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Officially Missing You

Five years after Angel goes to Buffy in Chosen, Buffy reflects and comes to some realizations. How long do you think it takes cookies to bake?

Not Nearly Perfect

“Home for me isn’t the place, it’s the person you come back to, the person that you know you’ll always be able to come back to” Buffy answered him with sad eyes. “Have you found home yet Angelus?” she asked. He looked at her, really looked at her, and she couldn’t breathe. “Maybe I have.”

The Heart of a Dancer
Coming Soon

A challenge I came up with and decided to write myself instead of giving it away. Elizabeth Dukshaw has been training to become a world famous classical ballerina since she could walk. Born with a rich family legacy of dancers, actors, actresses, musicians, etc., She grew up in the New York City Opera world, raised by her mother {also Elizabeth Dukshaw}, a rising opera singer, and her father {Rupert Giles}, a best selling author and antique book collector. When her mother dies after her 8th birthday, Elizabeth moves to England with her father. She returns to New York ready to become the New York City Ballet's prima ballerina. She doesn't expect that following her dream would cause her to make an enemy of Faith Harris, a well known NYCB dancer, and certainly doesn't expect to fall in love with the enemy's beaux, Angelus Milano, a talented musician, who just happened to be as charming as his name.



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Note: All stories are rated SMUTTY unless otherwise noted in the summaries. If this offends you, don't read.

Once Upon a Dream
Based on a challenge: My first B/A fic - a what if of the S3 of Buffy.

Past, Present, and Future
Set during I Will Remember You. What happens when Doyle talks some sense into his friend?

Everything's Relative I: Memories
What to say about this? Think of it as a HUGE rewrite of everything up to seasons 6/3 with additions because I like my version better.

Everything’s Relative II:
A future story that follows the events of ‘Memories’ and deals with an End of Days that needs to desperately be fixed. The key to that, though, is harder to accept by all. Up to part 19 posted.

Everything’s Relative III:
Everything changes, doesn
t it? Coming possibly...

The Day From Hell or Cordelia The Hero?
Just a little something about seasons 7/4. No Cordy bashing, sorry. Rating: PG-13 (ish)

Challenge from Rehatha: Angel loses his soul, Buffy needs the help of her mate, the souled vampire, the First is on a rampage as is Angelus and the end of the world is closer than anyone thinks. Angel ending

The Prize
Challenge by Rehatha: Dracula turns Buffy, Angels soul is no more, and the Hellmouth will never be the same again. Not a long story, Im trying for shortness here. If I ever get time or maybe stop writing so damn many stories all at once, I might go and add more, but for now this is it. Rated PG-13...the maybe updated version will, of course, be NC-17.

To Coin A Sunnydale Phrase: Duh!
Challenge by Sara: Remember the nausea that was Angel and Cordelia? They don’t. Or, more specifically, they do but - thank God! - it was all a horrible spell that was broken before anything could happen. But that’s not where their troubles end; Buffy finds out that her only real love was ‘in love’ with another, isn’t happy of course, but has something else on her mind. Like why a once dead seer is suddenly alive in her living room. Rated PG-13.

The Kitchen Just Ain’t What It Used To Be
A short little humorous fluff piece. Warning: Kennedy bashing (does anyone really like her?) And little to no explanations for: Connor, Cordelia, Wolfram & Hart, Spike, Sunnydale, get the picture. Rating: PG-13, but inspired by a definite X-rated picture from Bent and a second nice G one as well.

Happy Pills Are Your Friend
Corny title or not, remember the Angel episode of Eternity? What would've happen if Buffy was there?

You Can Never Tell What One Will Do For Love
For Isis' ficathon. Set in S3 of Buffy; Angel's back from Hell, no one knows, things happen, but not the way you think. If this sounds familiar to you, it really isn't the same as the show. Trust me on this one. 

A short little story set at the end of Angel S5. I have no idea what kind of mood I was in when I wrote this, so beware. Fluff, pure rated G fluff.

Scars on my Soul
Set post-Gift, and focusing mainly on Angel. What happens when Wolfram & Hart bring Buffy back? What about Willow's spell in Sunnydale, and the gang there? What lengths will Angel go through to find his love and keep her safe? Some of the seasons might be screwed up a little, but that's because the horror of S6/3 will not happen! Not that way, at least.

Midnight Train
A ficlet set in S4/1. Angel's been receiving a series of letters from Buffy. How will he react? Title from the song "Midnight Train to Georgia", concept and the quote about reflected sunlight from Rehatha.

All of Me
Coming soon...
Formerly known as 'Understanding and Love', but I didn't like that title.
Based on S2 of Buffy. The curse is in place, but what the gypsies think is so, really isn't. The balance must be maintained, so their original curse was altered. The problem is, there's still an expiration date. Contains an understanding Joyce, lots of B/A smut, a befuddled Giles, a jealous Xander, and a semi-supportive Willow. What would have happened had they begun their sexual relationship after When She was Bad?

If You Wish Hard Enough...
Based on The Wish. A short little ditty - what if Anyanka granted a wish not to Cordelia, but to Angel and Buffy?

Time is the Fire in Which We Burn
Based on a Challenge by Jezebel: A re-write of Where the Wild Things Are. Title is from Star Trek: Generations, though I recently discovered it's also by Delmore Schwarts.

co-authored with Zo, based on a challenge by Terilyn. WARNING: Strong adult theme context. Some non-con M/M
Summary: Set during Girl in Question and after Not Fade Away, everyone goes through Changes at some point in their lives; Xander's happen to be a little more, ah, obvious, than others. What happens when miscommunication leads Angel to think Buffy doesn't care if he lives or dies and Buffy to think Angel's dead? What happens when soul and demon agree on more than just Buffy?

The Riley Bashing Series:
A series of one-shots I didn't mean to write about S4 with fun Riley-bashing, B/A smut, and rewrites galore.

I Know You're Out There Somewhere
(8/16/05) Title from Moody Blues. The first in this sparkly new series; Angel's back in town, watching Buffy. He's got news on what she's supposed to battle in the next few months...and some happier news as well. Takes place pre-Hush, Hush, and the beginning of Doomed.

The Plan - The Really, Really Bad Plan...Whose Plan Was This, Anyway?
(8/22/05) Buffy comes up with a plan to figure out what the Initiative is really up to. Unfortunately, the only thing she can think of is to date Riley. *shudder* Angel's not too thrilled with that, but when he discovers the Watcher's Council might be involved, he, reluctantly, agrees. Takes place up to Goodbye Iowa.

That There Fight
(10/19/05) Angel, angry with Buffy's plan to date Riley to gain access to the Initiative, discovers the Watcher's Council might be involved with the mysterious 3-1-4. Reluctantly, he agrees to Buffy's plan. After much, ah, persuasion. Takes place immediately after The Plan - The Really, Really Bad Plan...Whose Plan Was This, Anyway?

Faith, Riley, and Videotape - EWWW! She Taped This? My Eyes! Quick, Burn It!
(11/25/05) Faith wakes up. But that's not the worst part. No, she thinks Buffy's really with Riley, and makes her moves on the new 'boytoy'. Meanwhile, Buffy, panicked in Faith's body, goes to see Angel who's having difficulty with Kate Lockley and an actress who's concept of forever involves one very taken vampire. Takes place during This Year's Girl, Who are You?, The Prodigal, The Ring, and

Never Speak Of It - Ever!
()Buffy's caught in a terrible spell, and it's up to the gang to figure a way out for her. Before Angel discovers what's been happening in Buffy's really bad plan. Meanwhile, Faith makes a not too surprising visit to LA. Takes place - not from Buffy's POV - during Where The Wild Things Are and Five by Five.

Someone to Watch Over Me
(8/10/05) The first in this series I actually wrote because I needed to bash Riley. Desperately. So this was the end result. There's Riley bashing, smut, language, and, believe it or not, Xander, Willow, and Cordelia acceptance. Take place during The Yoko Factor.

It Was Your Plan, Buffy...or How Angel 'Punished' Buffy for Sleeping with Riley
() Well, I'm pretty sure the title says it all. However, for those of you needing a summary, Angel hated the Buffy-dates-Riley plan. So, in order to reassert himself as her mate - repeatedly - he takes her to Ireland to, ah, remind her. Takes place post Primeval and Blind Date.


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