Inheritance of Vigilance

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Having witnessed the devastation of mankind in a tremendous war, the broken-spirited war veteran Warren Jötunheim discovers the key to elemental powers that was once the ultimate accomplishment of the An’shun, a dead race of humans. Warren soon understands that there is a price for this discovery and it is a price that he may not be willing to pay, as he has now become a “Protector of Life.” As such, it is his burden to defend the souls of sentient beings everywhere from The Spectral Forces of the Crimson Aura, a spiritual scourge that can feed upon the minds and souls of sentient beings.




A Fantasy Novel by

Walter R. Milton



A tale of ancient powers awaking after forty thousand years of slumber… of lost loves reunited after an eternity of separation… of the destiny of one man to become the perfect guardian against mystical forces of soul-stealing menace and mind-altering deceit, even as he battles personal demons arising from his imperfect past.

Milton has created "an epic novel of sweeping scope" and has "conjured up a universe of interwoven conflicts." Inheritance of Vigilance is "richly woven with an intricate plot…fascinating in its complexity and sweep"

(critical review for F. Fishbein Literary Agency)





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