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First RoundSecond RoundSecond RoundFirst Round
(1)Angel/Liam/Angelus vs(1)Angel vs(3)Cordelia vs(3)Cordelia Chase vs
(9)Mr Trick vs (9)Mr Trick(11)D'Hoffryn(11)D'Hoffryn vs
(8)Doc(6)Professor Maggie Walsh
(5)Principal Snyder vs (5)Snyder vs(7)Ben vs(7)Ben vs
(12)Principal Flutie(10)Colonel McNamara
(13)Lyle Gorch vs (4)Jenny(2)Anya(15)Dalton vs
(4)Jenny Calendar/Janna Kalderash(2)Anya Christina Emmanuella Jenkins/Anyanka


Second Round

(1)Angel 43, (9)Mr. Trick 14

Despite the polling software's inconvenient breakdowns, Angel easily wins this vampire vs vampire showdown. Thus completing the sixteen needed for the third round. Mr. Trick, despite all his cool clothes and smooth moves, couldn't keep up with the wide swath that Angelus cut through Europe. Or maybe it was the redemption that Angel seeks is what put him ahead. Dammit, my hearts not in this, read these comments instead.

Mr. Trick never seemed to manage to do much of anything. And he worked for a guy with hooves for hands. And Angel did string all of Willow's fish together and put them in an envelope. I guess that had a little style, (even if his hair does stand straight up....) - Rochefort

I'll Give Trick credit: he was the only vampire in the series who made the adjustment to (un)life in the 21st century (most of the others haven't even caught up to the 19th). Major style points, there. But I'm sorry--in every other way, Angel outclasses him, both as a hero AND a villain. Angel and his nancy boy hair gel are heading for the Final Four. - cjl

Nancy boy hair gel? *puts on a hat and recoils in offended pain* Seriously, though, the only category that Trick begins to compete with Angel in is modernity, and that's not necessarily any kind of strength. Its all about how its applied. Trick did employ some rather efficient modern methods for taking on our favorite Slayer, from the Slayerfest idea, the involvement of German mercs using modern weaponry, to his willingness, unlike most other demons, to use an uzi. I did think his death was disappointing just because I really liked the guy, but come ON! ANGEL! People always give how far Angel's come little to no credit. From soulless evil to soul having apathy to soul having HEROICS. Its been a long journey I think more should look into and analyze. - angelVSangelus

Angel seems to be taking a substantial lead, but Trick's being robbed by the referees. Angel's most definitely of the caucasian persuasion, and, ironically enough, only Angelus has got the soul (and the rhythm and the jazz)to jam with Mr. Trick. Mr. Trick did something that Angel never did -- not even in The Becoming: put Buffy on the ropes. Only a yeller-bellied sucker punch...well, stab, anyway...from Faith saved her. Trick's got style, rock-n-roll. Angel's got nancy-boy hair gel and a well-honed talent for brooding. Angelus has a little more flair, but lordy, lordy, lordy me -- the dear boy needs to stick it back in his mouth on occasion and stop living life as though he were trapped in this week's very special Halloween episode of "Seinfeld." He'll be obsessing over every little thing Buffy does while Mr. Trick will order a blessed sword via e-Bay and attach Angel to the big rock he keeps as a conversation piece. An upset in the making. And...just to make you happy: Angel's hair sticks straight up and he's bloody stupid. Given the score here in at the half, he's too bloody stupid to know how to lose here. - Random

(3)Cordelia Chase 40, (11)D'Hoffryn 6

Cordy struts to her spot among the sixteen that make up the next round. D'Hoffryn's showing in the second round must be disappointing, considering how strong his first round was. Today, Cordelia was right for once, when she declared it was all about her. As a cheerleader, Cordy knows all about this kind of stuff. You know, competition, playoffs, and locker room talk. She knows that the competition just gets more fierce from here, and she'll be ready.

I love D'Hoffryn. He's not a maniacal, bloodthirsty demon...he's a modern businessman, with a calling talisman ("chant me up if you change your mind"), a stable of workers with a benefit plan, and a demanding clientele. (I can't wait to see his reaction when Anya violates company policy.) Still, in this little competition, he's toast. Queen C beats Pimp Daddy any day of the week. And if you think I'm drooling at the prospect of an Anya/Cordy faceoff, you're SO right. - cjl

I'll bet D'Hoffryn considered recruiting Cordy into his vengeance team. But then he decided that was just a little too scary. - matching mole

Even if D'Hoffryn turns Cordy into a sea monster, I'll take care of her and get her bathtub toys and everything. - Rochefort

Even though she turned into some kind of pod person at the end of Season 3, Cordy is still way more kick-ass than some silly vengeance pimp-daddy. - Scroll

(2)Anya/Anyanka 29 (7)Ben 2

Wow, Anya is not messing around as she muscles her way into the sweet 16. Slap my hand now! In celebration. Ben has been unceremoniously kicked to the curb along the Road. I guess his character was never really there anyway. It's clear to me now, that Anya has no interest in making any friends in this tournament. She wants it all. A car, a boat, a puppy or child, and to be the last one standing when this thing is done. But Anya will have to face either her boss or Xander's other former girlfriend in the next round. So stick around.

No comment necessary. This is Emma's last season, and I guarantee she and Joss will tear our hearts out by season's end. Ben? Already forgotten. (Jerk.) - cjl

(4)Jenny Calendar 31, (5)Principal Snyder 10

Jenny easily devours the diminutive totalitarian for the coveted ticket to the sweet 16 round. What can you say to Snyder? Sorry you got eaten? At least he has those fond memories of the first round win. Meanwhile, there is naked dancing to celebrate Jenny's deserved victory. As long as Eyghon stays out of her body, I'd go to a monster truck rally or school on Saturday to see that. And where does she dangle a corkscrew earring from if not her ear?

Ok, so Snyder was a nice "real-life-villain" to Buffy, but come on...what could he really do in a fight except from threatening to expell you? Whoo, scary. Jenny would kick his butt without even having to resort to magic... - grifter

Joss wanted to show us that Angelus was capital "E" Evil, and killing Jenny was a brutally effective way to do it. I still miss her. (Giles has never really recovered, either.) - cjl

First Round

(1)Angel 35, (16)Murk 13

Angel's coat has gone all billowy as he saunters into the second round. Murk actually put up a scrappy fight early on, but once the bulk of the votes came in, he was hopelessly behind. So there he stands, alongside the Road to Sunnydale, holding up a sign that reads "will toady for abuse." When someone is idle as long as Angel was, and as highly ranked, there is always concern that they'll come out flat. But Angel knocked off the rust, and uses Murk as a boot scrape. The fanged four are 4-0, and hoping the final four will be held somewhere there is a natural disaster or a holy war.

Okay, lemme think. Tall, dark and gorgeous as sin vs. Short, short, and well, bad skin? Hmmmmm....this took some serious thinking....wait, no it didn't. ANGEL!!!!! - Lyonors

(3)Cordelia 28, (14)Luke 4

For the few of you who don't remember, Cordelia was actually in the clutches of Luke during the Harvest. But before Luke could put the big bite on Cordy's lovely neck, Buffy did that flip off the catwalk at the Bronze onto the pool table, and got Luke major distracted. Anyway, Queen C lays enough vicious put downs on Vessel Boy to distract him while she does what she's really good at. Like burn a hole in Daddy's wallet, date, campaign, and look really hot. Tonight was to be history at its end! Hers was to be a glorious sacrifice! Degradation most holy. What? No volunteers?! Sorry Luke, Cordelia sashays into round 2 at the top of her game. Watch out, Cordelia is back. *Cordelia cackle*

Do you really think Cordy would let a poor fashion sense vamp like Luke even touch her? Um, no. She would tell him to take his Joan Collins 'tude and give him a good stake to the heart! - Lyonors

(9)Mr Trick 27, (8)Doc 22

Mr. Trick orchestrates an elaborate, but hotly contested win over Doc. Doc claims to be a small-town guy, and Mr. Trick seems big city, but Doc was sandbagging when he said that. He is the new point leader among those left behind in the first round. Mr. Trick likes to stay local but live global. He did do us a favor, there's one less demon in the second round now, but there is one more vampire. He should be very careful how many favors he does for us in the future. Mr. Trick usually likes others to do his fighting, but he's glad he glad he got the last word in on this one. I'd like to list some commentary here, but after all these votes, no one made any.

(11)D'Hoffryn 19, (6)Professor Maggie Walsh 5

Well, well, well, what do we have here? Someone from the Initiative losing in the first round. D'Hoffryn works up an impressive win over Maggie Walsh and her scientific technology and state-of-the-art weaponry. She didn't bother D'H a bit, I believe we have a quote from him. "This is no concern of ours. You will live out your mortal life and die." I guess that is it. I gotta start showing up for these post-game press conferences more often. Sorry Maggie, you really don't know what a Slayer is. Trust me when I say you're gonna find out.

Ah hahahahahahahaha! Two votes: 50/50 split. C'mon D'Hoffryn supporters. There's no way Maggie Walsh, the evil bitca can compete, plust D'H is waaaaay prettier!! - Wisewoman

How can it not be D'Hoffryn? Maggie Walsh and the Initiative had no respect for what they were dealing with, no respect for the traditions, classifications, or motivations of demons (all of which would have made understanding them, and therefore defeating them, easier). D'Hoffryn has at the very least the ability to grant and recind Vengeance Demon status -- which puts him far higher on the totem pole than a second-rate Dr. Frankenstein. Take it and run. - Earl Allison

(4)Jenny Calendar 24, (13)Lyle Gorch 3

Ms. Calendar stuck to her lesson plan and it pays off. It's a good thing Lyle Gorch, of the Abilene Gorches, didn't have any money on this, non-consecutive or otherwise, cause he would have lost his entry fee in this contest. Jenny teaches the gringo vampire a lesson that he soon won't forget. Although a good rule of thumb for a first round matchup is don't do anything so exciting that it'll be hard to top in the second round. Jenny was always dollsome even in this babe bracket.

(2)Anya 20, (15)Dalton) 4

It's late, and I have very limited time. Anya moves onto the second round. She doesn't quite "blow out his candles" like Druscilla wanted to do to Dalton, but Druscilla is nuts. Anya's really excited about her opening round win - "Slap my hand now!" Unfortunately she had to start her day with a slaughter, which just shows how much she's grown? hasn't grown?

For some reason, I always liked Dalton. It may just be the devil's advocate in me talking, but I want him to kick Anya's ass (not that I don't like literal-libido-driven-former-vengeance-demons). - Finn Mac Cool

I voted for Dalton. He was the first unsouled vampire who got our sympathies for, ironically enough, getting smacked around by Spike. Plus I'm always for the underdog. There's something about popular, well-liked characters I love to hate. Anya's schtick got old in Season 4. - Masquerade

(5)Principal Snyder 15, (12)Principal Flutie 2

This is one situation that Snyder won't have to spin. Gang members on PCP indeed. Hey Flutie! Snyder whupped you good, huh? Yah! Wah! He can do that. He took Tae Kwon Do at the Y. Flutie has something to say, "You're this close to expulsion, people!" Barbarino, err, Snyder is so stoked to move onto the second round, but he should remember that Sunnydale principals have the life expectancy of a Magic Shop owner.

(7)Ben 7, (10)Colonel McNamara 6

Colonel McNamara only thought he was in charge. He and the boys from the Pentagon had no idea about what primeval forces that they were messing with. Ben is able to pull through with a narrow win, barely. He probably summoned a Queller again or over-medicated the Colonel. But do we suspect that Ben is working with Glory? Ben is admitted to the second round while the Colonel goes down fighting.

Playin: Murk 10, Dreg 9

It was close, but ultimately, Murk threw down some smackdown on fellow minion Dreg. Along with the Glory of victory, he wins a chance to go one on one with Angel in the first round. Dreg kept it close, but time ran out on him. Tick, tock, Dreg, tick, frickin tock!