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Mental Probe

The hero can telepathically probe a living mind or a psionic phenomenon to gain a detailed analysis of the target. Living minds can be searched for specific images and thoughts, although the hero must have a basic idea beforehand of what she is looking for. The target mind is allowed to make a Psyche FEAT to resist a Mental Probe. This is automatic, even if the target mind is initially unaware if the attempted probe. If resistance is successful, the probe is rejected with a headache-like backlash that prevents the hero from trying to probe that target again for 24 hours. A side-effect of the Power is that the target's Psyche may temporarily drop -1CS for 24 hours as a result of fending off the probe. This potential loss is determined by a second Psyche FEAT made after the initial resistance. A successful probe reveals only information known by the target.

Mental Probes can be used to analyze independently existing psychic phenomena. Such things include poltergeists, psionic emissions that were so strong they permeated an area and now continually echo, and psionic Powers intercepted by the hero. The hero can examine any unknown psionic phenomena in stages. The first FEAT reveals basic information, such as the nature of the psionics in use. Further FEATs reveal increasingly detailed information.

Mental Probes have a range determined by the Power rank. The player has the option, when creating the hero, of raising the Power rank +1CS by decreasing the range to contact-only.

Optional Powers include Telepathy and Sensory Link.

The Nemesis is Mental Invisibility.

Range: Column A.