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The hero can actually enter into the short-lived pocket dimensions created by a person's dreams and nightmares. These dreamworlds are outside the boundaries of normal reality and exist solely as a reflection of the dreamer's imagination.

The Dreamtraveler must be within 10' of the dreamer in order for the Power to function at full rank. The Power rank decreases -1CS for each additional 10' that separates the two.

The Dreamtraveler has no direct control over the conditions within the dreamworld. He can interact with things within that world by performing "physical" actions much as he would in the real world. Fighting, Agility, Strength, and Endurance are all represented by this Power's rank. If the hero has other Powers, these exist in equivalent forms that possess this Power's rank instead of their own. The Dreamtraveler can suffer real damage as a result of events that affect him within the dreamworld. He might even die. The equivalent of the damage appears in the hero's real body.

Normally the hero's real body retains its solidity during Dreamtravel. The player can raise the rank +1CS by making the hero's body dematerialize whenever the Power is used. In this case, if the hero is slain or trapped within the dreamworld, the body might never reappear.

Each dreamworld is unique to the specific dreamer and retains no existence except during the act of dreaming. Dreamworlds are not the same as the Dream Dimension, although it is possible they exist within the greater Dream Dimension. It is possible that dreamworlds touch each other and may even overlap in the case of telepathic dreamers. If so, it is possible that the Dreamtraveler can enter one dreamworld and exit one of someone else's.

The Optional Power is a form of Telepathy limited to dreamers.

Range: See Above.