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Mechanical Creation

The hero can create complex mechanical devices from virtually nothing. The newly created machine originally forms in 1 mass, then separates into its components. The size of the machine is limited to its weight. The hero can only create in 1 turn a maximum number of ounces equal to his Power rank number. Heavier machines have to be assembled in several turns. The durability of the machine is determined at the time of its creation. A green FEAT gives the machine a lifespan of 100 turns times the hero's Reason rank number. A yellow FEAT increases that to 10,000 times the rank number. A red FEAT means the machine is permanent.

Each ounce of created matter temporarily costs the hero 1 point of Health. All points lost in this way are regained after 24 hours. Thus the hero can only create in a single day a number of ounces equal to his Health.

The hero must have detailed knowledge of anything he wants to create. He can only store a limited number of designs in his memory. The total number of memory slots available for this Power is equal to his Reason rank number. The player must keep a record of the designs the hero can create. The list can be changed at any time. A green Reason FEAT gains the hero a new design; if no memory slots are available, an old design is tossed away to make room for the new one. Normally the Power is used to create facsimiles of existing machines. The hero must make a detailed study of the machine for at least 10 minutes for each attempted FEAT. Failure to make a FEAT means another 10 minutes of study is required. Some items may be beyond the hero's comprehension if the player is really bad at rolling the dice. The hero can also create new designs based solely on his imagination and knowledge of mechanical engineering. As this requires really intense concentration, a red FEAT is required to store such designs.

The newly-created machine has the same properties as a normally manufactured machine of its type. In the case of altered or imaginary designs, the player and Judge should agree on reasonable statistics for the item in question.

This Power includes versions of Elemental and Molecular Creation. Each element or compound takes up its own memory slot, just like the padlocks and pistols that already clutter the hero's mind. Such raw matter can be formed into any shape, though. This permits the hero to change the composition of any of his already-memorized designs. For example, if he has already memorized a cassette player's design and the nature of platinum, he can create either a normal plastic-cased player or a platinum coated one.

The hero can materialize the machine at any site within 1 area. The machine is initially stationary but if it is self-powered, it can immediately begin to move on its own. The hero can also drop the machine on a target, but that is a real waste of material, people.

The Power cannot create actual living beings. If the hero is trying to create a facsimile of a living being, the best he can do is a robotic replica, complete with simulated flesh. Internal examination immediately reveals gears and pulleys. The Power can create potentially sentient machines, such as a miniature copy of a Sentinel. Such a facsimile lacks the detailed programming of the original and must be programmed before it can function. This also applies to any microchip dependent device, such as a computer.

Just like Artifact and Lifeform Creation, there is an exception to the rules stated thus far. When creating the character, the player can choose to specialize in creating a single copy of a specific design like a homemade Iron Man suit or a mini jet. In this case, the weight limit is raised from 1 ounce per Health point to 1LB. per Health point. Red FEATs are treated the same as Yellow FEATs.

Optional Powers include a form of Mechanical Animation limited to those machines created by the hero, Hyper-Intelligence, and Hyper-Invention.

Nemesis Powers include Mechanical Animation, and Mind Control(especially induced Amnesia).

Range: Column A.