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Feedback to Ashley

The Beginning of Her Destiny  

Calmly walking to the window, she watched him get into a taxi. Picking up the phone, she dialed a number and waited for an answer. "Hello, I need the earliest possible flight out to California," she spoke into the phone. "Where in California? Well Sunnydale of course, that's where anyone who's anyone will be. Oh dear, you haven't heard yet have you? The end of the world is coming, and I'm going to have a front row seat."


Feedback to Christine

Forever Darkness
WARNING: This is an intensely dark story with loads of sex, torture, rape, character death and lots of death in general, world take-over…etc. If any one of these things offends you, DO NOT READ!
Summary: The End of Days has come...and nothing goes the way the good guys want it. Angelus is back, Buffy’s a vamp, and they want it all and they want it together.

Challenge from Rehetha: Angel loses his soul, Buffy needs the help of her mate, the souled vampire, the First is on a rampage as is Angelus and the end of the world is closer than anyone thinks.

WARNING: Some characters aren’t as they are in the show. Why is that? Because I wanted something different and this seemed a fun way to do it
Challenge from Angel: Angelus is the master of his own kingdom, Buffy is an Elfin Princess, the meet, get married, love, lust, and passion are all there, but what good is any of that if you don’t have trust?

Of Things That Are and Should Not Be...
Coming Soon...
This story came from a conversation about the Halloween episode on Angel, S5. If you watched S5 of Angel, you know which one I’m talking about, so there are SPOILERS: Connor remembers and snaps, Buffy’s pissed at what she walks in on, Angel receives a vision/prophecy of the future and things happen and they don’t, really wasn’t my idea, so blame (thank?) kolumbynne.

World Enough And Time...
I wanted to know if there was a story where Acathla awoke. There wasn’t. What happened? I wrote one. I didn’t mean to, what with all the other stories I have in the works, happened. Somehow. Summary: Acathla awakens, Dru’s thrilled, Spike’s a traitor, Buffy is Angelus’ prisoner, and everyone else...? Everyone else has way more problems than they can handle. Really.
This is an intensely dark story with loads of sex, torture, rape, character corruption more so than character death but lots of death in general, world take-over…etc. If any one of these things offends you, DO NOT READ!

When Worlds Collide
Yes, yes, another challenge. Summary: Buffy's transported 100 years into the past and guess who she meets up with? But back in present day Sunnydale, there's still Angel and...Buffy?

You Really Didn't Think...?
Remember in S6 BtVS and S3 AtS, that little off screen meeting with Buffy and Angel? Come on, you really think that Angel didn't experience his one moment of perfect happiness? Right, me either. This is their story.

wanting, desiring some inexplicable something. Summary: Based very loosely on The Wish. Buffy comes to Sunnydale to defeat the Master, but it's not nearly as simple as that. He's betrayed her once, and she's not ready to forgive and forget.

You Cannot Change Your Destiny, or Desideratum: The Beginning
Oh, wow, that just sounds like a bad movie title, doesn't it? Really, though, I just wanted to be clear that this was the prequel to Desideratum, or 'How Buffy and Angelus Met and Mated'. Summary: Buffy Summers is the slayer, newly called, and living in Cleveland with her mother, Joyce. Rupert Giles is her Watcher, though the Watcher's Council refuse to acknowledge him, and want her dead. Enter Angelus, who has wandered the Earth for 100 years, searching for a the reason he's on it -
and finding it in one human girl.

Challenge fic from 2 Heads are Better than 1. Written with Lela Rose. Summary: Buffy is the best Bounty Hunter in this now changed world, and she's after the most feared killer the planet has ever seen. But when she finally meets Angelus she's drawn to him in a way neither can explain. Will she do her job? You bet, but then what?

The Rest is Silence
Coming sooner rather than later...
Post Not Fade Away. They won...or did they? What happened after the fight in the alley behind the Hyperion? How does Buffy fit into all this? And will Wolfram & Hart finally get their way?

Coming later rather than sooner...
Post Beauty and the Beasts. Angel's back from Hell, what happened to him there? And why does he really leave Buffy? Meanwhile, Angelus is still trapped in Hell, forced to watch his pod replacement screw up all their lives - his, Angel's, and Buffy's. Convinced there's a way to get out, Angelus doesn't rest until he finds it. But will it be too late?


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