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You Can Never Tell What One Will Do For Love

Picture from Bent.

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Challenge requirements below

   I'm nominated in the Reborn Desires Awards!

Fic-a-thon Challenge written for Markey.

Main character Request: Buffy

Episodic- something with roughly the same balance of drama, romance, comedy, and adventure found on the show(s)
Dark dark along the way with a happy ending
* If the story involves vampires, there should be some focus on feeding and blood exchange (and if there is, please distinguish between blood and sex)
* No gratuitous rape, torture, misery, or wallowing

Optional darkness:
* At least one person that we like should die (so that the reader feels like the danger is real), but typically I like the main characters to live (or die in some noble not depressing way)
* Buffy gets dark and lashes out against those around her (think when she was bad, or living conditions, or in fic when she has a falling out with the scoobies)-extra point if she's completely justified

Human or Supernatural: supernatural
Rating: I'll read anything that isn't pwp or cutesy
Romantic Pairing: 1st choice: Buffy/Angel
Restricted Romantic Pairing: no Buffy/other, Angel/other (no Buffy/Angelus, or if it's absolutely necessary, please use sparingly)
1. Characterization (age, personality, etc) based on BtVs seasons 1-3 canon. Specifically, no Angel as alpha/macho/aggressive male (at least not in his dealings with Buffy-he didn't seem too shy when he was beating up Willy the Snitch), and no Buffy as helpless/victim.
2. Please flesh out supporting characters so that they have their own 3D personalities and opinions rather than just having them echo or heckle the views and actions of the main characters.
3. I like rewrite AUs that are based on canon, but explore what happens (e.g. in terms of action and relationships) in an alternate universe in which 1 major event occurs differently (e.g. Faith is called before Buffy, the major's ascension succeeds, Buffy is Angel's sire, etc). but if this really doesn't inspire anyone, I'm open to any supernatural AU as long as it's sufficiently dark (see definition of dark above).
Restrictions: Nothing I'd expect from a soap opera, that includes: No marriage, divorce, child/baby, car crash, amnesia, evil twins, etc. No jossverse/fanfic themes such as: prophecy fics, shanshu, PTB, IWRY, body swapping, reincarnation. No Dawn, Connor, or Mary Sue.
Spoiler issues? Everything is fair game.

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