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Thomas Anderson Carlisle               Catherine "Kitty" Teagle

   Aug. 27, 1803 - Dec. 7, 1881                    Aug. 26, 1811 - Sept. 27, 1880

Thomas Anderson Carlisle was the 5th child of Rev. Coleman and Hannah Glenn Carlisle. Thomas was 8 years old when his Mother died and 21 years old when his Father died. Thomas was one of the executors of his father's will. It was his responsibility to look after the interest of his two younger sisters, aged six and ten.

When he was 27, he married Catherine "Kitty" Peacock Fidella Teagle.  Thomas and Kitty lived in the Goshen Hill Section, not far from Whitmire, in Newberry County, SC.
Thomas and Kitty had 12 children.

Charner Thompason Scaife Carlisle
        b. 1-13-1831  d. 7-1849
Mary Johnson Dugan Carlisle
        b. 9-16-1832   d. 5-20-1900  m.  Spencer M. Rice 1-1-1852
Eloiza Flora Aurilla Carlisle
        b. 2-1834   d. 4-14-1835
Richard Coleman Carlisle
        b. 12-5-1835  d. 8-21-1906 m. Emma E. Renwick  9-16-1869
James Newton Carlisle
        b. 10-14-1837   d. 1-8-1877   m. Mary E. Dibrell 4-8-1868
William Holmes Carlisle
        b. 9-7-1839   d. 1922  m1. Harriet W. Hill 12-12-1865
        m2.  Bettie Briscoe Bennett 10-26-1876
Milton Anderson Carlisle
        b. 9-7-1841  d. 1920 m. Mrs. Rosa Renwick McMorris 5-26-1875
Reuben Chick Sims Carlisle
        b. 9-15-1843    d. 10-1-1845
Julius Addison Carlisle
        b. 6-23-1846  d. 5-4-1915  m. Anne B. Taylor 8-13-1874
Susan Hill Carlisle
        b. 5-18-1848     d. 3-29-1919
Thompson Carlisle
        b. 8-22-1850  d. 10-7-1909  m. Rev. R.H. McAulay  1884
Thomas Asbury Carlisle
        b. 6-5-1852    d. 11-22-1855



Thomas and Kitty graves are pictured on my  Kingscreek Cemetery page.

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