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The Astrology of Heart Disease
Thirty-Five Cases, Including:
9 Newborn Heart Defects, 19 Heart Attacks (Including President Clinton, Carrie Fisher, Kara Kennedy, and Antonin Scalia), Seven Deaths from Heart Failure (Including George Michael)
and 1 Probably-Not-A-Heart-Death-Even-Though-The-Data-Says-So
by Sandra Weidner
Serious infant heart defects, adult heart attacks, and adult heart failure have considerable astrology in common, demonstrated in this paper. Further, the difference between the latter two is shown to be consistent with standard astrological understanding. Last for this paper, astrology that accompanies successful intervention in heart disease is introduced.

Information about health practices and diet for all individuals discussed is, unfortunately, completely unknown. It is a well-established fact that these influence cardiac health. So, obviously, they must have some influence in the way its astrology plays out.

The superior techniques of contemporary heart surgery have also greatly affected the course of heart disease.

They have not, however, altered its course for those individuals whose potential to heart attack, based on physical parameters, were not diagnosed until it was too late. Or on the outcome for those whose next heart attack was completely unexpected. Nor did they help the individuals whose potential for heart failure may have been ameliorated with early health practices.

Early intervention not based on physical parameters is not possible with physical medicine. It is possible through the astrology of heart disease.

Taking all the above into consideration, the astrology of heart disease has the potential of identifying who is more likely to have it and which kind. For some, a presently unknown percentage, diagnosis is possible from earliest childhood.

I have written a number of papers on medical conditions. All of them established definite astrological parameters for those conditions. That is, they established the common astrology—called significators--shared by people who had the same condition. I do not claim that the significators established so far are complete. In fact, it is likely they are not. In some cases the significator itself may require additional astrological definition. In other cases, astrology exists independent of the significator which ameliorates or even prevents the condition from occurring.

Only further research with absolutely dependable birth data, dependable diagnoses, dependable life histories and the work of thousands of individuals can establish such things. One individual does not establish a science.

Medicine uses differential diagnosis, depending on various test results, to sort diseases which share some symptoms from the one actually occurring. This astrology needs exactly the same thing. An example of the beginning of such a procedure is found in the second paper on Alzheimer’s Disease, link immediately below

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Many readers of these papers on medical, psychological and sexual conditions read only about that condition, or perhaps one other. They thus have no idea how well this very different astrological method works. To get some idea of that, read some of the sixteen (with more to come!) papers on twins on this site. In traditional astrology, twins are hard to differentiate. This astrology demonstrates the differences in astrology which account for their life differences. Here is a link to one of the twin papers:The Silent Twins. Links to the other twin papers are found in each paper.

It will be emphasized again later, but bears repeating: this astrology uses the sidereal (Eastern) zodiac, not the tropical (Western) one. The link to a discussion of their differences is found below in the section entitled Astrological Method.

Individuals whose astrology are presented here all had serious heart conditions. They either died from them, had corrective surgery, or died of complications from the surgery. It has been found that the best way to establish significators for any conditions is to start with individuals most seriously affected.

In general, the younger an individual dies of something medical like heart disease, the stronger his astrology for same. An 85-year-old man who dies from heart failure is not going to present as strong an astrology for it as that shown by a 40-year-old man who also dies of heart failure. Nor is the 40-year-old man going to present as strong an astrology as an infant who dies of a heart defect.

Infants born with serious, life-threatening heart defects already have the significators in place for their condition. Heart malfunction in adulthood is the result of starting (at birth), progressed (birth brought up to the present), and current (in the heavens) astrology. Therefore, infant astrology is the place to start to establish the fundamental astrology of heart disease.

Cases presented in this paper show the most severe conditions first—those of infants born with life-threatening heart defects. They are followed by examples of heart attacks, then heart failures, each presented in ascending order of age the condition occurred.

In most, but not all cases, this kind of presentation also shows a descending order of severity of the astrology of heart disease that helps highlight the condition.

Although ultimately the same planets are involved in deaths of all three subject categories, their order and strength of presentation in the individual’s astrology make the difference in which disease manifests, when.

Which disease manifests is discussed more below.

Aside from the consistency of the significators for heart disease, there are two particularly interesting examples in this paper.

The first involves individuals identified as having hereditary heart disease. Of course, any one of the others may also have had a hereditary heart condition but were not so identified. For two of the three so identified—one newborn and one adult—their significators are interesting because they occurred in their 4th chart. The 4th chart contains information about the individual’s real estate, property, apartments, and homes. It also describes the father’s influence. Thus significators occurring in the 4th could be clear indicators of paternal genetic influences.

Here is what Amy Tucker, M.D., a University of Virginia Health System cardiologist, says about hereditary coronary artery disease: “Having a family history of early coronary artery disease (before age 55 in men or before age 65 in women) is an independent risk factor for heart disease, even after subtracting the effects of other major risk factors. Some studies suggest that the family history alone accounts for up to 15 percent of heart attacks (from

The second extra-interesting condition occurs in the last example of death from heart attack, in Harry Curtis’ astrology. His case is interesting because his presenting significator at birth was more spread out than is normally the case. Specifically, the mars and saturn part of it were very wide apart, but his progressed astrology served to make them work together for his death..

Before further discussing the significator, I need to mention details about this astrological method which is different from either traditional Western or traditional Eastern methods.

Astrological Method
This method is not traditional. It uses a birth and conception planets and their harmonics and houses, all of which share the same axis. Conception is based on a formula discussed in the following paper: How to Find Conception

This astrology uses the sidereal positions of the planets based on the Fagan-Bradley’s SVP. My view of the practical differences between the tropical (Western) and the sidereal (Eastern) zodiacs can be found at Tropical vs. Sidereal Zodiac.
Harmonics are taken from the sidereal position of the planets. The Egyptian harmonic, discussed in the paper “About This Method” (link just below), is used Results over the past 30 years suggest it is the correct harmonic for best and realistic results..
”Lights” include suns, moons, and moons nodes. When mercury rules an Angle, it also acts like a light and has the same orb as the other lights. The MC or Asc also acts like a light, but one with only a 2° orb (at most), because when a set is on an Angle it does not need a light to be active.
This method uses only conjunctions, applying and separating squares, and oppositions. (There is a table in the paper on chartrules which shows which traditional aspects--e.g., semi-square, trine, quincunx, etc.--in the sidereal are converted to conjunctions, squares, and oppositions in the harmonics and which charts they occur in, link below.) Orbs for static planets with lights is at most 5°; without lights, 2°. Orb for MC/planet or Asc/planet is 2°. Planets so related to each other are referred to as in the same “set.” A set, then, is two or more planets (or an Angle) connected to each other through conjunction, square, and opposition within the defined orbs. Sets without Angles are more active when they contain a light, and less active without one. Learning to look in terms of “crosses” can be helpful in rapidly finding planets that are in the same set.
Acceptable orb for planets to return Angles is 2°; for progressed Angles, 1° (hopefully less, but these are unrectified charts). It is important that the two not be confused. 2° is an absolutely unacceptable orb for progressed planets to Angles or progressed Angles to planets.
Because this approach uses both a birth and conception chart and they share the same axis, birth houses usually overlap different houses of the conception chart. These are called “house overlaps.” Throughout all papers I use the convention when writing about house overlaps of putting the birth house first, then the conception house. So, for instance, a “5th/1st” overlap refers to an overlap of birth 5th house with conception 1st house in that order.
Birth planets (including their harmonics) rule only birth houses. Conception planets (including their harmonics) rule only conception houses.
For a more thorough explanation of this astrological approach, refer to the following papers:

About This Method
Empirically-Derived Rules for Reading These Charts
In the partial charts shown below, birth planets and their harmonics are inside the circle. Conception planets and their harmonics are outside the circle. Conception sidereal planets are red; conception harmonic ones, black. Birth sidereal planets are blue; birth harmonic ones, green. Occasionally, because of space limitations, I have had to violate this inside/outside arrangement, but the color coding remains constant.
Abbreviations used are b = birth, c = conception, and t = transiting. MC = Midheaven, Asc = Ascendant, and "Angles" is a generic terms for both. Even though the harmonic used for each chart is always two more than the chart’s number, in these papers—for ease of reading—I write the harmonic number the same as the chart number. For example, the 5th chart uses the 7th harmonic, but I have established the convention of writing harmonic planets for the 5th chart as, e.g., c5 mars, which reads, “the harmonic for the 5th chart for conception mars.” Pc3 mars stands for the harmonic for the 3rd chart of its progressed conception mars. T5 pluto represents transiting (at the time of the event) pluto for the 5th chart.

Please note that any planet shown below which is not harmonic—whether there at birth or occurring through progression—occurs in all twelve charts. Harmonic planets occur only in the chart for which they are derived. They are always shown with a number, e.g., b3 sun is the harmonic of the birth sun for the 3rd chart.

The Difference Between “At Birth” and “Progressed” Astrology of a Condition
As is shown in the examples below, infants born with serious heart defects are born with that astrology in place, that is, they have the full significator at birth which in turn manifests the disease. They do have some interesting progressed conception (which start progressing at conception, before birth) positions at birth, but they are mostly lights which have moved into a heart set whcih intensifies that signficator.

Individuals who later in life develop any disease, in this instance heart, also have at least part of the significator in place “at birth.” It indicates that with the right, later astrology (and probably environmental and lifestyle practices) a heart condition will develop. I have been calling such tendencies from birth “faults” simply to indicate that the individual is born with some of the astrology of a condition. Faults are usually necessary for the later manifestation of the disease. They, so to speak, foreshadow it.

But faults need ”supporting astrology” in order to develop a condition. Supporting astrology occurs through three processes. It occurs (1) through progressions, which are date-oriented changes of position of the birth planets; (2) through returns (which with this method occur 9 times per year), and (3) through transits (current positions of planets in the heavens at any one time).

Supporting astrology always involves the same planets and house influences shown in the fault significator. It is not “new” astrology with regard to planets and paths. It involves increases of the influence of the original fault.

Hence, the supporting astrology for infants born with serious heart defects occurs mainly through lights intensifying already developed significators. They do not need more supporting astrology to register heart disease.

But for adults first experiencing heart disease, supporting astrology is usually quite pronounced. It is comprised of addtional planets and paths which are the same as those in the heart significator. Metaphorically, they represents the drop-by-drop buildup of the astrology that changes a condition from potential to actual.

The Planets, the Path, and the Charts Showing Heart Disease
So far we have the following:

Any one of the ten traditional planets may be in the significator but not the defining part of it. The planets for death from heart disease are sun, mars, and saturn. But in sponsoring the build-up resulting in a heart attack, sun/mars is more predominant; for heart failure, sun/saturn.

The sun, is often a symbol of the heart. It is also a symbol of the soul in many cultures. Some Eastern traditions identify the heart—not really the physical heart, but its finer, energetic representation—as the seat of our real consciousness.

In heart disease, the sun is frequently actually “on an Angle”--i.e., in conjunction, square, or opposition to the sunrise or noon chart positions (the Ascendant and Midheaven, respectively). That means it is either conjunction, square or opposition an Ascendant or Midheaven with an orb of no more than 5° (the orb of a light to an Angle), almost always much less. Five degrees is always a weak--the weakest allowable--relationship between a light and a planet.

But the sun can also be in a set occurring at birth which rules an Angle. Then it is not on one.

”On an Angle” is a forefront condition. Planets on Angles are not only lifelong influences, they are most influenced by life. Since the sun represents the heart, when it is on an Angle it means the heart is continuously on the “front lines” interacting with life’s conditions. Whether or not that is deleterious or beneficial depends on the other planets also on Angles (they don’t have to be on the same Angle). If those planets are either the greater or lesser malefics of astrology—saturn and mars, respectively—the effect is deleterious. With jupiter and venus, an exceedingly charismatic, "important" individual is indicated, and in those cases, mitigate against disease. Since the sun also represents vitality, its presence on an Angle can suppress disease symptoms--as occurred with martial artist Bruce Lee--until crisis proportions are reached. Here is the link to the paper covering his death. His significators occurred in his 1st chart--Lee paper.

The deleterious effects of sun on an Angle occurring at the same time as mars or saturn is shown in heart disease.

In long-term sets (either born with or longer-lasting sets formed by slow secondary progressions), the sun mixes its influence either with predominant mars (heart attack), or with predominant saturn (heart failure) and produces heart disease.

So, the planet part of the fault significator for heart attacks is expressed Angle/sun/mars, while that for heart failure is expressed as Angle/sun/saturn. Sometimes, of course, they occur blended in varying proportions. As mentioned, other planets can be in the significator without annulling it. Their main effect is usually to spread influence of the significator through their rulership of houses.

The Halevy Model for Finding Endocrine Significators
The importance of planets on Angles (at birth) acting as the identifier of the type of disease is shown in the papers on diabetes and thyroid conditions, links above. Those disease follow the Halevy model (shown in those papers) for identifying which planet announces which potential disease of the endocrine glands. All the planets except pluto are used.

In the Halevy model, the sun stands for the thymus gland. So, on an Angle, with the right astrological conditions, it would represent a potential disease or malfunction of the thymus gland.

But mankind suffers from many more diseases than are identified in the Halevy endocrine model, There are only so many planets to go around. So, if planets on Angles identify the potential locus of a disease—as is the case of the sun in heart disease—then those same planets must symbolically represent more than endocrine functions. That being the likely case, then other parts of the individual's astrology must assist in sorting out which disease is represented.

The difference so far found between heart disease and the Halevy indicators in thyroid and pancreatic dysfunction is that with the latter two the significator planet (moon for pancreas: mercury for thyroid) must actually be on an Angle in the chart carrying the disease part of the significator. This paper shows that the sun can just be influencing an Angle through ruling it. But it must do so for a significant period (in years) in the individual’s life in order to function as the heart part of the significator.

A significator’s path is a description of all the houses planets in it influence, including Angles. The Angles—Midheaven (MC) and Ascendant (Asc)—are actually the beginning of the 10th and 1st houses, respectively. But since they may be in the last degree of a sign with the rest of the house made up by degrees of the next sign, there is a difference between an Angle and those houses. An Angle is only involved when the actual MC or Asc is either in the set or ruled by a planet in the set. Co-rulers of houses must influence at least 1/3 of the house.

So a path looks like Angle/house/house. Getting more specific, for instance, it could be MC/4th/6th, or generically, Angle/4th/6th. With this way of writing the significator I generally do not identify whether the Angle is actual or occurs through a ruler in the set—the former being the stronger of the two.

Combining planets in the significator with the path they take yields, for example, Asc/sun/mars/4th/6th. This states that sun and mars are on the Ascendant and also influence 4th and 6th houses. Angle/sun/mars/4th/6th indicates the Angle could be either the MC or the Asc.

So, the full significator--planets plus path--for death from heart disease is Angle/sun/mars/saturn/4th/6th/8th.

At birth, part of the house influence, like the 4th, can be missing. Sometimes it joins the set at death, or is even represented by a whole new set or sets at that time. By definition, the 6th influence, which indicates a health influence, Mi>must be there.

The planets and path of the significator remain the same, regardless of the chart the significator falls in.

As far as I have been able to establish, a significator can occur in any of the twelve harmonic charts. That being said, it occurs more frequently in some than in others. It often has a “typical” chart, or several “typical” charts it occurs in.

As can be seen in the examples below, infants born with heart defects have their significator occur overwhelmingly in the 6th chart of health. However, But they can occur in other charts.

Adults live long enough to establish a center of gravity chart (COG) which is not typical for any particular significator. So far the typical chart for the heart significator for infants born with severe defects is the 6th, but adults often have theirs in the 7th chart, which is a “default” COG chart because we know ourselves and our known best by our interactions with others, represented by the 7th chart. But adults can focus their attention in some other area—for instance, religion, in which case their COG chart may be their 9th chart (of religion).

The papers on homosexuality and gurus discuss the existence and reasonableness of COG charts and how I discovered them. Here are their links: Astrology for Homosexuality for 50 Men. and Astrology for Eastern Gurus.

So far the charts involved in showing adult heart dysfunction have been: the 6th of health, the 7th of significant others, the 4th of father’s influence, the 10th of mother’s influence, and the 12th of hidden matters and institutions. And there was one 3rd chart of mind (and one of the 1st chart--an example added to this paper later).

While I have labeled the general significance of these charts—for instance, “the 6th chart of health and service”—throughout this paper, do not make too much of them. They just identify the typical functions of that chart. Since it can be a COG chart, then it functions to represent the majority of the life, not just those areas it normally represents.

The occurrence of significators in charts of heart disease were as follows:

NewbornsSerious Birth Defect1 in the 4th chart
5 in the 6th chart
1 in the 7th chart
1 in the 12th chart
Adults Heart Attack1 in the 3rd chart
1 in the 4th chart
4 in the 6th chart
6 in the 7th chart
6 in the 9th chart
2 in the 10th chart
1 in the 12th chart
AdultsHeart Failure1 in the 4th chart
2 in the 6th chart
2 in the 7th chart

William Wantling is included in the section on heart failure because his biography identified him as someone who died of heart failure. But his astrology does not support that conclusion. And biographical information about his death also suggests he died from other causes. Therefore he is not counted in the table above.

I have put date of death, when given, in italics in all the attached biographies.

heart chakra symbol

I added a number of heart cases after I had almost completed this paper, so the numbering of sets below is a little unusual, but is entirely consistent.

With infant heart defects, the path Angle/sun/mars/saturn/4th/6th/8th should be expanded to include either an Asc or a 1st house. It identifies that the condition applies to childhood (Asc or 1st).

Here are the examples.

Newborn V92
The following biographical material was from “A Short Life” by Zip Dobyns at A recent Mutable Dilemma Challenge Corner described a family which included twins where one died almost immediately after birth and a sister of the twins died some years later. The next generation of the same family is obviously working on some of the same issues. A baby boy was born on August 3, 1992 at 7:51 a.m. EDT, 37N8.3, 79W37.1 (Radford, VA). He died just 4 days later at 19:53 on August 7, 37N16.2, 79W56.5.

The baby had been taken to a nearby larger city, but there was nothing the medical experts could do to save him He was born with a critical heart defect, with the left side very small and the right side enlarged…

V92, Male, Born With Heart Defect, Died Four Days Later
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 4th House (of Home and Father)

Placidus: c11—12 Gem, c12—13Can, c2—6Vir, c3—5Lib b11—2Gem, b12—5Can, b2—27Leo, b3—25Vir

Set (1) includes sun/mars/saturn. C sun rules C Asc in b 1st house. C saturn rules c 6th house. C6 mars rules c 4th house.

This set shows Angular, 1st, 4th and 6th influence, but no 8th. There is a sudden death/8th set with influence to an Angle contained in the following set:

b6 NN1 Sagittarius 27
b6 uranus2 Pisces 09ruler of b 8th house; in both 8th houses
c6 venus2 Pisces 49ruler of C MC

This infant even starts out with sun and mars on Angles—shown in Set (2). Not only that, the set has more than just that Angular influence. B6 sun rules B Asc and b mars rules B MC. The set influences three Angles! B mars also rules b 4th house showing conditions at the end of life.

Since conception planets start progressing at the time of conception (and birth, at the time of birth), a newborn who is born dead or who dies shortly thereafter will always have progressed conception planets, but not birth. In this paper their position for all eight newborns is checked and recorded below. What they show is interesting and supports one of the findings of this method, that lights on Angles intensify already existing Angular conditions. They can, therefore, be positive or negative in impact.

V92’s pc moon, which started out at conception at 0 Taurus 39, has moved at birth to 11 Taurus 50 (a fast-moving moon), placing it on an Angle, solidly in Set (2). So this progressed moon shows the increase in intensity of his heart condition by timing (birth) of Set (2), the sun/mars significator. We will see similar progressed conception lights among the other newborns in this paper.

The fact that a progressed light to an Angle occurs a number of times at birth for the infants that suggests such occurrences are a meaningful part of the astrology.

Newborn, Heart Defect 14851
The following biographical material was taken from the biographical notes of : American baby born with a severe heart defect.

We are not told if the infant lived or died, but presumption of death goes best with the term “severe.”

Heart Defect 14851, Male, Born With Heart Defect, Assumed Died
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 6th House (of Health and Service)

Placidus: c11—14Vir, c12—7Lib, c2—27Sco, c3—4Cap b11—1Gem, b12—5Can, b2—23Leo, b3—20Vir

Set (3) includes sun/moon/mars/saturn with c6 sun ruling C MC in b 1st house. B mars rules B MC in c 6th house and co-rules (30 of 38°) b 4th house.

Notice that Set (4) shows c uranus in Scorpio (suggesting sudden death by planet and sign) ruling c 4th house and in c 1st house. It is already Angular because of its close orb (5’ of arc) with C MC.

At birth pc6 moon was at 15 Virgo 42 (coming from 15 Gemini 31 at conception) and solidly in Set (3), increasing its intensity and implications. He even had a new sun/mars. {c6 sun, ruler of C MC, at 22 Sagittarius 53 was close enough to be considered conjunct c6 mars, ruler of c 6th house, at 23 Sagittarius 20.

Newborn, Heart Defect 14874
The following biographical material was taken from the biographical notes of : American baby born with a congenital heart defect. The delivery was normal but he developed symptoms within four hours of birth, and required open heart surgery within 12 hours of birth. He will require additional surgery within the next two to three years to completely repair the ventricle deficiency.

Heart Defect 14874, Male, Born With Heart Defect, Surgery, Lived
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 6th House (of Health and Service)

Placidus: c11—29Sag, c12—26Cap, c2—19Ari, c3—15Tau b11—4Scol, b12—24Sco, b2—27Cap, b3—8Pis

Set (5) shows us the sun and mars on two Angles—C MC and C Asc. We could add that b6 mars at 3 Pisces 25 shows a loose conjunction of sun and mars to C Asc.

At birth (January 1, 1983) pc sun is at 6 Pisces 48 (closer to both Angles) and pC Asc is at 9 Pisces 24 in a close set with b SN at 9 Sagittarius 46. Pc6 moon, ruler of c 6th house, is at 9 Aries 16 in the same set with B MC at 9 Libra 48. It was at 19 Capricorn 53 at conception.

Set (6) containing saturn conjunct pluto close enough to B MC to be conjunct it when progressing lights (suns and moons) pass through the set suggests—likely because of his health—he is constrained or held back in childhood from interacting with others (Libra) and feels isolated.

Set (7) demonstrates another sun—birth sun, co-ruler of b 8th house—conjunct an Asc. It is in a loose set with b6 SN at 18 Virgo 09 and c mars, co-ruler of c 8th house—at 19 Virgo 33.

On January 1, 1986, when he was exactly three years old (though that might not have been his date of his second surgery), Set (7) had strengthened. Here are the values:

Set (8)pb6 moon17 Sagittarius 23ruler of b 8th house
pB Asc18 Sagittarius 27
pc6 sun18 Pisces 11co-ruler (30 of 42°) of c 6th house
b6 SN18 Virgo 09
pc mars18 Virgo 13

Set (8) shows that in the intervening three years his second Angle/sun/mars had become stronger, not a good sign for successful surgery. There is more…

B saturn is at 8 Libra 27 is a whole degree away from the Angle. Without a light—in terms of long-term saturn influence, it cannot be counted as an Angle/saturn for negative health consequences. It will have passed conjunct his B MC around age 29 (at 9 Libra 48), nearly turning stationary retrograde at 9 Libra 56, so it is close to B MC for a very long time. He will then have sun/mars and saturn on Angles in this chart, suggesting he never really gets completely free from his heart condition even if his second heart surgery is successful.

The only way to know for sure which heart disease astrology can survive contemporary surgery is to conduct a study with regard to same. There can be no doubt that improved procedures make a difference in survival rate. Cardiac medicine achieves miracles these days. But once you study this astrology enough, there can also be no doubt that certain sets—like jupiter on an Angle—mitigate against all kinds of misfortune. Without it the patient’s health is bereft a truly helpful friend.

Note 14874 does not have jupiter on an Angle.

Newborn, Heart Defect 14666
The following biographical material was taken from the biographical notes of : Italian infant born with defective valves in the heart, which were diagnosed as inoperable. His parents took him to American in 6/1977, and open heart surgery was performed to give him a second chance at life.

It is impossible to even guess the outcome from the above biography.

Heart Defect 14666, Male, Born With Heart Defect, Unknown Outcome
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 6th House (of Health and Service)

Placidus: c11—19Tau, c12—22Gem, c2—14Leo, c3—11Vir b11—28Lib, b12—20Sco, b2—19Cap, b3—30Aqu

Set (9) does not look like much of a sun/mars set. The only mars—c 6 mars at 7 Aquarius 38 is almost 5° from c 6 sun (5° is the absolute limit for a light/planet set) at 2 Leo 45, and it is almost 4° from c sun at 11 Scorpio 36. But the midpoint of their numerical values--from 2 Planet 45 to 11 Planet 36 (that is, independent of sign except that they are square each other and using only their numerical values) is 7° Planet 10’ of the fixed signs, putting it right in there in close aspect to that c6 mars at 7 Aquarius 38.

I do not use many midpoints. Usually they are between birth and conception outer planets (especially saturn) or their progressions. Since these (e.g., birth and conception saturns) usually start out at birth within 0-5 degrees of each other, often less, midpoints between them are reasonable because a progressing light is just losing influence to the lesser one when it starts influencing the greater one.

However, another midpoint I use has been the one between lights--especially similar lights, e.g., moon to moon or sun to sun--when no more than ten degrees apart and with the significant planets of a set falling “midway” between their values. Birth and conception suns are not 10 degrees apart, but by degree they are ten degrees short of being in square (90°) to the each other. So the middle of that difference (by degree) suggests a valid midpoint This "midpoint" between birth and conception suns (which occur in all twelve charts) may be even more valid than other midpoints because these two suns are fundamental in defining the astrology of this method.

In this paper we see two of those solar midpoints--apparently valid based on the potency of their astrology for heart disease--occurring in charts of infants born with serious heart defects.

<9>In Set (9) above, c sun co-rules (14 of 23°) c 1st house, c6 moon rules C Asc in b 8th house, , b jupiter rules B Asc, c6 saturn co-rules (21 of 29°) c 6th house, and c6 mars rules B MC in c 4th house.

Unnumbered above is an Angle/sun, with C Asc at 21 Cancer 19 and b6 sun at 22 Libra 45.

On the date of his birth, September 8, 1976, he had pc6 moon, ruler of C Asc, at 7 Leo 11 falling directly into Set (9).

Newborn, Heart Defect 14842, Died
The following biographical material was taken from the biographical notes of : American baby born with congenital heart defect of a missing valve. Heart surgery was unsuccessful and he died on February 21, 1983 [at 10 months, 23 days old].

Heart Defect 14842, Male, Born With Heart Defect, Died Age 11 Months
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 6th House (of Health and Service)

Placidus: c11—5Sag, c12—29Sag, c2—13Pis, c3—17Ari b11—7Tau, b12—11Gem, b2—3Leo, b3—0Vir

Set (10) contains two suns—birth and conception—which are far from the mars/saturn/saturn part of the set. Using only the mars part to measure orbs, c sun in Gemini is 5° 04’ from it (04’ beyond acceptable orb). B sun at 14 Pisces 21 is 4° 56’ from that same mars. Again discounting sign placement (except they are square each other), the midpoint between their numerical values is 9 Mutable 21, just 04’ from an exact to c6 mars at 9 Virgo 25.

So, Set (10) contains sun/sun/mars/saturn/saturn. C6 mars rules C MC. The two c saturns rule C Asc. So far, this set lacks influence to a 6th house. If we include c mercury, ruler of c 6th house, at 7 Gemini 04, it gains that 6th influence. C mercury also rules c 8th house.

On his date of birth (March 29, 1982), this newborn’s progressed C MC was at 13 Scorpio 34 putting b moon at 13 Taurus 28 closely on an Angle.

Set (11) shows us mars on an Angle with C MC. Since it rules B MC, this set influences two Angles. On the date of his birth, pc6 sun was at 10 Aquarius 44 just beginning to enter this set.

Progressions for his date of surgery, February 21, 1983, were not favorable. Pb6 sun was at 1 Taurus 57 in wide opposition to c uranus at 2 Scorpio 23 in b 4th house. Progressed C Asc was at 1 Aquarius 37. Progressed c mars, ruler of C MC, was at 17 Taurus 21 in the same set with pc6 sun at 17 Aquarius 36, and b6 moon, ruler of B Asc in c 1st house, at 17 Leo 42. Transiting uranus was at 14 Scorpio 45 conjunct pC MC at 14 Scorpio 26.

Return values were also suggestively negative for a good outcome. Occurring on January 9, 1983 (and lasting the next 40 days), return MC (for place of birth since actual place was unknown) was at 8 Scorpio 34 conjunct b uranus at 9 Scorpio 58. Return Asc at 23 Capricorn 15 straddled b6 sun at 24 Aries 49 and b6 saturn at 21 Cancer 41. Return mars at 29 Capricorn 21 was conjunct C Asc at 29 Capricorn 16. His return now shows summed sun/mars/saturn on Angles. Return uranus at 12 Scorpio 54 is conjunct C MC at 12 Scorpio 50. Transiting uranus at 14 Scorpio 25 is conjunct pC MC at 14 Scorpio 26. And finally, return NN at 9 Gemini 46 fell closely into Set (10) described above.

Nonetheless, he had return MC at 8 Scorpio 34 conjunct return jupiter at 8 Scorpio 21 (too bad we don’t know the actual locale of his surgery and had to use POB). Perhaps it stands for a benevolent (jupiter) release (Scorpio). His B/C chart does not have jupiter on an Angle.

Losing him after being able to keep for eleven months must have been devastating for his parents.

Shaun White

Newborn, Heart Defect, Shaun Roger White
The following material was taken from the biographical notes of Wikipedia (3/9/14): [A snowboarder,] White was born in San Diego, California. His ancestry includes Irish and Italian. He was born with Tetralogy of Fallot, a congenital heart defect for which he endured two open-heart operations before the age of one. [bold mine} He stands 5’8” tall. White spend his formative years riding Okemo Mountain and Bear Mountain, small ski resorts found in Ludlow, Vermont, and the San Bernardino Mountains of southern California.

White’s snowboarding accomplishments are considerable and can be read about on Wikipedia at the following link: Wikipedia on White .

Shaun Roger White, Male, Born With Heart Defect, Surgeries Successful
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 12th House (of Institutions and Hidden Things)

Placidus: c11—17Aqu, c12—24Pis, c2—1Gem, c3—23Gem b11—21Tau, b12—23Gem, b2—17Leo, b3—15Vir

Set (12) influences three Angles, so it is very powerful. It includes C Asc in the same set with sun/moon/mars/saturn/pluto. B moon rules B Asc in C 1st house. C saturn rules C MC in b 6th house. C sun co-rules (17 of 30) c 4th house.

At birth, September 3, 1986, White’s significant progressed conception planets showed the planets in Set (12) moved to pC Asc at 6 Taurus 24, pc sun at 6 Scorpio 55, and a new light to the set, pc12 sun at 6 Leo 45.

Set (13) is noteworthy—especially in light of the fact that White survived two heart surgeries—because it shows an all-charts set with jupiter and CMC and B MC.

Set (14) shows us B Asc in the same set with b venus in Libra. Sets (13) plus (14) give White a summed, all-charts Angular golden benefic (Angle/venus/jupiter), suitable for some one who has as many medals as White does and also astrologically underwriting his successful heart surgeries. We do not have a date for either surgery..

Newborn, Heart Defect, Psychologist 11599
The following biographical material was taken from the biographical notes of : American psychologist with a PHD in psychology and anthropology: has also taught at art college; musician. His family background boasts 11 generations of military. He was born with a hole in his heart and had open heart surgery shortly after birth.

Psychologist 11599, Male, Born With Heart Defect, Surgery, Lived
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 6th House (of Health and Service)

Placidus: c11—12Pis, c12—25Ari, c2—24Gem, c3--14Can b11—24Lib, b12—14Sco, b2—12Cap, b3—25Aqu

Set (15) contains the sun/mars/saturn/6th. It includes sun/mercury/mars/2jupiter/2saturn with b6 sun co-ruling (30 of 45°) b 8th house, c mars ruling c 6th, b6 jupiter ruling B Asc in c 6th house, and c saturn ruling c 8th house.

The midpoint between b and c saturns is 17 Leo 19.

Set (15a) also shows b sun conjunct (less than 1°) C Asc, that is, sun on an Angle.

His interest in psychology is shown by b pluto at 22 Cancer 23 in c 3rd house of mind conjunct (lighted by) b7 SN at 22 Cancer 30. In his 3rd chart, his c3 moon at 23 Aries 14 and c3 mercury, ruler of C Asc in b 7th house, is at 20 Aries 38 also in a set with and lighting that c 3rd house pluto. For the significators for psychologists and psychiatrists, go to the following link: Paper on Psychologists and Psychiatrists .

On his date of birth, June 21,1950, this infant’s astrology also showed a progressed conception light on an Angle—pc moon (which at conception was at 28 Aries 39) was at 7 Taurus 56 in the same set with C MC at 8 Aquarius 45. By then his progressed C Asc was at 5 Gemini 52, only 8’ from his b sun at 8 Gemini 00. And pc6 mars, co-ruler (25 of 35°) of c 6th house was at 21 Scorpio 38 in the same set (though late in it) with b moon, ruler of b 8th house, at 21 Leo 00.

Note that his B MC in Virgo in is closely in the same set with c jupiter in Sagittarius—a sign his surgery has a good chance of being successful.

Newborn, Heart Defect 36394
The following biographical material was taken from the biographical notes of : American baby born with two holes in his heart that caused excess blood to enter his lungs, thus affecting circulation [and breathing]. Doctors are optimistic about the condition for the moment, but “Hunner:” will need surgery at age three. He has an extra thumb on one hand which can be removed. He was originally one of twins but the twin miscarried approximately two months into the pregnancy,

Heart Defect 36394, Male, Born With Heart Defect, Outcome Unknown
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 7th House (of Significant Others)

Placidus: c11—9Leo, c12—9Vir, c2—2Sco, c3—4Sag color=blue>b11—29Ari, b12—3Gen, b2—26Can, b3—22Leo

We did not have to go further than the 7th chart (it is always calculated first) to find this boy’s heart astrology. Take a look at Set (16) above.

Set (16) contains C MC/node/3sun/moon/mars/saturn/neptune. That is, it contains 5 lights and influences two Angles. B moon rules B Asc, c Neptune rules c 6th house, and c saturn rules c 4th. The only 8th influence would be if b saturn, ruler of b 8th house, at 11 Aries 26 were included in the set.

We were not given a date of surgery so we cannot see if there were any progressed harmonic jupiters on Angles. Perhaps pb jupiter (at 21 Pisces 31 at birth) had progressed to 22 Pisces 13 at age three, was close enough to B MC at 23 Pisces 47 to assist in a positive surgical outcome (Birth time was given to the minute.).

Certainly he would have needed that help, because by age three (April 22, 2002) among other difficult progressions, his progressed B Asc had moved to 6 Cancer 23 and his progressed C Asc, to 6 Libra 50, both having entered into Set (16) putting it on three Angles (with five lights) and dramatically increasing its destructive influence.

Toddler Danny, Heart Defect, Tetralogy of Fallot
The following example was added months after this paper was first completed. I had forgotten I had Danny’s data among my private files. He was diagnosed with and operated on for Tetralogy of Fallot around 19 months of age.

It can be seen from his sets below that the astrology for his condition is considerably looser (by degree) than that of Shaun White. That accounts for its not being diagnosed at birth. Its progressions for date of surgery also account for its diagnosis at the time.

Heart Defect Matured Within Two Years of Birth, Danny, Surgery Was Successful
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 7th House (of Significant Others)

Placidus: c11—10Sag, c12—10Cap, c2—6Pis, c3—6Ari color=blue>b11—10Pis, b12—8Ari, b2—2Gem, b3—4Can/font>

Even though I myself state that orbs for planets with lights is 5°, it took me a while to see the validity of Set (16a). It contains C Asc (9 Aquarius 10), c sun in Aquarius, both b mercury and its harmonic, c mars—ruler of C MC, c jupiter, and bc7 uranus, ruler of C Asc. It influences two Angles (C Asc twice). The orb of the sun to C Asc is wide (4° 5’), but that of sun to mars (2° 41’), which is I why I originally did not see it as a set. But progressed Angles (there are three just below the set) will increase its strength.

So Set (16a) shows us a weak Angle/sun/mars with influence to two Angles. It does not reference either 4th, 6th, or 8th houses. The mars in it is in the sun’s sign of Leo.

The sun picks up its 4th, 6th, and 8th houses (and one more Angle) through the following, seemingly innocuous, unnumbered set (not shown in the drawing):

c7 moon20 Scorpio 21ruler of c 6th house
b sun23 Scorpio 15ruler of b 4th house
b7 uranus24 Scorpio 24ruler of B MC
b7 jupiter24 Leo 50ruler of b 8th house

Note that b sun in Scorpio represents the sun in a mars sign.

Additional sets influencing Danny’s heart condition are Set (16b), which shows us harmonic saturn conjunct B Asc. Saturn to an Angle is always a stressor that helps develop any medical condition. And Set (16c). It includes both harmonic suns in the same set with saturn. B sun in it rules b 4th house.

His successful surgery for Tetralogy of Fallot occurred on June 29, 1982, when he was almost nineteen months old. His return occurred on June 29, too, in Johannesburg, South Africa. The following sets demonstrate the maturation of expression of his condition:

  • pB Asc at 3 Taurus 23 is much closer to c7 saturn at 3 Taurus 44.

  • At the same time, pc7 saturn has retrograded to 2 Taurus 10, much closer to B Asc at 2 Taurus 06.

  • pC MC at 10 Scorpio 25 is now in the set with c mars at 10 Leo 34 and c jupiter at 10 Leo 30. Note this progression gives him a second, close Angle/jupiter, an excellent set for increasing his chance of a good surgical result. Return 7 saturn is at 10 Scorpio 02—an Angle/mars/saturn befitting so serious a surgery.

  • Angles have an orb of their own—two degrees for static conditions. They do not extend to progressed Angle/planets, but several of them close together add to acceptable progressed orb. pB MC at 9 Aquarius 23 and pC Asc at 11 Aquarius 21 work with pC MC (just above) to increase orb for set (16a). Return Angles are at 14 Aquarius 15 (Asc) and 13 Scorpio 31 (MC—also part of the set. (Return mercury is at 13 Scorpio 35 and pb mercury at 13 Scorpio 45.)

  • pb mars at 20 Sagittarius 11 is in the same set with pc7 sun at 20 Gemini 20. This is another sun/mars, but does not influence 4th, 6th, or 8th houses. (It falls just short of co-ruling c 6th house.)

  • pb7 sun at 13 Gemini 25 is in the same set with return sun at 13 Gemini 15, c7 NN at 13 Virgo 41, b7 venus, ruler of b 6th house, at 13 Virgo 14, and b saturn at 13 Virgo 55—a sun/saturn/6th influence.

  • pc7 moon, ruler of c 6th house, at 4 Leo 54 is in the same set with c NN at 4 Leo 51, c7 jupiter at 4 Scorpio 34 and c7 mars, ruler of C MC, at 5 Scorpio 03.

    Time of birth was given as 5:11 p.m. Since Danny’s mother is also an astrologe (though she probably wasn’t one on that date), it is likely a correct time of birth. So we can include harmonics of Angles in his progressed astrology. The harmonic for this 7th chart of pB Asc is at 1 Gemini 09, just leaving Set (16c), the sun/saturn/saturn set, yielding an Angle/sun/2saturn, a likeluy stressor leading up to Danny’s diagnosis..

We still do not know which astrology, if any, specifies that Shaun's and Danny's heart conditions are expressed as Tetralogy of Fallot, but this is a start.

With the adult categories we no longer need an Asc or 1st house as part of the set’s path. The Angle part of the set can be either an Asc or an MC.

The specifications for this category are similar to those of birth defects of the heart except that sun and mars are more emphasized, with saturn often falling into the background until death.

Thus, the individual starts out with sun and mars on Angles. Sometimes the sun works through a set influencing an Angle. Sometimes sun and mars are in the same set and influencing Angles. The archtypical chart shows sun on an Angle and mars on an Angle—either together or on separate Angles. They have a path of Asc/4th/6th/8th. If they seriously lack those specifications, we are not looking at a heart condition. If they don’t start out with the full path but have part of it, progressions and transits at the time of death usually more than make up for the missing parts of the path.

So, please note the constant repetition of planets and path from the significator of Angle/sun/mars/(saturn)/4th/6th/8th in the death sets shown in all the examples given below.

Serge Reding

Serge Reding
The following biographical material was taken from the biographical notes of : Belgian weightlifter, the world champion dumbbell lifter. Reding died of cardiac arrest 6/29/1975, Las Pinas, Phillippines.

Serge Reding, Male, Died of Cardiac Arrest Age 33
Harmonic Chart for His 7th House(of Significant Others)

Placidus: c11—12Leo, c12—9Vir, c2—27Lib, c3—30Sco b11—27Leo, b12—23Vir, b2—10Sco, b3—15Sag

Set (17) simultaneously shows us two suns on an Angle (C Asc at 0 Libra 12) and a sun/mars/saturn set which is questionably on that Angle. It contains 2sun/venus/mars/saturn, with c7 venus co-ruling (30 of 33°) c 8th house and C Asc, b7 mars co-ruling (12 of 19) b 6th house, and c7 saturn ruling c 4th house.

Reding’s return for death occurred on June 2, 1975, Las Pinas. Significant astrology for his s date of death, June 29, 1975, was a follows :

Set (17a)pb7 sun10 Leo 01
b moon9 Aquarius 40ruler of B MC
pc7 saturn9 Aquarius 44ruler of c 4th house
c7 mars10 Aquarius 13ruler of c 8th house

So Set (17a) contains a new, close sun/mars/saturn set with influence to an Angle, 4th and 8th houses but not a 6th. (Set 17 contains a sun/mars/saturn/6th influence and one, without sun, occurs through Set (17B) below because ruler of b 6th house, b7 neptune, is in a set with an Angle, mars and saturn.) Since this birth time was European and recorded to the nearest 15 minutes of time, it is possible pC MC at 11 Leo 42 was also part of the set. (Time of birth was given as 5:00 a.m.)

  • We pick up lighted mars/4th/6th influence through pB MC at 28 Le0 28 in the same set with pb7 mars, co-ruler (12 of 19 degrees) at 28 Scorpio 03. B7 uranus, at 28 Taurus 27, co-ruler (27 of 330) of b 4th house.,

  • Progressed c sun, at 0 Aries 52, was on an Angle with C Asc at 0 Libra 12. And return MC was at 1 Libra 38.

His return, which occurred on June 2 lasting until July 12, also showed an Angle/light/mars/saturn (reminder that return Angles allow an orb of 2° to planets whereas progressions only allow 1°):

Set (17b)c mars21 Sagittarius 08ruler of c 8th house
return Asc22 Sagittarius 14
pb7 moon23 Pisces 16ruler of B MC
return saturn22 Gemini 44
b7 neptune23 Pisces 56ruler of b 6th house

Dustin Gee

Dustin Gee
The following biographical material was taken from the biographical notes of : British TV personality and comedian who was also noted for partnering with Les Dennis. They both appeared in Russ Abbot's "Madhouse" and "Who Do You Do?" Their TV popularity increased with the series "Coronation Street."

Gee died of a heart attack 1/03/1986 at age 43.

According to Wikipedia Gee suffered at least two prior heart attacks. He had one in May, 1985, and a second, more severe one, on December 31, 1985 (that is, 4 days before his death.) More on this below.

Dustin Gee, Male, Died of Heart Attack Age 43
Harmonic Chart for His 7th House(of Significant Others)

Placidus: c11—0Lib, c12—20Lib, c2—8Sag, c3—23Cap b11—20Gem, b12—22Can, b2—8Vir, b3—6Lib

Set (18a) shows us b saturn, ruler of b 6th house, conjunct B MC. The inclusion of b SN at 12 Aquarius 36 intensifies the malignancy of the set, stating symbolically that he will have serious health problems, and some astrologers would even consider them karmic (that is slated to happen, not as punishment) because nodes have a special karmic connotation. Note that harmonic b saturn at 18 Leo 04, also ruling b 6th house, is also conjunct an Angle, B Asc at 17 Leo 00. These two Angle/saturns accomplished two things in terms of his health. (1) Again, they suggested strong health problems, and (2) because those saturns belong to the main feature in heart failure, they suggest that when he does have a heart attack (if he does, we have not yet seen that set), his heart will be in no condition to recover since it was being negatively affected all his life.

The pluto in the set, with Angle/saturn, inclines to withdrawal, interesting since he was a comedian, but then we don’t know how he spent his time when he was not in front of an audience

Set (18b) is our “heart set.” It contains 2sun/mars/uranus with b sun ruling B Asc. B mars ruling b 4th, and b7 uranus ruling b 6th house. Because of its Angular influence, this set suggests Gee is a Type A, driven, individual who doesn’t know much about true relaxation.

The two sets above summed give us sun/mars/saturn influence to an Angle and a 6th house.

,p>Gee’s return for death occurred on December 5, 1985. Its values plus progressions and transits for death, January 3, 1986 are shown below. Since we were given the actual time death was declared—12:45 pm GMT—we can include transits at the time :

  • pB Asc at 18 Virgo 17 in the same set with pc mars, ruler of c 6th house and C Asc, at 18 Pisces 04. Transiting sun was at 18 Sagittarius 18.

  • pC Asc at 7 Sagittarius 25 in the same set with b sun at 8 Gemini 19.

  • pc7 mars, ruler of C Asc and c 6th house, at 12 Aries 33 is in the same set with pc NN at 13 Aries 01, and pc sun at 12 Libra 04 and b mars, 4th ruler, at 12 Cancer 25. Transiting NN was at 12 Aries 09.

  • return NN at 14 Aries 06 is in the same set with the b and c harmonic (and return harmonic) suns at 14 Aries 53.

  • return uranus at 23 Scorpio 21 is conjunct b7 NN at 23 Scorpio 27 in b 4th house.

  • return MC at 11 Gemini 00 was in the same set with c7 uranus at 11 Gemini 28.

  • return Asc at 9 Virgo 42 was in the same set with b sun at 8 Gemini 19 (and also b jupiter at 9 Gemini 15) and return7 moon at 10 Sagittarius 50. This Angle/jupiter, being on a return Angle, was not powerful enough to counteract the heavily deleterious sets in his progressions

  • transiting saturn at 10 Scorpio 53 had entered Set (18a) above.

Ralph Earnhardt
From www.legendsofnascascom

Ralph Lee Earnhardt
The following biographical material was taken from the biographical notes of : American race-car driver, the father of race champion Dale Earnhardt and grandfather of racer Dale, Jr.

Ralph was idolized by his son, who followed his dad's footsteps from the time he was a kid. The only rift between them was Ralph's disappointment that his boy dropped out of school but Dale, nicknamed Ironhead, was as stubborn as his dad, nicknamed Ironheart. Ralph was a NASCAR champion, winning the Sportsman Division championship in 1956 and in 1961 posted seven top-10 finishes in eight starts in the Winston Cup Division. In 1989, Earnhardt was inducted into the National Motorsports Press Association's Hall of Fame at Darlington and he was inducted into the International Motorsports Hall of Fame in Talladega in 1997. The family was all about racing, and the only time he raced against his son was in 1971 at the Metrolina speedway in Charlotte, N.C. The following year Ralph was going to have Dale drive on his team, but his plans were interrupted by a terminal heart attack while working on his car September 26, 1973.

Ralph Earnhardt, Male, Died Heart Attack Age 45
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 7th House (of Significant Others)

Placidus: c11—14Sco, c12—6Sag, c2—11Aqu, c3—20Pis b11—17Leo, b12—16Vir, b2—9Sco, b3—11Sag

Set (19) includes sun/mars/saturn/neptune. C sun rules c 8th house. C7 mars rules c 4th. B saturn rules b 4th, B neptune rules b 6th house. It does not contain an Angle ruler so either one progresses into it at the time of death or whole new sets occur which represenst the condition. The latter was the case. Earnhard’s return occurred on September 18, 1973 at Kannapolis, NC. He died on September 26. Here are the relevant new positions:

  • pb sun at 28 Pisces 23 is in the same set with C Asc at 29 Sagittarius 26 and c jupiter at 28 Sagittarius 47 (neither rule a 6th house).

    pc sun, ruler of c 8th house, at 17 Gemini 24 is in the same set with b mars, co-ruler (10 of 24°) b 6th house.

  • pc mars, ruler of c 4th house, at 10 Cancer 51 and pc NN at 11 Cancer 07 (coming from 14 Cancer 02 at conception) are in the same set with B Asc. At 10 Libra 01. Mars to Asc is late but the node extends orb.

  • pc7 sun, ruler of c 8th house, at 15 Cancer 30 is the same set with c NN at 14 Cancer 02 and B MC at 14 Cancer 36. Once again, the node extends orb. Progressed c saturn at 13 Libra 59R is also still passing out of orb with this MC.

  • c mars, ruler of c 4th house, is in the same set with return (occurred 9/18/73 at Kannaplis, NC) saturn at 9 Gemini 38, return pluto at 9 Virgo 34, and return NN at 9 Sagittarius 28. The node is the light.

The main new set has all the influences except, again, influence to an Angle. But that influence has been shown above as the new Angle/mars, Angle/sun, and Angle/saturn. Here is that last set:

Set (20)pb7 mars10 Scorpio 36co-ruler (10 of 24°) of b 6th house
pc moon10 Scorpio 36
return neptune10 Scorpio 35
pb7 saturn11 Scorpio 11ruler of b 4rh house
b sun11 Aquarius 07
b7 sun10 Taurus 03
c7 sun10 Taurus 03ruler of c 8th house

Note that the above set contains three afflicted suns (altogether four lights).

Earnhardt has quite a number of benefic sets in this chart. I did not put them in the partial chart above because I did not want to clutter it up. They consist of:

  • B Asc at 10 Libra 01 conjunct b7 jupiter at 10 Libra 24
  • C MC at 19 Libra 57 in the same set with c7 jupiter at 19 Aries 03
  • he has a set containing moon conjunct venus (2 Cancer 58 and 3 Cancer 06, respectively) with influence to three Angles
  • especially important was his c jupiter at 28 Sagittarius 47 conjunct C Asc at 29 Sagittarius 26—an all-charts set.

Note that in this instance, the all-charts Angle/jupiter in Sagittarius did not protect him from his heart attack or somehow furnish the help he needed at the time. I do not know--if it had ruled his 6th house would it have been more beneficial? Perhaps he simply has too much Angle/sun/m/saturn on the day of his death.. Perhaps it would have helped had he been diagnosed and had heart surgery. Much has yet to be learned, but that still does not cancel out that it has been shown that Angle/jupiter mitigates against the more severe forms of illness

Finally with respect to benefics, Earnhardt has b venus, ruler of B Asc at 16 Capricorn 58 conjunct b jupiter at 17 Capricorn 49. In this chart it does not contain a light, but his 10th chart (career) yields c10 moon at 13 Libra 34 and c10 NN at 18 Libra 21, while his 4th chart (earned income) contains b4 sun at 14 Libra 28. Earnhardt has more than a summed golden benefic in his 7th chart. It is highly benefic and matches his success and fame.

Richard Zanuck

Richard D. Zanuck
The following biographical material was taken from the biographical notes of : American noted family, business man, producer and founder of Zanuck-Brown Company. He was the only son of movie mogul Darryl Zanuck and his actress wife Virginia Fox. He began his career as the producer of "Compulsion, " 1959 and went on from there to produce many important projects. In 1970, he had a public fight with his father and when he was thrown out of the studio, formed his own production company in 1972. He received an Oscar for Best Picture for "Sugarland Express," 4/02/1978.

Athletically inclined, he was a fanatical jogger, 5'6".

By 1978 he had three marriages and has two sons and two daughters.

His father died of heart failure 12/22/1979. [Unfortuntely, we do not have his birth data,]

Zanuck died of a heart attack in Los Angeles on 13 July 2012.

Since it appears Zanuck “inherited” his tendency to heart disease from his father, I was interested to know if his significators would show up in his 4th chart (of father’s influence). They did not, but then again there is nothing known so far that states a “genetic” disease from father to son has to work through the 4th chart. But that means it would have been even more interesting to see his father’s astrology to see what they had in common.

Richard D. Zanuck, Male, Died Heart Attack Age 45
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 6th House (of Health and Service)

Placidus: c11—18Can, c12—18Leo, c2—13Lib, c3—13Sco b11—12Ari, b12—19Tau, b2—13Can, b3—7Leo

Set (20a) shows us Angle/sun/mercury/2mars. It contains two lights since mercury rules B Asc and therefore acts like a light. B mars rules b 6th house. C6 mars rules c 8th. B mercury rules B Asc, so this set influence two Angles. B6 mercury also rules b 4th house.

Set (20b) is comprised of both conception Angles plus sun/mercury/neptune/pluto. B6 mercury, a light, rules B Asc and b 4th house. So this set influences three Angles and primarily shows us an Angle/sun set. C6 neptune rules B MC in c 6th house. Note that this set contains two lights (sun, mercury) which is why we can consider the sun definitely on both conception Angles.

Zanuck’s return for death occurred on July 3, 2012 in Los Angeles, California. His values for the date of his death, July 13, 2012 in Los Angeles, California were

  • pB Asc at 26 Leo 11 in the same set with c mars, 8th ruler, at 26 Aquarius 39

  • return MC at 29 Aquarius 22 in the same set with b6 mars, ruler of b 6th house, at 28 Aquarius and b moon at 28 Aquarius 53

  • return Asc at 15 Gemini 37 in the same set with Set (20b) above.

He has two more major sets,

Set (20c)pc6 pluto2 Virgo 09
pC MC2 Virgo 43
c6 mars3 Sagittarius 15
pc6 sun/td>2 Gemini 09
pc6 saturn2 Gemini 14co-ruler (18 of 32°) of c 4th house

The above set shows a new Angle/sun/mars/saturn/(pluto)/4th influence.

The following planets fit into Set (20a) above: pb6 mars (6th ruler) at 5 Virgo 55, pc6 neptune (6th co-ruler) at 6 Virgo 09, pb6 sun at 6 Virgo 33. Return mars was also at 5 Virgo 05. The two mars seem a bit early, but they are picked up before exact by the sun. his set, adding so much sun/mars to a set already containing all of the significators, powerfully represents an “attack.”

James K. Baxter

James K. Baxter
The following biographical material was from the biographical notes of : New Zealand writer, a poet, dramatist, literary critic and social commentator. Baxter was born into an Otago farming family where legend has it that his dad, Archibald, prayed that he "might have a poet for a son." James, his first-born son indeed became one of New Zealand’s finest poets though often a controversial figure at odds with a society unable to stomach his criticism…

Though he was an unmotivated student, he loved words and was inspired by the moderns who spoke of the social battles of the time. He enrolled at Otago University in 1944 at a time when he won the Macmillan Brown literary prize for "Convoys" and Caxton Press published his first collection, "Beyond the Palisade" to critical acclaim.

He was already approaching alcoholism to the extent that he lost his first love, a young medical student. An even more important relationship began in 1947 when he met Jacqueline Sturm.

From 1945 to ’47, he dropped out to work in factories and farms, an experience that later went into his novel "Horse," 1985. In late 1947 Baxter moved to Christchurch, ostensibly to renew his university studies, but actually to visit a Jungian psychologist. He began incorporating Jungian symbolism into his poetic theory and practice. He periodically attended lecture and took various menial jobs, all the time reading copiously and writing consistently.

In 1948, "Blow, Wind of Fruitfulness," confirmed Baxter as the pre-eminent poet of his generation. His interest in religion culminated in baptism as an Anglican, and, despite considerable parental concern, he and Jacquie were married in St John’s Cathedral…

In late 1954, Baxter joined Alcoholics Anonymous and remained true to the twelve steps for the rest of his life, sponsoring other alcoholics and visiting prisons to speak…

He converted to Catholicism, which seemed to his wife to be an astonishing move and they separated in October 1957. He took his first communion in the R.C. Church in 1958. A UNESCO Fellowship to study educational publishing in Japan and India gave Baxter and Jacquie a chance to reconcile. He left for Japan in September 1958 and the family joined him later in India. Baxter was overwhelmed by the poverty and the situation of ethnic minorities, the impact of which haunted his imagination and his poetry. He returned to New Zealand wasted by dysentery and increasing disillusionment with society…

In 1963 he went to work as a postman, leading to his light-hearted "The Ballad of the Soap Powder Lock-Out," about the postal workers’ industrial action against delivering heavy soap powder samples. More significant were a number of polemical poems protesting the Vietnam War. In 1966–67, Baxter was honored at the University of Otago. It was a triumphant homecoming for the man who had left 20 years earlier under a cloud of failure. He took an active part in university life, protesting against Vietnam and satirizing the university prohibition against student cohabitation in a pamphlet. Revisiting the site of his painful but formative adolescence also impelled Baxter to revisit, in his poetry, the themes and locales of the verse of that period.

Though the extent of his creative output is staggering, a marked change in style accompanied these variations on earlier themes. Whereas the youthful poetry might, with ponderous metre and Latinate diction, move towards a final grand, sonorous phrase, now unrhymed run-on couplets (increasingly the unit of choice in Baxter’s later work) create a tone both direct and personal. Baxter’s later poetry becomes stripped of artifice and abstraction, until all that remains is a personal voice ‘almost ostentatiously matter of fact’ (Vincent O’Sullivan)...

Within himself, Baxter continued to struggle with both his belief system and his marriage, feeling trapped by domesticity and finding it difficult to relate to his children.

Around April 1968 he began to plan a small community at a small Maori mission station on the Wanganui river where he could live without money or books, worship God and work the land… He settled there in a cluster of run-down squats in the suburbs of Grafton in Easter 1969, a center of drug addicts. He set about counseling and trying to establish the Twelve Steps. Barefoot, bearded and shabby, he was kept in surveillance by the police. By August 1969, he headed for Jerusalem, his proposed commune on the river, where he aimed to recover the simple values of Maori communal life. In practice, he could not regulate the order he envisioned and he made the locals uneasy with his interference. He returned to Wellington in September 1971 but returned in February 1972 to his Jerusalem with a smaller, tighter nucleus of fellow idealists. Through each of his moves, volumes of poetry explored his philosophy.

By August 1972 Baxter was drained, physically and emotionally. He sought refuge on a small commune in Auckland where he died of a coronary thrombosis on October 27, 1972. His body was escorted back by his family to Jerusalem where, in a rare honor, he received a full Maori tangi and was buried on tribal land, attended by hundreds of people from the many walks of life with which he had merged.

James K. Baxter, Male, Died Heart Attack Age 46
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 6th House (of Health and Service)

Placidus: c11—16Aqu, c12—13Pis, c2—3Tau, c3—6Gem b11—12Sag, b12—14Cap, b2—3Pis, b3—2Ari

Baxter’s initial significator is the result of a sum of sets involving two Angles.

Set (21) includes sun/saturn. B6 sun co-rules (12 of 28°) b 6th house. C saturn rules C MC.

Set (22) yields our sun/mars. B sun co-rules (note both involve b sun) (12 of 28°) b 6th house. B mars rules B MC (in c 8th house.

He has another sun/saturn shown in Set (23). C6 sun in Capricorn, co-ruler (16 of 34°) of c 4th house, at 25 Capricorn 28, is in the same set with b saturn at 26 Libra 12. Progressed saturn on date of death was 26 Libra 04R, so it was approaching c6 sun, making the set stronger.

Baxter also has another sun/mars, shown in Set (24), but this time it occurs also with venus and jupiter. C sun co-rules (16 of 32°) c 4th house. C mars rules C Asc and rules c 8th house.

His return for death occurred on September 20, 1972. On his date of death, October 22, 1972 at Auckland, New Zealand,:

  • return sun at 3 Virgo 11 and pc6 saturn, ruler of C MC, at 3 Pisces 15 had entered Set (24) above, yielding an Angle/2sun/mars/saturn and diminishing the helping power of the jupiter in the set.

  • pC Asc at 8 Taurus 35 was in the same set with pc6 sun, 4th co-ruler, at 8 Aquarius 40. Return neptune was at 8 Scorpio 30.

  • pC MC at 28 Aquarius 43 was in the same set with return mars at 28 Leo 51 and return6 saturn at 28 Scorpio 45. Return6 pluto was at 28 Aquarius 54, and return6 NN at 27 Leo 43.

  • pc6 mars, ruler of C Asc, at 12 Virgo 47 was in the same set with b sun, co-ruler (12 of 28°) of b 6th house, at 13 Gemini 11 (Set 22 above).

  • Progressed b moon, ruler of b 6th house, was in the same set with pc NN (coming from 9 Cancer 32 at conception) at 4 Cancer 49 and C Asc at 4 Aries 55. These two new lights to an Angle increase the strength of date-of-death sets.

With strong, long-term sun/mars and sun/saturn sets, Baxter’s astrology is really more a combination of heart attack and heart failure. In separate sets, they represent not so much driving with the brakes on as alternations between speeding and dragging something. It is similar to the way bipolar disorder works. When the main significators—saturn and uranus—are in separate sets they have no chance to modulate each other (that is, the individual “learns”), so he experiences being thrown from pillar to post with little control over what happens. People like this need serious education regarding learning to recognize the manic/speeding episodes as requiring intervention toward decrease, and practicing prophylactic practices in the down time of depression/drag. Over the years these continual alternations represent considerable turbulence throughout the life. A little turbulence is good. A life of it is not.

Irwin Goodman

Irwin Goodman
The following biographical material was taken from the biographical notes of :Finnish pop singer, married 3 times. He died of a heart attack in Hamina, Finland on 10 January 1991.

Irwin Goodman, Male, Died Heart Attack Age 47
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 7th House (of Significant Others)

Placidus: c11—22Leo, c12—16Vir, c2—28Lib, c3—3Sag b11—6Tau, b12—21Gem, b2—3Leo, b3—22Leo

Set (29) is the major heart disease set. It includes node/sun/mercury/mars/saturn/uranus. B7 saturn co-rules ((20 of 29°) b 6th house. C saturn rules c 4th. B uranus rules b 8th. This set has the weakness—in terms of significators—that it lacks an Angle ruler, nor would birth minutes earlier change that

B Asc at 20 Cancer 10 is in the same set with b NN at 21 Cancer 39 and b jupiter at 22 Cancer 10, with jupiter ruling b 6th house,. This should have been a protective set.

Unnumbered in the drawing above is a set which could be considered a sun/sun/mars set. The two harmonic suns at 27 Pisces 10 are in wide opposition to b7 mars at 1 Libra 21. Is this an Asc/2sun/mars in spite of suns being a little more than five degrees away from the Ascendant? Hard to know. It does contain two lights, therefore increasing orb of influence.The latter can be considered conjunct C Asc at 2 Libra 31. With two suns on an Angle this man’s astrology would be more suitable to a young heart attack. Otherwise, the astrology is not very threatening. But it changes.

Goodman’s return for death occurred on December 3, 1990 at Hamina Finland; death on January 10, 1991.

Using some of the planets in Set (29) above added to progressions and returns, we get:

New Set (29)pc7 moon17 Leo 21ruler of C MC
pc7 saturn17 Leo 18Rruler of c 4th house
pB Asc17 Leo 40
c sun16 Scorpio 21
return sun16 Scorpio 21
return moon16 Aquarius 49
b7 saturn18 Aquarius 45co-ruler (20 of 29° of b 6th house
b mars16 Taurus 49

Pc7 saturn started out at conception at 14 Virgo 55R, so it has made quite a journey to enter Set (29). In picking up Angular influence and two more lights, New Set (29) has become a complete and powerful significator for death from heart attack.

A few more sets are worthy of mention:

  • pB MC at 8 Taurus 00 is in the same set with c uranus at 8 Taurus 18.

  • return MC at 26 Sagittarius 11 puts both harmonic suns at 27 Pisces 10 on an Angle. Return7 mars at 18 Cancer 13 falls in the same set with C MC at 17 Cancer 06.

Kara Kennedy

Kara Kennedy
The following biographical material was taken from :In 2002, at age 42, Kennedy was diagnosed with lung cancer. Initially told the disease was inoperable, she found — with her father's help — a surgeon at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, who was willing to remove part of her right lung in an effort to save her life. The operation was successful, and she resumed an active life that included regular running and swimming.

On September 16, 2011, two years after her father's death [from brain cancer], Kennedy suffered a fatal heart attack in a Washington, D.C., health club after her daily workout. She was 51. [She was not seeing a doctor for a heart condition, but friends said of late she had not been looking well.]

Kara Kennedy, Female, Died Heart Attack Age 51
Partial Harmonic Chart for Her 9th House (of Higher Mind, Law, Religion, Philosophy)

Placidus: c11—16Gem, c12—18Can, c2—9Vir, c3—8Lib b11—21Cap, b12—25Aqu, b2—14Tau, b3—6Gem

Somewhat to my surprise, Kennedy's cancer and heart significators occurred in the same chart, and, oddly in terms of prevalence of occurrence, in her 9th chart.

Some doctors believe that the treatment for cancer weakened her heart. Here is the link to that article: Heart Attacks Related to Cancer Treatment?

Set (29aa) is the cancer significator set. At least, Angle/light/mars/neptune/6th is often, but not aways, the cancer significator. It has other interpretations depending on the chart it falls in. In the 1st chart it shows up in both asthma and other allergies: in the 3rd chart, as paranoid schizophrenia. More research is needed to discover all of its implications. Her set in this chart, her 9th, contains sun/mars/saturn/neptune. It is the neptune that turns it away from heart to cancer. The set has influence to 4th and 6th houses. The mean between C MC at 11 Taurus 28 and C Asc at 15 Leo 05 is 13 Fixed 16, so this set started out at birth on an Angle. She was 42 when she was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer.

How do I know this was the set? No biography gives the actual date in 2002 for this diagnosis and treatment. But if we look for significant progressions and transits that are consistent with setting off this set, then we will likely find the correct date. I came up with approximately February 27, 2002. That was her 42 birthday, the date of her return, and she was presumed to be in Washington, D.C. Her significant astrology for that time was:

  • return MC at 10 Pisces 25 was in the same set with her heart significator (shown below as Set (29bb) which has c9 sun , co-ruler (15 of 27°) of c 6th house at 11 Gemini 54, b9 mars, ruler of B Asc and b 8th house at 11 Sagittarius 02, , and c saturn, ruler of c 6th, at 12 Sagittarius 02. We can be fairly certain that it was in play at the time because pc9 NN is at 10 Gemini 39. Progressed nodes, especially harmonic ones, very much activate sets which have been “dormant” until then. Return jupiter was at 10 Gemini 52R, presumably symbolizing the amelioration of the set so that it did not actually result in a heart attack when she was being treated for cancer.

  • pb saturn at 23 Sagittarius 38 and pb8 saturn at 23 Gemini 48 are moving in on her c9 moon, ruler of c 12th house, at 24 Virgo 04. Saturn to lights depress vitality and make disease more possible. The former is moving very slowly so having a long-term negative effect.

  • pb9 sun, ruler of b 6th, at 10 Aries 56 is in the same set with pc9 saturn, ruler of c 6th, at 11 Capricorn 09.

  • here is the stimulation of the cancer significator at Set (29bb): return sun is at 13 Aquarius 49, return moon at 13 Leo 29, return9 neptune at 12 Aquarius 51, and return saturn at 13 Taurus 39. In other words, her cancer set is being transited by the slow-moving saturn and ironically, she even picks up that second neptune.

  • the midpoint between her pb saturn at 23 Sagittarius 39 ad her b saturn at 21 Sagittarius 28 is 22 Sagittarius 33, in the same set with her pC MC at 22 Gemini 24.

  • pc9 sun, ruler of C Asc, is in the same set with c saturn, ruler of c 6th, at 12 Sagittarius 02. (It is too far past Set 29bb to consider it part of that set.)

  • Return moon at 28 Gemini 21 is conjunct c mars at 28 Gemini 30—part of the shock she experienced,

  • and finally, pb mars, ruler of b 8th and B Asc, at 11 Aquarius 28, is in the same set with C MC at 11 Taurus 28 and pb9 uranus at 11 Scorpio 16. This is also a set that registers shock, disturbance, perhaps a sense of mortality (she was originally diagnosed as inoperable).

Ms. Kennedy's heart attack significator, as mentioned above, is shown in the diagram abpve by Set (29bb), comprised of Angle/sun/mars/saturn/6th/8th. pB Asc is at 10 Gemini 44. a little early, but picking up Set (29bb) above. When an Angle is progressing into a set with a light in it, it acts early, but this is still a bit too much. We will use it anyway, as a progressed Angle/planet in her heart attack was also a bit too early, so presumably birth was about 3-4 minutes later than what was given. Here is what that set looks like on February 27, 2002:

New Set (29bb)pC Asc10 Gemini 44
return mars10 Gemini 39
c6 sim11 Gemini 54co-ruler (15 of 27°) of c 6th house
return pluto10 Sagittarius 17
b9 mars11 Sagittarius 02ruler of B Asc and b 8th house
c saturn12 Sagittarius 02ruler of c 6th house

Other significant sets were:

  • pc saturn, ruler of c 6th, is at 24 Sagittarius 11, still negatively affecting her c moon at 24 Virgo 04, but closer to exact. That means it was approaching her moon from the time she had her cancer treatment until she died of a heart attack.

  • return saturn at 18 Virgo 19 is in the same set with her c NN at 18 Virgo 03, both in c 6th house.

  • pc MC at 1 Cancer 30 is in the same set with her b9 sun at 1 Capricorn55, giving her another Angle/sun.

  • return NN at 27 Scorpio 12 is with pb9 mars, ruer of b 8th and B Asc, at 27 Aquarius 06, and with b9 pluto at 27 Taurus, and b9 saturn at 26 Taurus 13, giving her node/Angle/mars/saturn/6th influence.

  • pc9 NN at 23 Taurus 48 is in the same set with t NN ata 23 Scorpio 07 and b9 uranus at 24 Scorpio 25. The Scorpio part falls in 8th/4th houses.

Kennedy's 7th chart showed her b sun, ruler of b 6th house, at 13 Aquarius 49, to be conjunct b7 saturn at 13 Aquarius 15, in the same set with the “mean” of her C Asc and C MC at 13 Fixed 16. I initially thought this her heart chart, but Angle/sun/saturn/6th is correlated with heart failure, not a a heart attack. And at the time of her death this chart was not active. What this chart does show, however, is that her heart was stressed in the direction of failure throughout her life, not just when she was treated for cancer.

Astrology of the next subject, Anne Haddy, is a little less clear because she died of heart and kidney failure after having suffered a severe heart attack 20 years earlier, in 1979. Surely there was some damage to her heart then, but the word “failure” implies—as will be confirmed below in the section on heart failures—more a “weakness” (saturn) rather than a violent event like a heart “attack” (mars). This becomes clearer in the segment on heart failures, below.

May 2015 Addition:

President Bill Clinton
William Jefferson Clinton
Everyone knows about President Clinton, so the only part of his biography necessary here is a comment on his heart condition. On September 6, 2004 he had triple bypass surgery for clogged arteries in his heart. Surgery occurred in New York City and was successful.

Bill Clinton, Male, Successful Heart Bypass Surgery, Age 58
Successful Serious Heart Surgery, Age 58
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 1st (of Early Childhood and Its Somatic Implications)

Placidus: c11—19Sco, c12—12Sag, c2—19Aqu, c3—27Pis b11—14Can, b12—15 Leo, b2—9Lib, b3—10Sco

First I should point out that Clinton’s B MC is in Virgo and his B Asc in Gemini. Their ruler, b mercury and its harmonic, act like lights (with an orb or 5° outermost), thus “activating” whatever set they occur in. They are simultaneously rulers of two Angles, so whatever occurs in their sets are strong because they are lighted and forefront through a ruler.

Clinton’s b mercury was active and predicting a possible health problem at the time of his surgery. Located at 13 Cancer 37 at birth, it was being conjuncted by progressed b saturn at 13 Cancer 47 on date of surgery. Saturn to a light which is a double Angle ruler by itself suggests a severe downturn of energy or serious complications, setbacks, and hardship for the duration of the progression. Clinton’s B MC, ruled by that mercury, is in c 6th house, so that tells us the difficutly, which would last for some time because saturn progresses slowly, is likely to occur through his health.

Finding Clinton’s chart showing his heart problem was relatively easy. Looking at the drawing above, it shows he already has mars on an Angle, with b mars in Virgo conjunct B Asc. It has 6th influence through their conjunction to b neptune, co-ruler (12 of 27°) of b 6th house.

So, it was necessary only to find which harmonic charts which put a sun on an Angle (the lifelong Angle/mars/6th plus Angle sun implies he would have died of a heart attack, not heart failure). Three of Clinton’s harmonic charts put a sun on an Angle—his 1st, 4th (c4 sun at 12 Pisces 04), and 12th (c12 sun at 8 Capricron 09). But the latter two did not have progressions showing his heart surgery (actually, what would have been his fatal heart attack had he not had successful intervention), while his 1st chart did.

Looking at the partial drawing of his 1st chart above, then, we see Set (29aa) which includes B MC, B Asc, b1 mercury, b mars, and two neptunes, with the b neptune influencing his b 6th house.

If you read the paper on thyroid conditions, you could legitimately ask, why does this set not represent a thyroid condition? I do not know, but suspect it does not because of the sun on an Angle in the set below. The assumption, then, would be that when more than one planet is on an Angle (with supporting astrology) which could represent a physical condition (here mercury/thyroid or sun/heart), the planet closet to the sun takes priority in expressing its condition.

Set (29bb) shows C Asc at 7 Capricorn 10 in a set with c1 sun at 6 Libra 02 and what is a somewhat loose association (by orb) of jupiter, mars, saturn, and uranus on C Desc, yielding Angle/sun/mars/saturn. But it has no 6th influence, so the main impact of this set is that it puts sun on an Angle.

Unnumbered above, note that c sun at 22 Libra 01 is in the same set with uranus at 21 Cancer 30, and Clinton has another sun saturn (without 6th influence) through b sun at 2 Leo 01 with c1 saturn, ruler of C Asc, at 2 Scorpio 46..

Clinton’s successful bypass surgery occurred on September 6, 2004 in New York City. Besides the progressed saturn to b mercury, discussed above, which was a major influence at the time, Clinton had the following progressed, return, and transiting sets in this, his 1st chart, on that datey:

  • Return moon at 12 Virgo 28 fit into Set (29aa) above and further energized it. Also new to that set was pb1 saturn, co-ruler of be 4th house, at 11 Sagittarius 22. That gave him a progressed Angle/mars/saturn/(neptune) with 4th and 6th influence.

  • pb1 sun at 26 Cancer 05 was on an Angle with C MC at 25 Libra 48.

  • pc1 sun at 5 Aries 05 was approaching C Asc at 7 Capricorn 10.

  • pc1 mars, ruler of c 4th house, was at 6 Scorpio 40 in the same set with b1 sun at 6 Aquarius 02.

    Return 1 saturn, at 21 Libra 45, was in the same set with pb mars, ruler b 8th house, at 21 Libra 06 and c sun, ruler of c 8th house, at 22 Libra 01—another sun/mars/saturn. Return1 jupiter, at 22 Aries 14, was also part of the set.

  • return pluto at 24 Scorpio 46 was conjunct b SN at 24 Scorpio 17 and b1 saturn, co-ruler of b 4th house, at 24 Scorpio 27.

With all the above Angle/sun/mars/saturn/4th/6th/8th influence, Bill Clinton was headed for death…soon. Did the surgery by itself save him, or did he have to have supporting benefic astrology? With present insufficient data, we cannot know. It is, however, interesting that he had several benefic sun sets at the time:

  • pb sun at 28 Virgo 12 was within orb of being influenced by b jupiter at 29 Virgo 14.

  • pc sun was at 21 Sagittarius 42 in the same set with b1 venus at 21 Gemini 25 and c jupiter at 22 Virgo—a golden benefic. It contained another light—pb1 moon at 21 Virgo 19.

Anne Haddy

Anne Haddy
The following biographical material was taken from the biographical notes of : Australian actress, star of the soap "Neighbors," from 1985. Two years later she won a Penguin Award for her role in the show, immensely popular in both Australia and the UK.

As an only child, Anne was obsessed from childhood with inventing characters, dress-up and acting with neighborhood kids. She started in radio plays before a move to Sydney in 1960 brought her a steady flow of parts. Haddy was married up to 1968, producing two kids from the union.

From October 1970 she appeared regularly in the TV series "Dynasty" until having major health setbacks. She had a series of serious health difficulties, a massive heart attack on March 20, 1979 that was followed by heart surgery and cancer of the stomach. She renewed her career in 1982 with acclaim for the continuing saga, "Sons and Daughters." In early 1983, she returned to the hospital for more heart surgery before resuming her career. She died June 6, 1999 in Melbourne, Australia of heart and kidney ailments. She was 68.

Since Haddy had both a serious heart attack and died of a form of heart failure—especially since they occurred twenty years apart and so are well separated—we are going to look at the astrology of both events.

It is gratifying to have found this female example of a heart attack. We have another below as Carol Fredericks. In some instances the sun refers to a male and not a female. For an example read the short paper on male and female twins in which only the male was autistic. Here is the link:

One Twin is Autistic, the Other is Not. As these two cases suggest, however, as far as the astrology of heart disease is concerned, the sun stands for the heart in both sexes.

A second case in which the sun definitely stands for “male” and not female is shown in the lgbti paper at the endmof it, in the case of Raven Kaldera. Raised female, he felt intersexual his whole life and eventually transitioned to being socially and physically male. He also married. The set that primarily shows his need to transition is in his 7th chart. It contains a conjunction of both harmonic suns in Aquarius to a mars in Aquarius to a NN in Aquarius—all in 8th/1st houses. It can be argued that it is the conjunction of those suns to mars—also a male planet—makes the set male. It certainly does, but (likely an equal number of) women (throughout the world) also have a conjunction of sun to mars. Unless huge numbers of them wish they were men, that set by itself does not create a wish to become male. It just creates women who are capable of aggression and pursuing their own self-interest. The last three parts of the set complete the signature symbolizing the need to become an actual male. The NN part shows social and spiritual reward for “maleness” or simply “aggressiveness” (sun/mars). The placement of the whole set in the 8th house of transformations and the 1st house of early childhood AND (physical) identity. There would have been no transition to being a male, and no desire for same, had the light involved been a moon instead of a sun.

Anne Haddy, Female, Died Heart and Kidney Failure, Age 68
Serious Heart Attack Age 48
Partial Harmonic Chart for Her 6th House (of Health and Service)

Placidus: c11—6Can, c12—5Leo, c2—22Lib, c3—19Sco b11—3Cap, b12—3Aqu, b2—28Pis, b3—28Ari

Set (29a) is comprised of MC/Asc/node/sun/mercury/venus/mars/jupiter. C mars rules c 8th house. C6 jupiter rules c 4th. B mercury rules b 4th house. This set influences two Angles but not a 6th house. However, the Asc/sun in Pisces falls in c 6th house, and…

Set (29b) shows us b sun at 17 Virgo 34 on C Asc with b sun ruling b 6th house.

Set (29c) shows C MC/2saturn with the lighted c6 saturn falling in c 6th house.

Not shown as a numbered set is b mars at 17 Leo 36 in c 6th house and lighted by b moons at 19 Aquarius 59. This set plus (29a) and (29c) sum to lighted sun, mars, and saturn in 6th houses, the latter two through Angles.

Sun on two Angles appears the strongest heart set. That is followed by, saturn on two Angles. And, indeed, it is Angle/sun/saturn/6th which is primary in heart failure. Let us see first what her heart attack at age 48 twenty years before her death looked like.

Haddy’s return for this heart attack occurred on March 13, 1979 at Melbourne, Australia. The attack occurred on March 20, 1979. Here are the sets.

  • pB MC at 18 Capricorn 57 is in the same set with pb mars at 19 Cancer 11. B6 jupiter at 19 Cancer 28 may also be a part of this set.

  • pC Asc at 20 Scorpio 58 is in the same set with b6 sun, ruler of b 6th house, at 20 Taurus 31.

  • return MC is at 11 Aries 03 conjunct pc6 sun at 11 Aries 17.

  • return6 sun at 10 Sagittarius 31 falls in the set (29c) with its Angle/2saturn,

  • return Asc at 26 Gemini 52 is in the same set with b pluto at 27 Gemini 04 and b mars at 28 Gemini 27.

  • pc6 mercury, ruler of both C Angles (and therefore also a light) at 15 Virgo 43 with C Asc in b 4th house is in the same set with pb saturn at 15 Sagittarius 34, so this set influences two Angles. Transiting sun (noon AEST) was at 14 Pisces 20. And we have the following…

Set (29d)c sun7 Sagittarius 34
c saturn8 Sagittarius 58
pc6 NN8 Sagittarius 32(coming from 17 Capricorn 37 at conception)
return6 mars8 Virgo 39

And return6 saturn, at 1 Virgo 28R has entered into Set (29a) above completing an Angle/sun/mars/saturn set. It is still without a 6th ruler.

It looks like the original two sun/6th influences (sets 29a and 29b) plus the summed influence of lighted sun, mars, and saturn in 6th was enough, joined by the progressed and return planets, to cause Haddy’s heart attack.

Note that for her heart attack pb saturn, at 15 Sagittarius 34, entered into a set with C Asc at 15 Virgo 28 (with that saturn being in c 4th house and lighted by that Asc). It was moving very slowly, about 3’per year (and also approaching her b sun at 17 Virgo 54.). This will come up again when viewing astrology for her heart failure.

So, what does her death from heart (and kidney) failure look like…at least from the point of view of her heart?.

The signature for heart failure, again, involves more sun/saturn/6th than sun/mars (which goes with an attack). We have already seen that she starts out at birth with sun on two Angles (both with 6th implications) and 2 saturns on an Angle (without 6th implications). Here is her astrology for heart failure:

  • pB MC at 9 Aquarius 27 in the same set with c neptune, co-ruler (15 of 40°) of c 6th house, at 9 Leo 45 andpc6 saturn at 9 Taurus 31.

  • pC Asc at 9 Sagittarius 07 is in the same set with c sun at 7 Sagittarius 34 and c saturn at 8 Sagittarius 58.

  • pc6 mars at 21 Pisces 17 is in the same set with c mercury, ruler of both C Angles and a light and of C MC in b 4th house, at 21 Sagittarius 57.

  • return Asc at 21 Scorpio 33 is in the same set with b6 sun, 6th ruler, at 20 Taurus 31 and pb6 saturn at 21 Taurus 51.

  • to Set (29a) above, with its for sure double Angle/sun/mars set is added pb6 sun, ruler of b 6th house (the missing 6th influence) at 1 Sagittarius 43.

  • pc sun at 18 Aquarius 31 is just exiting a set with b mars at 17 Leo 36.

Just as with her heart attack 20 years earlier, she has a new progressed saturn to an Angle. Earlier it had been pb saturn to C Asc at 15 Virgo 28. Now it is pc saturn, at 16 Sagittarius 11, (moving 2’ per year) which has really finished passing through a set with her C Asc. Both represented a lighted Angle/saturn/4th influence for the many years they lasted, representing a serious drag on her overall health.. In fact, that saturn can be considered as approaching b sun at 17 Virgo 34, creating a growing sun/saturn/6th influence.

Perhaps she could have lived through her heart failure and that that second progressed saturn to an Angle, but at the time she also acquired an additional sun/saturn/6th. Progressed b saturn, and 17 Sagittarius 44 had been approaching her b sun, ruler of b 6th house, at 17 Virgo 54, by several minutes per year for a number of years.

Together these two progressions of saturn into a 4th and squaring a sun/Angle constituted considerable Angle/sun/saturn/6th influence. Actually, it is surprising she lived as long as she did. She must have been miserable.

Leonard Warren as Rigoletto

Leonard Warren
The following biographical material was taken from the biographical notes of : American singer, regarded as the world's finest dramatic baritone. The son of Russian immigrants, Warren joined his family fur business in New York. In 1935 however he joined the Radio City Music Hall Chorus. Three years later he auditioned at the Met, making his concert debut in November 1938 and his formal operatic debut three months later on January 13, 1939. He performed with the New York Metropolitan Opera Company alone over 600 times in the 21 years between 1939 and 1960. It was at the Met that he made his debut in 1939. And it was there he died onstage on March 4, 1960 at about 10:20 PM EST during a performance of La Forza del Destino, age 48. He had suffered a major and fatal heart attack.

Leonard Warren, Male, Died Heart Attack Age 48
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 10th House (of Career, Social Image, and Mother)

Placidus: c11—24Sag, c12—20Cap, c2—13Ari, c3—11Tau b11—14Vir, b12—9Lib, b2—0Sag, b3—6Cap

It takes two sets summed to arrive at Warren’s sun/mars/saturn/6th influence.

Set (30) includes just sun and mars. B sun rules B MC in c 6th house, and b10 mars rules b 6th (and possibly B Asc (which at 29 Libra 37 would need a change in birth time of plus just a few minutes to enter Scorpio, ruled by that mars.)

Set (31) contains 2 sun/moon/saturn. The two c suns co-rule (29 of 39°) c 6th house while c moon rules c 6th. There is no Angular influence.

Unnumbered in the drawing above, b10 sun, ruler of B MC in c 6th house, at 27 Cancer 44 is in the same set with B Asc at 29 Libra 29

Warren’s return for death occurred on February 1, 1960 in New York City. On March 4, 1960 he had his fatal heart attack. He had the following sets:

  • pC Asc at 14 Taurus 37 was in the same set with pc sun, co-ruler of c 6th house, at 14 Leo 56.

  • pc10 sun, co-ruler of c 6th house, at 29 Libra 13 was conjunct B Asc at 29 Libra 39, Pc NN at 28 Aries 52 is also in the set. With those two lights, perhaps we can consider the inclusion of b10 saturn at 0 Scorpio 59 in the set, thereby creating the Angle/saturn influence—actually, an Angle/sun/saturn one. Those are the only two lights which support that conclusion.

  • pc10 mars, co-ruler (11 of 28°) of c 8th house, at 12 Aquarius 04 was in the same set with B MC at 12 Leo 18.

  • pb10 sun, ruler of B MC in c 6th house, at 23 Aquarius 16 was in the same set with pc mars, co-ruler of c 8th house, at 23 Leo 30.

    pc10 uranus, ruler of C Asc, at 7 Aries 39R had entered the sun/mars set (set 30) above giving it influence to a second Angle.

  • return10 mars, at 20 Libra 20, was in the same set with pC MC at 20 Capricorn 17.

Wally Cox

Wally Cox
The following biographical material was taken from the biographical notes of : American character actor and comedian, remembered mostly as the TV actor, Mr. Peepers in the early '50s. He started his career with stand-up comedy in New York, 1948. In real life, Cox spoke seven languages fluently and co-authored a juvenile book that was published in 1972. He was a regular on the game show, Hollywood Squares, 1966-1973. He married three times.

Cox died of a heart attack on February 15, 1973, Bel Air, CA.

The 3rd chart seems even to me an unusual chart to contain the significators for a heart attack. However, there is a small clue in the mini-biography above that his 3rd chart could have been Cox’s center of gravity (COG) chart. It is the statement that he spoke seven languages fluently. Before harmonics, Cox has b mercury at 10 Sagittarius 40 in b 3rd house and ruling b 9th house. It does not rule an Angle. It stands as a significators for proficiency in languages the significator is often mercury/9th/Sagittarius). In his 3rd chart, that mercury picks up conception harmonic mercury at 9 Sagittarius 40. It is also in b 3rd, and it rules c 3rd house. They are both lighted by c3 NN at 12 Virgo 27. Even without influence to an Angle, this multiple influence of mercury/Sagittarius/3rd/9th in his 3rd chart better represents his linguistic skills (and interests) than just his non-harmonic birth mercury.

At any rate, Cox’s significators for his heart condition appear best in his 3rd chart.

Wally Cox, Male, Died Heart Attack Age 48
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 3rd House (of Mind)

Placidus: c11—9Tau, c12—15 Gem, c2—6Leo, c3—1Vir b11—18Leo, b12—15Vir, b2—6Sco, b3—9Sag

Set (31a) contains node/sun/moon/venus/2mars/pluto. C moon rules C Asc. C venus rules c 4th house. C3 mars rules C MC in b 6th house. That is an Angle/sun/mars/4th/6th influence. It lacks influence to an 8th house.

Set (31b) contains sun/saturn, with b3 saturn ruling b 4th house. Summed with Set (31a) he has sun/mars/saturn/4th influence,

Set (31c) shows B MC and C Asc in Cancer in the same set with b saturn at 15 Libra 57. That saturn rules b 4th house, his second lighted saturn/4th influence.

Set (31d) shows B Asc conjunct c saturn in Libra. It co-rules (15 of 30°) c 6th house. This is an Angle/saturn/6th influence.

With all of these Cox has a full astrology showing Angle/sun/mars/saturn/4th/6th.

Cox’s return for his fatal heart attack occurred on January 14, 1973 in Bel Air, California. He died on February 15.

His sets representing that fatal heart attack are as follows:

Set (31e)pb mars28 Pisces 07co-ruler (8 of 23°, just on the line) b 6th house
pc sun28 Pisces 58
pc3 saturn29 Gemini 09co-ruler ((15 of 30°) of c 6th house
transiting uranus28 Virgo 30(for noon PST, actual time unknown)
pc mars29 Sagittarius 18ruler of C MC


Set (31f)b sun20 Scorpio 19
pb3 mars20 Scorpio 35
return MC20 Aquarius 55
return3 pluto 20 Aquarius 10ruler of C MC
return saturn20 Taurus 04
b3 saturn 19 Leo 44ruler of b 4th house


  • pc3 sun at 24 Scorpio 51 is in the same set with pb uranus, 8th ruler, at 25 Aquarius 15.

  • return3 uranus at 23 Taurus 05 is in the same set with pC Asc at 23 Leo 24.

  • return NN at 22 Sagittarius 24 fell squarely in Set (31a) above (the sun/2mars set).

It is perhaps worth mentioning that progressed C MC was at 21 Taurus 01. That means it passed through Set (31b) (the sun/saturn/4th set) around a year to a year-and-a-half before his death, likely contributing to some heart distress.

Carol Fredericks

Carol Fredericks
The following biographical material was taken from the biographical notes of : American singer and noted family, her brother is the blues musician known as Taj Mahal. Of African-American heritage, she emigrated to France in 1979 where she established a reputation for her talent. In 1985 she appeared with Gilbert Bécaud in concert. A few movie roles ensued. In 1990 she formed a group called Fredericks Goldman Jones with fellow musicians Jean-Jacques Goldman and Michael Jones. With five albums to their credit and international tours, the group worked together for 10 years.

She suffered a fatal heart attack in Dakar, Senegal on June 7, 2001 and is buried in Montmartre Cemetery, Paris.

Fredericks’ specifications are interesting because they do not appear that virulent at birth.

Carol Fredericks, Female, Died Heart Attack Age 49
Partial Harmonic Chart for Her 7th (of Significant Others)

Placidus: c11—6Gem, c12—9Can, c2—30Leo, c3—28Vir b11—20Lib, b12—11Sco, b2—8Cap, b3—19Aqu

Set (31g) does not even contain a sun. It contains mercury/mars/saturn. Since that b7 mercury rules B MC, it acts like a light (with a 5° orb just like other lights). B mars co-rules (20 of 26°) b 4th house. And c7 saturn rules c 6th house. If the set had contained a sun, it would have had the necessary influence—Angle/4/6th with saturn only being lighted and in b 8th house.

The other set implicated in Frederick’s fatal heart attack is Set (31g) Set (31h) is composed 3sun. Yes, that is it. It contains the conception sun plus the two harmonic suns, which are in c 4th house. The two conception suns rule C Asc in b 8th house. B7 sun co-ruler (19 of 41°) of b 8th house. C sun is in b 8th house.

Set (31g) is suggestive of the possibility of heart problems because it contains three suns in close aspect all in one set and because the two c suns rule C Asc. It resembles the folk expression against the wisdom of “putting all one’s eggs in one basket.” Anything that progresses or transits one of them does so to all three, representing a potentially virulent influence on the heart.

Let’s look at progressions and return planets for the date of her death, June 7, 2001 in Dakar, Senegal. Return date was June 6, which is return for her actual birth date of June 5. Because this is sidereal astrology, over the years returns tend to fall later and later until they fall into the next day,

Even though the two most important progressions fall respectively into Sets (31g) and (31h) above, I put everything in tables below so we can better see their influence. Because the two harmonic suns in the 7th chart are conjunct and are uniquely the degree and sign that determines all returns for all harmonics, return sun is also a valid, “new” sun for date of death.

New Set (31h)b7 sun10 Scorpio 41co-ruler (19 of 41°) of b 8th house
c7 sun 10 Scorpio 41
return7 sun10 Scorpio 41
pb7 moon10 Scorpio 46ruler of b 8th house
pB MC10 Scorpio 54
return saturn11 Taurus 11
return7 saturn10 Leo 37
pb moon11 Leo12ruler of b 8th house

In the above set, the Scorpio planets are in c 4th house, the saturn in Taurus is in b 6th house, and the Leo planets are in b 8th house. The whole set as a whole set influences only an Angle and b 8th house.

New Set (31g)return7 moon7 Cancer 20
pb sun7 Cancer 57co-ruler (19 of 41°) of b 8th house
c7 saturn 8 Cancer 59ruler of c 6th house
b mercury6 Libra 47ruler of B MC
b mars7 Libra 10 co-ruler (20 of 26°0 b 4th house

Well, a sun did enter that Set (31g) and thereby created the main significator for Fredericks’ fatal heart attack.

Other sets include:

  • return mars at 0 Sagittarius 10 is conjunct B Asc (in c 4th house) at 0 Sagittarius 18.

  • return uranus at 0 Aquarius 04 and return7 uranus at 0 Aquarius 32 and return7 mars at 1 Leo 32 are in the same set with C MC at 0 Taurus 56, b NN at 0 Aquarius 05, and b7 NN at 0 Aquarius 46.

  • pC MC at 19 Gemini 40 is conjunct pc uranus at 19 Gemini 55. Because there are no lights in this set, I do not consider this p MC in the same set with c jupiter at 19 Pisces 05.
  • pc moon at 7 Taurus 03 is lighting C Asc. Though this is not a sun, new lights-to-Angles increase “conductance” for whatever is implied by planets on and ruling Angles.

It is not hard to believe that had Fredericks survived this heart attack, she could have lived many more years. Her heart attack was particularly affected by timing.

Human Heart

Dr. Louis Berman
American scientist, a pioneer in the field of endocrinology who isolated the parathyroid hormone. From a poor Jewish background, he had a deep inferiority compled which he compensated for through an avid hunger for success: he was a self-made man. His books included “Glands Regulating Personality,” 1921 and “Behind the Universe.”

Berman died of a heart attack on 5/16/1946,

Dr. Berman’s astrology was also added several months after this paper was finished and posted on site.

Louis Berman, M.D ,Male, Died Heart Attack Age 53
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 12th Chart (of Institutions and Hidden Matterss)

Placidus: c11—22Sco, c12—12Sag, c2—23Aqu, c3—2Ari b11—12Lib, b12—4Sco, b2—29Sag, b3—8Aqu

Set (31k) includes B Asc with node/sun/mars. C sun rules c 8th house and the set puts sun/mars on an Angle, with the added light (the node) solidifying the acceptability of the orb. The important 6th influence is missing.

Set (31m) yields a 2sun/2saturn/pluto influence to c 8th through c12 sun and C Asc through c saturn.

Unnumbered above is the set showing b saturn at 17 Virgo 19 R at birth and heading toward Berman’s B MC at 14 Virgo 14. Berman’s time of birth was given to the minute in a city (New York) with a good reputation for recording correct birth times. At the time of his death pb saturn was at 13 Virgo 35, still moving retrograde and in the same set with pc moon at 13 Virgo 15. Saturn is 39 minutes past the exact conjunction, and has done most of its damage. Nonetheless, that progressing moon re-invigorated the Angle/saturn to make it play a part in his death.

Berman died on May 16, 1946, presumed New York City, His return covering the event occurred on April 26, 1946, NYC, Here are the sets in play on date of death:

New Set (31k)pc12 venus21 Aquarius 13Rco-ruler (22 of 23°) of c 4th house
pb12 venus21 Aquarius 41ruler of b 6th house
return uranus 21 Taurus 10
c sun21 Taurus 39ruler of c 8th house
c12 mars23 Taurus 20
b12 NN23 Taurus 30
B Asc 23 Scorpio 32

As can be seen, the set above has picked up 4th and 6th influence. (It is the two lights in it which make the orb acceptable for a progressed set.)

Progressed b mars, at 2 Gemini 28, co-ruler (12 of 28°) of b 4th house, has entered Set (31m) above turning it into a 2sun/mars/2saturn/pluto set still with influence to C Asc, c 8th house and adding a 4th house influence.

Aside from the fact that sun/mars was on an Angle and his 12th chart also included two sun/saturns, this chart starts out falling fairly short of the necessary house influences. But he acquired them all at the time of death.

Bob Montana

Bob Montana
The following biographical material was taken from the biographical notes of : American cartoonist and creator of the syndicated comic strip, "Archie," from 1942. Montana married April 13, 1946 and had four kids. He died of a heart attack January 4, 1975, while cross-country skiing near Meredith, NH.:

According to the website, “his father died of heart problems when Bob was only a teenager.” Hence, we have reason to believe Montana’s heart problem was hereditary. Finding its significators in his 4th chart (of home and father’s influence) is appropriate but, so far as is presently known, not mandatory.

Bob Montana, Male, Died Heart Attack Age 54
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 4th House (of Home and Father)

Placidus: c11—19Sco, c12—10Sag, c2—19Aqu, c3—28Pis b11—17Sco, b12—9Sag, b2—16Aqu, b3—25Pis

Set (32) shows us a set with sun/moon/mercury/mars. C4 sun rules c 8th house. B mars rules b 4th. C mercury rules c 6th. There is no ruler of an Angle. On his date of death, January 4, 1975, the set received pb4 mars, ruler of b 4th house, at at 8 Virgo 33, pc mercury, ruler of c 6th house, at 9 Pisces 44, and pc4 venus, ruler of C MC at 9 Virgo 58. So, the set acquired a ruler.

Set (33) includes a node/sun/mercury/saturn in which b4 sun rules b 8th, c4 saturn rules C Asc, and b4 mercury rules b 4th and co-rules (25 of 39°) b 8th house.

Set (34) shows an all-charts, close sum/mars set in which c sun rules c 8th house and c mars rules c 4th.

Unnumbered in the drawing above is a possible (birth was given as at 1:00 pm) Angle/sun set with C Asc at 4 Capricorn 51 and b sun, ruler of b 8th house, at 6 Libra 31.

Also unnumbered, c4 mars, ruler of c 4th house, at 1 Capricorn 33 is conjunct B Asc at 2 Capricorn 43.

Montana’s return for death occurred on December 3, 1974 at Meredith. NH. The transits mentioned were for 4 p.m. EST, a guess based on a reasonable time to be on the slopes and perhaps tired. In addition to the significant progressions shown in Set (32) above, Montana had the following:

  • pB MC at 19 Sagittarius 12 is conjunct c4 uranus at 19 Sagittarius 30 and t sun at 19 Sagittarius 29.

  • pb NN at 11 Libra 28 has zeroed in on c4 saturn, ruler of C Asc, at 11 Aries o4 and pb venus, ruler of B MC, at 11 Cancer 11.

  • pb sun, ruler of b 8th house, at 1 Sagittarius 12 is in the same set, a little late, with pb saturn, ruler of B Asc, at 0 Virgo 51R.

  • pC Mc at 21 Sagittarius 59 is in the same set with return4 saturn at 21 Pisces 11 and transiting saturn at 21 Gemini 09. Progressed c4 NN is at 22 Pisces 28.

  • Return Asc at 8 Scorpio 40 is conjunct pb4 sun at 7 Scorpio 50 and with b uranus, ruler of b 8th house, at 8 Aquarius 15.
  • Progressed c4 saturn, ruler of C Asc, at 24 Capricorn 17 is in the same set with B MC at 24 Libra 51. (There are two progressed moon just below this, pb4 moon at 22 Capricorn 49 and pc4 moon at 22 Cancer 56 weakly lighting the Angle/saturn.)

Ronald Ellwin Evans

Ronald Ellwin Evans, Jr.
The following biographical material was taken from the biographical notes of : American astronaut selected by NASA in April 1966. Evans served as Command Module Pilot aboard Apollo 17, the last manned flight to the moon, which launched on 12/06/1972. During the mission, he set a record for time spent alone in orbit at 147 hours, 41 minutes and 13 seconds.

The son of Clarence and Marie Evans, he graduated from Highland Park High School in Topeka, Kansas before enrolling at the University of Kansas. In 1956, he completed the Navy ROTC program, was commissioned an Ensign, and earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering. He completed flight training in 1957 and received his Master of Science degree in Aeronautical Engineering from the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School in 1964. Until his selection by NASA, he served sea duty in the Pacific. He was awarded both the NASA Distinguished Service Medal and the Navy Distinguished Service Medal in 1973. After his retirement from NASA in March 1977, he worked in the private sector.

Evans was married to Janet Merle Pollom and they had two children, Jaime Dayle (8/21/1959) and Jon Pollom (10/09/1961). In his free time, he enjoyed outdoor activities including fishing, swimming, hunting and golfing.

He died of an apparent heart attack on 4/07/1990, Scottsdale, Arizona.

Ronald Ellwin Evans, Male, Died Apparent Heart Attack Age 56
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 7th House (of Significant Others)

Placidus: c11—3Tau, c12—9Gem, c2—1Leo, c3—26Leo b11—7Leo, b12—6Vir, b2—28Lib, b3—20Sco

Set (36) is suspicious because it is a close conjunction and it is in a 4th house and influencing a 6th. It is comprised of sun/saturn/neptune, with b7 neptune ruling b 6th house. It lacks Angular influence.

Set (37) shows mars on C MC in b 6th house. Note it is also conjunct uranus. Apparently, even in Pisces, mars/uranus yields daring and courage. (I assume it takes courage to go into space.) Nonetheless, the shows us an Angle/mars/6th influence.

Evans has another Angle/uranus existing as B Asc at 0 Libra 02 in the same set with b uranus at 0 Aries 43.

A sun/mars set exits. Here it is:

Set (38)b7 jupiter22 Libra 10
b sun23 Libra 49
b moon23 Cancer 26ruler of B MC
b mercury6 Libra 47ruler of B MC
b7 mars25 Libra 58ruler of b 8th house

There is nothing particularly toxic about Set (38). With its influence to an Angle and with jupiter, it shows ambition (mars/jupiter) and potential fame and success (Angle/moon/sun/jupiter).

Evans’ return for death occurred on March 8, 1990 in Scottsdale, Arizona. His date of death was April 7. Here are the primary significators:

New Set (36)return7 moon13 Cancer 37
pb7 venus12 Capricorn 39ruler of B Asc in c 4th house
pb mars13 Capricorn 04ruler of b 8th house
c saturn13 Capricorn 34
c sun 13 Capricorn 49
b7 neptune 14 Capricorn 05ruler of b 7th house

New Set (36) shows a conjunction of sun/mars/saturn influencing an Angle, both 4ths, and a 6th and 8th house.

There are other sets which support the implications of New Set (36):

  • pC Asc at 25 Leo 45 is conjunct c mars at 26 Leo 09.

  • pB Asc at 14 Scorpio 07 is in the same set with c SN at 14 Leo 09.

  • pb7 sun at 9 Aquarius 28 is conjunct c moon, ruler of B Asc, at 9 Aquarius 37 and in the same set with pc mars at 8 Leo 53R and pb7 saturn, ruler of b 4th house, at 9 Scorpio 53. The mars and saturn are a whole degree apart, but the two lights, particularly the sun, falls near their middle.

  • return7 mars is at 3 Capricorn 37 in the same set with B MC at 3 Cancer 38.

  • return sun at 23 Aqauarius 49 is on an Angle with pC MC at 24 Taurus 11.

  • return Asc at 24 Libra 47 falls into Set (38) above, putting sun/mars on an Angle. Return pluto is a 23 Libra 05.

Don Drysdale

Don Drysdale
The following biographical material was taken from the biographical notes of :American Hall of Fame baseball pitcher for the Brooklyn and Los Angeles Dodgers, famous for a 14-season record of 209 wins against 106 losses with 2,486 strikeouts. With Drysdale's help, the Dodgers became the most-feared team in baseball in the late 50s and early '60s. He was inducted into the baseball Hall of Fame on 8/12/1984 and ranks among the top ten in every Dodgers pitching category. At 6'6" and 216 pounds, he played his best season in 1962, , leading the National League with a 25-9 record, 41 games started, 314-1/3 innings pitched, and 232 strikeouts. He won the National League Cy Young Award. He led the National League in innings pitched from 1962-1965, and from 1959 to 1962, led the National League in strikeouts three times.

In the spring of 1966, Drysdale shocked the baseball world when he and Sandy Koufax held out for more money. It worked; he was awarded an additional $110,000, a large sum then for a player.

He retired from baseball on Autust 11, 1969, and became a sportscaster with ABC.

On 9/27/1958, he married Ann Meyers, an All-American basketball player at UCLA and a broadcaster for NCAA women's basketball games. They have one daughter and one son, who was born on Drysdale's 51st birthday.

A gregarious man with a brilliant smile and resonant voice, Drysdale was described as an "overpowering workhorse" and a "Hall of Farmer off the field."

At age 56, he was found dead shortly before he was scheduled to announce a Dodgers game on July 3, 1993. He was found to have suffered a fatal heart attack in his hotel room in Montreal.

Don Drysdale, Male, Died Heart Attack Age 56
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 12th House (of Institutions and Hidden Things)

Placidus: c11—25Sco, c12—17Sag, c2—27Aqu, c3—4Ari b11—30Gem, b12—0Leo, b2—25Vir, b3—25Lib

I did not number them, but C MC in Scorpio conjunct b jupiter plus B Asc in Capricorn in the same set with b venus together amount to an all-charts, summed golden benefic, consistent with his Drysdale’s baseball.

That conception Capricorn Asc also shows us an Angle/sun/uranus, shown in Set (39).

Similar to the case with Evans, Drysdale’s Set (40) shows us a conjunction of sun to saturn in b 4th house. It influences an Angle and 8th house through b12 sun which rules B Asc in c 8th house. B venus in it rules B M C. So it starts out influencing two Angles’.

Set (40a) yields a wide sun/mars/saturn. Containing node/sun/moon/venus/mars/saturn, it is b mars which rules b 4th house and co-rules (25 of 30°) b 8th. C12 venus rules c 4th house. C10 saturn rules C Asc.

Note that Set (40a) shows a conjunction of mars to a SN in a 6th house while c saturn, at 10 Aquarius 09 in b 6th house is also lighted by a node—b12 NN at 10 Scorpio 12.

Drysdale’s return for death occurred on June 12, 1993 in Montreal. He died on July 3. Transits were for noon EDT July 3.

New Set (39)t12 saturn13 Capricorn 13R
C Asc14 Capricorn 07
pc12 mars14 Capricorn 29ruler of C MC
c12 sun14 Capricorn 48ruler of c 8th house
pC Asc13 Aries 56
pb uranus 15 Aries 15Rruler of b 6th house
t12 uranus13 Cancer 35R
pc12 venus13 Cancer 38ruler of c 4th house

New Set (39) shows a conjunction of sun/mars/saturn on C Asc. In all it contains Angle/sun/venus/mars/saturn/2uranus with influence to two Angles (three if we count the progressed C Asc above at 13 Aries 56) and 4th, 6th and 8th houses—the full significator set.

A few more are worth mentioning.

  • pB Asc at 16 Libra 34 is conjunct pb12 saturn at 16 Libra 29R.

  • pc12 sun at 17 Aries 22 is in the same set with return12 mars at 17 Libra 49.

  • pb sautrn at 24 Aquarius 45 iss in the same set with pc sun at 24 Scorpio 49, ruler of be 8th house.

  • pb NN (coming from 9 Sagittarius 18 at birth) at 5 Sagittarius 10 falls in between b12 sun, ruler of B Asc in c 8th house, at 4 Sagittarius 48 and b12 saturn at 6 Sagittarius 49—all in b 4th house.

  • Not mentioned above, b sun, ruler of B Asc in c 8th house, at 6 Cancer 46 is in the same set with b12 uranus at 7 Libra 21.

  • return sun at 26 Taurus 56 is in the same set with B MC at 27 Taurus 14 and B Asc at 27 Leo 59.

    pc saturn, which started out a retrograde planet, at 10 Aquarius 38 has returned to itself (at 10 Aquarius 09), is in b 6th house, and is lighted by b12 NN at 10 Scorpio 12.

  • return MC at 3 Aquarius 22 is in the same set with return saturn at 5 Aquarius 40, c moon, co-ruler (14 of 27°) at 4 Taurus 11 and c12 mars, ruler of C MC, at 4 Taurus 02. Pb12 pluto is at 3 Scorpio 33.

Bill Barth
The following biographical material was taken from the biographical notes of : American musician, a guitar player known for Memphis country blues. He had a band in the U.S. before becoming an expatriate, moving to Amsterdam in 1994. He sold brain enhancement drugs to various European countries, which often found their way to the U.S. in spite of being outlawed by the FDA.

He died on July 15, 2000 of a heart attack in his sleep, at home in Amsterdam. He was 57.

Bill Barth, Male, Died Heart Attack Age 57
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 6h House (of Health and Service)

Placidus: c11—8Leo, c12—7Vir, c2—28Lib, c3—0Sag b11—22Lib, b12—13Sco, b2—11Cap, b3—22Aqu

With this next-to-last example of death from heart attack the significator is beginning to require a lot of summing of smaller sets. This can get fairly tedious, but is nonetheless valid. That makes sense because the individual has lived a fairly long life. Those individuals with clear-cut, close significators have already died before such the late age of 57.

In the first one below, the set involved is Set (42). Let’s get to its astrology.

Set (41) is comprised of node/sun/jupiter/mars/saturn. C6 mars rules c 8th house. B6 jupiter rules B Asc. B sun co-rules (22 of 41°) b 8th house. It lacks 4th and 6th house influence and the orb from saturn to the sun is wide, 3° 46’.

Barth’s date of death was July 15, 2000. His return covering it occurred on July 3, 2000 in Amsterdam. Transits were for noon, date of death.

When he died Barth’s pB MC was at 25 Scorpio 02. The mean between the numerical values of the node/sun/mars/saturn in Set (42 ) above is 25° 28’. That is close enough that I consider that the set was valid on the date of his death. Transiting6 saturn was at 26 Taurus 43 and t6 neptune at 26 Scorpio 12.

Set (42) shows what we can consider sun/mars on an Angle, with the mars, even with the help of the sun, being rather distant from B Asc (3° 15’). With the help of the sun, it can b e considered on an Angle. This is not a close set, either.

Even if the sun/mars is not really on B Asc, Set (42) shows us sun/mercury/venus/mars/neptune, with b6 sun co-ruling (22 of 41°) b 8th house. B6 mars co-rules (22 of 26°) b 4th house. B mercury rules B MC. B venus rules b 6th. C neptune rules c 6th house and b6 neptune rules b 4th. So this set shows a loose sun/mars influence to an Angle, 4th, 6th, and 8th houses.

On the date of his death, pc6 mars, ruler of c 8th house, at 4 Pisces 19, strengthening the Angle/sun/mars. Pc neptune, starting out retrograde, ruler of c 6th house, at 3 Virgo 34R had moved much closer to B Asc.

Not shown in the drawing above, c sun at 16 Aquarius 57 is widely in a set with b saturn at 14 Taurus 09. But that saturn is moving retrograde, so it is a weak sun/saturn.

Barth’s return for death occurred on July 3, 2000 in Amsterdam.

Other sets for date of death are shown below.

  • pC Asc at 15 Aquarius 33 has his the midpoint between the numerical figures for c sun and b saturn, mentioned in the second paragraph above. That point is 15 Fixed 33. Also in the set was pb venus, ruler of c 6th house, at 15 Aquarius 44. Return6 sun is at 15 Taurus 34. Perhaps in the set was pC Asc at 14 Scorpio 35. If all are valid, it is a progressed Angle/sun/saturn.

  • pb6 saturn at 3 Leo 15 has entered the set comprised of b moon, ruler of b 8th house, at 3 Leo 59 and b SN at 3 Leo 29. B mars, co-ruler (22 of 26°) b 4th house, at 4 Scorpio 34 is part of the set along with pc saturn at 4 Taurus 54. (C moon at 5 Leo 41 is even late in the set and as a light, can hardly not be part of the set). Return Asc is at 4 Leo 14.

  • pc6 sun at 26 Sagittarius 36 is in the same set with B MC at 26 Virgo 26.

  • return6 saturn at 17 Taurus 16 is in the same set with c sun at 16 Aquarius 57.

  • return MC at 23 Aries 04 is in te ameset with c6 saturn, ruler of c 4th house, at 22 Aries 07.

  • return sun at 16 Gemini 57 is conjunct return mars at 16 Gemini 28 and in the same set with pb mars, co-ruler of b 4th house, at 15 Sagittarius 48.

  • Return uranus at 25 Capricorn 30 is conjunct pb sun, co-ruler of b 8th house, at 25 Capricorn 33. He also has b6 uranus at 3 Cancer 04 conjunct C MC at 4 Cancer 59.

Well, I said it would be tedious. For sure there were many sun/mars and sun/saturn sets in Barth’s astrology when he died.

I mentioned in the Introduction that I found Curtis’s astrology interesting because it was somewhat unusual. Here it is.

Harry Curtis
The following biographical material was taken from the biographical notes of : American costume and stage designer. An actor in New York in 1955, he worked as an assistant stage designer through the '60s on scores of shows, including "Fiddler on the Roof," "Annie Get Your Gun" and "The Boy Friend." He had a peak year in 1974 designing for a TV soap and a series of commercials in Paris. Curtis moved to Hollywood in November 1978 as a costume designer for TV and films.

He died of a heart attack on August 6, 1989 in West Hollywood, CA, age 58.

Harry Curtis, Male, Died Heart Attack Age 58
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 10h House (of Career, Social Image, and Mother)

Placidus: c11—24Pis, c12—5Tau, c2—1Can, c3—23Can b11—12Vir, b12—8Lib, b2—29Sco, b3—4Cap

Set (56) contains 2sun/moon/mars/saturn (that is, c saturn) all in c 6th house. It is interesting because of the great distance between mars and saturn. They are 6° 54’apart. Before seeing this set I would never have believed it a significator mars/saturn in a heart death Yes, there are three lights between them bringing them more into better contact. But the mars/saturn separation is huge

But the set has all the correct influences. C sun rules c 4th house. B10 sun rules B MC. C saturn rules c 8th house and the two c mars rules c 6th house.

Curtis died on August 6, 1989. His return occurred on July 14, 1989 in North Hollywood, California.

On the date of his death, the following were added to Set (56)s, now called Set (58):

Set (58)c mars2 Sagittarius 07ruler of c 6th house
pc10 mars 2 Sagittarius 42ruler of c 6th house
return 10 pluto 3 Sagittarius 23ruler of C MC
b10 sun4 Sagittarius 31ruler of B MC
c10 moon7 Sagittarius 06
c sun7 Sagittarius 53ruler of c 4th house
return10 uranus7 Sagittarius 57R
c saturn7 Sagittarius 01ruler of c 8th hoiise

All of the above added together make a powerful astrological suggestion of a sudden (uranus) violent (mars/pluto) paroxysm of the heart (sun) which, because of its Angle and house influence, could result in death (saturn/4th).

Sets (56) and (57) above simply show two Angle/saturn sets, one an all-charts set, with c10 saturn ruling c 8th house. He does have an Angle/jupiter (this chart only) shown as c10 jupiter at 29 Libra 45 in the same set with b10 SN at 28 Libra 56 and c10 jupiter, ruler of c 7th house, at 29 Libra 45.

I showed his conjunction of be neptune to B MC in Leo as part of his significator for some one who works in movies or creatively.

Curtis had several other sets which contributed to his attack:

  • pB Asc at 15 Sagittarius 18 was conjunct pc saturn, ruler of c 8th house, at 15 Sagittarius 25.<

    pb10 mars, ruler of c 6th house, at 19 Capricorn 41 was probably in the same set with pC MC at 20 Aries 06.

  • pc mars, ruler of c 6th house, at 17 Capricorn 44 was in the same set with c SN at 17 Libra 12 and return pluto at 17 Libra 47.

  • pc10 sun, ruler of c 4th house, at 11 Leo 12 was in the same set with B MC at 10 Leo 20.

  • return Mc at 19 Leo 54 was in the same set with C MC at 19 Aquarius 32 and c10 saturn, ruler of c 8th house, at 18 Leo 07.

  • return Asc at 8 Scorpio 20 was in the same set with pc sun, ruler of c 4th house, at 8 Aquarius 26 and return10 mars at 7 Aquarius 22,

  • return10 uranus at 5 Leo 19 was conjunct c10 sun, ruler of c 4th house, at 4 Leo 31.

Set (56) alone, even with his progressions, would not have caused Curtis’ fatal attack. It required the presence of other sets signifying a potentially fatal condition, But so do closer sets found in adult deaths occurring at a younger age, as shown above. Curtis’ Set (56) appears valid and operated as a “weak” set which over time was debilitating and became strong at the time of death.

Antonin Scalia

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia
The following biographical material was taken from the biographical notes of : American jurist, the first Italian-American Supreme Court Justice, appointed by President Reagan in June 1986 to take over the seat of retiring Supreme Court Justice Warren Burger. Scalia, nicknamed "Nino" by his friends, is considered to be an intellectual dynamo who leans to the far right of the U.S. Supreme Court. He would rather that many cases on the Supreme Court calendar be settled by state legislatures. With formidable intellect and scholarship, Scalia is known to vote alongside Chief Justice William Rehnquist and Justice Clarence Thomas but has on occasion voted against the conservative members.

He is gifted as a story teller with an elegant writing style as well as a charming personality. Known for his good humor and relaxed style, he can, however, terrify lawyers who are unprepared. A disciplined worker, he demands excellence from his co-workers.

His mother was an elementary school teacher and his father translated and taught the romance languages at Brooklyn College. Scalia, a Roman Catholic, went to school at St. Francis Xavier High School in New York City. He was the director of the marching band and an officer in the Jr. ROTC. He ranked first in his class at Georgetown University. At Georgetown, he studied Latin for six years and Greek for five years, learning to appreciate the precise meaning and origins of words. He went to Harvard Law School and worked as the editor of the Law Review. He participated in many school debates. After graduation from law school, his first job was with a prestigious Cleveland law firm. In 1967, he turned down a lucrative partnership in a law firm to become a law professor at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville.

In 1971, Scalia moved to Washington DC and worked as a general counsel at the Nixon White House. He worked as an assistant attorney general in the Justice Department's Office of Legal Counsel. In 1982, President Reagan appointed him a judgeship on the federal appeal court in Washington DC. He went on to the U.S. Supreme Court in 1986. He voted to strike down a law prohibiting flag burning as a law against the expression of free speech. He has voted to overturn Roe v. Wade and lost by a narrow margin. Scalia prefers to have state legislatures make the decision on abortion rights in the individual states. He enjoys public speaking and likes being noticed when the Supreme Court is in session. He runs opposite to the sedate and reserve Supreme Court justices, appearing animated and responsive during the sessions.

Scalia met his wife, Irish-American Maureen McCarthy when she was a student at Radcliffe. The couple married 9/10/1960 and produced nine children, four daughters and five sons. Gregarious and fun, Scalia enjoys camping trips and regales his companions by leading the group sing-alongs and doing a stand-up comedy routine.

In 1990, Scalia nearly drowned after falling from a raft during an excursion at Salmon River in Idaho.

In January 2004, Supreme Court Justice Scalia took a duck-hunting trip in Louisiana with Vice President Cheney. The trip occurred just three weeks after the Supreme Court agreed to hear a case filed by the Sierra Club over the secretive nature of Cheney’s energy task force. On March 18, 2004, after two months of public debate and some criticism, Scalia issued his refusal to recuse himself saying that Supreme Court Justices have a right to socialize with Washington power brokers.

Scalia died of a reported heart attack (not confirmed by autopsy, which may never be performed) on February 13, 2016 in Big Bend, Texas, age 79. [As of this date, 8/8/19, news reports will not state exactly what he died of, but do state he suffered from a heart condition.]

Scalia’s astrology for a heart attack is strong.

Antonin Scalia, Male, Died Heart Attack Age 79
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 6th House (of Health and Service)

Placidus: c11—25 Can24, c12—25Leo, c2—17Lib, c3—18Sco b11—11Leo, b12—9Vir, b2—1Sco, b3—3Sag

Set (58a) contains 2mercury/sun/saturn with c6 saturn co-ruling (25 of 32°)c 4th house. Both c mercuries rule C MC and C Asc and co-rule (20 of 25°) c 6th house. They are also lights, so this set of four planets has three lights.

Not numbered in the drawing above is the set of c6 sun conjunct C Asc and opposition mars. The set as a whole does not influence a 6th house, but it turns out it does it another way. The c6 sun conjunct the C Asc is in Virgo, natural sign of the 6th house. The b mars in Pisces is in b 6th house—so he ends up with sun/mars on an Angle with influence to 6th houses!

On February 13, 2016, Scalia’s heart attack was precipitated by the following sets:

  • pb NN was at 9 Sagittarius 54, having entered Set (58a) shown above. These all fell on pC MC at 9 Virgo 15, giving him an progressed Angle/sun/saturn quadruply lighted.

  • pb6 NN at 19 Pisces 09 highlighted his Asc/sun/mars in Virgo/Pisces shown above and gave it extra emphasis. Return6 pluto, at 19 Gemini 18, was also in the set. Mars/pluto can represent violence, this time internal, with the heart.

  • pb sun at 15 Taurus 30 was approaching and lighting c saturn at 16 Auarius 05.

  • pb saturn, ruler of b 4th house, at 27 Aquarius 45 has been passing over b sun which is at 27 Aquarius 29. This was a long-term stress on his vitality. Return SN was at 27 Aquarius 36.

  • pB Asc was at 2 Sagittarius 49 conjunct pc6 uranus, ruler of c 6th house, at 2 Sagittarius 55.

  • pC Asc was at 19 Scorpio 54 and was in the same set with the following planets—return MC at 20 Aquarius 50, b saturn, ruler of b 4th house, at 20 Aquarius 51, return saturn at 19 Scorpio 14, pb neptune, ruler of b 6th house, at 20 Leo 08. T saturn was at 20 Scorpio 08 (for a guesstimated 4 a.m. CST).

    pc mars, ruler of c 8th house, at 19 Libra 59 was in the same set with c6 mars, ruler of c 8th house, at 19 Aries 40, and return6 sun at 19 Capricorn 49.

  • pc saturn, co-ruler of c 4th house, at 13 Aquarius 33 was in the same set with c6 moon at 13 Aquarius 47, return neptune at 13 Aquarius 33, and return6 mars at 13 Aquarius 33.

  • t mars (4:00 a.m.) at 25 Libra 58 was conjunct return moon at 25 Libra 38.

  • pc6 saturn, co-ruler of c 4th house, was at 19 Leo 08 in the same set and lighted by c6 NN at 19 Leo 22. Progressing C Asc had already, but within months earlier, passed through this set.
As can be seen, at the time of his death Scalia had an Angle/sun/saturn/6th and an emphasized Angle/sun/mars/6th. 4th and 8th houses were amply represented in his final astrology. Sure looks like a heart attack. But does it have to have been one? As discussed below, sun/mars/saturn occurs with other life-threatening conditions. Right now we do not have enough examples of those to ruler them out.

Death from heart failure has the same significators as does death from heart attack.

However, while the heart failure is building up—usually over years--there is more of an emphasis on sun and saturn, with mars falling more into the background.

The archtypical example of some one who is susceptible to heart failure is a chart with sun and saturn on Angles—either together on the same Angle or on separate Angles. Their path is the same as that for attacks—Angle/4th/6th/8th.

However, as can be seen below, examples are not archtypical but nonetheless have their own way of demonstrating the same thing. One of the individual’s below gives us one example. His chart starts out only with sun—three of them—on an Angle. The long-term saturn emphasis occurs in the years prior to his death as a slowly moving progressed harmonic saturn to that Angle. The path remains the same.

I hesitated to keep the next individual in this section on heart failure, especially since as the youngest death he starts the section, It doesn’t fit with the other heart failures. Nonetheless, I decided to leave it in with comments. If you are more interested in finding out what the heart failure charts look like, just skip Wantling.

William Wantling

William Wantling
The following biographical material was taken from the biographical notes of : American poet, novelist, ex-Marine, ex-convict, and college professor. After graduating high school he joined the Marine Corps until 1955, serving in Korea during 1953. Wantling did time at San Quentin State Prison in 1958 convicted of forgery and possession of narcotics. In 1966 he enrolled at Illinois State University, earning a BA and MA. He taught at the university up until his death on May 2, 1974. Wantling died of heart failure, possibly incurred by his extensive drug use.

Wantling’s biographical information is an excellent demonstration of how little is known and how questionably valid even that is. He died at age 40. But he does not have the astrology of heart failure.

Resorting to an Internet search, and a small link at the bottom of the Wikipedia article on Wantling (which also stated he died of heart failure), I found the following link from Poetry Magazines (11/12/1974). Entitled “On William Wantling. It is by Yann Lovelock:

“He [Wantling] died of an overdose at the age of 41.” [This was after he had been hooked on morphine/heroin in his early twenties as a wounded Korean soldier.] According to Lovelock, “Wantling has said of himself that he was “probably a basically addictive personality.”

From Wikipedia we have this comment in a section which questions any record of Wantling’s life:W.D. Ehrhart attempted to reconstruct Wantling's life by looking at military and prison records. He concluded that ‘...what little we know about his life has already become distorted and mythologized, fiction made fact by constant repetition.’ As a consequence it seems that much of Wantling's biography must be taken with a certain amount of scepticism.”

William Wantling, Male, Died Heart Failure (?) Age 40
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 7th House (of Significant Others)

Placidus: c11—19Virgo, c12—14Lib, c2—5Sag c3—12Cap b11—12Sag, b12—5Cap, b2—25Pis, b3—27Ari

Set (59) shows that Wantling was born with a sun/saturn set. It has influence to C MC through c sun, which rules it. Any sun/saturn conjunction represents something negative or deficient (saturn) about the vitality (sun.) And in particular, as we have seen so far above, the sun can represent the heart, but it does not have to. It can symbolize some other things. For instance, I knew someone with sun in Libra not on an Angle. When slowly progressing secondary saturn crossed over it, he developed serious kidney problems and eventually died from it. And this sun/saturn lacks 6th influence, so it lacks that extra clear indicator that it represents a health problem. Still, I have to state—until further research is possible with many different types of conditions and reliable data, that this sun/saturn conjunction certainly could represent long-term stress on Wantling’s heart. Or, in Capricorn, maybe on something that indirectly affects the functioning of his heart.

Another influence to C MC, unnumbered above, is that conjunction of c SN at 14 Leo 16 to c neptune, co-ruler (19 of 31°) of c 4th house, and b moon, ruler of b 6th house, at 15 Leo 59. It shows us an Angle/neptune/4th/6th influence. Conjunct the South Node, it states that Wantling has a dramatic, high opinion of himself and is narcissistic. Ordinary reality if flat for him. It would make drug addiction reasonable, but not a foregone conclusion.

The two harmonic suns at 10 Leo 16 (c7 rules C MC) can be considered in the same set with B Asc at 7 Aquarius 53.

Drawing on that same set, it includes b mercury at 10 Scorpio 56. Mercury in Scorpio has several interpretations. One is an interest in the inner, intimate life of others, not necessarily benovolent. Another is interest in transformations. It often occurs on Angles or influencing them when some knows he is dying. Then it represents thoughts of dying. Some one born with it lighted and influencing an Angle, as it does here, could, therefore, have an ongoing interest in his own death, even feel pulled toward it (more so if the NN is conjunct it).

Set (60) contains only mars conjunct saturn with c mars ruling C Asc and c 6th house. It even lacks a light, but it does yield a 6th mars/saturn influence, the saturn part of which should be involved in any “failure,” including heart failure.

In the several years before his death, pb7 saturn passed over his b sun at 21 Libra 08, potentially weakening it. His death occurred on May 2, 1974 when his pb7 saturn at 22 Libra 46 had already passed beyond the conjunction to b sun. One year before that, it was at 21 Libra 56, Two years before, at 21 Libra 06, Three years before, at 20 Libra 16. There are at least two years when that saturn would be seen as conjunct the sun. Neither, however, rules a 4th or 6th house.

Wantling’s return for death occurred on April 15, 1974, in Normal, Illinois and death was on May 2.<.p>

Here is what was happening then:

Set (61)pc7 sun25 Leo 10ruler of C MC
return Asc25 Leo 21
c mars26 Leo 21ruler of C Asc and c 6th house
c7 saturn27 Leo 48
return node 26 Scorpio 32
return7 mars26 Aquarius 18

Set (61) gives us a sun/mars/saturn set (in Leo, no less, the sign ruled by the sun) with influence to three Angles and a 6th house. The two lights boost the orb enough to at least consider this could be a valid set for cardiac arrest.

Also in play were:

  • pc7 sun, ruler of C MC, at 19 Leo 05 was conjunct b neptune at 18 Leo 11 and C MC at 18 Leo 22. If Wantling is already addicted to heroin, then this progression involving a lighted Angular neptune would further that tendency.

  • pc mars, ruler of c 6th house and C Asc, at 14 Leo 44 has entered the unnunbered set discussed above about Wantling’s big ego and perhaps tendency to drug addiction, It is conjunct c SN at 14 Leo 16. His pc neptune, co-ruler (19 of 31°) of c 4th house, is 14 Leo 17. Another planet has entered this set. It is pb mercury, ruler of b 8th house and co-ruler (12 of 21°) of b 4th house, at 14 Scorpio 36. That connects a death wish (mercury in Scorpio/4th/8th?) with his alleged drug addiction.

  • Two of Wantling’s other progressed mercuries would support a sense suffering and sponsor wish to be set free from same. They are pb7 mercury at 11 Pisces 28 and pc mercury, also ruler of an 8th house, at 10 Pisces 53.

  • pc saturn is at 17 Capricorn 50 and t sun (noon CST) at 17 Aries 39.

  • pB Asc at 20 Aries 34 is early in a set with b sun at 21 Libra 08.

  • return MC at 23 Taurus 44 is in the same set with pc sun, ruler of C MC, at 22 Aquarius 48.

  • pb7 sun, at 19 Leo 05, is conjunct that C MC/neptune at 18 Leo 22 and 18 Leo 11, respectively.

  • pC Mc at o Libra 01 is in a wide orb to b uranus at 0 Aries 49 supported by t sun at 1 Aries 08.

What is missing in all the above is the longer-term saturn influence to a sun which also influences at least an Angle and a 6th house.

Wantling may have had a heart attack which he did not survive either because he overdosed on drugs or because his heart was weaker due to a combination of drug abuse and somewhat challenged heart astrology. He does not, however, have the astrology of “heart failure” seen below in the remaining examples.

heart chakra symbol

Gustav Dore

Gustav Paul Dore
The following biographical material was taken from the biographical notes of : French artist, painter and sculptor who illustrated literary masterpieces. His work took him to Paris in 1847 where he produced weekly lithographic caricatures for "Le Journal Pour Rire" 1848-1851. Doré is chiefly remembered for his wood-engraved book illustrations, especially those for the works of Rabelais, Don Quixote, Inferno, and Paradise Lost. His best known sculpture is the statue of Alexandre Dumas. Doré was decorated by the Legion d'Honneur in 1861 and made an officer in 1879. A child artist-prodigy, he was close to his mother until her death. He never married and had no children.

Beginning in his 40s, he suffered from asthma and heart trouble and he died on 1/23/1883 in Paris, France from heart failure at age 51.

Gustav Paul Dore, Male, Died Heart Failure Age 51
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 7th House (of Significant Others)

Placidus: c11—26Aqu, c12—11Ari, c2—17Gem, c3—5Can b11—19Lib, b12—8Sco, b2—3Cap, b3—18Aqu

Set (62), containing B Asc/2sun/saturn represents a long-term (he was born with it on an Angle) sun/saturn influence. B7 sun co-rules (18 of 45°) b 8th house. C7 sun co-rules (26 of 30°) c 4th house. It does not have a 6th influence.

Set (63) represents a third sun on an Angle, again with b sun co-ruling (18 of 45°) b 8th house. On the day of his death, at noon, it was at 25 Pisces 21, having been in this set earlier in the day. (The non-harmonic sun travels about 1° per day, so its 9th harmonic for this 7th chart would be traveling about 9° per day, having hit around 20 Pisces 51 the previous midnight and traveling forward. Return7 moon at 24 Pisces 26 was also in the set.

Set (63a) contains moon/mars/saturn. B mars rules B Asc in c 6th house as well as co-rules (19 of 25°) b 4th house. This set suggests a health problem, though not specifically the heart. Sets (62) and (63 added to it suggest a heart condition. This set also shows the slow movement of saturn toward a conjunction to a light which plays into worsening of any condition. Here are its values for eight years of Dore’s life. He died on January 23, 1883:

1-23-18754320 Leo 18R
1-23-18774520 Leo 09R
1-23-18794720 Leo 00R
1-23-18814919 Leo 50R
1-23-1883 (death)5119 Leo 41

Dore;s return for death occurred on January 6, 1883 in Paris. Other astrology for his death on January 23 are as follows:

  • pc7 saturn at 25 Leo 28 has been affecting his B Asc at 24 Scorpio 58. Moving slowly, it was at 25 Leo 09 a year earlier, and at 24 Leo 52 the year before that. Since his B Asc is in the same set with those two harmonic suns at 23 Aquarius 12, this progressing saturn would have been valid for at least the two years preceding his death, even the four preceding years.

  • Unnumbered in the drawing above is a set which shows C MC at 26 Capricorn 27 conjunct c7 moon at 26 Capricorn 05 and b moon at 26 Capricorn 25. Lights on birth/conception Angles increase the intensity of whatever planet progresses to them and widen acceptable orb for Angle/planet. In this case, Dore had pb7 saturn at 27 Capricorn 07, return saturn at 26 Aries 21 and return NN at 26 Libra 01. Pb mercury, ruler of B MC, was at 26 Capricorn 34. So this set influences two Angles and is strongly saturnian, surely depressing his health and likely his mood..

  • pC MC at 16 Pisces 55 was conjunct c pluto at 16 Pisces 37. Pc mars was at 16 Gemini 08, not in the set until return Asc at 16 Sagittarius 06 is added in. Return mars was at 15 Sagittarius 33. The orb for return Angles is 2°, so this set operates around return Asc.

  • pc sun, co-ruler (26 of 30°) of c 4th house, was at 3 Taurus 07 in the same set with c saturn at 3 Leo 21.

  • pc7 sun, co-ruler of c 4th house, was at 28 Taurus 02 conjunct C Asc at 28 Taurus 38.

  • Transiting saturn on his date of death was at 26 Aries 10, still (17 days after his return) affecting his C MC/2moon with progressed saturn.

Richard Dix

Richard Dix
The following biographical material was taken from the biographical notes of : American actor; durable cowboy star from 1921, the image of a rugged macho male. His film "Cimarron," in 1931 was nominated for an Oscar. Other films include "Devil's Squadron," and "Man Of Conquest." He was last seen in 1949 in "The Fountainhead."

Dix was attending the University of Minnesota as a medical student when he began acting in campus plays, giving up the idea of a medical practice to pursue acting. After some experience in stock and service in WW I, he made his Broadway debut in 1919. Tall, rugged and square-jawed, he often played the strong, silent type and enjoyed considerable popularity during the 20s. After the film "Cimarron," with huge financial and critical success, he found himself drifting into mostly B features.

Died of heart failure, 1949.

According to Wikipedia (Oct. 2014) Dix died on September 26, 1949 in Los Angeles, California.

And he suffered a serious heart attack two weeks before his death, on September 12, 1949, So this is not so much heart failure as an inability of his heart to recover from the attack. We want to look at his astrology to see if we can see why.

Richard Dix, Male, Died Heart Attack, Then Heart Failed to Recover, Age 54
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 6th House (of Health and Service)

Placidus: c11—25Can, c12—25Leo, c2—15Lib, c3—16Sco b11—21Sag, b12—16Cap, b2—12Ari, b3—10Tau

Set (64) contains 2sun/mercury/mars/2saturn. But if we drop of the part of the set that has wide orbs—c mars at 7 Aries 57 and b saturn at 7 Libra 26, it shows a close set involving 2sun/mercury/saturn with b6 sun co-ruling (26 of 40°) b 6th house, c saturn co-ruling (25 of 34°) c 4th house and c6 mercury ruling C MC and C Asc. That is, it is a 2sun/saturn set with influence to two Angles with influence to 4th and 6th houses.

If we likewise limit set (65) to the planets closes in orb, we have C MC at 21 Gemini 10 in the same set with c sun at 22 Virgo 55 and b6 sun, co-ruler of b 6th house, at 23 Virgo 19.

Adding in the wider orbed venus/jupiter/saturn/pluto, b6 venus rules b 8th house.

With just the closet part of the two sets above, we have two sun/saturn influences to two Angles with 6th influence plus the other two suns on an Angle, also with 6th influence.

These show the likelihood that Dix’s heart is weaker and underfunctioning rather than a heart that is too stimulated and in over-drive.

The values for his astrology for both his attack and his death are quite similar because they were only two weeks apart. His return for both occurred on August 30, 1949 in Los Angeles, CA. Here are the ones for death, They were a little stronger:

Set (65a)b moon21 Taurus 27ruler of b 6th house
pB Asc21 Taurus 49
pc6 mars21 Leo 53ruler of c 8th house
pb6 sun 20 Scorpio 25

We can say that the above sun is on the Angle because there are two lights in the set.

New Set (65) t SN22 Virgo 41
c sun22 Virgo 55
b6 sun23 Virgo 19co-ruler of b 6th house
return SN23 Virgo 24
pc6 sun24 Virgo 24ruler of c 8th house
C MC21 Gemini 10
return MC22 Gemini 45
return6 uranus 22 Pisces 01

If we add in c6 saturn from Set (65), then we also have to add in the venus and jupiter of that set. So I did not add them in. The above set just shows 3 suns on two Angles emphasized by two nodes and jarred by uranus in Pisces. We can validly include both the return node and the transiting node because death was 26 days after the return started and the harmonic node could easily by then been quite far from its return position. It was not.

There were several more pertinent sets:

  • pc sun at 18 Scorpio 03 is in the same set with pc6 saturn at 17 Scorpio 50 and t saturn (noon) at 18 Leo 34.

  • return6 saturn at 1 Virgo 33 is in the same set with B MC at 1 Sagittarius 24.

  • return mars at 1 Cancer 13 is arguably conjunct b sun at 2 Cancer 55 with c6 sun at 3 Cancer 19. That is, it is entering the 2sun/saturn set of Set (64),

It appears the main reason Dix’s heart “failed” is because he started out with two strong sun/saturn sets which weakened his heart and negatively affected its ability to heal.

Fernando Pacheco

Fernando Pacheco
The following biographical material was taken from the biographical notes of : Portuguese writer, poet and literary critic. His military experience in Africa would give rise to his first book, "Caring for the Living." Although most of the themes in his work are dark, he published a lighter-hearted novel, "Walt" in 1978. He translated into Portuguese from the Spanish works of fellow-poet Pablo Neruda and novelist Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

He died of heart failure on November 30, 1995 in Lisbon, age 58.

Fernando Assis Pacheco, Male, Died Heart Failure Age 54
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 7th House (of Significant Others)

Placidus: c11—25Leo, c12—23Vir, c2—14Sco, c3—17Sag b11—22Tau, b12—26Gem, b2—17Leo, b3—14Vir

Set (66) shows three sun “on” B MC—the two harmonic ones and b sun. None rule pertinent houses.

Set (67) shows us node/2 mars on C MC at 22 Cancer 25. C mars co-rules (14 of 21°) c 6th house. B mars at 20 Libra 00 rules B MC and co-rules (22 of 38°) b 4th house.

With so many suns on one Angle and noded mars on another, this looks more like a heart attack chart than one for failure. In addition, his c sun at 8 Aries 38 is conjunct c uranus, co-ruler (25 of 32°) of c 4th house, so Pacheco has a type A personality. He is an entrenched doer and accomplisher.

The long-term sun/saturn influence that can account for a diagnosis of heart failure for Pacheco is shown in the table below. He died on November 30, 1995 and the values are from 1990 to 1995. They fit into Set (66) above, showing that he had saturn progressing over that Angle/3sun for at least five years and it wasn’t really finished by the time he died.

As a reminder, B MC is at 16 Aries 09 and the two harmonic suns are at 17 Libra 43. Return7 sun was at 17 Libra 43, buy definition the same as the harmonic suns, but it should be counted because the 7th chart is the only chart in which the harmonic suns are identical to each other and to the only harmonic sun (that of the 7th chart) used to do returns which end up being used for all harmonics.

11-30-19904315 Libra 50
11-30-19914316 Libra 05
11-30-19924316 Libra 19
11-30-19934316 Libra 32
11-30-19944316 Libra 45
11-30-19954316 Libra 56

His significant sets for death included:

  • pC Asc at 28 Scorpio 09 is in the same set with pc saturn, ruler of c 4th house, at 28 Aquarius 33 and pc7 mars, co-ruler of c 6th house, at 28 Aquarius 07. Transiting7 sun (noon) was at 28 Aquarius 02.

  • return7 pluto is at 19 Sagittarius 46 in the same set with pC MC at 19 Virgo 46.

  • t sun at 13 Scorpio 07 (noon) is in the same set with c7 uranus, co-ruler (25 of 33°) of c 4th house, at 13 Scorpio 10 and c7 mars, co-ruler (14 of 21°) of c 6th house.

Sex Pedophile 4221
The following biographical material was taken from the biographical notes of : American pedophile, never bothered his own kids, but their pre-teen playmates instead. His kids became aware of his conduct when they themselves became teens and adults. Together, they discussed his conduct when they discovered what he was doing, but did not confront him. His wife was child-like, trusting, poorly educated and relied completely on him for everything.

He died from congestive heart failure on 7/24/1972, 1:05 PM, Exeter, CA.

Sex Pedophile 4221, Male, Died Heart Failure Age 67
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 6th House (of Health and Service

Placidus: c11—29Vir, c12—24Lib, c2—17Sag, c3—23Cap b11—25Cap, b12—29Aqu, b2—14Tau, b3—7Gem

Set (68) includes sun/saturn/2neptune. C6 sun rules C MC in b 6th house. C neptune co-rules (29 of 30°) c 4th house. The sun/saturn part is in c 4th house. Since it rules an Angle (in a 6th house) it can be considered a long-term influence, but not one as strong as is sun/saturn actually on an Angle.

Set (69) shows us a sun/saturn/uranus set with two jupiters. C sun rules C MC. C6 uranus rules c 4th house.

Set (70) is a weak, out-of-sign MC/mars set. C6 mars rules c 6th house.

His return for death occurred on June 30, 1972, Exeter, CA. Death itself occurred on July 24, 1972, His strongest set for death calls on that existing sun/saturn set with influence to an Angle and 4th and 6th houses:

New Set (68) return6 SN13 Pisces 19
c6 saturn13 Pisces 57
c6 sun14 Pisces 34ruler of C MC in b 6th house
c neptune13 Gemini 47co-ruler (29 of 39°) of c 4th house
return sun14 Gemini 19
pc6 mars12 Virgo 39ruler of C Asc and c 6th house

Pc6 mars in Virgo in the table above is a bit early in the set, but since there are two lights, is acceptable.

Some of the additional astrological conditions are:

  • pb6 sun, ruler of b 6th house, at 8 Scorpio 09 is in the same set with pb saturn at 8 Aquarius 08.

  • pc sun, ruler of C MC in b 6th house, at 0 Libra 35 is conjunct c6 mars, ruler of C Asc and c 6th house, at 0 Libra 38.

  • return Asc at 25 Aries 33 is in the same set with pc6 moon, co-ruler (23 of 36°) of c 8th house, at 24 Capricorn 18 and c sun, rules of C MC in b 6th house, at 24 Cancer 19, c saturn at 14 Capricorn 15, and return6 sun at 24 Aries 34.

  • return MC at 7 Capricorn 17 is in the same set with return6 moon at 6 Aries 03 and return mars at 6 Cancer 44 C jupiter at 6 Aries 40 is also in the set.

Marshall Thompson

Marshall Thompson
The following biographical material was taken from the biographical notes of : American actor, he made his film debut in 1944 with "The Purple Heart." He was seen in many American television series.

He died of congestive heart failure on May 18, 1992.

Marshall Thompson, Male, Died Heart Failure Age 67
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 4th House (Home and Father’s Influence

Placidus: c11—20Can, c12—20Leo, c2—12Lib, c3—13Sco b11—19Sco, b12—9Sag, b2—19Aqu, b3—28Pis

Set (71) simply shows us a strong Angle/saturn with influence to a 4th houses. Why is it strong? Because along with a close Angle/saturn, the set includes a node and a moon. B4 saturn rules that B Asc which is in c 4th house. At the time of his death, Set (71) picks up pc6 mercury, ruler of C MC and C Asc, at 1 Aries 54R—late in it, just leaving, but since that mercury rules an Angle, it acts like a light. And pb SN was at 1 Capricorn 44, also still in the set. Therefore the set with progressed mercury has four lights closely in the set with Asc/saturn. We can consider this mercury in the set for the preceding two-to-three years. One year earlier it was at 2 Aries 34R. Two years before his death it was at 3 Aries 16, well in the set, which it entered the year before that at 3 Aries 54R.

Set (71) with the progressed mercury shows us a strong Angle/light/saturn with influence to 4th (through b saturn), 6th house (through pc mercury, ruler of C MC in b 6th house, and 8th house (through pc mercury, ruler of C Asc in b 8th house. It is certainly debilitating and suggests the approach of death.

He has another Angle/saturn influence shown in Set (72) which shows B MC conjunct b saturn—again, ruler of B Asc in c 4th house. This was a life-long influence which peaked when that saturn progressed over his B MC, approximately when Marshall was 9 years old going on ten (at 26 Libra 35 at age 10). So it took approximately ten years to travel that one-plus degree. In an older individual when slow, secondary saturn passes over an Angle it is usually life-threatening. It can be for a child, too, but can also turn out to be a long, dark period in the child’s life when they feel especially isolated or vulnerable in some way. With this one’s influence to B Asc in c 4th house, there may have been some problem with his father,

Set (72) also influences Marshall’s c 6th house through that c neptune at 27 Cancer 25.

On the date of his death, May 18, 1992, Marshall had this set lighted by pc4 moon at 26 Libra 29. It suggests he was in touch with that earlier vulnerability. At any rate, it contributed two more Angle/saturns to his astrology for death.

Set (73) isn’t that much. It contains b sun at 11 Scorpio 14 in the same set with c4 mercury, ruler of both C Angles, at 11 Leo 00. Pb4 NN was at 10 Leo 22. What it really does, through that mercury, is give the sun influence to two Angles. On the date of his death it was joined by pc4 mercury, ruler of both C Angles, at 11 Scorpio 22. By sign it suggests his awareness of the approach of death, not surprising since dying of congestive heart failure is a slow process,

So far we have seen plenty of Angle/saturn, and, it is true, influence of a sun to two Angles through rulership. But where is the long-term sun/saturn? It is shown by progressing b saturn (starting at, as shown above, 25 Libra 26) passing “over” c sun at 1 Aquarius 14. Once again it is slow secondary saturn—b saturn, which rules B Asc in c 4th house--that is causing the problem. Here are some of its earlier values:

5-18-1972460 Scorpio 10
5-18-1977510 Scorpio 33
5-18-1982560 Scorpio 55
5-18-1988611 Scorpio 14
5-18-1992 (death)661 Scorpio 31

It is tempting to think that by the time Thompson died, that saturn had left the set because it was 17’ past its exact square to c sun. I do not know how far away after exact it has to get in order for its debilitating influence to cease—that would be the subject of some research project. I do know that I have many times seen such a situation in instances of death when my thinking had started out that the saturn influence had ended. Apparently, and in many cases, it had not.

The table above shows us that Thompson’s slow sun/saturn with influence top an Angle had lasted—if we take 1° before the exact square as the starting point—at least 15 years. It simply wore his heart (sun) down (saturn).

Thompson’s return for death occurred on May 5, 1992 in Royal Oak, Michigan. Here are the remainder of his return and progressed values for his death:

  • pb sun, ruler of b 8th house, at 18 Capricorn 52 had just been through about one years contact wiith pc saturn, co-ruler of c 4th house, at 18 Libra 02R.

  • pb4 sun, ruler of b 8th house, at 23 Leo 12 was on an Angle with pC MC at 23 Leo 11.

  • pC Asc at 7 Scorpio 40 was on an Angle with c4 sun, ruler of c 6th house, at 7 Scorpio 25. We might consider this a progressed Angle/sun/mars because pb4 mars, ruler of b 4th house, is at 8 Scorpio 24 brought into contact with the pC Asc by pc4 NN at 8 Leo 32, extending orb for progressed Angle-to-planet.

  • pb4 moon at 1 Gemini 38 is in the same set with pb mars, ruler of b 4th house, at 1 Sagittarius 24R and return Asc at 1 Sagittarius 02 and return4 moon at 1 Sagittarius 02,

  • return saturn at 23 Capricorn 26 is in the same set with pB Asc at 24 Aries 02. T saturn (noon EDT) was closer, at 23 Capricorn 46.

  • return pluto at 27 Libra 05 is passing over B MC conjunct b saturn in Libra.

  • I don’t know how much difference this makes—pc uranus, ruler of c 6th house, at 29 Aquarius 58 was conjunct c4 SN at 29 Aquarius 53—both in c 6th house. (It started at 26 Aquarius 18 at conception).

Carrie Frances Fisher

Carrie Fisher
The following biographical material was taken from the biographical notes of : American actress, author, playwright and noted family, the daughter of America's sweethearts, Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher. …By her 20s, Fisher had learned to keep her life in perpetual crisis, a drug abuser from about 22 to 28. She was hanging out with the gang from "Saturday Night Live" who shared her skewed humor and drugs of choice and noted that if she did not have a sense of humor, she would not have survived. By that time she was famed as Leia, and filmed the third Star Wars while struggling with addiction.

…On 17 July 1992, she had a baby daughter, Billie Catherine, with her then steady beau, talent agent Bryan Lourd, in Los Angeles. They bought a house together in early 1993, but that relationship ended in an ugly breakup later that summer when he left her for another man. She kept the house, a famous Spanish-style ranch house once called home by Edith Head and Bette Davis and now filled with animals, family and activity.

In 1997, Fisher had a psychotic break, tied to her long battle with bi-polar disease and a change of med's that threw her into an allergic reaction. After ranting and hallucinating for a week, she spent a half year in outpatient recovery. Lourdes stayed by her and helped with the baby.

In 2016, she released her autobiography, "The Princess Diarist."

On December 23, 2016 she went into cardiac arrest (a heart attack) while on a flight from London to Los Angeles, A passenger rendered CPR until paramedics arrived. Transferred to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, she was placed on a ventilator. She died there on December 27, 2016 at 8:55 AM LMT.

Carrie Fisher, Female, Died Heart Attack Age 60
Partial Harmonic Chart for Her 12th House (Institutions and Hidden Matters

Placidus: c11—5Sag, c12—26Sag, c2—16Pis, c3—20Ari b11—14Sco, b12—4Sag, b2—13Aqu, b3—24Pis

Set (74) shows a sun/mars influence in b 6th house with influence to an Angle through c12 mars, which rules C MC. In this chart that is joined by c12 pluto at 27 Sagittarius 29.

The Angle/sun is shown by Set (75).

This chart has an ongoing affliction represented by:

c pluto4 Leo 06
b pluto5 Leo 54
c mars3 Scorpio 01ruler of C MC
b NN5 Scorpio 03
c saturn5 Scorpio 36ruler of C Asc, co-ruler of c 12th

On the date of her death that b NN had progressed to 4 Scorpio 32, much closer to the midpoint at 4 Scorpio 18 between mars and saturn. This is a long-term timer (sidereal nodes usually progress very slowly) which shows this chart to have a double Angle/mars/saturn/pluto influence, so a highly afflicted chart. Pc12 sun, a second light entering the set, was at 3 Scorpio 08, and pc mercury, ruler of c 6th house, was at 4 Aquarius 42. Pc moon at 3 Aquarius 44 is also entering the set—a third light.

Her astrology for date of death is as follows:

  • pB MC at 23 Sagittarius 15 is arguably conjunct pb mercury, ruler of b 6th house and co-ruler (24 of 41°), at 24 Sagittarius 15 because c sun, at 24 Sagittarius 18 is also in the set and is expanding acceptable orb.

  • pb saturn, at 13 Scorpio 57, is conjunct C MC at 14 Scorpio 12, with return sun a 14 Scorpio 18.

  • pc NN at 17 Scorpio 55 (coming from 23 Scorpio 02 at conception) is conjunct c moon, co-ruler (26 of 30°) c 6th house., at 17 Scorpio 29.
  • pb12 sun, ruler of b 8th house, at 10 Virgo 07 and pb12 moon at 10 Gemini 01 have entered the sun/mars/6th set with Angular influence [shown in Set (74) above.]

  • return saturn at 22 Scorpio 47 is conjunct c NN at 23 Scorpio 02.

George Michael

George Michael
The following biographical material was taken from the biographical notes of : Greek-British singer, songwriter and record producer, always bearded with stubble and a tough-guy persona. Michael made his debut with Wham!, a pop-soul duo formed in 1981 with Andrew Ridgeley whom he met at school in 1975, when they first began to work together. Their first band was The Executive, 1979, a short-lived ska group, but it was as Wham! that they became Britain's most successful pop duo of the '80s.

…Michael sold more than 100 million records worldwide. His 1987 debut solo album, Faith, sold more than 20 million copies worldwide.

…Michael was arrested in a Beverly Hills park public toilet for "lewd conduct" that he had the poor luck to give a private performance in front of a police officer on 7 April 1998, 4:45 PM. After years of cultivating a heterosexual image, he blew his cover in a moment of indiscretion… He revealed that he had been in a gay relationship with Texan Kenny Goss for ten years and was taking Prozac for depression.

Michael was arrested for possession of Class C drugs in 2006… He publicly acknowledged that his cannabis use was a problem.

On 21 November 2011, the singer was admitted to a hospital in Vienna, Austria and was later confirmed to have suffered from pneumonia and, until 1 December, to have been in an intensive care unit. He was discharged on 21 December 2011.

He died of heart failure December 25, 2016 around 1:30 PM at his home in Goring-on-Thames, Oxfordshire.

George Michael, Male, Died Heart Failure Age 53
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 10th House (Career, Reputation, and Mother’s Influence)

Placidus: c11—19Can, c12—18Leo, c2—6Lib, c3—7Sco b11—29Pis, b12—15Tau, b2—9Can, b3—27Can

Set (76) shows b sun on an Angle with C Asc which is conjunct c10 saturn. The 6th influence comes from the latter part of the set being in Virgo, the natural sign of the 6th house. So really what this shows is Angle/sun/saturn, but only the Angle/saturn has 6th influence.


11 Pisces 43

As can be seen above, the progressed node, which is a second light in the set, was affecting Set (76) for at least the 6 years preceding Michael’s death. Heart failure requires such a long-term drag on the vitality of the heart. The whole set (including the sun), was brought into 6th house influence through the progression of pc12 uranus, ruler of c 6th house, at 7 Virgo 34 (brought into the set by the sun) while an 8th influence was contributed by pb12 uranus, at 8 Virgo 24.. Return Asc was at 11 Sagittarius 47.

The other set strongly afflicting this 10th chart is Set (77) . It contains two nodes plus sun/moon/venus/mars/saturn, with b10 saturn ruling b 8th house. It does not influence and Angle or a 6th house. On his day of death, this set received several progressions:

  • pB MC at 13 Aries 16. (The average of sun/mars/saturn is 13 cardinal 48.)
  • pc mercury, ruler of C MC and C Asc, and therefore also a light, is at 13 Libra 04, so this set of sun/mars/saturn has acquired influenced to three Angles as well as its original 8th house influence.

Other astrology on his date of death:

  • pc10 mars, ruler of c 8th house, is at 23 Sagittarius 29 is conjunct b10 mercury, ruler of B Asc and co-ruler (29 of 37°) of b 4th house, at 23 Sagittarius 29 and opposition B Asc at 23 Gemini 00.

  • pc10 NN at 16 Leo 14 has energized the set comprised of b10 sun, ruler o b 4th house, at 14 Leo 34, b pluto at 15 Leo 37, c pluto at 16 Leo 08, and b mars, ruler of b 6th house, at 17 Leo 19.

  • return10 sun at 14 Sagittarius 34 was in the same set with C MC at 13 Gemini 08

Among the twenty-nine examples shown in this paper, nineteen had at least one sun on an Angle at birth. Most of those acquired more at the time of death.

The remaining ten examples, except one (14851 which has two Angles in Leo), have at least one Angle/sun at death.

Since the charts used here were not rectified, it is also possible that more than nineteen individuals had sun on an Angle at birth.

Finally, as can be seen above, progressions, returns and transits for death for all the cardiac deaths presented stunning examples of completion and/or repetition at death of the original significator and its parts, together and individually. That is, they showed a timed predominance of Angle/sun/mars/saturn/4th/6th/8th.

All sun/mars/saturn faults do not symbolize heart disease.

One example occurs in an individual’s 12th chart. Sun, mars, and saturn are conjunct (within 1° 15’) in Virgo (the 6th influence), in an 8th house (the 8th influence), ruling an Ascendant. In terms of the above heart significator, it lacks 4th influence and a there is no sun on an Angle. It represented a very complex, difficult, and long-term musculoskeletal and therefore spinal problem. Why the spine is not known.

Another example is shown in the case of "Medical: Amputee 7347" in the paper on Diabetes. Her set--on an Ascendant--includes sun/mars/saturn/neptune/6th. It occurred in her 4th chart, which also contained the Halevy indicator for pancreatic disease, i.e., moon on an Angle. She died from her disease at age 44.

In general sun/mars/saturn can stand for anything that threatens (mars/saturn—the lesser and greater malefics)) vitality (sun) or life in general (sun), not just heart disease.

Mars and saturn are also the two planets that have to be either on Angles or influencing them through rulers in a set for death to occur. Then 4th and 8th influence—as was seen above with heart disease—is also likely part of the path. And they are there for every kind of death at the time of death.

Further, though not typical, it is not unusual for progressed sun to be on an Angle when death occurs. It often occurs when someone knows well ahead of time that death is immanent. Then it represents the coming forward of the individual’s more essential self at a time when sincerity with loved ones is highly valued. But under those conditions it is usually only in existence for a period of months—not long enough to represent a significator for heart disease.

Unique to heart disease so far is the high prevalence of sun on an Angle at birth and the constant repetition of parts of the significator, as well as more suns on Angles, at death.

Further Work
No attempt was made in this paper to tally whether or not by the time of death the whole significator was present for the 4th, 6th, and 8th houses. Theoretically, that has to be the case. With just “eyeballing” them, they appear complete. However, the count was not done because with large variations in dependability of birth times, diagnoses, and biographical data, tallies like that could be misleading.

A study is called for in which all the factors involved—diagnosis, dates and times of occurrence, date and time of birth, and medical and biographical information—are entirely dependable before a more reliable significator can be established.

It seems to me that cardiac medicine, especially in countries it has developed surgically to its present excellence, is highly unlikely to engage in such a study. Emphasis now is (almost?) entirely on physical (and some emotional) parameters of the disease and the successes resulting from that emphasis. It would take an unusual doctor—someone with a passion for the seeing the problem from all its angles—to take a look at what remains unsolved and unknown but is clearly part of the picture.

He or she would have best access to the necessary information.

Star Flower, a rare 7-petaled flower
From Wildflowers of Michigan Field Guide, by Stan Tekiela

Data Acknowledgments, (given in the order presented above)

Birth: 8/3/1992, 7:51 p.m. EDT, Radford, VA. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. Sent to me by Charlotte Wagner, from, in a paper by Zip Dobyns entitle “A Short Life.” Because of the time given to the minute and the fact it was a twin birth (which are usually observed to the minute), this birth is considered an AA data source, but none was mentioned in the paper;
Conception:10/25/1991, 2:09:13 a.m. EST, Radford, VA.

Birth Defect: Heart 14851, A
Birth:6/24/1982, 10:00 a.m. PDT, Edmonds, WA. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. From memory (doesn’t say whose memory).
Conception:9/15/1981, 12:06:39 p.m. PDT, Edmonds, WA.

Birth Defect: Heart 14874, A
Birth:1/01/1983, 7:22 a.m. EST, Red Bank, NJ. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. L. Pearce quotes news in MH 7/1983
Conception:3/21/1982, 6:07:14 a.m. EST, Red Bank, NJ.

Birth Defect: Heart 14666, C
Birth: 9/8/1976, 3:30 p.m. MEDT (-2), Castel Di Ludica, Italy. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. Bordoni quotes Oggi, Vol. 3.
Conception:11/28/1975, 10:54:25 p.m. EET, Castel Di Ludica, Italy.

Birth Defect: Heart 14842, A
Birth: 3/29/1982, 1:01 p.m. PST, Upland, CA. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. From memory (doesn’t say whose)(
Conception:6/19/1981, 11:19:04 p.m. PDT, Upland, CA.

Shaun Roger White, AA (Birth Defect)
Birth: 9/3/1986, 4:37 a.m. PDT, La Jolla, CA. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. PT quotes birth certificate, noting that the birth place is in San Diego, NOT Orange County.
Conception:11/22/1985, 4:37:59 p.m. PST, La Jolla, CA.

Psychologist 11599, C (Original Source Not Known) (Birth Defect)
Birth:6/21/1950, 8:43 p.m. EDT, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. Doug Bloch Collection.
Conception:9/12/1949, 11:09:12 p.m. EST, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Birth Defect: Heart 36394 (Dalton Hunter Thornley), A
Birth: 4/22/1999, 12:27 p.m. EST, N. Charleston, NC. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. From memory (doesn’t say whose)(
Conception:7/14/1998, 2:04:33 p.m. EDT,N. Charleston, NC.

Danny, AA (Birth Defect)
Birth: 12/93/1980, 5:11 a.m. EET, Johannesburg, South Africa. From his mother, 2014.
Conception:2/27/1980, 5:45:13 a.m. EET, Johanessburg, South Africa.

Serge Reding, AA
Birth: 12/23/1941, 5:00 a.m. MEDT, Auderghem, Belgium. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. Lescaut quotes De Marre for B.C.
Conception:3/11/1941, 10:41:41 p.m. EET, Auderghem, Belgium.

Dustin Gee, A
Birth: 6/24/1942, 12:00 (noon) GDWT, York, England. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. David Fisher quotes a letter from Gee’s agent, “the time of Dustin’s birth was mid-day.
Conception:9/15/1941, 12:09:45 p.m. GMT, York, England.

Ralph Lee Earnhardt, AA
Birth:2/23/1926, 11:30 p.m. EST, Concord, NC. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. Stephen Przybylowski quotes B.C. 3/2001.
Conception:5/16/1925, 12:11:25 a.m. EST, Concord, NC.

Richard D. Zanuck, AA
Birth:12/13/1934, 6:15 a.m. PST, Los Angeles, CA, NC. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. Birth certificate in hand from the Wilsons. (Same in Contemporary American Horoscopes.
Conception:3/1/1934, 7:57:43 p.m. PST, Los Angeles, CA.

James K. Baxter, A
Birth: 6/29/1926, 8:30 p.m. ONZT (=8:59:59 p.m. AEDT), Denedin, NZ. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. Sy Scholfield quotes Garth Carpenter in his “Aspects of Astrology.” From Baxter personally. Biography, Frank McKay, “Life of James K. Baxter,” 1990. Biography, W.H. Oliver: “James K. Baxter, a Portrait,” 1983.
Conception:9/20/1925, 8:150:32 p.m. AEDT, Denedin, NZ.

Irwin Goodman (Antii Yrjo Hammarberg), A
Birth: 9/14/1943, 1:50 a.m. EET, Hameenlinna, Findland. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. Steinbrecher collection: Kyosti Tarvainen quotes him to Finnish astrologer.
Conception:12/03/1942, 4:31:00 EET, Hameenlinna, Finland.

Kara Kennedy B
Birth: 2-27-1960, 9:00 a.m. EST, Bronxville, NY. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. Starkman quotes David Lester biography: “Joan, the Reluctant Kennedy.” 1974, p. 64.
Conception:5/19/1959, 1:23:46 p.m. EDT, Bronxville, NY.

Bill Clinton (William Jefferson Blythe IV), A
Birth: 9/19/1946, 8:51 a.m. CST, Hope, AR. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. Note in hand from Mrs. Virginia Kelly, Clinton's mom, to Shelley Ackerman with the time hand-written. She gave the same data in an interview with "Family Circle" magazine of 2/2/`993, p. 23.
Conception:11/08/1945, 12:13:28 p.m. CST, Hope, AR.

Ann Haddy A
Birth: 10/05/1930, 5:00 p.m. ACST (9E30 is ST), Quorn, Australia. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. Frank C. Gifford quotes her 9/1992, given in British Entertainers, Flare Pub.1997. (Reference work gives 1927 but she states it was 1930.)
Conception:12/24/1929, 12:35:45 a.m. SAST, Quorn, Australia

Leonard Warren (Leonard Warenoff), B
Birth: 4/21/1911, 8:30 p.m. EST, Bronx, NY. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. Sy Scholfield quotes biography by Mary Jane Phillips-Matz, “Leonard Warren: American Baritone” (Portland, OR, AmDEUS Press, 2000), p. 21 which states he was born on that date at that place “at eight-thirty in the evening.” Death time was also given citing stage manager’s log.
Conception:7/13/1910, 10:14:21 p.m. EST, Bronx, NY.

Wally Cox, AA
Birth: 12/06/19241, 4:15 a.m. EST, Detroit, MI. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. Contemporary American Horoscopes.
Conception:2/23/1924, 3:58:59 p.m. EST, Detroit, MI.

Carol Denise Fredericks, AA
Birth: 6/05/1952, 9:00 p.m. EDT, Springfield, MA. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. PT quotes birth certificate requested by Paddy de Jabrun.
Conception:8/29/1951, 5:53:43 a.m. EDT,Springfield, MA.

Dr. Louis Berman, A
Birth:3/15/1893, 12:51 a.m. EST, New York, New York.. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. Rudhyar quotes him in 1933, given in AA, 2/1949
Conception: 6/9/1892, 10:22:43 p.m. EST, New York, NY.

Bob Montana, AA
Birth: 10/23/1920, 1:00 p.m. PST., Stockton, CA. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. Contemporary American Horoscopes.
Conception:1/11/1920, 7:55:48 a.m. PST, Stockton, CA.

Ronald Ellwin Evans, Jr., AA
Birth: 11/101933, 4:30 a.m. MST, St. Francis, KS. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. Gauquelin Book of American Charts (Lynn Koiner quotes him by letter with a time of 0416).[The 0416 chart was calculated, with nearly equal results for death, but is stronger in the 3rd chart to put his mercury/venus/jupiter conjunction in Sagittarius on an Angle.]
Conception:10/11/1950, 8:40:49 p.m. CST, Chicago, IL.

Don Drysdale, AA
Birth: 7/231936, 9:10 a.m. PST, Van Nuys, CA. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. Contemporary American Horoscopes, Gauquelin Book of American Charts.
Conception:10/14/1935, 1:57:09 p.m. PST, Van Nuys, CA.

Bill Barth, A
Birth: 12/13/1942, 8:45 a.m. EWT, New York, New York. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. LMR quotes him in Amsterdam 11/1994; rectified to 8:35 a.m. by a Dutch astrologer from a given time of 8:45 a.m.
Conception:3/01/1942, 10:23:11 p.m. EWT, New York, New York.

Harry Curtis, AA
Birth: 10/05/1930, 10:05 a.m. EST, Springfield, OH. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. LMR quotes him for B.C. 1982, a client.
Conception:12/23/1929, 5:25:48 p.m. EST, Springfield, OH.

Antonin Scalia, AA
Birth: 3/11/1936, 8:505 p.m. EST, Trenton, NJ. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. Birth certificate in hand from the Wilsons.
Conception:6/2/1935, 2:26:46 p.m. EST, Trenton, NJ.

William Wantling, AA
Birth: 11/07/1933, 1:45 p.m. EST, Peoria, IL. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. Gauquelin American Book of Charts.
Conception:1/25/1933, 2:35:48 a.m. CST, Peoria, IL.

Gustave Paul Dore, AA
Birth: 10/06/1832, 6:00 a.m. LMT, Strasnourg, France. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. Gauquelin Vol. 4/326.
Conception:3/26/1831, 9:12:38 a.m. LMT, Strasbourg, France.

Richard Dix, Ernest Carlton Brimmer, A
Birth: 7/18/1895, 9:50 p.m. LMT, St. Paul, MN. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. Church of Light quotes him.
Conception:10/09/1894, 5:505:44 a.m. LMT, St. Paul, MN.

Fernando Assis Pacheco, AA
Birth: 2/01/1937, 6:18 p.m. GMT, Coimbra, Portugal. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. Felipe Ferreira quotes birth certificate in hand.
Conception:4/22/1936, 7:45:53 p.m. GMT, Coimbra, Portugal.

Sex Pedophile 4221, A
Birth: 5/19/1905, 4:02 a.m. CST, Clinton, AR. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. Ruby Miller, personal file.
Conception:12/23/1929, 5:25:48 p.m. EST, Springfield, OH.

Marshall Thompson, AA
Birth: 11/27/1925, 10:45 a.m. CST, Peoria, IL. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. Steinbrecher Collection: Gauquelin American Book of Charts.
Conception:2/13/1925, 9:07:41 p.m. CST, Peoria, IL.

Carrie Frances Fisher, AA
Birth: 10/21/1956, 12:49 a.m. PST, Burbank, CA. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. B.C. in hand from the Wilsons.
Conception:1/09/1956, 9:06:38 a.m. PST, Burbank, CA.

George Michael (Georgio Kyriacos Panayiotou), A
Birth: 6/25/1963, 6:00 a.m. GDST, Finchley, England. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. Frank Clifford quotes B.C., with no time. Janey Stubb quotes his office for time..
Conception:9/16/1962, 7:53:39 a.m. GDT, Finchley, England.

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