Walter R Milton - Poetry Page



Walter's poetry began as an off-shoot of one his earlier short stories called Nevermore, Forevermore, a tale about a master poet who uses his skills (mystically augmented, of course) to gain incredible influence over people. See "Bequeathal" below. While the story never evolved quite the way Walter envisioned, his respect for poetry began in earnest at that point. Needless to say, elements of the fantastic show themselves in a great many of his poems.


A Servant's Single Demand

Voyage Through Hades Clouds of Feathers
Starflight Ranger: Mission One The World Encumbers Cloud of My Childhood

Voyage Through Hades: Fruits of Perseverance

Opus #10 Bequeathal
Opus #1 Forgotten Last Grasp of Winter's Icy Grip
Miss Deception False Piety Tabby Back Home
In Satin Bliss War Zone Institution