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Elemental Creation

The hero can create pure elements from virtually nothing. The hero can create any desired element in any shape or at any location within 1 area.

The hero can create in a single turn a number of ounces equal to his Power rank number. For example, a hero possessing this Power at Am(50) rank could create 50 ounces per turn. The durability of the newly created matter is determined at the time of creation. A green FEAT gives the element a lifespan of 100 turns times the hero's Reason rank number. A yellow FEAT increases that to 10,000 turns times the Reason rank number. A Red FEAT means it is permanent.

Example: Synthos needs some quick cash and tries to create gold he can sell. His Power is Ex(20) but his Reason is only Ty(6). He rolls a 73 (a yellow FEAT) and manages to create 20 ounces of 24K gold that will disintegrate in 60,000 turns (about 4 days). He hurries to the local gold bullion dealer. Unfortunately, the dealer was warned about Synthos. He will accept the gold on the condition that he can wait 1 week before turning over payment. Each ounce the hero creates temporarily robs him of 1 Health point. The hero can recover any Health lost in this way after a 24-hour period, including 8 hours of sleep. He must get his full rest to recover his Power; this saves the Judge and player from quibbling over fractions regained by naps and so on. (if you like to quibble, though, then go ahead and use partial recovery.) Thus the hero can only create a number of ounces equal to his Health.

Example: Synthos needs that money now! He slinks into an alley and tries it again. A yellow FEAT results in 20 more ounces of unstable-gold. Realizing he's near his limit, he makes a final try to create 9 more ounces. He succeeds with a red FEAT. A very pale Synthos trudges off to find a pawnshop. The hero can use this Power as an attack by trying to materialize new elements on a chosen target. The target can dodge the attack; if successful, the materialization occurs in the target's former location. The target must be in line of sight and not protected by any barriers. For example, Synthos sees an old foe and tries to give him a faceful of coal dust. He didn't notice that his foe was behind an extremely clear pane of glass. Synthos splatters coal dust all over his side of the window.

Various Power stunts include:Optional Powers include Matter Animation (any single form) and Mechanical Animation.

Nemeses include Disintegration and Matter Animation (all forms).

Range: Column A.