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First RoundSecond RoundSecond RoundFirst Round
(1)Riley Finn vs(1)Riley vs(3)Mayor Wilkins vs(3)Mayor Richard Wilkins III vs
(16)Devon(14)Percy West
(9)Clement/Clem vs (9)Clem(6)Warren(11)Deputy Mayor Allan Finch vs
(8)Willy the Snitch (Bartender)(6)Warren Mears
(5)Wesley Wyndham-Pryce vs (5)Wesley vs(10)Whistler vs(7)Forrest Gates vs
(13)Olivia vs (4)The Master(2)Dawn(15)The Judge vs
(4)The Master(2)Dawn Summers/The Key


Second Round

(3)Mayor Wilkins 43, (6)Warren Mears 20

Mayor Wilkins wins by a landslide. Warren does put up respectable numbers though, probably in large part due to some strong lobbying by Malandanza. It got my vote. In retrospect, Warren probably deserved a higher seed, but I doubt if it the results would have been any different. Warren has some serious strikes against him. The Mayor stops the big bad losing streak. You just can't keep a good politician down. Mayor Wilkins and his chipper, sinister ways will be back, ready for Dawn in the next round. Comments, gitch yer comments.

Gotta go for the Mayor. (Crass Fanged Four Fic plug alert!) He's been running rings around the Fanged Four for seventeen chapters now, and this is before Sunnydale is even incorporated (damn those speciesists in Sacramento withholding the voting franchise from all Boca's fine upstanding demon males). The Mayor'd take out Warren faster than you can skin! - Dead (yet still a shamelss flack) Soul

I gotta go with Warren. Come on, the Mayor may have looked and acted human, but there was too much supernatural about him to really call him a human villain. Warren is the best and greatest example of a sociopath we've gotten on BtVS. Warren may have been a loser, and his plans may all have been busts, but you've got to admire a guy who can commit murder as callously as Warren and keep his soul the entire time (the Mayor had to sell his). Warren all the way. - Finn Mac Cool

Long live the Mayor, for all the Warren had going for him is robots and the love of Andy! Sorry Warren, it's time to put the toys away, and see what a Real Big Bad can do! - Wolfhowl3

Oh, Warren, you silly boy...the good Mayor's been evil longer than you can wrap your robot building mind around. Plus, all that living in a basement? Can't be hygenic. I'm afraid he'll just have to put you out of your misery. For civic improvement, of course. - celticross

My vote for the Mayor is based on the Evil Experience plank in his platform. Please: the Mayor has a pair of SHOES older than Warren. So sit down, Sonny -- the Mayor built Sunnydale and now he's gonna get paid. - pr10n

Come on people, stand up for artistic quality. Wilkins is the guy we love to hate. How many of them have we seen? Warren's the guy we hate. It's amazing that a "fantasy" series created the most realistically geeky and contemptible sociopath I've ever seen on film or TV. Up with psychopaths, down with Hollywood psychos! - KdS

I love the Mayor, but Malandanza is right: Warren is way more significant to the Buffyverse. Besides, I want to see Warren move on to the next round, just so Dawn can bust his chops for killing poor Tara. - Scroll

Surprisingly difficult choice. For all the Mayor's smoothness and charm, his agelessness and "gosh-wow" mannerisms created an air of unreality around him which was only broken when he was REALLY pissed off. Warren, for all his psychopathic tendencies, was a natural extension of all the nerds in the series (Xander, Willow, Jonathan), and therefore, hit much closer to home. A toss-up, but Wilkins gets my vote because of his creepy father-daughter relationship with Faith. - cjl

I'm with Maladanza. The Mayor was charming and a wonderful villain, but had little impact on Buffy & Co. Warren changed their lives forever, and was basically another version of Willow, which made it even scarier to watch him develop from robot-creating nerd to full-fledged sociopath. - Tanja Kinkel

(9)Clem 34, (1)Riley Finn 20

First things first, congratulations to Clem, who scores what would have been a stunning upset over almost any other number one seed, with an impressive win to cast him into the sweet 16 round. Riley just had too much of a popularity problem to overcome. But don't worry about Riley, he's happy, doing what he loves, with benefits. And living well is the best revenge. Clem always struck me more as someone who would love watching this tournament, more than actually taking part. You know, plopped down in front of the tv in the Lazy Boy, encircled by snack food. Anyone got any nachos?

I have nothing against Riley. I actually empathized with his struggles in S4 and his sad, matter-of-fact confession to Xander in "The Replacement." But thanks to AYW (curse you Doug Petrie!), I can't help but feel that all the character development we saw in S4 & 5 has gone for naught, and he's back where he started. That depresses me. So I'm voting for a character who makes me good, every time and all the time. The Clemster rules. - cjl

Sorry, Rufus--you know I have to vote for Clem, right? He's my guy, my main man. He'd even give Riley the comfy chair. (Well, maybe not...) ;o) - Wisewoman

I never had that big Riley problem many Buffy fans had. I liked his innitial attempts to get to know Buffy, you know the cheese and stuff, and until Marti Noxon started making him really weird in each of her episodes, he was ok by me. Better than Angel for Buffy. Clem.... I don't get the appeal. And leaving Dawn with him made no sense. I like cats and I don't like bugles. Finally, Cowboy guy alone would decide it for me. Cowboy Guy should have his own place in this bracket. Hey, when Riley gets beat, could you give him a better exit than that stupid helicopter scene? - Rochefort

(5)Wesley Wyndam-Pryce 29, (4)The Master 20

It looks like Wesley fans were able to outwit the Master to get Wesley into the prestigious field of sixteen. The Master is the first Big Bad to be felled on the Road, could it become a trend? I always liked his over the top trash talking, like, "the stars themselves shall hide!" For the most part it was an even matchup, but the replacement Watcher used his training under controlled circumstances to his full advantage. Good job, you man you.

With power ... comes NUDITY! Anyway, gotta vote for Wesley despite his maturity level of a blueberry scone, cause the Master has always looked like some sort of weird cross between a clown and Michael Jackson to me. - Rochefort and Zorak

Um, lemme think, Wesley!!! Cos on a datability scale? The Master is a big fat negative 5!!! But Wesley....that accent, those intelligent eyes...oh wait thats just the glasses giving the illusion... ;o) - Lyonors

Technically speaking, this is a BUFFY contest, and Wesley was a complete weenie during his tenure in Sunnydale. (It's like we're on jury duty; the voter must disregard all of Wesley's coolness on ANGEL, and all mention of "Scruffy Wes" must be stricken from the record.) Given these parameters, old Fruit Punch Mouth takes the prize. He always had the most style of Buffy's big bads, and for a bloodsucking despot, his sense of humor was delightful. Can't wait to see him again in S7. - cjl

(2)Dawn 36, (10) Whistler 11

Go Dawnie! Go Dawnie! It's your birthday! Considering Dawn's first round struggles with the Judge, I'm kind of surprised by her impressive second round win over Whistler. Whistler can count himself among the few that scored first round upsets. So thanks for coming, and try to get another appearance on the show. We'll be watching. But this is Dawn's day. And she couldn't be happier if her family and friends were trapped in her house with her and partied all night with her, oh, uh, never mind. Sweet 16 might have special meaning for Dawn, but she's there already.

I know some people are a little upset about Dawn in season Six. And that must account for some Whistler votes. But I know as soon as Joss Whedon returns to write the season opener, Dawn is going to be just as cool as she was when they first introduced her. Go Dawn! - Rochefort

I voted for Whistler because I like him. It was not an anti-Dawn vote. Why would anyone assume that? - Masq

I like Whistler, but hey, clothes-sense much? Dawn is the snappier dresser, but Whistler packed a memorable performance while Dawn was new whine in old battles. Sorry. - pr10n

Go Dawnie!... Looks like somebody couldn't be bothered to get off his immortal ass and put up a fight! - ponygirl

First Round

(9)Clem 29, (8)Willy the Snitch 25

DumDidiDumDidiDumDum - DumDidiDumDidiDumDum - Clem Clem Baby. That's right, Clem parties his way into the second round with a solid win over Willy. This one had everything. A couple lead changes, multiple ties, and a packed vocal arena. DubDub still has knee marks on her back, from the pyramid. I don't think Willy so much as lost, as he probably bet against himself. So all he had to do get Clem to hit him once and take a dive. Don't ever say your friend Willy don't come through in a pinch. Clem is doing more than crypt sitting for Spike this summer. He's conducting taste tests and watching tv marathons, and throwing one hell of a wildcard into this game. Good party!

This is the most difficult match-up yet. As much as I like Willy and his sleaze, I'm gonna have to go with the Clemster and his kittens. - JCC

Hard decision--gotta love whiny Willy, but I have come to know and love our little slack-skinned Clem! - Lyonors

Come on...what other demon would actually admit to wanting to see "The Wedding Planner"? While I don't agree with his movie tastes, I gotta go with Clem! - Rob

Go Willy!! Forget these people with the short attention spans and the screwed-up long-term memories and go with the REAL player in Sunnydale! - Masq

Come on, Willy! You da Snitch! You da Snitch!... Why do people like Clem so much? Aside from kitten poker, what did he ever do that was entertaining? I say, death to Clem! Long live Willy the Snitch! - Finn Mac Cool

(6)Warren Mears 21, (11)Deputy Mayor Allan Finch 11

It's an unusual name, Warren. There's hardly any except ... Warren Beatty and, you know, President Harding. But neither of them have a win in the first round over the Deputy Mayor. Allan was punctual as usual for this meeting, but he should have formed a committee. Now Warren has to figure out what to do with the body. It seems weighing them down and tossing them into the river or ocean doesn't ever work. You'd think a super villain like Warren would have this part down by now. Phase one of Warren's plan was round one, He's now ready for phase two. Oh, and the robot wasn't just for sex.

Come on, as much as we all loathe Warren, he is still fabulously eeevil. Gotta love that in a man! - Lyonors

Warren is bound to win. When Allan entered a Trio, he became a pawn. When Warren entered a Trio, he became the master. Plus, Allan doesn't have the guts to kill someone himself. Warren will attack with a bunch of super-scientific devices first and, if those don't kill the Deputy Mayor, he's always got a gun to fall back on. - Finn Mac Cool

(1)Riley Finn 21, (16)Devon 17

Indulge me in some trivia here for a second. I believe that Marc Blucas is the only actor with a character in this tournament, that has actually taken part in the tournament that I, and many others, have stolen this format from. He was on the Wake Forest Demon Deacons men's basketball team in the early to mid-nineties. I just wanted to give some props to Mr. Blucas. Okay, onto business, Riley manages to hold onto a win, in a hotly contested first round matchup. I don't know if it was the anti-Riley faction or Dingoes Ate My Baby groupies, but Devon put up one hell of a fight. Devon understands that being the front man is currency, so don't worry about him. Today, however, belongs to the anarchist. Riley fights his way into the second round, giving the Initiative their first win in six tries. Not exactly a good calling card.

Riley is just too boring. Plus, there was a line cut from Doppelgangland that made me a big Devon fan. He tried to get Angel to become the Dingoes roadie. - JCC

I've only voted for Devon because I can't stand Captain Cardboard. - Wolfhowl3

(3)Mayor Richard Wilkins III 27, (14)Percy West 3

I figured the Mayor would win big, but we almost got our third shutout. Percy managed a few votes so he won't go down in history like Dr. Angleman and the Anointed One. Because history is important, and Percy totally gets that now. And he got the votes, so now he can forget all this crap. Mayor Wilkins keeps his campaign promises, and round 2 is on the Mayor's to do list. Then everyone's a winner. Everyone, of course, meaning the Mayor.

Let me just remind everyone of something, the Mayor never travels alone, so the Jock would have to face Mr. Trick, or (eep) Faith as well the Mayor. Also remember, that even as a Giant Snake, the Mayor did preform one great service for all of Humanity, he ate Snider! - Wolfhowl3

No question. Mayor Wilkins got stiffed by the, person. He's at least a 2 seed, and probably a 1 seed. Being "good guys" -- well, a good guy and a good girl -- they obviously have some friends amongst the PTB who -- how shall we say it? -- "influenced" the seedings. Mayor Wilkins wins big time, and I mean way bigger than the normal demons that walk the earth. Okay, technically Percy isn't a demon, but if VampWillow could pimpslap him, Mayor Wilkins could certainly do so. Impervious or just plain big, he's the one to beat. ('Sides, Percy's less-than-stellar academic career makes it unlikely he has the mechanical or chemical knowledge to devise a bomb to blow up the Mayor.) - Random

(5)Wesley Wyndham-Pryce 17, (12)Larry 5

Wesley's meticulous research and careful planning has paid off in his triumphant dismissal of Larry. This ended up being a bit of a mismatch once you compare Wesley's intelligence and Larry's mastering of the single entendre, IF, you know what I mean. At least he got to be the first openly gay character on Buffy, he was so out he had his grandma fixing him up with guys. By the order of the Watcher's Council of Britain... Wesley is exercising his authority and removing Larry from the field of the tournament, where Wesley will accept the honor of proceeding to the second round. Remember how Wesley jumped into battle back then? Back! Creature of the night! Leave this place!

(10)Whistler 16, (7) Forrest Gates 9

The Initiative guys are getting their asses kicked. Col. McNamara barely loses to Ben in a low scoring match. Graham got beat rather soundly by Quentin Travers. Now Forrest goes down in a heap to Whistler, in what may be our first real upset. But that's only if my seedings mean something. Once Adam made Forrest nearly as bad as he is, Adam's first soldier was looking for a fight. And Whistler pulled out his ribcage and wore it as a hat. Whistler advances to the second round because he understands things better than probably any other character, but nobody understands him. That's his curse. Forrest missed having his team around him, but Whistler knows that in the end, you're always by yourself. You're all you've got. That's the point.

There's no doubt that Angel would kick Forrest's ass, and Angel learnt from Whistler (B2) ... - Ross

Forrest just was pissy...nuff said. - Lyonors

(4)The Master 17, (13)Olivia 4

We are defined by the things we fear. The Master proved his force with a quick and neat dismissal of Olivia. She may have been eminently shaggable, but her visits to sunny California are at an end. Giles will have to do his Hugh Hefner impersonation with someone else. The Master has ascended to round 2, and on these most hallowed nights, he shall walk the Earth, and the stars themselves will hide.

Given I didn't have a clue who she was until reading your description of the matchup, it has gotta be the Master. - Finn Mac Cool

(2)Dawn Summers 18, (15)The Judge 16

What was Big Blue up to anyway? He just sat there. The Judge could have pulled off an upset, but Dawn steals it away while he sat in the corner "preparing". Spike tells us "'preparing' looks a great bit like sitting on your ass." Bitty Buffy must have had some moves after all. What? Did you think she never watched Buffy? But she probably finished him off with cookie dough and boy talk, and the Judge probably disassembled himself just to let her into round two and away from him. Whatís that do?... Pieces, we get the pieces. Our job sucks! Donít get any arm on you.

Dawn may steal, but she's not pure evil. Not pure evil equals curly fried. Judge wins, the girl's toast. - Finn Mac Cool

I have to go with the Judge, unless Soldier!Xander's around with a handy rocket launcher. - LadyStarlight