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This is a special form of Hyper-Intelligence that is common enough to merit its own classification. It is a permanent enhancement of the hero's overall intelligence that is channeled into the field of mechanical design and engineering. The hero is an Edison-like genius who take existing materials and technologies and use them to create new devices or applied technologies. He can repair previously operational devices, even if the device was of an unknown type.

The hero can learn new technologies at a rate determined by his rank, the complexity of the technology, and the amount of instruction available. Modern technology requires an Ex Intensity FEAT. Advanced technology requires a Rm Intensity FEAT. Alien or futuristic technology vary from In Intensity(Shi'ar) to Un(the Watcher). The color of the FEAT is determined by the amount of instruction the hero receives. A green FEAT requires instructional materials that explain the technology (a teacher, books, holocubes). A yellow FEAT is required if the hero has access to materials not specially designed to instruct someone in that technology (readouts, performance specs, operating manuals, a copy of a working device). A red FEAT is required if all the hero is has an inoperational device if that technology.

Like Hyper-intelligence, the Hyper-Inventor can raise his rank +1CS by specializing in a particular field. Examples include vehicles, weapons, biomedical technology, and architectural engineering.

The hero has the ability to manufacture or modify items using any technology he knows. He still requires adequate physical resources to create the items, though the cost of anything he builds himself is decreased -2CS compared to the list price for off-the-shelf versions. A Power FEAT based on the desired item's tech level determines the durability of the item. A green or yellow FEAT means the item has the same durability as a normally manufactured item. A red FEAT means the item will function but has performance problems; the Judge can decide how long or well the item functions before it fails.

Note: This is one of those Powers that can be used for personal profit. The hero can design and build exotic paraphernalia for other characters and NPCs on commission. This can raise the hero's Resource level by whatever fees he can get away with.

Optional Powers include Weapons Tinkering, Machine Animation, Molding, Artifact Creation, and Machine Creation.

Nemeses are Mental Duplication and Mind Drain.

Range: None.