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Astral Body

The hero can send his astral form off to any destination. The physical body doesn't go anywhere; it remains in a comatose state until the astral body returns. The astral body is intangible and invisible to normal senses. In the Earth dimension it can use any of the hero's mental or Psionic Powers but not the physical ones. In other dimensions the astral body regains visibility, solidity, and the physical Powers. A magical silver cord connects the astral and physical bodies. While it can stretch a great distance, it is not infinite. The maximum distance the astral body can travel form the physical body is shown on the Space/Extradimensional Travel column of the Movement Table. The astral body travels at up to Power rank speed. This allows the hero to arrive instantaneously at a destination. The astral hero can cross into other dimensions by means of a Psyche FEAT. The silver cord links both bodies in several ways. It enables the astral to monitor the condition and location of the physical. Beings in the physical world can use that body's connection to locate the astral body. The silver cord is the key to the astral returning to its own body. If the cord is broken, return is extremely difficult, if not impossible. Once the cord is broken, the physical body begins to die. Health drops 1 point per hour. Fortunately, breaking the silver cord requires a CL1000 Intensity FEAT. If an attempt is made to damage the cord at any point, the astral body is immediately aware of the attempt and the location of the threatened length.

If the physical body is killed, the cord is snapped automatically. The hero is now trapped in astral form as a Free Spirit.

The astral body resembles the hero's self image. As such, it might not resemble the real body. All clothing and appurtenances the astral form carries are unreal simulations of the real items; they still have equivalent effects though.

Astral bodies can be detected by Psionic, Magic, Extradimensional Detection, and by this Power. They can be attacked from the physical world by mental and Psionic Powers, Exorcism, Summoning, Spirit Storage, and Force Field vs. Magic.

Optional Powers include any of the Magic Powers and Extradimensional Detection.

The Nemesis is Summoning.

Range: See Above.