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The hero can create illusions directly within the target's mind. Such illusions are telepathic, not holographic, in nature. As such, they cannot be mechanically detected or recorded except by devices that simulate Telepathy or human thought patterns (such as player character Robots). Hallucinations can only be seen by the target of this Power.

The target must be within sight of the hero, although the hero can extend his sight and thus his Power range by the use of artificial aids. These include telescopes, remote TV cameras, Clairvoyance, and Telescopic Vision. The target need not see the hero in order for the Power to affect him. Normally the Power affects only a single target. Each additional target decreases the range -1CS. Targets are allowed to disbelieve the Hallucination by making an Intuition FEAT but only if they suspect the true nature of what they are seeing.

Hallucinations last as long as the hero concentrates on creating them. They inflict no real physical damage but can be used to disguise an actual Power's use. The hero can use 1 additional Power simultaneously with this one. Hallucinations can be used to inflict psychosomatic damage. If the apparent damage is believable, the target will physically react to it. Hallucinatory "death" results in the target lapsing into unconsciousness for 1-20 turns. Since a target who takes the time to examine his wounds will realize he has not been hurt (at least not in the way he thinks he should be), the hero is advised not to use Hallucinations that rely on direct attacks.

Hallucinations have limited effects on non-sentient or extremely alien beings. They have no effect at all on Moms Nature. A Hallucinatory wall might stop a puma but it won't stop a boulder rolling down on the hero.

Range: Column A.