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April 2012
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Bruce Lee
Astrology for Death
Brain Hemorrhage, Murder or Allergic Reaction?
by Sandra Weidner

The following biographical material is from : Chinese-American actor and martial arts expert who portrayed heroism and grace in movies featuring his martial arts. His first movie from China became wildly popular in the U.S., which led to American films and beginning a martial arts craze. He became a cult figure among action-loving youths, with fan clubs around the world. Lee's films include "The Big Boss," 1971 and "Enter the Dragon," 1973.

Lee played the superhero's chauffeur Kato in "The Green Hornet," a stiffly acted adaptation of the old radio series that started September 1966. After the series ended, Lee guest-starred in TV shows such as "Longstreet" and then taught martial arts to Hollywood stars.

Lee, ever the consummate professional, would rehearse action scenes until they were textbook perfect. He privately mastered all forms of martial arts to such an extent that he could beat recognized champions. Hong Kong filmmaker Raymond Chow put him in a series of martial arts pictures which made Lee an international star.

The demanding standards of excellence took their toll and he had a mild seizure in May 1973. On 7/20/1973 while at the apartment of an actress friend discussing the possibility of her co-starring in a movie with him, he suffered a severe headache. When he stretched out on her bed, she offered him the prescription drug Equagesic for his pain. Shortly after the actress friend tried to shake him awake, thinking he looked too still while he slept. When Lee didn't respond, she called Chow who was awaiting their arrival at a restaurant. Chow told her to call an ambulance and rushed back over arriving at the same time as medics who were getting no signs of life. Artificial respiration was attempted but Lee didn't respond. At Queen Elizabeth Hospital, a pair of doctors massaged his heart and stimulated it with an injection but nothing helped. Lee was declared dead an hour after he arrived. First reports indicated that Lee suffered a cerebral hemorrhage brought on by the Equagesic. Since he hadn't taken enough to do more than cause an upset stomach an inquest was held. The coroner testified that Lee may have died of cannabis poisoning because traces of "pot" were discovered in the actor's stomach and intestines. Friends and associates maintain that Lee was murdered and theories range from angry Elders of the Manchu Dynasty to the CIA and jealous film rivals bumping him off.

I recently watched a biographical movie about Lee. There it was stated that several autopsy experts had been called on to determine cause of death. All concurred an allergic reaction had caused swelling of the brain, which in turn caused death.

The Aim of This Paper
In this short paper we examine Lee’s 1st chart, for several things:

(1) In a previous paper it was shown that the 1st chart is the one that contains significators for asthma. And, although I have not written a paper about it nor consistently researched it, the 1st chart is also the one that contains the significators for allergic reactions in general. Here is the link for the paper on asthma: Paper on the Astrology of Asthma.

Asthma is just one category of allergic reaction. Both asthma and allergies are about physical sensitivity of the body to "allergens." So we are going to use the established significator for asthma to examine Lee's 1st chart astrology for “allergic reaction.”

(2) If his 1st chart contains such reasonable significators for allergic susceptibility, then the next question has to be: if Lee had the astrology for asthma (or allergies) how come he never experienced those things until his date of death? (Here I assume he did not, though such information could be buried deep in his early childhood biography.)

(3) If we can satisfactorily answer question #2, then we can proceed with the astrology of the 1st chart as that most likely involved in describing his death. His progression and return for date of death should also answer the question, what increased his vulnerability to the allergic reaction so that it brought about his death? If we cannot answer that, then we are either not in the right chart, or we do not have the correct significators.

If all questions above are answered satisfactorily, then it is reasonable for us to concur with the pathologists: Lee’s death resulted from an allergic reaction. Therefore, too, it was not caused by some esoteric form of murder.

After we have looked at Lee’s astrology for death, we will take a brief look at his 10th chart of career and social image. Lee was internationally famous when he died. He was loved and admired by many. Does his 10th chart show that? His movie career was just taking off. Does this chart show his movie career?

Before going any further, we should take a brief look at an explanation of the astrological method in use here.

Astrological Method
This method is not traditional. It uses a birth and conception planets and their harmonics and houses, all of which share the same axis. :

This astrology uses the sidereal positions of the planets based on the Fagan-Bradley’s SVP.
Harmonics are taken from the sidereal position of the planets. The Egyptian harmonic, discussed in the paper “About This Method” (link below), is used.
”Lights” include suns, moons, and moons nodes. When mercury rules one or two Angles, it also acts like a light and has the same orb as the other lights. The MC or Asc also acts like a light, but one with only a 2° orb, because when a set is on an Angle it does not need a light to be active.
This method uses only conjunctions, applying and separating squares, and oppositions. Orbs for static planets with lights is 5°; without lights, about 2.5°. Orb for MC/planet or Asc/planet is 2°. Planets so related to each other are referred to as in the same “set.” A set, then, is two or more planets (or an Angle) connected to each other through conjunction, square, and opposition within the defined orbs. Sets without Angles are more active when they contain a light, and less active without one. Learning to look in terms of “crosses” can be helpful in rapidly finding planets that are in the same set.
Because this approach uses both a birth and conception chart and they share the same axis, birth houses usually overlap different houses of the conception chart. These are called “house overlaps.” As it turned out in this paper, house overlaps were not significant. They can be for some other conditions. Throughout this paper I use the convention when writing about house overlaps of putting the birth house first, then the conception house. So, for instance, a “5th/1st” overlap refers to an overlap of birth 5th house with conception 1st house in that order.
Birth planets (including their harmonics) rule only birth houses. Conception planets (including their harmonics) rule only conception houses.
For a more thorough explanation of this astrological approach, refer to the following papers:

About This Method
Chart Reading Rules

In the partial charts shown below, birth planets and their harmonics are inside the circle. Conception planets and their harmonics are outside the circle. Conception sidereal planets are red; conception harmonic ones, black. Birth sidereal planets are blue; birth harmonic ones, green. Occasionally, because of space limitations, I have had to violate this inside/outside arrangement, but the color coding remains constant.
Abbreviations used are b = birth, c = conception, and t = transiting. Even though the harmonic used for each chart is always two more than the chart’s number, in these papers—for ease of reading—I write the harmonic number the same as the chart number. For example, the 5th chart uses the 7th harmonic, but I have established the convention of writing harmonic planets for the 5th chart as, e.g., c5 mars, which reads, “the harmonic for the 5th chart for conception mars.”

The Significators for Allergies and Asthma
The following description of the significator for asthma is taken from the paper on that subject, link above. Here it is reworked a little to better describe for a tentative significator for the more generic “allergic reaction.”

(1) The chart involved in demonstrating asthma and allergies is usually the harmonic chart for the 1st house—also known as the “1st chart.” The 1st chart describes the identity we form as a result of our childhood. It contains information about who we are independent of the who we share with others. As well, it describes the somatic consequences of that identity. It also contains some purely physical information.

(2) The planets involved in allergic sensitivities are mars and neptune. When saturn is added, it doesn’t really describe the sensitivity, it describes the severity of the reaction. Stated briefly:

Mars symbolizes initiative, aggression, strife, cuts, tears, fevers, friction on both a macroscopic and microscopic level. Physiologically, it represents an attack against or injury to or within the body.

Neptune symbolizes confusion, fantasy, creativity, openness, porosity, fumes and gases. Neptune symbolizes porosity because it has a tendency to “dissolve” planets it is in contact with, making them more sensitive and porous than is their wont. Combined with mars, it produces an over- or “confused”- sensitivity resulting in noxious reactions. Or, it places the individual in noxious conditions. Or, it renders their behavior noxious relative to normal behavior.

Here are links to two papers which show the influence of mars and neptune on two immune-mediated medical disorders: Paper on Diabetes and Pancreatic Cancer
Paper on Hyper- and Hypo-Thyroid and Thyroid Cancer

Saturn is astrologically associated with rigidity, lack, narrowness, insufficiency, darkness, death, and, because of its lack of fluff, essentiality. On the Tree of Life (see paper on Autism at Paper on Autism) it represents the place coming down the Tree of Life into incarnation at which an individual being is broken off of greater Being. An “individual” at that level has lost all contact with his greater Being, but has not yet acquired the planets of personality necessary for being at “on Earth.” Those planetary capabilities occur further down the tree. Practically speaking, then, when saturn comes forefront in our charts as human beings, it symbolizes our potential for returning to Source, that is, dying.

So, mars and neptune represent the sensitivity or susceptibility that occurs with asthma (and allergic reactions). When saturn is included (either in the set or Angular) the vulnerability is greater and the reaction stronger. It was exactly the same in a different chart for a different condition, for an individual with paranoid schizophrenia. See paper on John Forbes Nash and schizophrenia: Paper About John Forbes Nash ).

Put in plainest English, mars/saturn/neptune on or influencing an Angle represent siege conditions. The kind of siege they produce depends on two things: (1) the chart they are in, and (2) the path they take. So, when saturn is in or enters the 1st chart mars/neptune set (or Angle) of an asthmatic individual, we have an indication the individual suffers from severe asthma attacks. In the 3rd chart of mind, they describe a severe mental breakdown. i.e., paranoid schizophrenia. In the 6th chart of health (and some others), they describe serious cancer, where mars with neptune describe something "crazy" about the immune system.

To see how mars/saturn/neptune forefront works in a very different kind of matter, see the paper on O.J. Simpson’s hemorrhaging of finances as reflected through his 2nd chart (at Paper on Simpson’s Economic Siege Conditions ) during his trial for the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson.

Returning to the significators for asthma…

(3) The path involved for asthma is Angle/3rd/6th/and sometimes 8th houses. Sometimes mercury or Gemini substitutes for the 3rd house influence (And we are going to speculate that mercury also functions as the astrological symbol brain. This is reasonable because mercury is the symbol for communication, and the brain certainly sponsors that. And we know that it was Lee's brain that was the instrument of his death.) Here is the path spelled out:

The full significator for asthma, then, is written Angle/light/mars/neptune/3rd/6th/(8th). If the set is already on an Angle, a light is not needed. If the set is internal to the chart and influences an Angle through a ruler, then a light is necessary to potentize the set to an active level.

Other Papers on Immune Dysfunction, Allergies, and Mars/Neptune Difficulties:
Astrology of Covid-19
AIDS Among Homosexual Males (Why Some Homosexuals Got Aids--Search for AIDS in Paper)
Tom Dooley and Malignant Melanoma
Paper on Schizophrenia (shows mars/neptune/3rd compared to coronavirus mars/neptune/6th)

In addition to all of the above, it is possible that the 1st and 7th charts have to work together for an individual to die during an allergic reaction. That is, both must show significators for dying in order for the reaction to result in death. The 7th chart almost always shows death. It does not always show cause of death, and cannot if other charts contain the seeds for same.

Armed now with the description of the tentative significators for asthma which are going to get us quite close to our significators for an allergic reaction affecting the brain, we can proceed to look at Lee’s 1st chart.

Bruce Lee
The examination of his 1st chart for the significators of allergies or asthma.

Bruce Lee
Partial Harmonic Chart for the 1st House

Placidian House Cusps: c11—1Gem, c12—3Can, c2—25Leo, c3—24Vir b11—28Vir, b12—22Lib, b2—14Sag, b3—21Cap

Set (1) above includes C Asc/2sun/neptune. Already on an Angle, it influences c 8th through c1 neptune, which co-rules (24 of 29°) c 8th house. This set shows a general physical (1st chart) sensitivity (neptune) to all gases, drugs, fumes, and probably alcohol (all neptune).

Set (2) above contains B Asc/sun/mercury/mars/neptune. B sun rules B MC. C1 mars rules C MC in b 6th house. C mercury rules c 3rd house. B1 neptune co-rules (28 of 31°) b 4th house (shows potential for set to end the life—4th). This set influences three Angles—B Asc, B MC, and C MC and gives us: Angle/sun/mercury/mars/neptune/3rd/4th/6th, but no 8th.

Set (3) also contains sun/mercury/mars/neptune but does not occur on an Angle. C 1 mercury is least strong in the set. It is 3° 25’ from the light, b1 sun, but it is still within the acceptable orb of 5°. C1 mercury rules c 3rd house. B1 sun rules B MC. B1 mars rules B Asc in c 4th house as well as b 6th house. B neptune co-rules (28 of 31°) b 4th house. C neptune co-rules (24 of 29°) c 8th house. This set influences B MC and B Asc and gives us: Angle(thru ruler)/sun/mercury/mars/neptune/3rd/4th/6th/8th.

The only Angle Lee has that is not influenced by light/mercury/mars/neptune/4th/6th is C Asc. And C Asc is already in a set with sun and neptune with an 8th influence through neptune.

The above sets demonstrate that Bruce Lee had 1st chart sets that symbolized a high degree of sensitivity to gases, drugs, and chemicals.

We have arrived at question #2 from above. What do we see in Lee' 1st chart astrology that might suppress his sensitivity?

The astrology that suppresses or overcomes his allergic astrology is his three suns on Angles. C sun and its harmonic are on C Asc. B sun is conjunct B Asc. The sun stands for vitality. Right on an Angle it increases that vitality. Three out of four of Lee's suns on Angles in his 1st chart greatly increase his vitality...and apparently raise the bar for the manifestation of his allergies.

We have seen sun on an Angle acting in another condition to diminish it. When it occurs on an Angle in one of the four houses on the path for Alzheimer’s disease--it acts to “cancel” or override the astrology for Alzheimer's. For those examples, see the papers on Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s 2. Here are their links: Paper on Alzheimer’s Disease , and One of the Papers on Parkinson’s Disease.

Jupiter is astrology's greater benefic. It has a powerful influence for good, success, and well-being. When on an Angle it also mitigates against the expression of disease. Examples of this are seen in the second paper on Alzheimer's disease (which also contain three examples of dementia pugilistica). Here is that link: Mixed Paper on Alzheimer's, Dementia Pugilistica and Several Other Conditions.

Astrologer Linda Goodman's 6th chart in the paper on the astrology of diabetes is a superb example of some one getting delayed expression of her disease because she had both sun and jupiter on Angles. She also has venus on an Angle which with jupiter gave her a summed, all-charts "golden benefic" (Angle/venus/jupiter). I am unsure if venus acts as an anti-significator, but an all-charts golden benefic necessarily implies a fortunate life. Here is that link: Search for Linda Goodman in Paper on Diabetes. Goodman also had sun/mars/saturn (a "dark malefic") on an Angle in that same chart (only), and she died of "complications of diabetes" at the age of 70 after ten years of being a diabetic.

We have also seen other planets on Angles serve to change, challenge, or cancel other astrological conditions. Mars on an Angle in 5th or 7th houses for individuals with the other significators for homosexuality serves to identify the partner (5th or 7th--sexual or marriage) as "male" (mars). Without that mars, the individual is heterosexual in spite of his other significators leading up to an astrological declaration of homosexuality. Here is the link to that paper: Paper on Astrological Significators for Fifty Homosexual Men.

Further, and even more developed, venus not in Gemini on an Angle in either 5th or 7th houses in the charts of individuals with all the other significators for pedophilia cancels or suppresses or completely wipes out that pedophilia. Here is the link to that paper: Paper On Astrological Significators for Pedophilia

In Lee's case, we have two suns actually conjunct Ascendants. The c1 sun at 3 Leo 59 conjunct C Asc falls in c 9th house. The b sun at 11 Scorpio 20 conjunct B Asc falls in c 4th house. And the c sun at 1 Aquarius 20 conjunct C Desc falls in b 3rd house. We know that the tentative path for asthma is Angle/3rd/6th/(8th). So, one of Lee's suns--c sun at 1 Aquarius 20--falls in a 3rd house, which is on the path for asthma. Again, we are not stating Lee had asthma, just using asthma significators as a guide in looking at Lee's allergic reaction.

I suspect, but have no research to back it up, that as with schizophrenia in the 3rd chart, the presence of mercury in Lee's Sets (2) and (3) also acted somewhat to diminish the potency of Lee's sensitivity. It was the progressions that could not be handled. On the other hand, as mentioned above, it makes sense that mercury's presence accounts for the fact it was brain (mercury, also correlated with thought, speech, hearing, etc.) swelling that caused his death.

Those three suns on Angles in his 1st chart also have something to do with Lee's physical presence--his ability to "be somebody, not just anybody." (Not his charisma, which is shown in his 10th chart, and is correlated with forefront light/venus/jupiter). People who are able to anticipate their own death often have one sun on an Angle (usually 7th chart), symbolic of their essential "presence." Then they are "somebody" though at that point whatever vitality exists because of sun on an Angle is not enough to un-do death.

The principle involved in all the above is that "what is on Angles must express." (See footnote 1 at bottom of page.) We astrologers actively use that same principle when we progress Angles to planets and interpret that condition as "present experience." So, if what is on Angle contradicts some set that only influences Angle(s) through a ruler in the set, then the former has quite a bit, if not ultimate, power to invalidate the latter. However, when that principle is "ganged up on" by progressions of Angles to planets which agree with the inner sets, then (it appears especially visible with Lee's astrology) the agreement of inner with outer influences is stronger and that condition prevails. Lee's three suns on Angles were very powerful vitality promoters. All four of them, however, inside his chart and only influencing Angles would not have been. This is true for all one-planet significators, like Lee's suns on Angles. When they are inside the chart ("inner") and not on Angles they do not have the power to contradict other inner sets, even if both influence Angles through rulers. Their whole power comes from the fact that they are on an Angle.

In truth we really do not know, did all three of Lee's suns support his vitality, or only the two conjunct the Ascendant? Since sun acting as an anti-Alzheimer's significator only works when that sun is on an Angle in the houses on the path in the Alzheimer's signature, and other "anti-" signatures on Angles also have restrictions on their power depending on the house they are in and even the houses they rule, it would be reasonable to assume there are some restrictions of the vitality-promoting ability of sun on an Angle related to house in or house(s) ruled.


Bruce Lee
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We have established Lee’s susceptibility to drug reactions. And we have seen the astrology which likely made it difficult or impossible for those allergies to manifest in Lee's life.

Now we want to look at Lee's astrology for death. Does it answer the question, what reduced his protection from allergies, or, conversely, what increased his susceptibility? Several sets are involved:

Set (4)C Asc 1 Leo 56
c1 sun 3 Leo 59
c sun 1 Aquarius 20
c1 neptune 2 Taurus 58co-ruler (24 of 29°) of c 8th house
progressed b mars 2 Scorpio 22ruler of b 6th house and ruler of B Asc in c 4th house

The set above is Set (1) plus progressions. Set (1) was the one which did not contain mars. Here is has not only picked up mars to give him more influence of Angle/sun/mars/neptune, it has also picked up influence 6th and 4th houses.

Set (5)c neptune0 Virgo 59co-ruler of c 8th house
b1 pluto 0 Sagittarius 56
progressed C Asc 0 Virgo 36

The neptune and pluto are from Set (3) above, and are the only planets in that set which qualify to be considered on the progressed C Asc. Set (5) gives Lee another Angle/neptune. Angle/neptune/pluto/6th were also shown in charts of the two individuals with anaphylactic shock (the only two examples I could get.). Here is the link to that paper: Paper on Anaphylactic Shock . Since there were only two examples, I would not make anything about the occurrence of Lee’s Angle/neptune/pluto/6th, but I did want to show it.

Set (6)Hong Kong B Locality MC 27 Aries 04
progressed c mars 27 Aries 16ruler of C MC, co-ruler (30 of 35°) of c 4th

Set (6) shows a new Angle/mars with influence to regular and locality C MC.

Set (7)progressed C MC 29 Taurus 54
progressed b1 pluto 29 Scorpio 25
return saturn 29 Taurus 58

Set (7) shows that Lee had acquired his first (and only for this event) Angle/saturn. Angle/saturn/pluto occurs very frequently in the astrology of death.

Set (8)return MC for Hong Kong11 Aries 18
b mars 10 Libra 39ruler of B Asc


Set (9)return Asc for Hong Kong 14 Cancer 16
c moon 14 Aries 43
progressed b saturn 14 Aries 05R

Sets (8) and (9) above show that Lee’s return for the date of his death has mars and saturn on its Angles.

His return1 moon was at 12 Pisces 27 conjunct his pb1 saturn at 12 Pisces 14.

I rarely use harmonics of Angles. However, Lee’s time of birth was given to the minute (see below under Data Acknowledgments), and could be exact, yielding the following set:

Set (10)b1 sun3 Sagittarius 54ruler of B MC
b neptune 3 Virgo 29co-ruler (28 of 31°) b 4th house
return mars 3 Pisces 06
return1 neptune 3 Sagittarius 26
harmonic of return MC 3 Pisces 53

We don’t, of course, need Set (10) to come to the conclusion that at the time he died Lee had really “excessive” Angle/light/mars/neptune/4th/6th astrology in his 1st chart. Would he have died without the Angle/saturn? I suspect not. It is the saturn which turns all of his excessive astrology into disastrous astrology.

Here I should add, the significators for death established in this form of astrology are always necessary but not necessarily efficient. That is, they are always there for any death, but they can occur without precipitating a death. How often that happens is unknown.

I will not show his 7th chart astrology here. It did show his death. It did not show the cause.

Bruce Lee
The examination of his 10th chart for significators for fame and work in movies.

Bruce Lee
Partial Harmonic Chart for the 10th House

Placidian House Cusps: c11—1Gem, c12—3Can, c2—25Leo, c3—24Vir b11—28Vir, b12—22Lib, b2—14Sag, b3—21Cap

Set (11) above is the 10th chart set which shows his phenomenal success. It includes C MC/moon/venus/jupiter/uranus/pluto—a golden benefic (light/venus/jupiter with influence to an Angle). The pluto in it serves to extend his success internationally.

Set (11), however, does not include an influence to a 2nd house, so it is not correlated with income. It should be if he is going to make money commensurate with his success. As I understand it, Lee was having financial difficulties until his movie career started taking off.

Set (12) shows Lee’s capacity to be recognized socially as a movie star. It includes Asc/sun/neptune, with neptune symbolizing fantasy and movies. Since b sun rules B MC in c 2nd house this set refer to money. By itself, it would not bring in much money. But combined with Set (11), it connects his 10th chart success with 10th chart income. With his 10th chart, had he lived, he would have achieved super fame with commensurate financial success. He apparently has any way.

Bruce Lee
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With only one example of some one who died as a results of brain swelling due to allergic reaction to a medication, we cannot come to definite conclusion about its astrology.

However, as noted above, we can reasonably conclude that Lee’s 1st astrology covers all the significators for such a condition. We are not sure that mercury in the sets refers to his brain, but we can certainly tentatively conclude that it does. We are also not sure which houses should be in the path for “death from brain swelling due to allergic reaction.” We do know that he had a lot of influence of light/mars/neptune to Angles, 4th and 6th houses. And some to 3rd and 8th houses. Does the 1st house also have to be involved? It certainly could be: Lee had two Ascendants (1st house) showing the influence of light/mars/neptune at the time of his death.

I do not know how prevalent death from brain swelling due to allergies is. This is the only example I have seen so far. So, the significator needs more work. Nonetheless, I could not have imagined an astrology describing his death better than the astrology he had.

Showy Orchis(cropped)
From Wildflowers of Michigan Field Guide, by Stan Tekiela

(1) This is a bit of an over-simplification. When some one is going through a progressed Angle to planet or planet to Angle, sometimes there seems no condition or event which matches the planet's meaning. It could be I simply miss the lesser interpretation. It could be there are other things besides astrology which affect what will happen. None of these detract from the fact that these one planet "anti-significators" on Angles demonstrate remarkable potency.

Data Acknowledgment
The letters following Lee’s name indicates the Rodden rating for reliability of birth time. “AA” represents it came from Lee’s birth certificate—very reliable.

Bruce Lee (Li Jun Fan) (AA)
Birth: 11/27/1940, 7:12 a.m. PST, San Francisco, CA. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. Robert Piage quotes B.C. in Constellations ’77. Same in Contemporary American Horoscopes.
Conception:2/14/1940, 5:45:23 p.m. PST, San Francisco, CA.

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