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The hero can communicate on a direct mind-to-mind basis. This is automatic with willing minds or Psyches with ranks lower than the Power rank. Equal Psyche ranks require a yellow FEAT. Minds with mental Powers or some form of Psionic defense require a red FEAT. Uncooperative beings with Psyches exceeding the Power rank are impossible FEATs.

Range is determined by Power rank. At Class 1000 the Power can breach dimensional barriers; this can also be accomplished if the hero combines Telepathy with Extradimensional Detection.

In the main Marvel Universe, Magneto created a special magnetic flux in the Earth's magnetic field. His purpose was to hinder Professor X's efforts to locate him. The result is that terrestrial Telepathy is decreased -3CS in range with a minimum of contact-only. Actual Telepathic strength is unaffected by Magneto's interference. If the hero is beyond Earth's altered magnetic field, in the past, or in other dimensions, then the limit disappears and the Telepathy can assume its true range.

When the hero is created, the player can raise the Power rank +1CS by choosing a limitation. Examples include either receiving or transmitting only (not both), communicating in only words or visual images (not both), or being limited to contacting only other telepaths and other Psionic types.

Optional Powers include Empathy, Hallucinations, Mental Invisibility, Mental Probe, Mind Blast, Mind Drain, Sensory Link, and Psionic Detection.

The Nemesis is Resistance to Psionics.

Range: Column D.