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Mind Blast

The hero can create bolts of pure psionic energy that can be used to directly damage a target's neural system. The Power does rank Intensity damage to the target.

Targets are allowed to resist by making a Psyche FEAT. Failure means the target is knocked unconscious for 1-10 turns, as well as taking neural damage. Targets who possess Mental or Psionic Powers can use these Powers' ranks instead of the Psyche when resisting this Power. Powers like Iron Will, Mental Invisibility, Force Field Generation, Force Field vs. Psionics, and Resistance to Psionics should always bear the initial assault.

The Power directly damages only neural tissue (brain tissue, nerve fibers). Damage to the rest of the body is indirect and is consistent with the seizures caused by a mangled nervous system.

Note: This Power can only be used against a target that actually possesses a functioning brain. Zombies, animate matter, plants, and non-sentient Robots are immune to the Power. Player characters Robots are assumed to have a sufficiently human-like mind that they are susceptible to the Power's effects.

Optional Powers include Telepathy and Mental Probe.

The Nemesis is Force Field vs. Psionics.

Range: Column A.