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First RoundSecond RoundSecond RoundFirst Round
(1)Spike/William the Bloody vs(1)Spike vs(3)Drusilla vs(3)Drusilla vs
(16)Jesse(14)Dr. Angleman
(9)Graham Miller vs (8)Quentin Travers(6)Ethan Rayne(11)The Anointed One/Collin vs
(8)Quentin Travers(6)Ethan Rayne
(5)Harmony Kendall vs (5)Harmony vs(7)Kendra vs(7)Kendra vs
(13)Hank Summers vs (4)Adam(2)Oz(15)Orlando vs
(4)Adam(2)Daniel "Oz" Osbourne


Second Round

(5)Harmony 33, (4)Adam 11

Wow, I really thought this would be closer. Harmony slinks into the final spot of the sweet 16 round in the Heart Region, as she washes the Initiative right out of her hair. It's official, there is a trend of big bads biting it in the second round. Adam is humiliated at the hands of Harmony. Harmony is optimistic and looking forward to the matchup with her blonde bear in the next round. Comments, got Ďem, read Ďem.

If the rest of you DON'T vote for my little mentholated pack of smokes, you can kiss her ass good-bye cause it's the last you'll be seeing of it. Except when it's her walking away from you... and even then...she'll probably walk backwards. - Rochefort

Wow. This is Harmony. Harmony, the wussy, girly, hair-pulling sheep. And she's totally beating the olive green cargo pants off a high-tech, top-secret US military project. Does this say something about society? - Scroll

Harm is just too funny not to get my vote. Besides, Harmony vs. Spike in the Sweet 16? I want that for the potential comments alone. - cjl

The Sheep is dead -- Long live the Sheep! - pr10n

Is this even a question? Wow, Adam skewered Walsh. From behind. Without warning. Oh, and he talked. A lot. Harmony would waltz up one side of him and down the other on her flare and style alone :) Her snippy comments and gold lame pants are simply icing on the cake. So, while Adam stands there expositioning pointlessly, boring Harmony to the point of nodding off, her crossbow goes off ("The string got all slippy." heh) and short-circuits the poor-man's Frankenstein. Adam quietly shuffles off his mortal coil while an entirely-too-smug Harmony sashays her way to the next round. Take it and run. - Earl Allison

(2)Daniel "Oz" Osbourne 22, (7)Kendra 10

Oz is shimmying and shaking his way into the round of sweet 16. Alas, the Kendra vs Dru rematch was not to be. Maybe we can chip in to get her a plane ticket, so that she won't have to stow away in the cargo hold. Oz seems to be gaining control, but he needs to start burying opponents in the back yard if he's going to win it all. Oz rocks!

He smashed the giant important urn to save Willow, and to save us all from Wesley-pretension-o-rama. Oz forever! - pr10n

Love Oz, truly do, but Kendra always tugged at my heart-strings -- so much potential cut short by Dru's deadly nails. This Jamaican Slayer was steadfast and true. - Scroll

Because it's Oz. - cjl

One puppy down, one to go...Kendra all the way! Seriously though, hated the accent, hated the attitude, but, man, can this girl fight or what?! Sheīll give Oz the rolled-up-paper-spanking of his life... - grifter

(1)Spike/William the Bloody 37, (8)Quentin Travers 10

Wow, Spike has another win. Personally, Iím already halfway out the door for a welcomed three day weekend that Iím stretching to four. So, other than to say that I donít think Quentin is understanding this, Iím leaving the comments up to you today.

You're kidding. Quentin has 20%? I'm amazed. But seriously, folks, this is no contest. Spike could take down Quentin with his bloody awful poetry alone. - cjl

Well, this time I can say unequivocally that my Quentin vote was an anti-Spike vote. - Masq

Jeez, what are the Las Vegas odds on Spike taking this whole thing? Who's he playing next? Can anyone stop him? I remember Jenny Calender got the most votes on ATP for hottest chick... that might be the only chance to defeat him. Did you put the Buffy bot on this thing by the way? And where can I see all the brackets? - Rochefort

Ever since Helpless, we've known Quentin was a demon, we just don't know what kind. And now Spike proves it with a few well placed punches. - Sergio

(3)Drusilla 33, (6)Ethan Rayne 20

Don't worry, dear heart. She'll see that Ethan gets strong again. Like Her. Sorry. I was in the moment. Ethan did do well in the first round, and he got practically the same number of votes in the second. Dru just proved to be unstoppable. Ethan really has to learn to just do the damage and get out of town. It's the "stay and gloat" that gets him every time. Drusilla will be finding her pleasures among the sweet 16, and maybe with a chaos demon.

How can you not vote for Drusilla? She's got everything over Ethan; skill, character, charm, and that lovely fanged smile of hers. I can see it now, Ethan plotting away in his dark lair to Chaos, mumbling something about ignorant vampire trollops, as a shadow falls over him. He turns to see a very cross Drusilla standing in the doorway, and has time to croak out "Bugger all, I thought you'd ..." before Drusilla snaps his neck like a twig. Moments later, after draining him, Drusilla remarks to herself, "I didn't like him, he got stuck between my teeth." She then meanders off, marching to a drummer only she can hear. Take it and run. - Earl Allison

Drusilla may be crazy, but she's not stupid. CHOMP! Exit one Ethan. - celticross

First Round

(4)Adam 23, (13)Hank Summers 3

Adam eviscerates Buffy's daddy in a laugher. Actually, I'm a little surprised Hank showed up at all, he doesn't have a very good record in doing even that. Adam's win gives the Initiative a record of 2-5 in the first round. Interesting. Maybe Adam just hacked into the voting and changed it to what he wanted. Naw, Adam wouldn't pass up a chance to slaughter the Slayer's father. I just hope he doesn't artificially reanimate him. Adam marches into round two, with a full head of uranium reservoir. Helter Skelter.

(2)Oz 27, (15)Orlando 5

Oz wins big. Huh. Impressive, even though Orlando was a fool, taking on this fight alone. If it takes a hundred men, the Knights of Byzantium send a hundred men, and if it takes a thousand, they send a thousand. But they'll be sending a thousand to the side of the Road to Sunnydale, because this one is over. Until this tournament, Oz's ambition was E-flat - that's doable -diminished ninth, which is a man's chord. Hmm. Oz seems to be more concerned about what kind of post-game get together there will be. Is it a gathering, a shindig or a hootenanny? What kind of effort should he be putting in to win the whole thing? It won't lead to a job, will it? Yeah. You'd think that Oz would be hungry after he shredded Orlando to ribbons to move into the second round, but he's oddly full today.

When asked to comment on his crushing victory, Oz scratched his chin thoughtfully, and said, "Huh." - cjl

(7)Kendra 19, (10)Veruca 7

Slayers are 2-0 so far in the tourney, as Kendra defeats one werewolf to set up a possible second round scenario against another werewolf. Willow described Veruca as dressing like Faith, with a voice of an albatross. I don't know that I ever heard an albatross, what do they sound like? Off topic, sorry. Too bad today was the new moon and not a full moon, Veruca might have been able to do a little more damage. Still it was nice to see Kendra cash in on some of her potential with this win. "Potential? I could wipe de floor wit you right now!" I probably shouldn't be around the combatants when I make these Ďreports'. What else am I suppose to call them? Good riddance Veruca, Kendra is the chosen one today.

Clearly the skanky werewolf needs to be taken down by Kendra. As if she couldnt kick her butt.... - Lyonors

(5)Harmony Kendall 23, (12)Jinx 6

Well, Harmony didn't need her boyfriend to beat up the sweet, lumpy minion, as she cruises to an easy win. And it looks like Ben wasn't the only one using Jinx's face as a message board. Glory's robed stud just couldn't hang with halfwit. It looks like Harmony actually worked out, learned some new tricks, and honed her instincts. Harmony doesn't need a mirror to see that she's made it into the second round.

Harmony is the funniest vampire ever. Favorite line from her: "Do you think they might do it? Kill the Slayer? Well, if they do,we should do something special for them. Like a fruit basket". No way can Jinx beat that. - Finn Mac Cool

How can Harmony NOT win? From her hilarious slap-fight with Xander in Season 4 to her oh-so-cute note lobbed through the window of the Summers' home that read; "Slayer, come out and die,' with a heart dotting the 'i,' -- Harmony will mop the floor with Jinx, probably whining about her nails or somesuch as she does so. Take it and run. - Earl Allison

As much as I loved Harm, I'm going to have to go with Jinx' pathetic worshiping. "Oh, sweaty, naughty feelings one." He would probably flatter Harmony into a coma before using his minion knife to gain the upper hand. - JCC

(3)Drusilla 26, (14)Dr. Angleman 0

Drusilla turns the second shutout of the first round, and Dr. Angleman proved to be an unnecessary risk. Sorry Dr., there's no artificial re-animation here. EA supplies some juicy play by play, so I'm taking a day off to let him describe Dru's making of the second round.

Okay, so both are soulless -- one by design (*shakes fist angrily* Curse you, Angelus!), the other because he's an evil government scientist guy (with 'dead meat' stamped on his forehead -- skewered by his own project, who'd a seen THAT coming, not). Drusilla has everything Angleman doesn't; charm, class, character, appeal ... need I go on? Drusilla snaps Angleman's neck, saying "not Daddy." Angleman, being a sport, dies. Take it and run. - Earl Allison

The stars are chanting, "Dru, Dru, Dru!" - Wolfhowl3

(1)Spike/William the Bloody 34, (16)Jesse 16

Well, Jesse wasn't quite a font of nothing, he got more votes than half the first round winners to date, but he couldn't overtake the Blondie Bear's organizational support. Jesse wasn't okay with this format on an epic scale, but he was pretty good bait. And he was really optimistic. Let's deal with this. Jesse was an excruciating loser who couldn't get a date with anyone in the sighted community! Look at him. He's a new man! Or is it the thing that killed him? Spike is calling this tournament home, sweet, home. Spike is moving into the second round. Now. Any of you want to test who's got the biggest wrinklies 'round here... step on up.

Oh yeah, can you smell what Jesse is cooking! Just opened a can of WHUP-ASS! - d'Herblay

When I voted last evening..., Jesse was in full smackdown mode and Spikey was headin' for the cellar. By this morning? Well, let's just say that Jess is gonna need some help if he's gonna make a comeback... - redcat

(6)Ethan Rayne 21, (11)The Anointed One 0

We have a shutout AND Blackjack! Ethan Rayne slips into round two after the beating he gave to The Annoying One. Imagine that, Ethan actually gave a beating instead of receiving one. The Anointed One couldn't even register a vote. Druscilla said he had power, apparently not here though. This stunt stinks of Ethan Rayne.

(8)Quentin Travers 9, (9)Graham Miller 4

The head of the Watchers Council quite effectively squeezed out one of the agents of the Initative. If Graham had been on the inside once, he would know what kind of resources Travers can command. The Council remains. Others... change. Grahamís middle brother act between Riley and Forrest just went down the shaft. Travers moves into the second round, everyone clear?

Quentin Travers is the head of an international, ruthless, and all around creepy organization. Grahm's just a foot soldier who couldn't even get a good grade in Covert Ops. No contest. - Finn Mac Cool