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RegionSweet 16Region ChampionshipRegion ChampionshipSweet 16Region
HAND(1)Liam/Angel/Angelus vs(1)Angel vs(1)Spike vs (1)Spike/William the Bloody vs HEART
(4)Jenny Calendar/Janna Kalderash (5)Harmony Kendall
(3)Cordelia Chase vs (3)Cordelia(2)Oz (3)Drusilla vs
(2)Anya Christina Emmanuella Jenkins/Anyanka (2)Daniel "Oz" Osbourne
SPIRIT (2)Dawn Summers/the Key vs (3)Mayor Wilkins vs(3)Tara vs (7)Darla vs MIND
(3)Mayor Richard Wilkins III (3)Tara Maclay
(5)Wesley Wyndham-Pryce vs(5)Wesley(1)Faith (5)Jonathan Levinson vs
(9)Clement/Clem (1)Faith


Final Four

(3)Mayor Wilkins 48, (3)Cordelia 46

It looks like we have a straight evil final. Mayor Wilkins hasn't hesitated employing a few dirty tricks to get here. Cordy, like every other one of the good guys in this tournament, just can't quite overcome the charisma of the likable evil. But the Hand Region Champ has impressed the hell out of me, the way she's performed in her last three matchups. Meanwhile, Dick is just pleased as punch with the outcome. He appreciates all those voters, whether they voted for him or not. He could just eat em up. Hungry for a few (very few) comments?

There's no way my serpent-in-arms the Mayor can lose to some washed up cheerleader. He's got a century on her and is chock full of evil. He'll waste her and smile while doing it. He has to, 'cause so far, I've picked only losers. I'm starting to take it personally. - Apophis

MOLOJ is tempted to re-organize on behalf of Tara after that shifty last minute vote surge all in 15 minutes by Spike. But we may settle for an in depth review of voting procedures for the next election, and a RECOUNT of both the Tara AND Jenny defeats in all counties, and an awarding of second place to Tara no matter WHO wins. As to this one, Cordy, baby, you took out Angel, and I will always love you for that. Thank you. I cannot thank you enough. Can I buy you dinner? (during which I will avoid mentioning who I voted for). - Rochefort

Boy the end of this contest is full of more odd ball events than the Mayor could ever sweep under the carpet. Cordy, however, just gives them a superior look and goes shopping. - matching mole

Cordelia just imagines she knows about the higher planes of existence. The Mayor KNOWS. He might say, "Man is spirit. But what spirit? The self is a relation which relates itself to its own self. Man is a synthesis of the infinite and the finite, of the temporal and the eternal, of possibility and necessity, in short, it is a synthesis. A synthesis is a relation between two factors. So regarded, man is not yet a self." Oh, and if the Mayor did say that, he'd end with "Let's play some miniature golf." - Cleanthes

Cordy vs. the Mayor in a dress? Cordy wins. Cordy vs. the Mayor with a spatula? Cordy wins. Cordy vs. the Mayor in the race out of town? Cordy wins. I think we see a trend. Because just how long was the Mayor a snake? Uh... that long (or about 100 feet, you punsters). So hey, Goodness triumphs and CORDY wins! - pr10n

(Hey, You asked for this) I do not like Fanvotes...they end up being nothing more than popularity contests. SO I treat this like one. Sure, Everyone and their uncle knows that Spike will probably be the winner...because afterall, he is the High God of Well Defined Check Bones. Only Testicelies, High God of Testosterone can stand up to a force like that. Sorry, I've been hanging around Stardestroyer.net forums a little too much... Just, fanvotes are A) Extrondinarily cheap, B) Devoid of ration thought C) Prove nothing. The fact that it was even called at one point a death tournament is an outright slap in the face for true death tourmanets (Daikaiju Desumachi) and slightly reality-based fanvote fights (WWWF) I Fart in your general Direction! Your Mother Was a Hamster, And your Father Smelt of Elderberries! - Daimajin

(1)Spike 72, (3)Tara 55

My God. I think I'm going to attribute the huge jump in total votes to the increased board activity because of the new season. I'm not being naive, am I? Well, Spike is vampily headed to the finals. First it was Warren, now it's Spike that snuffs out the Mind Region Champion's happy, shiny light. I'm still pissed at Tara for knocking out the finest piece of eye candy in the whole thing (Faith), but there isn't any possible matchup than would cause me to vote for Spike. Well, maybe Spike vs Andrew, but that's it. I liked Spike's early work, before he sold out. Now he's just in it for all the buffalo wings he can handle. Yeah, he's definitely gone Elvis on us. Usually I pontificate on the concluded match, but today I just got started on this riff, and - hey! Look! Yummy comments for everyone!

Let's see. On the one hand we have Spike, a character so complex and fascinating that he actually "vamped" the mission statement of the show...moving from disposable villian to questionable ally to comic relief to lovesick suitor to noble grey-hat to lover to...whatever the Hell he is now. On the other side...there's the nice girl. The stable partner. Willow's very own dependable Riley. Ohhh, why don't I make this simple? *taps Tara on the shoulder. THWACK* No more Mind Games. No more Mind. - Harry Parachute

Hey Spike, Tara also was driven out of her mind, but she got over it. I bet you wont. Tara Wins! (Like I would vote for anyone else) - Wolfhowl3

Like Spike could take Tara. The girl makes fireballs, for heaven's sake! Besides, you know she's been stewing over Spike hitting her in the nose in Family. She's been biding her time, playing little miss sweet and innocent, just waiting for the chance to take the Platinum Pansy down. NO ONE strikes the visage of Tara and lives! - Apophis

How's that cramp, Spike? Still bother you? Maybe you, uh, wanna put some ice on it. - GoTara

I love Tara. But she doesn't love me. So I vote for Spike. (And MOLOJ, having vanquished the evil bloody lame vampire with the standy up-y hair, can rest in peace. Like Inigo Montoya. It was great moment, baby. "I...want....my...Jenny back, you son of a bitca.") - just plain Rochefort

With that chip in his head? No way! Besides, just tell Tara what he tried to do to Buffy and watch Her Sweetness show *him* a little fang! - HonorH

I'm sorry Tara. But Spike has given us more entertainment over the years. We still love you!! - JCC

Vote for Tara, our most benevolent Bodhisattva, she who speaks for the First Slayer and makes funny-shaped pancakes, she who was the only one in Season 6 with her head screwed straight, she who was cruelly cut down before her time. I am sick to death of Spike. - Scroll

Again, I have no rational explanation for my vote. Spike's character has grown to a level of unparallelled depth and complexity, JM is knocking it out of the park every ep, and he sings real nice too. So why am I voting for Tara? I want to marry Amber Benson, that's why. She's beautiful, she's sweet, and apparently, a crackerjack film-maker. For a woman like that, I'd dust Spikeypuffs in a second. - cjl

Th-th-this is some real p-p-pressure, for Goodness sake. BUT GO TARA!! - pr10n

Tara is not only good, she's a martyr, for goddess sake. You just can't beat that. Spike's adorably tortured and everything, and he has that shiny new soul, but--no. Gotta go with Tara. - Maeve

RIP Tara. I love you, but Captain Peroxide is going straight to the top. A Watcher scoffs at gravity! - Talia

Tara can't even take a bullet, for crying out loud! No, I loved Tara. She was sweet, kind, fair, and had beaten her inner demons. What was she doing on this show of angst? If it was anyone but my main man, Tara would have my vote, but Spike beats everyone. He is such a fascinating mix of good and evil and James Marsters is sexy as all get out. Go Spike. Strip the chip out (or just strip) and go for the jugular. - Xaverri

Hand Championship

(3)Cordelia 38, (1)Angel 32

Angel's path to redemption ends here. Ironically, even though Angel's soulless evil time on Buffy has been a fraction of that of Spike's, it seems to be what keeps him out of the final four. Cordelia continues to surprise me by taking out another higher seed to win the Hand Region Championship. And even though it was touch and go for most of it, Cordy pulled away in the end for a comfortable win. And as I sign off, I want to leave you with a Bob Hope song about comments; Thanks for the comments - Of candlelight and wine, castles on the Rhine - The Parthenon and moments on the Hudson River Line - How lovely it was...

Wacky? Well I cast my ballot before the election officially began giving Cordelia 100% of the vote when the polls opened. But nothing could be wackier than thinking that Mr. Broody could possibly match up to the charismatic one. She's seen what he can do and she's prepared. Holy water in the handbag and a cutting quip on the tip of her tongue. Queen C will be the first person to humiliate a vampire to death. - matching mole

Yeah, Cordy's hot, but Angel's got stopping power. No amount of pompom waving is gonna stop the Scourge of Europe. Just to show there's no hard feelings, after her defeat, she can cry on my shoulder all she wants... - Apophis

This one was tough...but I sooooo wanna see Spike and his Yoda go a couple of rounds (with souls of course, so they probably have a lot of pent up aggression to work out). So, farewell, Queen C! - celticross

Official statement from MOLOJ: y'all remember that great BTVS moment when nancy boy was going to destroy the world, and up rose the most unlikely of heroes from his wheel chair and you just couldn't stop cheering and he was like BAM! Crow bar! BAM! BAM! Hit him AGAIN! Same thing. 'cept with a spatula. (do it for Jenny, Queen C). - Rochefort

Cordy's a goddess, and while she may have Angel wrapped around her pretty little fingers, if it came down to it between them? Old age and treachery beat youth and fashion sense any day. Sorry, sweetie. - HonorH

She's nothin' without him. - cjl

We're talking Sunnydale here, right? Cordelia's character was largely a fantastic one-trick pony? She needed LA to develop. Angel, before becoming the victim of over-exposure in a noir detective series that sometimes works and sometimes doesn't, was in Buffy's first three seasons just enough. We sometimes forget how in the early days, he'd have four lines and then be gone, (NB Xander's joke about him having a bell). Perfect for the series, and his transformation scenes in Innoncence and back in Becoming still the series' high points - Tchaikovsky

Goodness knows, there is a bitca involved here. But she didn't kill any cute friendly teachers, nor did her hair ever go straight up. Go Cordelia -- love the suit! - pr10n

Angel may have the fangs, but Cordelia's mouth is the deadlier of the two. Queen C doesn't take any crap, especially not from the undead. She's got a spatula and she's not afraid to use it. Plus remember about Angel: lame, hair sticks straight up, bloody stupid. Go somewhere and brood about your defeat, nancy boy. - Talia

There it is, the lame his "hair sticks straight up, bloody stupid" line. As predictable as angst on BtVS. Don't feel bad Talia, I started a mini-war when I got sick of the abuse of the Captain Cardboard tag with Riley - JBone

Spirit Championship

(3)Mayor Wilkins 33, (5)Wesley 30

Well, well, well, Diamond Dick Wilkins has the golden touch with voters, don't he? I wonder how Wesley would explain this to the council? He did rather well in the tournament overall, he was the lowest seed in the region finals. Wesley triumphed over a high school student, the head of a vampire family, and a loose skinned demon. Hmmm, it seemed more impressive before I listed them. The Mayor appreciates another title, I guess we're suppose to refer to him as Spirit Champion Wilkins now. Domo arigato, Mr. Commento...

So what'd you think? You'd get to the Region Championship and everything'd be Jim Dandy? The Road to Sunnydale's slipperier than a greased weasel. Why do you think the Mayor's still on it? (laughs) Well, you probably thought that you'd be your own man, and I respect that, but...and so on and so forth. Get Wes on a stretcher and give him something for the pain. - Harry Parachute

I'm sorry Wesley, but the Mayor is still higher then you on the Cool-meter. - Wolfhowl3

Sexy, morally-conflicted former Watchers just trump everybody else--including my favorite villain ever. Sorry, Mayor, but you're not getting my vote in this election. - HonorH

I love the Mayor. I'd go evil for the Mayor. I vote Wilkins, cause, gosh darnit, evil's never been so nice! - celticross

I missed the last vote entirely. When did it happen? I think there was a deliberate attempt to shut out the MOLOJ protestors. But we'll follow you to Seattle or wherever. We won't let you forget Jenny. The Mayor got out the MOLOJ vote this time by campaigning in our streets and celebrating in a Tara-like dress during Tara-day. Yeah we fell for it. - Rochefort

I'm surprised MOLOJ prefers a villain like the Mayor over a good guy like Wesley. - JBone

You do know Wesley is a huge goober, right? - Finn Mac Cool

Wesley spent the Mayor's ascension flat on his back after being accidentally knocked down by a minion. The vampires didn't even try to feed on him! However cool Wesleyus may be now back then he wasn't even worth a tongueflick (sorry - herpetological reference) from the really big snake. - matching mole

God, did it feel good to hear the Mayors laughter again in "Lessons"! I think everyone should have a laughter like that! Go be more like the Mayor! (Well, laughter-wise, not turn-into-snake-and-eat-the-principal-wise...although that WOULD have come in handy back in highschool...) - grifter

Wesley, Wesley, Wesley! No way some phallic symbol snake is going to beat my dark, sexy Rogue Demon Hunter! Good, loyal, brave ex-Watchers trump evil, charred Mayor-meat any day of the week. - Scroll

Harry Groener's Richard Wilkins is one of those series-defining villains, the nightmarish reality behind the pasted smile and folksy mannerisms of every small town politician. Wesley, as noted in other comments in this quarter-final, was a goober on BtVS. (Ultimately, though, this contest is practically irrelevant, since neither character stands a chance against Angel.) - cjl

The pain of the straight ticket: I hate that prat Wesley. Gawd! The pain of living around him must be... uh, painful. But Goodness will out, and there it is. One betrays one's feelings for the good of goodness. Do the right thing [I hate myself right now. Happy, Mother?]. - pr10N

Heart Championship

(1)Spike 43, (2)Oz 27

Spike continues his rampage through the field of 64. Oz, at one time, was one of the most popular guys on the show. But as the comments of a few of the Spike-aholics prove out, Oz hasn't done enough lately. From the moment I started this, I've dreaded that Spike would become the run-away winner. And by claiming the Heart Region Championship, Spike is well on his way. Too bad there's no Faith there to stop him... Comments aren't as funny as they have been, (stop taking this so serious!), but I'm still putting them up...

Peroxide, where is thy sting? The Goodness vote this round is for He of the Many Shaded Hair, the Tibetan Troubador (_that's_ a metaphorical tar pit but let's not), at 5'4" and 130 pounds when not a dog... O-O-O-O-O-ZZZ! - pr10n

SPIKE, SPIKE, SPIKE!!! :) - celticross

I, for one, am sick to undeath of Spike. I miss Oz. Ergo, werewolf beats your vampire. FOLLOW THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD TO VICTORY!!!! - Apophis

Love Oz, but he hasn't been in the game for way too long. Sorry, wolf-boy, but Spike takes this round. - HonorH

I should have voted for Oz because my girl Tara would probably stand a better chance against him in the semifinals, but Spike is just so much cooler then Oz ever could hope to be...so go Spike! - grifter

Sorry, Oz. Bloody Boy equals you in cool, and beats you in fighting skills, fashion sense, hair style (mainly, he has one), and snarky banter. Worse, Spike and Willow make just as cute a couple ("The Initiative") as you and Willow (even though he was trying to kill her at the time). Capt. Peroxide on points. Big. - cjl

Do you know what dogs do to wolves ? - Stranger

This is a decision that should never have to be made. Oz and Spike are both wonderful, fascinating, funny, dangerous, and hot. I love Oz's cool manner, deep thoughts, and gentleness with Willow. Yet my vote ultimately goes to Spike. His character development has been incredibly rich. He makes me laugh, and he makes me drool. Who else but Spike could vow to take care of Dawn until the end of the world without even a soul to motivate him? - Talia

Mind Championship

(3)Tara 39, (1)Faith 38

Well, this game got a lot less interesting for me right now. Yah for Tara! It sucks for my girl in the leather pants and ripping it up on the dance floor though. And as much as I'd like to figure out a way for Faith to strut into the winners circle, like only she can, I'll play by my own rules. I won't cause any ties, unfortunately I don't have one I can break. So the comments belong to the victors. At least partially...

I LOVE YOU TARA!!!! - Wolfhowl3

I love them both but Faith was a bit more ambigous. Common you guys! Tara's too nice! - m

I'm all about the Tara love, but how could I ignore Faith's amazing character development? She has to be one of the most complex, beautifully drawn characters on BtVS, and she was in maybe 25 episodes. Tara's sweet, but Faith's tart, and I like it. :) - celticross

Thus begins my straight ticket voting: Goodness all the way! Triumphant goodnesses on parade! [Hey Self! DO NOT look at Faith's pants.] Go Goodness go Goodness GO! - pr10n

*Looks at Tara, bursts out laughing* I'm sorry, it's just...I know Faith was a nasty mean girl in Sunnydale and that Tara was "nice" and all...But is "nice" really gonna cut it here and deliver that Death Wish that our favorite harlot so desperately desires? Doubt it. Sorry you're a rotting corpse, babe, but Faith's still kickin'. Besides, If Tara wins, we all know it was only through Wonder Jonathan's master-plan of vengeance. :P - Harry Parachute

this really is a tough one. both ladies are attractive. both are fierce individuals. one could drop kick you into the next decade and the other just utters a word , waves her hand and throws you. but when it comes down to it weve seen a witch kick a slayers ass and there is really only room for one slayer. besides think of tara and cordy wrestling. - cthulhu1592

Yo T, tough break on the dying thing, and I know you're big into the whole 'killing is wrong' and everything, but you don't get it T, I don't care! - TeacherBoy

Region Semifinals

(3)Cordelia 35, (2)Anya 25

Cordy aces Anya out of the championship round for the Hand Region. Cordelia just doesn't wish, except for that one time. Anya was off her game. It's just a phase. She'll be back to killing and eviscerating before you know it. But hey, check out Queen C in her new outfit. But burning a whole in daddy's wallet didn't get her here, that was her winsome personality. And lots o bribes, but not to me. Comments, comments, comments...

Cordy's got a way with a cutdown and a spatula, and maybe a year or two ago I'd have given her the edge. But since she went all dewey-glowy-dreary, I'm voting Anya. She'll summon up the proper vengeance and put her winnings purse into a stock-savvy portfolio. Look, she's dancin' crazy! - mundusmundi

What more do I need to say, The Bit_h is back! Go Cordy! - Wolfhowl3

"Well well well. If it isn't the three musketeers." I mean how can you beat that? I like Anya. I wish she could stay a brunette, and she was cuter when she was trying to ask Xander to "sports" because men like "sports" than when she's hopping around over a cash register. Cordelia though... Cordelia won my heart twice on BTVS. Once when she was wearing Xander's locket after their break-up and pretended not to be (I know this was a marti episode, leave me alone.) And once when she said she'd give him bathtub toys now that he was a sea monster. Now that reveals a lot about Cordy that the prom queen stuff didn't show. The bunny song is great, but the bunnies got old. Decrepit, lost their cute little buck teeth and their pink eyes went all bleary. - Rochefort

Blame it on the PtB: I flipped a coin. Gawk, what a copout. - pr10n

As much as I have come to like Anya recently, I have to go with my bitch guru Cordy. She's got style, grace, and a nasty retort for anyone that questions her greatness. She will destroy Anya and make a matching set of shoes and purse outta Anya! - Lyonors

I voted for Anya, for her schizophrenic hair and her bone-crushing hugs and that tearful speech in "The Body". She stayed with Giles when the world was going to end rather than skeddadle off to a safe demon dimension. Until Cordy finds her long-lost personality, Anyanka is my girl. - Scroll

This is an IMPOSSIBLE decision. I really should have stayed on the sidelines with the MOLOJ crowd, but it helps to sort out your feelings in cases like this. And when it comes down to it, I will sadder to see Anya go than I did Cordy. Besides, I'm kinda suspicious of those bunnies myself... - cjl

Cordelia was the stereotypical shallow high school bitca who turned out to have layers. From enjoying standardized tests to continuing to help the Scoobies even after the painful breakup with Xander, the girl has depth. Only within the last year has Anya shown signs that she cares about anything more than herself, her money, and Xander. Anya's a much stronger character now than back in season 4, but Queen C takes my vote. Never mess with a woman with a spatula. - Talia

(5)Wesley 40, (9)Clem 25

Oh dear. I confess I didn't expect this. Score one for the Watcher. Clem has had a rather eventful tournament anyway. Now he can turn his full attention to helping Spike out. Wesley sets another personal best for votes, as he gains berth in the Spirit Region Championship against Mayor Wilkins. I'm a bit distracted, so let's just cut away to comments...

Clem is kind and good to everyone. Wesley slept with Lilah. 'Nuff said. - Wisewoman

Clem's a dear, but Wesley could kick his wrinkly backside back to whatever dimension he was hatched in. Besides--Wesley yummy! - HonorH

The republic of W.O.L.O.J. is pleased that a match actually went our way and Oz took a victory. So we've decided to cast one vote in favor of Westley and against Clem. I actually think Westley added a lot more to the dynamics of BTVS during his time than Clem will ever add to anything. Clem has no dynamics at all. The upside to Clem fans is he really won't mind. He'll just sit on his butt and watch t.v. (not very industrious of him) - Rochefort

Clem is cute but Wesley has class. Initially Wes may come off as clueless, but he has proven that he's a true Watcher in the grand tradition of Rupert Giles--a demon-researching, prophecy-translating, ass-kicking soldier for Good. Go Wes! - Scroll

Seriously, folks, Wes was a complete and utter ninny during his time on BtVS. (I was embarrassed for my gender.) I think when Spike gets back from his, um, soul-searching in S7, he'll need a friend. Clem may be a slacker but he's a good friend. In this day and age, that's got to count for something. - cjl

If we were considering AtS then the rogue demon hunter would probably get my vote. However, in his time on BtVS Wesley couldn't kick ass unless a donkey walked into his foot. He helped ensure Faith's slip into darkness. Clem is kind, funny, steadfast, and has way more maturity than a blueberry scone. - Talia

Here lies the problem of being a AtS watcher...I couldn't stand Wesley when he left BtVS...I love him now. What's a girl to do except go with her heart, even if she's looking at 3 seasons of character development she's not supposed to? What can I say? I love Wes! - celticross

(2)Oz 30, (3)Drusilla 28

This was a very close one, with werewolf and vampire fighting fang and claw down to the bitter end. Even though their time obviously overlapped in season two, I don't believe Oz and Dru ever were in the same scene together. Oh, I forgot about the rocket launcher scene at the mall. It is not his birthday, but Oz is the King of Cups today. Sorry, couldn't resist. Dru probably took up with some kind of chaos demon the second it started getting rough. Oz adds a vampire to his victory tally, alongside a Slayer and a human mercenary. And I still don't feel like I have any kind of read of what he's capable of. Mi comments, su comments.

"cometition from Kendra?" I'd say that's a radical interpetation of the text. - TeacherBoy

My vote for Oz was accidental. The members of M.O.L.O.J. meant to continue sitting this out to consider gathering our forces and POSSIBLY taking part when Angel re-enters the ring after he robbed Jenny by one stinking questionable vote. But since we accidently are re-integrated in the system this time, I may as well say that Oz has more coolness. - Rochefort

My black goddess, my ripe wicked plum, my poodle, my pet, the bitch that regularly kicks my ass because she's so hard to write. Those burning baby fishes will have dogboy chasing his tail all the way back to his kennel. - Dead Soul

lets face it nothing says vitory like insane beauty. Oz has cred but a wolf isnt going to beet dru and little ole daniel hasnt a chance against her psycic fury. - cthulhu1592

Hmm...might have to sit this one out. I honestly can't tell which of the two I'd rather see torn into messes by the future champion next round. *cackles* (On a side note...it really is a shame Spike and Oz never got to have a sit-down chat on the show. That certainly would've been the Clash of the Cools.) - Harry Parachute

I was going to vote for Oz, but then Miss Edith threatend me, HIDE!!!! - Wolfhowl3

A tough choice but I think that Oz would so confuse Dru that her head might explode. - matching mole

While Dru's busy getting confused by the stars' names, Oz is grabbing the nearest stake and getting it done. Cause, ya know, he's got a gig. - celticross

I was hanging out with Oz, and we were discussing this 1961 Gibson Les Paul he had his eye on...then Drusilla came and hypnotized me with her dark magic. I'm ashamed to say I didn't put up much resistance. - cjl

Hmmm, young werewolf versus elder vampiress? Dru all the way, just like always -- of course, as I write this, it's a tie, but I'm pulling for Drusilla! - Earl Allison

Oz would attack Drusilla with hummus. While the tasty goodness of hummus jammed up Dru's pointy fingernails and interfered with her hypnotic gaze, everyone's favorite werewolf would calmly smash her over the head with a guitar. - Talia

I love both of them. It just came down to Werewolf vs. Vampire, so I used White Wolf games as my guide. Werewolf beats up Vampire; Oz wins. - Doug_the_Bloody

Oz's long lashes and every changing hair color would hypnotize Dru whilst he matter-of-factly took care of business. It'd be close, but the werewolf would make it by a hair. - Off-kilter

(1)Faith 45, Jonathan 17

Faith is looking good after her convincing win over Jonathan. Now she's headed for a little chick on chick action with Tara in the championship of the Mind Region. Jonathan's impressive run (at least to me) through the field of 64 comes to an end. But he still took out a Slayer and a god, yea Jonathan. No doubt, Faith is churning it out on the dance floor, celebrating another sizeable win. While she's in the next round, I mostly want her to wriggle. Pardon me, would you have any comments? Why yes. Yes I do have some comments...

This one was hard for me, even thought I think Jonathan is Great, I would love seeing Tara Smack Faith even more! - Wolfhowl3

OK, if Jonathan wins, I will be going on a one man crusade to rid the world of delinquents! I shall smash the heads of Jonathan worshippers into rubble! Faith is the ultimate badass Slayer, and anyone who doesn't vote for her is a traitor to BtVS. Go Faith, I'd be "up" with you anytime! - Finn Mac Cool

I wanted to vote for Jonathan, I really did, but, you know, these fictional characters have real manifestations in our dreams and I decided that I'd rather Jonathan come after me in my dreams than Faith. I couldn't handle her. - Cleanthes

I love Jonathan. I really do. He's cute, he's nerdy, and he tries. Lord love you, Jonathan. Cause Faith is more woman that you can handle, dear boy. - celticross

Just casting my non-vote as an emblem of my sub-altern status. Long live M.O.L.O.J. (marginalized othered lovers of Jenny). - Rochefort

Nobody told Faith to watch out for southpaws. They'll surprise you...and Johnny-Boy here's gonna do it with a smack that'll wipe that smile off lunachick's face. Slayers, Hell-Gods, Harlot Lipstick, NOTHING CAN DEFEAT THE MAGIC BONE! - Harry Parachute

Love Faith. Desperately want to see her back in S7 (and maybe S8-10). But voting against Jonathan would be like voting against myself. - cjl

Love Jonathan, I really do, but come on! The poor boy couldn't even stand up to pinhead Warren, no way he could ever take on the badass Slayer. Faith is strong, beautiful, deadly, and on the road to redemption. Jonathan is on the highway to Mexico, tail between his legs. - Scroll

As much as I love Faith, most of my good feelings for her came from AtS. Sooooo...I gotta go with Jonathan, everyone's favorite nerd. - Lyonors

You may think that Jonathon's losing but he's just created an alternate universe in which he not only beats Faith but wins it all! - matching mole

(1)Angel 41, (4)Jenny 40

Wow, I guess this is my version of the vengeance demon. Be careful of what you wish for, you just might get it. So many of these contests are blowouts, that if not for the comments, I would be bored out of my mind. Finally, two days in a row we have matchups that split the board down the middle. And I'm really loving it. I've tried to let you know that I've adopted a policy of refraining from voting until I'm sure I won't cause a tie. And to break one when need be. Since we were already six votes over any vote high before this, I am executing my vote to break the tie. And I'm hating it. My motives are selfish. I'm looking at the next round matchup. ...Yes, those are comments in my pocket, but I don't understand how you think it means that I'm happy to see you...

In a fight between Angel and Jenny, I think it would really be too close to call. The only reason I'm voting for Jenny, is for, (As Anya put it), for Sweet Revenge. I was Very upset when Angelous killed our fav. Techno Pagan. Go Jenny! - Wolfhowl3

Two Summers women have just gotten defeated by the forces of Evil! Where are the White Hats!? COME ON! Vote Jenny! Do it for GILES! Do it cause Angel broods but Jenny is really cute when she wants to go out for Mexican food. - Rochefort

I was going to vote for Jenny. But then, at the last second, I switched my vote. I think a gypsy may have been involved. Now, if the vote was between Angel and The First Evil, that would be different. - Cleanthes

Vote for Jenny -- lame/hair/stupid, ok? But dig this: that locket nibbling stare, the push-uppy Xander come-on, betrayal of friends but meaning no harm, blink blink... Complex, adult sex appeal is a lost art in Whedonland. Bring da noiz for Jenny! - pr10n

Angel is a superior character in every way, and yet...I'm doing Anya proud, and voting for payback. Maybe Enyos had a point about vengeance being a living thing, and common sense has nothing to do with it. Or maybe Jenny was such a wonderful character, I think she deserves a tribute, even if she's going to go down to Angel again... - cjl

Come on people, remember the leather pants and the chains! Remember the sacrifice and self-denial that are part-and-parcel with our King of Brood! Jenny was nice, but she is no match for the original vamp with a soul. Remember his bonding experience with Faith, how he was the only one who could reach her? How he kicked Riley's ass? How he came to Buffy when her mom died, and supported her? Angel, Angelus, Liam -whatever he wants to call himself, Deadboy has my vote. - Scroll

Although Jenny was my first character-crush on the show, Angel has been and always will be my favorite character. Go broody-boy! And remember, Angelus killed Jenny. Angel tormented himself with guilt over her death! - Masq

Must control the drooling....Leather pants....come on, I just can't say no to a baaaaad boy in leather pants..... - Lyonors

Jenny needs to get her retribution on. . .and if we're talking Angel here. . .I think she could take him. I love Angel, but. . .he's no Angelus. Now, if he put the leather pants on. . .I might change my vote. ;-) - Lisa

Thing about Jenny's neck...it's so damn fragile. Must be that shoddy gypsy bone-structure. I've heard this song before...and I want an encore. So play it again, Mister Billowy Coat King of Pain! - Harry Parachute

Okay, love Angel and all, but Jenny deserves this one. I'm doing it for Giles. - HonorH

(3)Mayor Wilkins 31, (2)Dawn 30

I was writing up some comments for a Dawn victory, and some last second votes came in. So if you're reading this one, that means the Mayor won. You don't think he fixed the votes do you? Everyone's doing the vote once a day thing, right? If you're thinking that I don't trust politicians around polls, well, you're right. With all the ties, lead changes, and small, short lived leads, Dawny almost stole her way into the Spirit Region Championship. Uh, sorry Dawn. Get out, Get out! Get out! The bad news is that the Mayor keeps his campaign promises, don't ya, Dick. Mucho commento compadres...

What a tough choice! If Dawn had come from blue glowey energy, I woulda gone with Mayor Wilkins, but, green glowey energy tips the scale. Long-suffering is like an emerald whose colour never varies. For no temptation can overpower long-suffering, which always gleams with a green and constant light; and whoso strives against it, it wins each time the honour and the palm. - Cleanthes

This seems to me to be the first serious match-up. It's hard to decide, and so I won't even joke. The Mayor is the most original villain on BTVS. Dawn is the most contraversial scooby after Riley. The mayor was great in every scene. Dawn does a lot of grinning and wanting to grow up and spouting a bunch of pretty lame scooby-isms. And I'm still voting for Dawn. Potential maybe? The fact that eating goofy pancakes makes someone more likable than eating large beatles even with a lobster bib? - Rochefort

The Mayor, bah! With those huge dark eyes always looking "beyond" and the blather about Tinman -- Screeching geek check! I loved the Mayor but I am voting for peaceful non-demons the rest of the way. Ixnay on the giant snake. That's the place I'm in right now. - pr1on

The mayor wanna offer Dawn some milk. Dawn thinks it's ikky 'cause she's not as naive as Faith. So she wins, go Dawn ! Go Dawn ! - Ete

Dawn's course through this contest has been, as JBone notes, very erratic. Now we have the Mayor (barely) ahead in the polls but all the comments pro-Dawn. This sort of disorder cannot be tolerated. Young people should know their place. I'm hoping for a very polite Mayor/Clem matchup in the regional championships in which snacks and moist towelettes are exchanged. - matching mole

Aw. Our little Key is growing up so fast. Yeah, way too much Dawn screech-age during S6, but she's still adorable. Harry Groener's Mayor Wilkins was gloriously eccentric and evil, but cute beats eccentric every time. - cjl

Just the fact she was willing to jump in "The Gift" makes her far superior in every way to the Mayor. Considering how the adults in her life were treating her, Dawn didn't whine as much as she could have. She supports her sister, and is learning how to kick undead booty. She's a Summers, and you've got to respect that! - Scroll

I don't think the Mayor would kill Dawn, I think he'd try to get to go the surrogate daughter route - and I think he'd succeed. Then the giant snake and the glowing green ball of energy (glowing green giant snake?) would wreak havoc on the remaining contestants. 'Cause punkin-belly Dawn is just a figment of our imaginations. - Dead Soul

Now folks, we all know this is going to be quite a battle, but let's watch the swearing. - TeacherBoy

Shoot, my favorite villain versus my Dawnie! Tough matchup. But I'm going with Dawn simply on account of I never got one single fanfic out of the Mayor, and that's just inexcusable. - HonorH

Read the Fanged Four Fic if you want to know how REAL Mayor fic is done! Go Richard! - Masq

I think I can explain how Dawn nearly lost to the Judge but trounced Whistler and is, as of now, 2% higher than the Mayor. When Dawn vs. the Judge came up, I voted for the Judge because I knew there was no way Dawn could beat him in a fight. A lot of other people probably thought the same thing and voted for the less popular but tougher canidate. By the time Dawn vs. Whistler rolled around, though, it had become clear this was a popularity contest, so Dawn really picks up steam. And, of course, Dawnie is the great! Everybody vote now! - Finn Mac Cool

A common man with connections throughout the underworld, a man who ascended into a pure-blood demon through a century of backstabbing and manipulating the legions of Hell versus...a whiny klepto who isn't even two years old. Uh...how is this a contest again? We tallying the votes in Florida or something? - Harry Parachute

(1)Spike 44, (5)Harmony 18

Hello Spike. The challenges to Spike continue their failure to materialize as Hostile 17 beats the unliving crap out of Harmony. She does get a great deal on a consolation prize in the form of a porcelain unicorn. Well, actually, Harmony killed a shopkeeper and stole it, but still, a bargain's a bargain. Spike likes the tough guy talk. And there is no shutting him up now that he made it to the Heart Region Championship round. Let's see what we got for comments...

Buffy said it best with, "Harmony, when you try to be Bad, you Suck!" Spike has two Dead Slayers under his belt, and Harmony couldn't even beat up Xander. Nuff Said. - Wolfhowl3

I gotta go with Harmony because nothing beats cute, cute, cute in a stupid ass way, as everyone should know. - Cleanthes

In voting for Spike I in no way mean to forgive his treatment of Harmony. Part of me would love to see her kick his ass here. But as Xander said "He's compact yet well muscled." - Rochefort

Well, I know for a fact Harmony hasn't got a shot against Spike, but I'm supporting her anyway. No one bent canon for her, so I'm sticking up for her. - Earl Allison

I'm not really a huge Harmony fan but the kid's had some tough breaks. And given Spike's behaviour towards her I'd really like to see her come from behind and take him out. And then go to France. - matching mole

"Spi-i-i-ke! Do we have to do this stupid contest? There's a 50% off sale at the mall, and I really want to go..." "Harm, it's only for a few hours, so will you please just--" "But I get bored waiting for these people to vote. I mean, who votes in America anymore?" "Will you please--" "And I'm completely out of fuschia lipstick, and I don't--" "Oh bloody hell." Stakes her. "Hated to do that. Unbelievable body, but if I had to listen to that bint talk for one more second..." - cjl

(3)Tara 41, (7)Darla 18

Tara still hasn't had a serious challenge as she uses some physical violence on the vampire known as Darla. I think Darla did Tara a favor when she closed out a close win over Joyce, keeping Tara's voting block from any splintering. But that's a match that never happened. The one that did happen, had Tara opening a can of whup ass on the propagating vampire. Tara is the first combatant set for the Region Championship. Who will be next? Onto comments...

Hey! I'm the first one to vote and I voted for Darla so she's got 100% of the vote! How cool is that? What can I say, I like my women like I like my men - Evil. - Dead Soul

Rochefort: "If you want to vote against Tara you'll have to come through me." Dawn: "And me." Xander: "You'll have to fight all of us." Spike: "Except me." Xander: "Except Spike." Spike: "I don't care what happens." - Rochefort

All the angels in heaven and all the demons down under the sea will never dissever my soul from the soul of the beautiful Tara MacClay. Darla? What kind of a name is that for a vampire? - Cleanthes

If I've got to choose between a blonde and a blonde, I'd rather have the blonde that actually have a personnality, a beautiful and shy smile, sparkling eyes of good humour, a beautiful singing voice (wait, Darla's got that too, nevermind) and much sweetness to the stereotyped Femme Fatale that Darla is. So Tara it is. - Ete

Tara may be Shot, but she will Never Die in our Hearts! Long Live Tara!!! - Wolfhowl3

I could never vote for Darla, even if she was one of the original Little Rascals. - pr10n

On this one, I had to go with the on-screen death. Darla, after years of being nothing but trouble to anyone, gets a meaningful, touching death, sacrificing herself for her son. (yeah, I know, this is BtVS, but so much of Darla's story happened on AtS, I'm countin' it! :) On the other hand, poor Tara got shot by the most obnoxious villian on BtVS ever. Tara gets my vote! - celticross

Love them both, but Darla just a little bit more. What can I say - I'm hooked on dark and sharp-tongued. And I wrote three stories about her. - Selena

Gentle yet powerful witch on one hand, ruthless yet vulnerable vampire on the other. Darla had the noble death and Tara had the noble life. How do I choose just one? But Tara gets my vote in the end, because she's just way more loveable. - Scroll

Tara died once; Darla died twice. Therefore Tara is 50% better at staying alive than Darla. Plus, Tara has way more brains in her little finger than Darla accumulated in 400 years. - Talia