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First RoundSecond RoundSecond RoundFirst Round
(1)Faith vs(1)Faith vs(3)Tara vs(3)Tara Maclay vs
(16)Sandy(14)Scott Hope
(9)Katrina Silber vs (9)Katrina(6)Amy(11)Halfrek/Hallie vs
(8)Andrew/Tucker's brother(6)Amy Madison
(5)Jonathan Levinson vs (5)Jonathan vs(7)Darla vs(7)Darla vs
(12)Primitive/The First Slayer(10)Parker Abrams
(13)Chantarelle/Lily/Anne vs (4)Glory(2)Joyce(15)Kathy vs
(4)Glory/The Beast(2)Joyce Summers


Second Round

And the winner is... either Joyce or Darla. Hold on, there's been a lot of lead changes and ties to lead up to this photo finish, so hold onto your tickets until we get a ruling. And once the score comes in, we'll be going straight to comments. So... anyone here from Sunnydale? Maybe we can get Buffy up here to juggle or do charades. I'm being handed the envelope right now from the good people from Thanks sweetie. It's not Pryce-Waterhouse, but you get who you can get. The final combatant for the sweet 16 round from the Mind Region, who will be matched up against the good wiccan Tara, is (drum roll)...

(7)Darla 25, (2)Joyce 24

Okay, yeah, she's evil. Or was. She was human, then a vampire, then dust. Then human, then vampire again. Now she's dust. Again. You gotta give points to a woman who is Buffy's main competitor for Most Likely To Be Resurrected. - Scroll

O.k., nobody gets any points this round for acting. Nobody gets any points this round for hair style, clothes, depth of character, date-ability, charm, charisma, or inteligence. Darla gets ONE point for the amount of times she's managed to come back from the dead (no more than one cause she was still annoying). Joyce gets ".5" for getting to the front porch. Finally, we must go to the "mommy" catagory. Who did the best job mothering? We have Dawn and Buffy on one side, ... and... Angelus on the other. His hair stands straight up and he's bloody stupid. The match goes to Joyce, 3000.5 to 1. - Rochefort

It's all about Joyce, people. She's not the Slayer's mother for nothing. Any minute now she'll be taking that fire axe to Darla and this time, she'll be using the right side! - celticross

Yeah, yeah, we all know Darla is evil, sultry, and looks great in cleavage enhancing bustier. But who's the REAL hot ticket in this contest? Joyce had all the men in this series wrapped around her finger: Slugging Spike with that fire axe then bonding with him over Passions; marching into Angel's crypt and telling him to break it off with Buffy; shagging Giles; and inspiring the sexual fantasies of Xander Harris (among others). Besides, Birthday Movie Night with Buffy at the end of "Innocence" always brings a tear to my eye. Joyce, all...the...way. - cjl

A tough choice here. Ignoring all the really interesting Darla stuff on AtS I'd have to hand this one to Joyce. She won't let Darla fool her twice. - matching mole

"...honey, let Joycie in. Hon, let Joycie in!" Darla couldn't convince me to open the door, not all bumpy with the fangs, but I'd let Joyce in. Oh, would I ever. She'd bring me juice, and chips. If she hadn't bogarted the chips already. - pr10n

darla is the best in angel she is not as scary in buffy the vmpire slayer but she got burnt with drisilla by angel i would definetely give my vote to darla not joyce, joyce hardly does anything in buffy and does any one agree but is angel hot i wanyt to know when them too are coming back into angel - samantha

(5)Jonathan 27, (4)Glory 22

I guess I just underestimated Jonathan's appeal. I figured he would give Glory a good contest, but I never seriously expected him to win. Glory didn't exactly lay down for this fight either, she had a respectable showing in a tight contest. Jonathan, however, continues his surprising (to me anyway) march through the competition to the sweet round of sixteen. Onto the comments!

I voted for him... and now he's starting to give me that look like he's going to ask me to prom. - Rochefort

Clearly Glory and her brain eating is one of the more annoying hell gods I've seen....pahlease! - Lyonors

Sorry, Glory never impressed me. Clare Kramer had the "Cordelia x 1000" 'tude down, but she never inspired god-like awe. (That tends to hurt when you're playing a god.) I freely admit that I identify with Jonathan to a frightening degree; but anyone who saw Danny Strong's performance in "Dead Things" knows who the real god is around here. - cjl

Just last night I watched again as he urged Buffy to smash Warren's's Jonathan all the way! - Wisewoman

"We're supposed to get some books. On Stalin." Longevity, thy name is Jonathan. - pr10n

(3)Tara Maclay 35, (6)Amy Madison 10

This was quite the wiccan free for all today. And to no surprise, it is Tara who's voodoo, that she do, when she do voodoo so well... Uh, Tara has materialized in the good, sweet, clean round of sixteen. I don't think Amy was really into this. It seems like her mother would have liked competing like this, but Amy just wants to hit the habitrail. Tara's base seems pretty solid, and even though the competition gets tougher every week, I like her chances. Lots of comments today, thank you.

As the first new supporting character after the pilot, Amy is "historically" significant to the series. Her pivotal roles in BBB and "Gingerbread" and her possible role as arch-villainess in S7 would get my vote against a lot of supposedly major characters.... But come on, this is Tara we're talking about. In a one-on-one battle, Tara would throw up a protection spell, wait until Amy zapped herself into exhaustion, then go over and try to counsel the poor kid. Tara would sympathize with Amy's family problems and maybe she could turn Amy around. Unfortunately, we'll never know. - cjl

Tara, Tara Tara!! How can I not? I'd be a shamed Amber-fan. - JCC

Tara is the REAL wiccan. Amy is just a sham! - Lyonors

So maybe Amy is all juiced up on black magic now, but hey, "Nobody messes with my girl!", and Amy sure did mess up Tara´s girl a lot. Tara all the way baby!! - grifter

I'd rather see you dead than [lose to] that bitch! - pr10n

(1)Faith 36, (9)Katrina 5

Faith is wondering when is she going to get some competition. She’s not even working up a appetite after her two wins. Katrina was out of her league in this one. At least her loss wasn’t at the hands of one of the evil stooges. Faith is the first one to make the sweet sixteen round (aka round 3). She has some time off until her next match, so it’s party time while the carnage continues. I hope she doesn’t think there anything going on behind her back. Because there’s no conspiracy, just long layoffs in the first two rounds. Hopefully her next matchup is worthy of a little Slayer attention.

Everyone looooves Faith. And yeah, shes cool, but you know what? The potential of Katrina going up against Jonathan in the sweet 16? Sounds good to me. I wanna see her kick more troika ass! - Lyonors

First Round

(7)Darla 36, (10)Parker Abrams 2

Parker wasn't much of a match for a vamp with as much "been there, done that" as Darla. His rap about his father dying and living for the now is just so lost on a lady like Darla. The only thing she's upset about after the beating she laid on Parker is that there wasn't any pain for her. I imagine Darla in some eighteenth century garb with the pushed together bosom as she sinks her teeth into Parker. Or do you think she stuffed him into a zip-lock baggy for snacking later? Anyway, I doubt that we have to worry about VampParker showing up later, he's just not Darla's type. Darla's in the second round, and I believe she is acquainted with Joyce, is she not?

Is this even a contest? Maybe it would be more apt to ask how long Parker's sleazy dialog works before Darla tires of it and bites him :) Basically, Parker oozes up to Darla (probably can't help himself if she's dressed in Season One schoolgirl clothes) and tries laying his pickup lines on her. Darla's over four-hundred, so she's heard it all before (and probably better, too, ifyouknowwhatImean, and I think you do), so once boredom overtakes her, she gives Parker not what he wants, but what he NEEDS (like Joss would). *CHOMP!* Exit Parker, stage left. Let's just hope Darla doesn't get an upset stomach over it. - Earl Allison

(5)Jonathan 21, (12)The First Slayer 13

I'll admit it, when I saw the schedule, I thought there was no way that Jonathan was going to beat a Slayer, even one that had as little exposure as the First Slayer. But Jonathan can stand tall with a solid first round win. The First Slayer had no speech. No name. She lived in the action of death, the blood cry, the penetrating wound. She is destruction. Absolute ... alone. And now she's feeling too tall, left behind on the Road to Sunnydale. The fact that Jonathan prefers Roger Moore as James Bond doesn't hurt him today. He had to grab onto his magic bone to win this one, and hopefully he remembers that trained gorillas, workable prototype jetpacks, and chicks, chicks, chicks is the action he signed on for. Good luck with Glory in the second round, Jonathan, baawaahaahaaha.

There have been many nerds on BtVS over the years, but none quite so nerdy as Jonathan. Now, one must consider, that if a nerd were capable of taking out an "isolated killing machine" they probably wouldn't be a nerd anymore. So, it stands to reason that the First Slayer is going to totally kill Johnny. The only thing stopping her is all the fan sentimentality for the nerdy one. - Finn Mac Cool

(2)Joyce Summers 16, (15)Kathy 6

Wow, Joyce just like, totally kicked her ass. Poor Kathy. She'll just have to go back to whatever demon dimension that she came from. Kathy just wanted to make SURE she actually lost before she went home. Bye, bye Kathy, it's been the super funnest. Joyce is pretty happy about moving onto the second round, I hear it's a night full of schnapps and band candy, and hell, maybe even a house band. I see that there are some comments so...

C'mon, we all know Kathy is hilarious, so why not go on and vote for her? Do it! - Finn Mac Cool

Demon or no demon, Kathy's gonna get bitchslapped by the slayer's mama, a woman who knows how to moisturize. She's especially formiddable, especially after she's had her schnopps. - Alex

Oh, how can we not vote for Joyce? Kathy is a Cher fan for God sake! That says enough. - JCC

I said it before and I'm sayin' it again--Joyce and her axe ("Get the hell away from my daughter!") have got it all over that Celine-loving twit. Vive le Joyce! - Ann-Sebastian

(4)Glory/The Beast 21, (13)Chantarelle/Lily/Anne 10

Once I saw the lead that Glory had accumulated, and the quality play by play that EA wrote, I thought, what the hell, I'll go drinking tonight. My hat's off to you EA. But I don't really wear hats. Cool.

Hmmm, tough one. I like both combatants, but I'm probably one of the only ones who LIKED the idea of Glory the bratty, petulant Hellgod. Lily's only chance for an upset is to be in one of her earlier incarnations, like Lady Chantrelle, and let Glory brainsuck her and get all lightheaded from the lack of, well, ANYTHING of substance. Seriously, Lily is so phenomenally overmatched it isn't funny. Glory pummeled her way through at least a dozen Knights of Byzantium AFTER knocking down Willow's magical force shield -- in a blur, before Lily can respond, Glory snaps her in half, whining about her Key and how no one understands how much she hates this mudball. Like Angleman before her, Lily understands the need to bow out gracefully in the face of superior opposition, and dies (hopefully not trying to take Glory's identity as she does). Take it and run. - Earl Allison

(6)Amy Madison 10, (11)Halfrek 9

It's almost like Amy was stuck in this cage with a swinging Habitrail, not knowing what was going on until she retook human form. Halfrek was fun to have around, and I'm not sure we've seen the last of her, but, she's history here. So Amy, how've you been? Rat. You? Well, not dead. Halfrek's little raison d'etre was bad parents. We can only hope that Amy was able to help her with her daddy issues. Amy has barely cast her way into the second round, and I'm tired.

Just think one minute ! Halfrek is supposed to help children abused by their parrents avenge. She'll be too troubled by Amy's mum issues to see her doom coming. - Ete

(9)Katrina 13, (8)Andrew 2

Andrew is sick. They were a bunch of little boys playing at being men. Katrina admitted that she should have strangled Warren when he was asleep, but I doubt she had to do anything that sneaky with Andrew. Andrew probably kept waiting for Warren, checking for implants right up to the end. I imagine that he cried a lot, "He never really loved -- hanging out with us." Okay, that's fine, Katrina's gone onto the second round.

From the two episodes Katrina's been in, she seems pretty tough. She could easily take Andrew... - Finn Mac Cool

(3)Tara 18, (14)Scott 2

Well, Scott I don't think we're going to see you anymore. Tara convincingly disposes of Scott in almost mystical fashion to pass on to round 2. Tara's come a long way since she shadow-boxed to demonstrate violence to Willow, and she thought Tara meant swimming. I love that the last time we see Scott he is thoroughly embarrassed by Faith: "The doctor says that the itching and the swelling and the burning should clear up, but we gotta keep using the ointment."

All right, WHO voted for Scott? - Finn Mac Cool

(1)Faith 27, (16)Sandy 4

No big surprise here, Faith is five by five as she graduates to round 2 by killing Sandy in a landslide. Sandy, Sandy... It's no good. Our hearts belong to another. I wonder if Faith is hungry and horny after this win?...

No way a wimpy fledgeling like Sandy can compete with bad-ass slayer Faith! - Sarah

Sandy is a lot smarter than Faith. She took to seduction for blood rather than hunting for it (which would put her at risk from Buffy). Also, given that Faith has been out of training since going to prison, Sandy stands a decent shot. - Finn Mac Cool