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Molecular Creation

This is a more powerful form of Elemental Creation. The hero can form several elements simultaneously and form them into any desired compound. The hero can form this on any target within 1 area. He can create in 1 turn a number of ounces equal to his Power rank number. For example, at Pr(4) rank he could form only 4 ounces in 1 turn. The durability of the newly created compound is determined by a FEAT at the time of creation. A green FEAT gives the material a span of a number of turns equal to 100 times the hero's Reason rank number. A yellow FEAT raises the multiplier to 10,000, and on a red FEAT the material is permanent.

Each ounce the hero creates temporarily costs him 1 point of Health. The hero can regain Health points lost in this way after a 24-hour period including 8 hours of sleep. Thus, the hero can create only a number of ounces per day equal to his total Health points.

Example: Synthos is visiting a primitive culture and decides to give them a gift of useful bronze. His Power is Ex(20) and his Reason is Ty(6), but his Health is only 50. On his first try, he makes only a green FEAT. That batch of 20 ounces disintegrates in 600 turns (1 hour). He tries again, making a yellow FEAT this time. That's not much better; the batch of 20 ounces disintegrates in 4 days. His honor on the line, Synthos tries again. He succeeds with a red FEAT. However, his depleted Health only permitted him to create 10 ounces of bronze. Synthos is unaware of this, having passed out from the strain.

The hero can use this Power as an attack by trying to form the new material on a chosen target. Such targets can try to dodge. If they succeed, the material forms in their previous position. The hero must be in line of sight of the target. He cannot form material within a target's interior or through any barrier between himself and the target. Synthos, for example, could not form plastic explosive within a Sentinel, unless someone left an inspection hatch open where Synthos could see it.

In order to fully play this Power, the player needs to know some basic chemistry, especially the physical properties of various compounds. The hero can develop Power stunts such as:This Power includes the ability to form single elements as in Elemental Creation. This is an innate (not a Bonus) Power.

Optional Powers include Matter Animation in any single form and Mechanical Animation.

The Nemesis Powers are Disintegration and Matter Animation (all forms, simultaneously).

Range: Column A.