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Spirit Storage

The hero can capture and indefinitely hold within himself any number of disembodied spirits. Such spirits find themselves within a pocket dimension of the hero's creation; while within it, they retain a semblance to their original forms. This pocket dimension can have any appearance. The one within Adam Warlock's Soulgem was a rather pleasant park.

The hero can freely communicate with any spirits held within. He is immune to any attempts they might make to possess his body. A spirit can escape on a red Psyche FEAT, provided its Psyche rank is higher than the Power rank.

This Power can be used in conjunction with Forced Reincarnation to find new homes for vagrant spirits. This Power can be mechanically simulated to provide a "holding tank" for disruptive spirits like poltergeists or particularly malevolent Free Spirits. In this case, the Power lasts as long as the device is supplied with energy.

Capturing a spirit requires a FEAT. Compare the Power rank with the Psyche of the intended target. If the Power rank is higher, a green FEAT will do. Equal ranks require a yellow FEAT. A Psyche rank higher than the Power rank means the hero must make a red FEAT.

Range: Column A.