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This site is dedicated to the Philadelphia-based author of Inheritance of Vigilance, Independence Day Testimony, Fire by Trial, and Consorting With Gods


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To mom, dad, and brother: without you, none of these projects would have been possible. Special thanks to my cover girls: Sharon “Wild Flower” Davis, Meghan “Reds” Deppenschmidt, Maryanne “Miss Stang” Parker, Merita “APCD” Pasholli, Nicole “Nitro” Rinaldi, and Keira “Opal” Zerweck. I would be further mired in mediocrity without you. To Wolfie and Christina C., inspirations to an extent that you probably will never realize. To the Eugenes, the friend and the cousin, who left this world behind much too soon, but whose lasting influences guide me still. To the Heavenly Father for giving me the will and the time, if not the talent, to see these projects through to completion.