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Sensory Link

The hero can telepathically link his senses with those of another being. He can use the information gained from the other's senses as if it came from the hero's own senses. An example would be a blind man really seeing through his guide dog's eyes.

The Power is crucial to sense-impaired characters. Such characters need other beings with the necessary senses to replace the hero's own deficiency. The hero could receive input from any living being, including companions, adversaries, onlookers, and even animals. The range for this is line-of-sight within 1 area. The hero can concentrate on the input from a single being but he can also automatically scan for other possible sense-donors. This is a mental reflex action that permits the hero to constantly seek out new contacts.

Sensory Link can be of benefit to heroes who are not sense-impaired. In such cases, the hero can scan distant areas through the senses of beings within the target area. The Power can be used to locate people, spy on foes, or simply to check out the scenery. The sense donor is unaware that part of his senses are being siphoned by the hero. A red Reason FEAT is required for the sense-donor to feel the Power's presence and even then the donor would probably not recognize what is happening to him.

A weakness of the Power is that it decreases -1CS the hero's resistance to psionic attacks aimed at him or at the current sense-donor. A second disadvantage is that the hero's initial Agility and Fighting ranks are decreased -1CS due to the fact that the hero is operating with a detached point of view. Either of these can be overcome by expending Karma.

An Optional Power is Telepathy.

The Nemesis is Neural Manipulation.

Range: See Above.