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Artifact Creation

The hero can create a desired object from virtually nothing. The artifact can be of any substance, and is limited to being composed of a single piece. Although the Power can create facsimiles of more complex construction, close examination reveals that all the smaller pieces are fused together. However, the hero can create complex items by forming them 1 piece at a time.

The hero can create in one turn a number of ounces equal to his Power rank number. The durability of the artifact is determined at the time of creation. A green FEAT gives the artifact a lifespan of the number of turns equal to the hero's Reason rank number times 100. A yellow FEAT raises it to 10,000 times the Reason rank number. A red FEAT makes the artifact permanent.

Each ounce of created matter temporarily costs the hero 1 Health point. The hero can regain all his lost Health points after 24 hours. Thus, the hero can only create a number of ounces in a single day equal to his Health point total.

The hero must have detailed knowledge of the design of whatever he wants to create. He can only store a finite number of designs in his mind at any one time. The limit for this Power is equal to his Reason rank number. The player must keep a record of which items the hero knows how to create. The list can be changed at any time. A green Reason FEAT gains the hero a new design. If no memory slots are available, the new design replaces an old one. ("That's okay; how many more Dr. Doom masks was I going to need, anyway?")

Note: Matter Creation Powers that create specific items (as opposed to raw matter) bring with them a specified number of memory slots, usually equal to the hero's Reason rank number. If a hero should have 2 of these specific Matter Creation Powers, he would then have double the number of memory slots (equal to his Reason rank number times 2, once for each Power).

Normally the Power is used to create facsimiles of objects that already exist. These can be directly studied by the hero as he memorizes their designs. This takes at least 10 minutes before attempting the FEAT. Failure requires another 10 minutes of study, and another attempt. As you can guess, the hero might never be able to master certain designs.

The hero can also create new designs based solely on his own imagination. Since this requires really intense concentration, a red Reason FEAT is needed to store this design.

The artifact has the same properties as a normally manufactured item of its type. In the case of altered or imaginary designs, the player and the Judge should agree on reasonable statistics for the item in question.

The hero can materialize the artifact at any site within one area. The artifact is initially stationary; you can't launch an artifact as you can a missile or a spray. The hero can take advantage of gravity, though, by materializing the artifact uphill or over a target.

Now that you've read all the rules so far, I'll give you the 1 exception to the weight limit. When creating the character, the player can choose to specialize in creating a single copy of 1 specific item, like a suit of armor or a costume. In this case, the weight limit is raised from 1 ounce per Health point to 1LBS. per Health point. Red FEATs are treated as yellow FEATs.

This Power includes versions of Elemental and Molecular Creation. Each element and compound takes up a memory slot, just like the daggers and shields that are already cluttering the hero's mind. Such raw matter can be formed in any shape, though. This permits the hero to change the composition of any of his already-memorized designs. For example, if he already has memorized a knife design and the nature of silver, he can make either a steel knife (like the one he memorized) or one made of silver. The hero can create facsimiles of living matter, but such facsimiles are not themselves capable of living. He can make a dead chicken, but not a live one; however, the one he makes will taste just as good. Being able to create corpse versions of yourself could be extremely handy, especially for villains out to confound the law.

Optional Powers include a form of Matter Animation that is limited to matter created by the hero, and Hyper-Intelligence.

The Nemesis Powers are Disintegration, Mind Drain and Mind Control, especially induced Amnesia.

Range: Column A.