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Mind Drain

The hero can deplete, negate, or even destroy a target's mental faculties. This alters the target's personality, memory, thought process (Reason and Intuition), and any Mental or Psionic Powers the target had. The target can resist by making a Psyche FEAT; success means the hero is repelled by a headache-inducing backlash that prevents the hero from attacking that target for 24 hours. Part of the target's Psyche may be depleted by resisting the attack. If the target fails a second Psyche FEAT, then his Psyche drops -1CS for 24 hours.

The target's Reason and Intuition rank numbers are reduced by the Power rank number. If both are reduced to 0, the loss is permanent. If the attack is broken off before this point, the target can regain his loss in the standard manner. Although such things as memory and personality are not directly tied to a number, they are still reduced by the Power. The target becomes forgetful or outright amnesiac and develops a bland personality.

Note: The hero does not gain the abilities he denies the target.

Range is determined by Power rank. Each additional target decreases the range -1CS. The Power can be used repeatedly on the same target until both Reason and Intuition reach 0 or until the target repels the hero.

Optional Powers include Telepathy, Mental Probe, Mental Duplication, and Mind Blast.

The Nemesis is Force Field vs. Psionics.

Range: Column A.