This is a preview of my first non-science fiction novel, Sweet Lil'one. It was by far the most difficult work I have ever attempted and I have to admit that I am rather pleased with the outcome. I suppose the reason it was so difficult to write is because it is a difficult subject to broach in our society: a love relationship between a man and a girl. Obviously, it is not a new subject area and there are many incarnations of such relationships throughout literary history. Some of them I have read, and I would assume that most of them I have not. In fact, aside from being a common literary topic, it is a subject that unveils itself in one form or another on the nightly news or daily newspaper rather frequently. My intention of writing Sweet Lil'one was not an endeavor to break some new literary ground. My intention was to write a good story on a curious, often tabu, subject with essential social implications.


I have treated the subject seriously, perhaps graphically and grittily, but also with humorous elements which stem from the narrator-protagonist-antagonist's (Mr. R.) personality. He's very likable. It is my hope that I have captured his humanity and commonness even as his pursuit (both intentional and circumstantial) of the girl Lilione takes him down the wrong path. Not all people who do the wrong things, no matter how wrong, are necessarily evil, as we are often told or lead to believe, and it is my hope that I could convey this belief by making him a credible, sympathetic and tormented person who, in spite of what his pursuits and motives are, genuinely cares for and loves Lilione. He's a good man at heart who makes some bad choices.


The eponymous character, Lilione, is a lovable girl. She's kind and respectful and cares for the well-being of her friends. Her openness and approachability draw Mr. R. to her like the proverbial moth to a flame, and while she is eager to gain his friendship and possibly more, she is no "lolita" in temperament or mindset. She is a vulnerable mix of innocence and trust and curiosity. She is more than an object of desire to Mr. R. and he demonstrates that at every turn. She knows this. More importantly, she feels this and is truly grateful for his affection and attention. She knows it's love.


I have included three chapter-length excerpts from Sweet Lil'one listed below. One thing I get particular enjoyment from while writing is naming chapters. Typically, the chapters are numbered and named. In Sweet Lil'one, I have not numbered the chapters and the chapter names are all one word names. Why? They were working names and I never changed them since they suited the particular chapter so well and encapsulated the chapters' events in the most succinct way. So, not present are chapter names such as 'Chapter Twenty - Through The Dissolution: A Shattered Man, A Broken Dream,' 'Chapter Nine - No Hope For The Faint Of Heart,' and 'Chapter Fifteen - A Demon Walks Among Those Who Would Be Righteous.' Present are chapter names such as 'Bath,' 'Malinger,' and 'Catalyst.'


The subtitle, A Forbidden Love, is not official. It is simply a place holder added for the book cover mock-up photo.

Love, Walter

Sweet Lil'one (excerpt 1)

Sweet Lil'one (excerpt 2)

Sweet Lil'one (excerpt 3)