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Internal Limbo

The Mage can create a pocket dimension whose gateway is his own body. This is a timeless space of near-infinite volume. The Mage can shape conditions within the Internal Limbo and create any environment he desires. For example, the world inside Adarn Warlock's Soul Gem is a rather pleasant park. The Mage can also control the basic attitudes and emotions of any being within this Limbo. Within the Soul Gem, to continue the example, everyone feels peace and happiness, even if they were vicious, violent people in the outside world. Conversely, a Mage might modify his particular Internal Limbo to terrify anyone he draws into it. The emotion-altering aspect of Internal Limbo functions as +6CS Emotion Control.

While the full size of anyone's Internal Limbo is difficult to measure, certain nitpicking players might want to know how much they can cram into theirs. The size of this pocket dimension is the equivalent of a cube measuring on 1 side the number of miles equal to the Power rank number. For example, a Ty(6) rank can produce a cube 6 miles on a side (216 cubic miles). The Mage can alter the shape of this cube anyway he wants. That cube could be shaped into a flat tile 14 miles square or a 10' high, 10' wide corridor that extends for 11,395 miles.

The real limit to how much the Mage can cram into his little world is the size of the Gateway that everything must pass through. The Gateway in this case is the Mage's body or rather a circle the diameter of his body. It is in a plane with the body and arms outstretched. It generally faces forward; that is, something has to be in front of the Mage in order for him to draw it in. The size of the Gateway can be decreased any amount and even pinched shut temporarily. Giant beings might limit their gateway to, say, their mouth or the palm of a hand.

A target can Resist being draw in by the Gateway by using Strength, Agility, or any Travel Power. This Power's rank determines what Intensity of Strength FEAT. A moving target requires the Mage to make an Agility FEAT to catch the target. If the Mage tries to draw in a target larger than himself, odd things can happen.
  1. he might draw in only a section of it; the rest would appear to be sticking out of his body. This could be fatal and quite messy if some factor were to suddenly negate this Power.
  2. he might be able to break off what parts of it would fit within the Gateway. This requires a Power FEAT based on the Material Strength of the target. Such broken materials are rejoined once the enter the Internal Limbo.
  3. it simply might not work. The Mage would stick the target to his chest but that's as far as it would go.
The only thing that is guaranteed to never be able to enter a Mage's Internal Limbo is the Mage's own physical body. If the Mage possesses such Powers as Energy Doppelganger, Illusory Duplication, Lifeform Creation, Free Spirit, Anatomical Separation, Self-Duplication, or Astral Body, then he can send a part or a representation of himself into his little world while the rest of himself stays in the outer world. Without such an ability, the Mage is limited to only basic awareness of conditions within the Internal Limbo. To conclude the example, Adam Warlock had no idea at all of what conditions were like within the Soul Gem until he physically died and was drawn in.

Optional Powers includes any 1 of the following: Energy Doppelganger, Illusory Duplication, Lifeform Creation, Free Spirit, Anatomical Separation, Self-Duplication, and Astral Body.

The Nemesis for this is Dimension Travel.

Range: Column A