The Road To Sunnydale

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Final Four

(3)Cordelia Chase vs (3)Mayor Wilkins vs (1)Spike (1)Spike/William the Bloody vs
(3)Mayor Richard Wilkins III (3)Tara Maclay

The Road To Sunnydale Champion:

Mayor Richard Wilkins III

(3)Mayor Wilkins 83, (1)Spike 73

If I was suspicious of Spike's vote total against Tara, you're goddamn sure that I'm suspicious of the Mayor's jump in this one. Only the comment ratio in the Mayor's favor holds the suspicions in check. Spike practically legitimizes his versus Tara votes by getting almost the same thing here. Now where did all these votes for the consummate politician come from? Maybe this contest just got suddenly popular for people who hadn't voted before. Or maybe my little project has gotten bigger than even I had hoped. That one feeds my ego, I think I'll go with that. Championship worthy comments today, enjoy...

Though my costume -- black leather jacket, lit cigarette, bright blond hair, spectacular abs -- would suggest that I am one of Spike's supporters, my vote goes for the Mayor. Now it's time to see if any of the political lessons Wilkins has learned during his career will apply to this election as well. - d'Herblay

Sorry, Spikey. Mayor Wilkins gets my vote. - HonorH

Spike is one of the most complex characters on "Buffy". JM is an incredible actor, and hot to boot. But I stopped liking Spike last season and can't get back into liking him again. Besides, the Mayor nags me to drink up my milk for healthy teeth and bones. - Scroll

Who torments whom? The Mayor knows all about souls, he's a veritable well of souls knowledge. Spike just stumbles in, insanely. Who carries the souls in the myth of Er - a Spike-like angel or a Mayor-like messenger demon? Exactly! - Cleanthes

Goodness has claimed Spike for his/her/its own, and I gotta go with the power: Spoike! Also, I saw Mayor Wilkins on "Dear John" rerun. Better a blown-up snake in a blown-down school, then ever looking like _THAT_ again, professionally. Go Goodness (even if your avatar is a wackadoo) You did it Your way! - pr10n

Okay, I did it, I voted Wilkins. I think it was the right thing to do. Spike will be with us all year and will be the object of much adulation and vituperation. Dickie Wilkins is gone *sigh* but never forgotten... - Whipwoman

I want you all to know that if ever again there is a need, MOLOJ will be there. For now, simply, we vote Spike. Because if he stays crazy, all the "Miss America" like speeches he has to give over the coming year are gonna be really cool. He should have to wear a tiara and a ribbon. (I bet the Humane Society makes him the spokesperson for the campaign to spade and neuter puppies.) - Rochefort of MOLOJ

This is the road to Sunnydale, right? And Sunnydale will always be the Mayor's town. - celticross

The Mayor's smarter, funnier, and (most importantly) more powerful than some Sid Vicious wannabe, ex-poet, bleach-blond, leather chew-toy (I still say werewolf beats vampire). Besides, this way, I get a cushy government job. All Spike offered was half a pack of smokes. - Apophis

Always support the underdog. I wouldn't be able to keep my hands dry through this intriguing contest if it wasn't for the moist towelettes. Mayor/Faith is the most twisted relationship played on Buffy, not Spike/Buffy. Returned for another term, the mayor has my vote. - Tchaikovsky

If the Mayor can beat Cordy he can beat anyone. And Spike's mouth needs a bar of soap. - necro-mole

Sooooo disappointed that we didn't have an Angel/Spike championship. (It would have been a ideal statistical sampling of the attitudes and relative strengths of pre- and post-S3 Buffy fandom.) Oh well. Anyway...Spike. Is there any question? JM is practically playing five different characters simualtaneously, and with unrivaled flair; Harry Groener was great as Wilkins, but he's not even in the same universe. Give Capt. Peroxide the trophy already, and start up the Road to the Hyperion! - cjl

Spike may have behaved dishonorably in the past, but he's got a soul now and he's trying to do the right thing. He can still be a badass vamp though, and he's going to take the mayor down. - Freki

It was a difficult choice, but I decided to back Spike. Too many great lines from too great a character. Not that I don't love our Mayor/everybody's favorite uncle/madman Wilkins (I'm still a huge fan. 3 of my favorite 4 characters in the semi-finals) , its just that Spike is the most interesting, complex, funny character on any show. Now to go hide from the Mayor's scorn. - JCC

Spike is my all time favorite character on BtVS. Even the great Faith falls a little short of him. So why am I voting for Wilkins? Spite! To every S/B shipper, Spike Redemptionist, and especially Spike Lover, I cast a vote for Spike's enemy! May the bleached one (as much as I like his evil charm) be proven fallible! Go Dick! Go! - Finn Mac Cool

I'll never question my choice of Spike. You know I admire his brain even more than his washboard abs. His spirit is even better than his brain. Mayor Wilkins was the best Big Bad that Sunnydale has seen yet, but that's all he is. Spike can succeed at evil, comic relief, true love, kinky sex, and this season seems to be taking on the role of insane prophet quite nicely. If nothing else, vote for the hotness of him in Lessons with the rumpled hair and the shirt hanging open. Or simply consider who is still living. - Talia

It HAS to be Spike. The mayor's alright but he can't even touch blondie bear's tiny marshmallow goodness with a ten-foot pole. And add to that the cocky swaggering walk, sexy smirk, washboard abs and the sexy Brit accent - did someone say swoon? - Misha

After Beneath You, there is no possible doubt that Spike's probably become everything that it is possible to become on BtVS - demon, human (in FFL) and now demon-with-a-soul(how lame is that). I'm still voting Spike cuz the Mayor was only around for one season and still ended pretty lamely(the snake - I mean come on) and Spike's been on for 4 and 1/22th (Lover's Walk) and still held my interest for pretty long. Season 2,4 and 5 Spike is good enough to kick Season 3 Mayor's ass. Plus I think someone in ME really hates him, hence he gets my sympathy vote. - Varjak

Sorry, Spike -- I don't think you can pull the (possible) unfair voting practices cards with the Mayor -- he certainly one-ups you in that arena. Spike just brings an unwelcome element into the Mayor's city. - MayorVoter

Thank You's

First to Masquerade, if it wasn't for this community that she started, I probably never would have attempted this summer diversion at all. I probably should have cleared the Road with Masq initially, but I don't always think of these things in a timely matter. It's a good thing that Masq is so generous. I should also thank Pyche's site for their transcripts and the good people at for their wealth of information just waiting for my fingertips.

Next, to the regulars of the ATPoBtVS&AtS posting board site. There are too many of you to mention, since I would surely forget someone. But, as I have muddled my way through this, you have given my vision of carnage encouragement and support. I don't know if you will ever know how much that means to me. But I like it, a lot.

And to those who post comments. Thank Joss for you. I'm going to single out Finn Mac Cool, Earl Allison and Lyonors, among others for their first round contributions, but for which, I would have gotten few otherwise. The rest of the tournament comments were plentiful and exceptional. But I always knew that my voice alone would not make this thing work and the first round comments were greatly appreciated.

I realize that this is not an original ideal, taking the NCAA bracket and applying it to your interest. And I believe that some Simpson fans did something like this last year. But for the bulk of the rest of the summer, this will be a tournament to the death for the supporting characters of the genre busting Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

So, my goal is to supply a daily (5 days a week), fight to the finish between two characters on Buffy. The rules are simple, vote once and hopefully only once a day for whom should be the winner between the two, and check back the next day. If you want, send me a short note, because I'd like to put up a little post matchup analysis. And the most important thing, this is suppose to be fun. So if you have a problem where someone is seeded, give me a little hell, but give it in the spirit that I hope to set here: petty and mean-spirited. Or at least sarcastic and audacious. And nothing says thank you like dollars in the waistband.

There are four regions with seeds 1 through 16 in each bracket. Each region is named for one of the four characters NOT in the tournament: Buffy, Giles, Willow and Xander. Characters on Angel are not included here. You can use whatever criteria you want to vote, but in coming up with the field of 64, I tried to base it on how central the characters were/are, number of episodes they appeared in, how much the character impacted overall story lines, and how memorable they were/are on Buffy, but not on Angel.

As you can see these are anything but measurable standards, so there were a lot of gut calls that I had to make. I don't think it's a perfect bracket, especially the bottom half, but since you are deciding everything with your votes anyway, it will serve the purpose for all this wacky fun.

Finally, I am not a professional web designer or anything. This is my first webpage other than a cookie cutter thing I did on AOL, so I can just about guarantee that there will be technical problems. I'm trying to figure this out, mostly on my own, so when something doesn't work, don't fry me. And I'd appreciate any advice or help you could give.

Contact me here.