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The hero can detect the surface emotions of others. The hero can detect the target's emotional state and further refine that knowledge to discover the target's physical state, surroundings, and location, in so far as these have an influence on the emotions. He can transmit his own emotional state but he cannot impose this on others (that requires Emotion Control).

Empathy is extremely useful when the hero has to deal with non-sentient beings or large numbers of people. It can read the target's mood and support already existing emotions. The range can vary within a single Power rank. Each additional target reduces the range -1CS. Range never falls below Fb, even if the hero is trying to read the emotions of a crowd. The Power functions for as long as the hero concentrates on using it. The hero can send Empathic, messages by means of a Power FEAT. The message is in the form of a burst of emotion accompanied by a subtle identification of the Empath. A green FEAT transmits to a known person and location. A yellow FEAT transmits to a known person in an unknown location. A red FEAT is the Psionic equivalent of a general announcement. ("Did you feel that? Felt like somebody was really scared… Wait a minute. That was Sender. He needs us!")

Optional Powers include Clairvoyance and Emotion Control.

The Nemeses are Mental Invisibility and either Force Field or Resistance to Emotion or Mental.

Range: Column B.