon enters it. Moon progresses about 1° per month, but progressing harmonic moon in the 6th chart moves about 8° per month. There are two progressing non-harmonic moons—birth and conception—in each chart and two progressing harmonic moons in each chart. With two of its progressing moons moving at a speed of about 8° per month, Set (1) has many more opportunities to gain a light through progression than is the case in the 1st chart.

Set (2) shows node/moon/mars/saturn with influence to an Angle, 3rd and 6th house. C saturn rules C MC in b 3rd house, and c mars actually falls a little short of influencing 1/3 of c 6th house (mars rules 16 of 60°). This set came into play at the time of her death. Progressed c saturn was then at 21 Leo 31R, 4’ off from an exact conjunction to c6 mars. But this set has no 4th influence, so it does not foretell her death.

She also had progressed mercury/saturn/neptune/pluto which had some influence to a 4th house—more neptune/pluto/4th. Unusually, she had three close progressions of node/mars, node/saturn and node/neptune. All promised difficult health conditions, but only neptune showed some 4th influence.

Finally, her pc6 neptune at 26 Cancer 27 was in the same set, though late, with B Asc at 25 Libra 51.

Altogether, her 4th influences in this chart at the time of her death are light/neptune and light/saturn. But she did not have a light/mars influence. Light/mars/saturn/4th almost universally precedes death.

While summed progressions in this chart show influence of mars, saturn, and neptune to Angles and plenty of other mars/saturn influences, this chart does not show her death because it lacks mars/4th influence. But that is not surprising because she did not die of a disease, she died of an overdose.

I have put the germane set for her death in her 7th chart in Appendix 4. There I have also covered her mental state at the time

Go to Appendix 4, Astrology for EW’s Death

Allergy 3932, Male, Died During Asthma Attack
The information above is all we have on this man except we also have the date and place of his death. He died of during an asthma attack in Cambridge, Massachusetts during World War II at age 43 on January 10, 1944, 6:00 a.m. EWT.

We will be examining his astrology for asthma, and that for his death from it.

Allergy 3932
Partial Harmonic Chart for the 1st House

Placidus: c11—27Sag, c12—25Cap, c2—11Ari, c3—10Tau b11—25Gemi, b12—26Can, b2—21Vir, b3—21Lib

Even if the time of birth is off, Set (1) still has Angular influence because it includes c mars, ruler of C Asc. Accepting birth time, we have a set including MC/Asc/moon/mars/saturn/neptune. C moon rules c 6th house, b mars rules b 4th and co-rules b 8th (21 of 30°) and co-rules b 3rd house (23 of 32°). Set (1) contains the full set of significators—right chart, right planets, enough influence, and right paths—hypothesized to be those for asthma.

The set’s influence to a 4th house suggests the possibility, depending on all kinds of factors, including available medical help, he could die from an attack.

Both his non-harmonic saturns were in the position to progress, during his life, over his c sun, at 7 Sagittarius 22 and co-ruler (30 of 37°) of c 6th house. Starting at 5 Sagittarius 53, at the time of his death his pb saturn had already moved past c sun to 9 Sagittarius 15.

Let’s take a look at pc saturn on the date of his death :

Set (3)c sun7 Sagittarius 22co-ruler (30 of ) of c 6th house
pc saturn8 Sagittarius 07
t1 NN (6:00 a.m. EWT)8 Sagittarius 24
return1 mars8 Gemini 41R

Set (3) constitutes a sun/node/mars/saturn with influence to his c 6th house.

Progressed c1 mars was at 22 Gemini 55 in late conjunction with his b1 sun at 22 Gemini 06.

Summed, by progression he had a sun/mars + sun/saturn in this chart, with progressed c1 mars having been the most recent arrival.

Also at 6:00 a.m. EWT, t1 mars was at 2 Gemini 43 while t1 uranus was at 4 Gemini 01R (their midpoint was 3 Gemini 22), straddling the I.C. of Set (1) above, “setting it off.”

He started out with two Angle/pluto sets, and gained two more by progression. His B-Loc Asc was at 10 Virgo 46 while his return (and transiting—not much difference in degree) neptune was conjunct it at 10 Virgo 15, that is, neptune was transiting his locality Asc, with return North Node at 10 Sagittarius 08.

Allergy 3932 started out with a full set for asthma, with in his 1st chart. His actual progressions for were weak. Combined with return and transits, a case can be made that this chart shows his death.

Let’s see what Set (1) looked like in his 7th chart:

Set (i)c saturn3 Sagittarius 17ruler of c 12th house
C MC 3 Sagittarius 44
C Asc2 Pisces 01
b7 jupiter 4 Pisces 53co-ruler (25 of 32°) of b 4th house
c neptune 2 Gemini 07ruler of C Asc

Assuming a correct birth time, saturn to two Angles (C MC and C Asc) is not usually good for longevity. But again, since neptune rules C Asc, we do not need correct birth time to know this set has Angle influence. However, this set does not reference 3rd, 6th, or 8th houses and it lacks mars, so in this chart, it has nothing to do with his asthma! With both jupiter and saturn, it is an essentially “neutral” set. Let’s see what it looks like on January 10, 1944, when he died during an attack:

Set (ii)c saturn3 Sagittarius 17ruler of c 12th house
C MC 3 Sagittarius 44
C Asc2 Pisces 01
b7 jupiter 4 Pisces 53co-ruler (25 of 32°) of b 4th house
pc7 jupiter3 Pisces 28ruler of C MC in b 4th house
c neptune 2 Gemini 07ruler of C Asc
pb7 mars3 Virgo 25co-ruler of b 3rd (23 of 32°) house and co-ruler of b 8th (21 of 30°) house
pb7 pluto 3 Sagittarius 41

Set (ii) shows that at the time of death Set (i) acquired influence to another Angle and 3rd, 4th, and 8th houses. This chart describes his potential death (but not necessarily from asthma) because it shows mars/saturn influence to Angles and a 4th house.

This man had an interesting interplay of 3rd/6th/8th houses in his 7th chart. B uranus co-rules (24 of 28°) b 6th house. It is at 16 Scorpio 03 (8th sign) conjunct mercury (natural ruler of 3rd ) at 15 Scorpio 33 in b 3rd house. C uranus, at 26 Pisces 23 in b 8th house is lighted by his return7 moon at 26 Virgo 40.

Allergy 7160, Female, Child Asthmatic
All we know about this individual was she had asthma as a child, suffers from hay fever and other airborne plant spores, and takes shots every year to help control her reactions.

Sets (1) and (2) were close together, in effect leading from one to the other. To make them clearer, I have separated them into two different drawings. I divided them based on grouping planets around nearest lights.

Allergy 7160, Part I
Partial Harmonic Chart for the 1st House

Placidus: c11—8Gem, c12—10Can, c2—1Vir, c3—29Vir b11—20Vir, b12—14Lib, b2—5Sag, b3—12Cap

Set (1) shows a conjunction of moon/Asc/mercury/mars/neptune in Leo. Mars/neptune might have been out of orb, but the inclusion of c sun and b moon in Aquarius, along with c1 NN in Scorpio increases acceptable orb. Set (1) influences B Asc as well as C Asc, and 3rd and 8th houses. It lacks a 6th house influence.

At the very least, Set (1) would include b moon and mercury/mars/neptune, with influence to 3rd and 8th houses.

Note the unnumbered set above, b uranus, ruler of b 4th house and co-ruler (19 of 37°) of b 3rd house conjunct the harmonic south node in Pisces—all in c 8th house. B1 sun and b1 mercury are part of the set, lighting it. B1 sun rules B MC, and b1 mercury rules b 8th house. This set adds an Angle/uranus/8th to the paths affecting her 3rd and 8th houses and suggests she had some truly scary experiences through her asthma, during which she felt helpless (SN in Pisces).

Allergy 7160, Part II
Partial Harmonic Chart for the 1st House

Placidus: c11—8Gem, c12—10Can, c2—1Vir, c3—29Vir b11—20Vir, b12—14Lib, b2—5Sag, b3—12Cap

Set (2) includes sun/mercury in Scorpio, moon in Aquarius, b1 saturn in Taurus, c1 saturn in Taurus, and SN/B MC/mars/neptune in Leo. It influences B Asc, ruled by b mars, as well as B MC. B mercury rules b 8th house, c1 saturn rules c 6th house, b mars b 6th house, and b1 saturn rules b 3rd house. So, Set (2) contains light/mars/saturn/neptune/Angle/3rd/6th/8th influences. It contains all the hypothesized significators for asthma.

Medical: Asthma 35994, Male
Unfortunately, the title above contains all the information available on this man. His data was entered into Astrodatabank in 1999, so we can surmise at least by then that he suffered from asthma.

Asthma 35994
Partial Harmonic Chart for the 1st House

Placidus: c11—1Cap, c12—30Cap, c2—20Ari, c3—17Tau b11—22Tau, b12—25Gem, b2—17Leo, b3—12Vir

Set (1) contains moon/mercury/mars/saturn all fairly close together. On its lower end the set includes c1 neptune which is progressing forward. On its upper end, it almost includes b1 neptune, and will over time, because it is progressing retrograde. Moon rules B Asc, c1 neptune rules C Asc in b 8th house, b mercury rules b 3rd, b venus co-rules b 3rd, c mars co-rules c 8th, and b saturn co-rules (24 of 29°) b 6th house. So this set with lighted mars/saturn/(neptune) influences two Angles and 3rd, 6th, and 8th houses.

Below are progression of those two neptunes—c1 and b1—over the first thirty years of his life:

Agepc1 neptunepb1 neptune
Birth Age 1024 Scorpio 374 Sagittarius 05R
Birth Age 2025 Scorpio 003 Sagittarius 19R
Birth Age 3025 Scorpio 312 Sagittarius 36R

C1 and b1 neptune are progressing very slowly, but always in the direction of forming a closer set with the moon/mars/saturn.

With this astrological method, I have occasionally used midpoints. When I have, it has always been only between the same planet, e.g., between saturn and saturn, or between neptune and neptune. In addition, I have noticed throughout the years that 10° seemed the optimum and maximum separation between two such planets. Let’s look at the midpoints between these two neptunes and their progressions.

AgeMidpoint, c1 (or pc1) to b1 (or pb1) Neptune
At birth29 Scorpio 38
Birth Age 1029 Scorpio 21
Birth Age 2029 Scorpio 09
Birth Age 3029 Scorpio 03

Since we know almost nothing about 35994, I did not do progressions for neptune beyond age 30. Clearly, the midpoints between his harmonic neptunes and their progressions place them solidly in Set (1) for at leas the first 30 years of his life, and most likely for his whole life.

Set (2) shows sun/mars/jupiter/neptune—that is, a light/mars/neptune—with influence to c 6th (through c1 sun), C MC (through c1 jupiter), c 8th [c mars co-rules (17 of 27°), and c neptune rules C Asc. It influences two Angles and 6th and 8th houses.

The conjunction of C Asc to b1 NN in Pisces that one of the individual’s purposes in incarnating (NN) was to experience—for whatever reason—a certain amount of physical (1st chart, Asc) suffering (Pisces). Whenever a harmonic node is in Pisces and prominent in a chart it suggests some emphasis on suffering for matters associated with that chart.

Down at the bottom of the drawing is the conjunction of b1 saturn [co-ruler (24 of 29°) of b 6th house] at 22 Cancer 47 with B Asc at 24 Cancer 14. That saturn came much closer to the Asc at the same time that pc mars (in Set 2) formed a closer set with sun/neptune. When 35994 was three years old, his pb1 saturn was at 23 Cancer 56 (nearly conjunct his B Asc) while his pc mars was at 11 Leo 56. That should have been a time he was more susceptible to asthma attacks.

A 7th chart set is noteworthy:

b neptune11 Scorpio 38 in c 8th house
c7 uranus12 Scorpio 12in c 8th house
c7 SN12 Scorpio 22 in c 8th house

Medical: Asthma 35995, Male
Once again, the title contains all the information we have on this male who suffered from asthma attacks.

Asthmatic 35995
Partial Harmonic Chart for the 1st House

Placidus: c11—6Tau, c12—9Gem, c2—2Leo, c3—29Leo b11—18Ari, b12—24Tau, b2—18Can, b3—13Leo

Note (the unnumbered set) that B MC is in the same set with c1 mars, ruler of C MC, and c uranus, ruler of c 8th house in b 3rd house. C Asc is in the same set with c saturn, just barely the co-ruler (10 of 30°) of c 6th house. This chart starts out with double Angle/mars/uranus plus one Angle/saturn, but also with forefront emphasis through their planets on 3rd, 8th, and 6th houses.

Set (1) contains a lot of planets. They are: 2 c suns (ruling c 3rd house), 2 c mercuries (co-ruling c 3rd house), b mars (ruling b 6th house), b saturn (ruling b 8th house), c1 jupiter (ruling c 6th house), and b neptune (ruling B MC). This set contains light/mars/saturn/neptune with influence to an Angle and 3rd, 6th, and 8th houses—all the 1st chart significators for asthma.

In this paper we looked at the astrology for ten individuals with asthma. Tentative significators for asthma were comprised of a set including light/mars/neptune, and sometimes saturn, with influence to an Angle, 3rd and 6th houses, and sometimes the 8th house. The 1st chart was the primary location of significators.

Two of the individuals (LA and 7160) were known to have asthma as children. Their significators for asthma were strong in their 1st charts. Dates of attacks, not available, would have helped enormously in establishing the validity of this chart as primary.

Two people did not get asthma until adulthood:

For one (JR), significators for asthma appeared strong in the 1st chart and were confirmed stronger at approximate date of diagnosis.
The other, (AST), had good significators for asthma for date of diagnosis in her 1st chart. However, that chart seemed unlikely to represent her asthma because it started with no sets that contained mars and neptune. On date of diagnosis she also showed strong, close significators in her 7th chart. Without dates of attacks, it was impossible to sort out which was the stronger chart for asthma.

Two individuals were atypical in chart, that is, their asthma showed best in a chart other than the 1st:

SE, Sr.’s significators for asthma appeared in his 3rd chart.
The 6th appeared to be the chart best showing asthma for EW.
Without dates of attacks it was impossible to confirm which chart was most active in asthma for either individual.

JF, 3932, and 35995 all had strong significators for asthma in their 1st charts. But, it was not known whether or not any of these individuals had asthma as children.

We did not have dates of attacks for 3932 and 35995. Without dates of attacks it was impossible to establish whether of not their 1st chart served as their chart for asthma.
JF’s chart was the only rectified one and her data also includes dates of four attacks. Her 1st chart held up well in showing significators for her four severe asthma attacks. Therefore, her 1st chart has been confirmed as the primary location for her significators for asthma. As the only rectified chart giving dates of attacks, JF’s astrology was very important in confirming significators for asthma.

JR was the only other individual who provided dates and localities for four of her severe asthma episodes. Since she was an astrologer, perhaps her chart was rectified, but it did not state that. Regardless, significators for her asthma attacks were strong for the 1st chart.

JR’s progressed astrology for attacks was atypical in that Angle influence was gained frequently through progressions of mars, saturn, and neptune to her b mercury (or vice versa), ruler of her B MC, thus illustrating the rule that when mercury rules an Angle, it acts both as a light and an Angle ruler. The other planets of personality do not act that way. For instance: when an individual has MC in Taurus, progression of saturn to it rulers, venus and harmonic venus, will not act as a forefront influence until or unless the set is joined by a light. And if it is a fast-moving light, its power to bring saturn forefront is short-lived. But when saturn joins either sun, moon, or mercury that rules an Angle, its influence is much longer.

That leaves 35994, whose significators for asthma were in his 1st chart, but the orbs for neptune to the primary set, Set (1) were large. Using their midpoints, however, they fell closely into Set (1), making the 1st chart appear the locale for his asthma significators.. Without dates of attacks it was impossible to confirm that this chart was the primary one.

In the introduction I discussed problems involved in this kind of study. With comparatively little information available for most of the subjects above, it was impossible to come to emphatic conclusions. At the same time, compared to the incomplete and sloppy birth data available even fifty years ago, astrologers now are awash in more, and more reliable information. So, I am grateful for what I get.

This study suggests the significators for asthma are those hypothesized above under “Significators for Asthma.”

But, the astrology of asthma requires some additional discussion:

By working with charts of individuals reported to have a condition, it is possible to find the astrology they share. However, even if we had hundreds or even thousands of asthmatic individuals who share the same significators for asthma, we still have no idea how many, if any, individuals who share the same astrology are free from the condition.

Cancer and diabetes do not (or did not) occur in some (non-Western, non-industrialized) cultures (see footnote 2, below). That suggests that the cultures in which they do occur help sponsor the disease. If that is the case, then these diseases have both astrological and cultural indicators. That may also be true of Alzheimer’s disease for which I found significators and wrote a paper. Here is its link: Paper on Alzheimer's Significators.

I understand that some cultures also have very little occurrence of asthma. If that is the case, then the significators found here do not stand outright for that asthma. Rather, they stand for some sort of susceptibility or inherency, which given supporting cultural conditions results in the expression of the disease.

In astrology any time an individual has all the significators for a disease but does not develop it, good research demands finding out why. In addition to better data and control groups, astrology could conceivably profit from cross-cultural studies. And the more different the cultures, the better.

Star Flower, a rare 7-petaled flower
From Wildflowers of Michigan Field Guide, by Stan Tekiela

(1) The 1st chart is also involved in the definition of the significators for schizophrenia. If it lacks those significators while the 3rd chart contains them, we have an individual not usually understood to be schizophrenic. Perhaps, then, one who is subject to “panic attacks.”

Therefore, it is not unreasonable to believe it possible the 1st and 7th charts combine to express something like an asthma attack.

(2) See Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, by Weston A. Price, D.D.S. La Mesa, California: The Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation, Inc., 1st published in 1939. Price, who measured health through dental arch, traveled around the world in the 1930s to cultures still unaffected by Western diet. The book is astonishingly good in that he found a number of such cultures—each with a different food emphasis—meats, fats, vegetables—each showing extraordinarily healthy individuals. He included many illustrative photos. They leave no doubt about the suitability of the use of dental arch as a measure of vibrant health.

Data Acknowledgments (in alphabetic order)
Letters following the name show Rodden rating for reliability of birth time. Data presented in order of appearance in paper.

Birth: 3/26/1997, 21:32 AEDT, Malvern, Australia. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. Quoted BC/BR, Elva Howson Collection
Conception:6/16/1996, 2:55:43 a.m. AEDT, Malvern, Australia.

SE, Sr. (AA)
Birth: 5/24/1928, 12:27 a.m. CST, Minneapolis, MN. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. Pat Rice quotes him, B.C.
Conception:8/16/1927, 11:01:11 a.m. CST, Minneapolis, MN.

Birth: 2/08/1956, 1:57:40 p.m. EST, Arlington, VA. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. Rectified by her, her husband, and a third astrologer from a given time of 2:07 p.m.
Conception:4/29/1955, 9:32:00 p.m. EST, Arlington, VA.

JR (A)
Birth: 3/16/1942, 2:45 a.m. EWT, Laurel, MI. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. LM Rodden quotes her by email letter, July, 1998.
Conception:6/05/1941, 10:39:28 p.m. EST, Laurel, MI.

Birth: 8/03/1940, 6:01 a.m. EWT, Niagara Falls, Canada. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. LM Rodden quotes her February, 1987.
Conception:10125/1939, 12:02:33 a.m. EST, Niagara Falls, Canada.

EW (A)
Birth: 10/08/1891, 9:50 a.m. GMT, Stretford, England. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. Watts quotes Wilkinson’s sister, AQ Winter/1950.
Conception:12/26/1890, 2:12:57 p.m. GMT, Stretford, England.

Allergy 3932 (A)
Birth: 10/04/1900, 4:15 a.m. CST, Whiye Castle, LA. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. Edna Rowlands quotes case.
Conception:12/22/1899, 11:47:39 a.m. CST, Whiye Castle, LA.

Allergy 7160 (A)
Birth: 12/04/1932, 5:54 a.m. CST, Chicago, IL. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. Frank Jones quotes case in MH 7/1980.
Conception:2/21/1932, 5:24:16 p.m. CST, Chicago, IL.

Medical: Asthma 35994 (A)
Birth: 5/29/1973, 11:15 a.m. PDT, San Jose, CA. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. Jane Drury quotes his mom.
Conception:8/20/1972, 9:22:17 p.m. PDT, San Jose, CA.

Medical: Asthma 35995 (A)
Birth: 8/27/1970, 2:55 a.m. PDT, San Diego, CA. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. Jane Drury quotes his dad.
Conception:11/15/1969, 9:41:41 p.m. PST, San Diego, CA.

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