Consorting With Gods

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After fifteen years and twenty successful excursions for the gods of Grace, Gaston Garland is due to abdicate his role as Swordarm and Righteous Warrior in the fight against the dark forces on the world of Man. However, before he has a chance to abdicate, Garland encounters Cathell Daneslars, a strange young girl in desperate flight from an evil force known only as Zalars. Garland soon discovers that this mysterious force is not aligned with the dark forces he has battled for fifteen years and that it is, in fact, eager to evolve into a force powerful enough to challenge the gods! In order for it to do so, it must first procreate with Cathell. It is up to a reluctant Garland to protect Cathell and thereby thwart the plans of Zalars. But what can one man do against a force strong enough to challenge those gods he serves? He fights!